7 Şubat 2021

Chloe goes to Rio and Eloa shows her what she’s been missing. Part 1


Chloe was a 5’ 4” beauty. Natural platinum blonde, with medium sized breasts and a nice body. Not too curvy, but she always seemed to turn heads. Chloe’s plane touched down in Rio around 7 pm. She was so excited for the week. It was a chance to get to know different people, along with a different culture.

She met her guide Eloa, because being only 19 and in a strange country. She wanted to be sure, she didn’t get lost and end up in a dangerous area. Eloa was 24 and your classic Brazilian beauty. 5’6”, 125 lbs, curvy and she wore clothing that showed them well.

Chloe was very conservative and had never thought of being with another woman. But, something about Eloa, made her stomach jump. She just brushed it off, to being in a strange land and around unfamiliar people.

The first days were as expected. Tourist traps like Christ the Redeemer, Copacabana Beach and Sugarloaf Mountain. But, she was itching to see something a little more off the grid, and she let Eloa know.

She agreed to attend a street party with Eloa. It was very free spirited, with more daring dress and activities going on. She felt as though she was dressed very daringly, but soon realized, although she wore a tight fitting shirt, shorter skirt than usual, white stockings (Eloa talked her into) and 4” heels. But, she soon realized it was much more conservative than the others there, including Eloa. She was dressed in a skin tight, very thin black dress, no bra or panties, black stockings and 5” heels. She looked so beautiful.

When they got there, Chloe was a point of attraction for the local men. Being American and blonde, she gained a lot of attention. As they walked, Chloe was being touched by men and she felt very leary about staying on the street. She feared she may be pulled into an alley and assaulted. Eloa agreed they slip into a bar that she knew and said she trusted.

Once inside it seemed like a great place. The people were friendly and made her feel comfortable. Although, she never drank much, she decide to let lose a bit and join Eloa at a table with a couple of guys. They were good looking and seemed nice. They were well dressed and intelligent. Intelligence is a very attractive trait to Chloe, so she was enjoying herself.

After awhile and a few strong drinks, they agreed to another club. It was a little darker and louder. The drinks kept coming and Chloe was getting more intoxicated. Her inhibitions were lowered. She was taking more chances and dancing closer to guys than ever before.

Soon Eloa said they were going to a party and in the state Chloe was in, she was all for it. Once there, she realized there were men and women were outwardly being very provocative. She felt a little uncomfortable in this setting. She was given a drink by one of the guys, Eloa and she came with. He asked her to dance. Right away he was dancing in a way that made her want to find Eloa. When she found her, she was in a bedroom with the other guy, making out with him. Chloe told her she wanted to leave. Eloa said they would go back to her place and call it a night.

They got back the house and the men came up with them. Eloa said they were coming up for a nightcap. Chloe really didn’t want anymore to drink, but didn’t want to be a party pooper. Upstairs things seemed more relaxed. The guys were talking in the other room and Eloa and I were talking in the living room. Eloa started asking me about my life in America. I told her I wasn’t very experienced in life or travels. She felt this would be an everlasting experience and was looking forward to the rest of her time in Rio.

Eloa gave her a hug. She was so gentle and reassuring. Once again her stomach started to become queasy and had goosebumps all over her body. Eloa released her hug and stared into her eyes. She brushed Chloe’s hair from her face and said something in Spanish. Eloa stroked her cheek lightly and told her how beautiful Chloe is. She casino siteleri asked if she has ever been with a woman, but all she could manage was a subtle shake of her head. Eloa, gently cupped her face and softly kissed her. Chloe attempted to pull away, but Eloa held her face tighter, kissed her deeper and more sensually. Then Chloe felt Eloa’s hand trail lightly down her neck and to her right breast, where she massaged it lightly and softly pinched her nipple. Eloa then moved from her breast, down her body, stopping on the inner part of her lower left thigh. Before Chloe could react, Eloa had started running her hand up her white stockinged thigh. She got to her upper thigh, before she could stop her. Only having 3 boyfriends and being sexual with one, she was shocked at what was happening.

She stood there as if in a trance. Her mind was swirling and she was having trouble with reality. She slowly started backing away from Eloa. She only got a few steps till she backed into one of the men. She slowly turned to see him and his friend. They both had devious looks on their faces and started circling her, touching her on her upper body. All the sudden. One man stoppped behind her and was massaging her shoulders. She breathlessly asked him to stop. Instead he brushed her golden hair from her left shoulder and softly kissed her neck. She started to squirm a bit, he slipped his hands under her arms and cupped her breasts firmly. She was trying to tell him no, but only silent breaths came out.

As this was happening to Chloe, the other man helped Eloa out of her dress. Eloa was now standing in only black stockings and heels. She looked incredible! Her deep chocolate body glistened in the low light. The man was stroking her body, while the other guy worked on Chloe to ply her inhibitions away.

Chloe was lost for a bit, then became aware of Eloa and the other guy. She finally mustered the energy to say stop. But, the guy behind her wouldn’t listen. He reached for the bottom of her shirt and started to raise it. She began to protest, when the other guy came to assist his friend. He held her hands, while the guy behind her raised her shirt over her head and pulled her arms through the sleeves. She was topless and fear started flowing through her. The man behind her popped the claps on her bra. She attempted to stop what was happening, but because of the alcohol and the unfamiliar situation, she couldn’t.

Eloa was instructing them in Spanish. The guy behind her once again cupped her breasts and was holding her tight. Then the guy in front, started lowering her skirt. She attempted to grab the top, but couldn’t keep hold of them. He slowly took off her skirt, as the guy behind molested her. Now the guy in front of her was slowly and sensually running his hands up her legs, until he was rubbing her between them. It was like a bolt of lightning ran through her. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she groaned. She had never felt so helpless and out of control at the same time

Eloa said something in Spanish to the guys. She was led to the bed and forced to lie down. She started to get up, but Eloa layer down beside her and started stroking her stomach. She started to plead, but Eloa leaned in and kissed her. She tried to pull away, but Eloa moved her hand up her body and gently massaged her breast. Chloe’s breathing became heavy and erratic. Chloe gave in a bit and half heartedly kissed her back. Eloa, sensually kissed down to her neck. She lingered there for a bit and more of Chloe’s inhibitions left her body. The continued soft kissing on her neck was deliberate, and gentle stoking of her breasts made it impossible to stop the assault.

Eloa, slowly and deliberately started kissing down her body. She started sucking her nipples gently and Chloe started to moan softly. She kissed her between her breasts a few times and then started the descent to her lower extremity. Chloe was slowly writhing canlı casino under the touch of Eloa. Eloa, ran her tongue along the top of Chloe’s panties. Up to that point, Chloe had forgotten she still had her panties on. As Eloa took the waistbands of her panties in her hands, she once again tried to stop her, but Eloa already had them halfway down her white stockinged legs. Eloa, got her panties off and ran her tongue up the middle of Chloe’s thighs. Eloa raised up, admiring her natural blonde pussy. She never had a natural blonde before. Chloe was shaking and losing her self more and more. When Eloa lowered her head and her tongue hit Chloe’s pussy, she about came off the bed. She couldn’t believe the sensation. It was like someone was stimulating every nerve ending, in her body. She deliberately licked her pussy and sucked on her clit, until she exploded in orgasm. Eloa, slowly kissed up her body. Stopping at her breasts for a bit and then kissed her deeply. Eloa, pulled back and Chloe just layed there, forgetting about the other guys.

Then one of the men cupped her breast and she kind of snapped back into reality. She tried to push him away and Eloa said “let him”! She complied. She noticed he didn’t have his shirt on, but didn’t notice he was naked, except for his underwear, as was his friend, who was now approaching the bed on the other side of Chloe. As one man cupped her breast, the other stroked her legs and pussy, and vice versa. Chloe was once again in a state of confusion and was actively kissing them back and allowing them to feel her body. Then Chloe noticed Eloa had taken the spot of the second guy. She was so gentle, but very deliberate. She leaned in and kissed her, while telling Chloe to eat her pussy. Chloe was shocked at her boldness! But, she kissed her back and pushed Eloa on her back. For the first time she kissed a woman. She did this for a bit, the kissed down to her full breasts with quarter sized nipples. She sucked on a nipple gently, as she pinched the other. Then she kissed and licked down her flat tummy and took in her musky scent. She was so aroused, she stuck her tongue out and licked her slit lightly, making Eloa groan softly. She started to lick more deliberate and open her fold with her tongue. She found her clit and gently sucked on it. Eloa, could only groan deeply and soon came hard. As she was coming down, Chloe came and kissed her deeply. They both layed in each other’s arms, until Eloa pulled away.

At this time the men had come back to the bed and were now completely naked. They took Chloe off the bed and pushed her to her knees. She was staring at two cocks that were as thick as her forearm and nine inches long. Eloa told her to take them in her hands and stroke them. She hesitated for a bit, but in her state of arousal she couldn’t resist. She gently took one cock in her hand, then the other. She was amazed her fingers couldn’t wrap around them. Then one of the men asked her to put the head of his cock in her mouth, as he guided her head towards his cock. She slowly opened her mouth and slipped his head between her lips. She slowly and lightly started to suck. He forced a little more into her mouth and she gagged a bit. Then the other guy asked her to do the same to him. She complied willingly. She went back and forth between the two men for about five minutes. She was building up speed and taking a bit more each time. She actually was putting about six to seven inches of each cock in her mouth. She switched back to the first guy and he pushed his whole cock into her mouth. She gagged a little more, but didn’t pull away. When she switched to the other guy, he did the same as his friend. She was so involved with the men, she didn’t notice Eloa was eating her pussy from below, until she had a mind shattering orgasm.

After she came down a bit. The men led her back to the bed and started stroking her body, while she stroked their cocks. Chloe was in a state of euphoria, kaçak casino most only get from a drug. The first guy told Chloe to spread her legs. She did as told. The guy positioned himself between her legs and slowly inserted the head of his cock. It took her breath away. She had never felt a sensation like that and it was only an inch or two. He started to thrust and insert a little more each time. After about five minutes, he had about seven inches inside of her. He then started to pick up speed, but not too fast. He was touching areas she never knew she had. She had an orgasm stronger than any that night. After she recovered a bit, the other man positioned himself at her head. He put his cock at her mouth and told her to suck him. She was having trouble doing both at the same time. So he told her to suck and he would thrust into her mouth. She couldn’t believe she was doing this willingly.

Both guys pulled out and before she object. The second guy laid on his back and asked her to straddle him. She did and he inserted his cock in her from below. Once again the sensation rocked her body. She lost control and was grinding herself on his cock, very fast. She had

another orgasm and dropped across his chest. While she laid there, the guy thrust into her for underneath. She was out of her mind. Then she felt a cool slippery liquid on her anus and the first guy stuck his finger into her ass. She pulled off the guys chest and started to protest, but he started fingering her fast. She tried to scream, but her mouth was agape, with no sound. He pulled his finger out and she had to catch her breath. Before she could take control, the first guy stuck his cock in her mouth. He told her to get him hard again. She obliged without a second thought. At that time, they both took a pill. She asked what that was? They said ecstasy. They asked her to take some. She said yes, absolutely. She took it and while she let it kick in, she sucked their cocks and willingly deepthroated them both.

After about fifteen minutes. She was riding the second guy again. The first guy once again lube her asshole and positioned himself behind her. She was in a drug induced stupor by this time and didn’t fight when he entered her ass. She was thrashing. She was now having multiple orgasms, but didn’t want to stop. After ten minutes, the guys switched positions. She gained some mental control and noticed Eloa strapping on a dildo. She told the guys something in Spanish and they dismounted her. She started to object, Eloa told her to get on her hands and knees. She did as told and Eloa got behind her and put the strap on into Chloe’s pussy. She took the mane of Chloe’s hair and started pounding Chloe’s pussy with the strap on. Chloe screamed with a massive orgasm. Eloa pulled out and the second guy had her straddle him facing away. She lowered herself down and started to insert his cock into her pussy. He stopped, took his cock in his hands and inserted the head in her ass. He had her lean back and started to thrust into her. She started to bounce up and down. She was loving this, when the first guy came and stuck his cock in her pussy. She threw her head back and was screaming uncontrollably. The first guy took her legs in his arms and was pounding away. She started thinking to herself, these guys haven’t came yet. Just then they dismounted and placed her on her knees and told her to suck their cocks. She could taste excrement, she didn’t care. She stroked and sucked them vigorously! She could tell they were about to cum, by their breathing. Then the first guy took his cock from her and held her head in position, while he shot on her face and chest. The second guy took his cock, pulled her to her feet. Bent her over and fucked her pussy hard and fast. She was going crazy. He pulled out lowered her down and exploded on her face and tits.

She was exhausted. She fell to the floor. Eloa, got on her knees beside her and started to lick the cum off of her. When clean, they kissed deeply and licked each other to another orgasm.

She was shocked she did this willingly, but glad she did.

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