7 Şubat 2021

Chapter 3 – Love is Made


The third story in my continuation. Things get more interesting from here on out. Hope you all enjoy the story from now on! 🙂

Several hours later, I found myself in Nate’s living room, lying next to him, playing Xbox; as if our little make-out session had never occurred. However, I knew it was fresh on his mind. Every now and then, as we were playing, I’d glance over and he’d smile sweetly at me. On one occasion, he even leaned over and gave me a peck on the cheek. I was in heaven.

His brother came home a few hours later, and we were forced to move from the living room to Nate’s room. We played another game, and ended up watching a random movie on television. But our attention quickly falter from the TV. Nate got up at one point to use the bathroom, but when he came back, he shut and locked his bedroom door. Obviously to keep any would-be intruders out.

He sat next to me, but halfway through the movie, his hand found its way to my crotch. He massaged it gently, pretending not to notice my surprise when I looked over at him.

The next thing I knew, we were making out passionately; tongues twirling together, lips being nibbled on and tugged on, and lips smacking. My fingers ran through his long black hair, while his arms were wrapped firmly around my neck.

“Is it bad that I want you this badly?” I whispered to him after a few minutes.

He giggled, “No.. I want you just as badly.” he replied seductively.

I virtually tore his shirt away, exposing his smooth, flawless chest. I hungrily kissed and nibbled his neck, causing him to moan softly in pleasure. His skin was soft to the touch, and warm. Seizing his pant’s button, I jerked it lose and ripped the zipper down, pulling his jeans and boxers off without much effort. His beautiful dick was hard as cement, standing casino siteleri straight up between his legs. He blushed a little when he realized I was staring at it.

“You’re so…stunning.” I mumbled to myself.

I then got on my knees in front of him and took his six and a half inches in my mouth. His dick tasted somewhat salty, but I didn’t mind. I liked his dick being in my mouth. For the next several minutes I sucked him off, moans of pleasure and ecstasy coming from us both. After a few more minutes, he had a leg shaking orgasm, shooting off several ropes of cum into my mouth.

“Geez, I’m sorry man. I didn’t even warn you.” he said between pants, trying to catch his breath.

“Its fine.” I smiled back at him, wiping his juices from my chin and cheeks.

I stood up and kissed his lips gently, taking my right hand and softly stroking his cheek as I did. His still semi-hard dick was pressed into my own as he stood on the edge of his toes to return my kiss, his arms wrapping around my neck once again.

This sensation was different than any I’d felt before. Being with him by itself was heavenly to me, but kissing him and touching him this intimately was on a whole different level. I was a virgin, unlike him, but I could tell I wasn’t going to be one much longer.

We fell back on his bed, my hands finding themselves a place on each of his ass cheeks; gently squeezing them as we continued to make out.

After a few more minutes of this, he threw his head back against his pillow, “Take me..!” he gasped.

I pulled away immediately with brief shock. I knew what he meant, I was just surprised it was actually happening.

“Are you sure?” I asked him, stroking his cheek gently.

“I’ve never been so sure of anything in my life. I want you in me.” he replied, cheeks turning red from the exertion our session was costing him.

I nodded canlı casino my head and relented. I wanted him too, and if this is how he wanted it, I was happy to give it to him.

Without any lube present to help him loosen up, I was forced to rely on the only other thing I knew that might work, but I was, at least a first, unsure of how I felt about it. Nevertheless, I got on my knees, turned him over on his stomach, and planted my tongue right between his two smooth ass cheeks. He gasped in shock and immense pleasure as I rimmed him, wetting his ass in preparation for what was to come.

It didn’t taste as bad as I thought it would. He obviously cleaned himself well. Before long, I’d found a rhythm and was furiously eating him out. His moans and groans, followed by his quick gasps and the fact that his dick was now fully erect was a sign to me that this was completely turning him on. He was loving it, and that made me happy.

Before long, he was finally ready. I stood up and lifted his legs, resting one on each of my shoulders.

“Wait.” he said suddenly, reaching his arm over the side of the bed and then sticking it underneath. He retrieved a small condom package and tossed it up to me.

“Use this.” he said, “Just to be safe.”

I nodded and smiled at him, taking the condom from its package and slowly placing it over my rock solid boner.

“Be gentle…” he mumbled softly.

“I will.” I replied, reaching down and ruffling his hair, “I’d never hurt you, bud.”

With that, I pressed my dick against his soft but wet asshole and slowly pushed it in. He gasped with pain as it broke through and slid into him. I was careful not to push it in to quickly, and the saliva I’d left on his asshole was helping ease the process a little. After a few seconds, I was completely inside of him. I could feel all of him, and it was a feeling beyond good.

He kaçak casino looked up to me, face red as a cherry, and nodded, “I’m ready.”

Without any other words, I began to slowly pump my hips; sliding my dick slowly in and out of his ass. I could tell he was in pain, so I kept it slow until I began to notice moans of pleasure coming from him.

“Uhhh, harder…” he moaned after a few minutes. “I want it harder.”

That’s when I leaned down, planted my lips on his, and began to furiously pump my dick in and out of his hot ass. We made out as I fucked him for everything he had, losing my virginity in the process. The feeling of his ass clenched around my dick was amazing. No words could fully describe what I was feeling. I could tell he was liking it too, and for several minutes we lost ourselves in our love making.

I could feel myself nearing my orgasm, so I reached down and grabbed his dick, stroking him off furiously as I continued to fuck him. At one point I even lightly spanked his ass, something that seemed to turn him on even more. At that point, he let out a chilling groan of pleasure and shot his load all over my stomach as he climaxed. I wasn’t far behind, and before I knew it, my knees shook, and I shot my own load within him, moaning loudly as I did.

Slowly, I slipped out of him and removed the condom. I then collapsed next to him in the bed, and we spent the next few minutes in silence trying to catch our breaths. Taking a glance outside his window, I’d noticed the sun slipping below the horizon, and then I noticed his shallow breathing. He had fallen asleep.

I smiled and pulled his blanket over the two of us, making sure he looked comfortable before pulling his still-naked body close to mine and cuddling with him. I kissed his forehead softly as I watched him sleep. He didn’t move much, nor did he make much noise. He was simply peaceful, and the sight of it warmed my heart.

It wasn’t much longer, and I too, fell asleep, drifting into a world of dreams where he, no doubt, awaited me…

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