8 Temmuz 2021

Chronicles Of A Seductress. Chapter Two.


Chronicles Of A Seductress. Chapter Two.A Very Very Nice Man….From the AAOne hour later, fully refreshed but desperately in need of a bath, Jane stood outside the services as the AA patrol-man pulled up. Winding his window down he told Jane that he’d take her back to her car on the dual-carriageway and see what he could do. As Jane stepped in to the front passenger seat of the AA van her split-front denim skirt again rode up, exposing a lot of white thigh. She saw the eyes of the AA patrol-man bulge as he tried to avert his gaze. Taking a deep, patient breath, Jane sat there, only for the patrol-man to insist that she put on her seat belt. As she did so, her crochet-top undid slightly, exposing a substantial amount of cleavage. Something else that made the patrol-man gasp. What is it with men, thought Jane to herself. As if she didn’t know.Not long afterwards, they pulled up alongside Jane’s car in the lay-by on the dual-carriageway. All the steam had now disappeared, and the vehicle had cooled down significantly. Lifting the bonnet the AA patrol-man showed Jane that the coolant level was very low indeed, and the car would have been dangerous to drive in that condition. Bending under the bonnet the patrol-man showed Jane how to refill the coolant tank for future reference, as he topped up the vehicle to capacity. He advised Jane that this could just be a lack of coolant or a sign of something more sinister. He pointed out that, in his opinion, the water-pump at the least needed replacing. Jane nodded.Once more unawares, Jane’s hot-day attire had again exposed much cleavage as they stretched together under the bonnet, and she caught the patrol-man staring at her nipples, cleavage and exposed thighs. However not a word was said, and the patrol-man actually seemed shy and somewhat embarrassed. Jane seemed to warm to his innocence.Thinking all was now ok, Jane made as to say goodbye but the patrol-man insisted, that as she had AA Relay, he would follow her home to make sure she didn’t break down again. Feeling reassured Jane drove home, followed closely by the AA van.Arriving home without further problems, Jane left the patrol-man outside as he answered his mobile phone. Now indoors, Jane hastily ran a hot soapy bath. The Calm After The Storm And A Refreshing Bath.Moments later, Jane had immersed herself in the hot, soapy water, and lay back to relax. The bathwater covering all but her boobs.It could only have been minutes when the door was being knocked and Jane could hear the strained voice of the AA patrol-man. canlı bahis “Mrs. Roberts, Mrs. Roberts, I’m in a bit of a predicament.” Jane shouted from inside the bathroom, “What’s the problem?” The patrol-man replied quietly, “I need to use the toilet before I go back on patrol. Can I possibly use yours please. I won’t be a moment.”Without further ado, the obviously desperate patrol-man had opened the front door and stood in front of the open door to the bathroom. Jane was clearly in view, with only soap suds and water covering her modesty. “Oh, I’m so sorry Mrs. Roberts. I didn’t know. Can I use your toilet please, I’m desperate for a tinkle.”Jane replied, “Can’t you see I’m in the bath?”“Yes,” the patrol-man replied, “I’m sorry to bother you, if you could just direct me to the loo, I”ll go and not bother you further.”Jane said, “The only loo is actually in here!”Without further ado, the patrol-man entered the bathroom, saw the toilet and said, “Please close your eyes, I just have to go.” He then undid his trousers and, with his back towards her, began to use the toilet only feet away from where Jane lay in the soapy water.Jane could not believe her eyes. Here was an AA patrol-man with his penis out, using her toilet as she lay in the bath a couple of feet away …. in her own house!Jane placed her fingers in her ears to nullify the sound effects. The AA patrol-man having relieved his stressed bladder then seemed somewhat uncomfortable.“Is there a problem?” asked Jane, still having difficulty coming to terms with what was happening in front of her.“Oh…. well, it’s just that I normally wash my willy after I’ve had a wee. Can you look away while I use the sink please, and I’ll be gone.” That said, without giving Jane a chance to avert her gaze, and with her eyes wide open, the patrol-man turned and used the sink to wash his penis. He then turned towards Jane to look for a towel. They came face to face with direct eye contact. The patrol-man with his penis in his hand, and Jane stark naked in a bath of soap-suds. The patrol-man’s face was bright red with embarrassment as he asked Jane for a towel. Jane said, “let me help you with that. If you are going to do a job, do it properly.”Taking the patrol-man’s penis in one hand, and a load of soapy water in the other, Jane pulled the patrol-man towards the edge of the bath, and proceeded to wash his penis in the soapy bath water.As she did, her boobs wholly emerged from the bathwater, and his penis began to grow in no uncertain terms. Jane pulled his foreskin back bahis siteleri and washed behind it. The patrol-man’s penis was a reasonable size. Not the biggest, but quite handsome in appearance, and well formed. “Oh, I don’t know what to say,” stammered the obviously shy and inexperienced patrol-man. “Don’t say anything,” replied Jane. “Doesn’t your girlfriend do this for you?” Jane then proceeded to move her soapy hand up and down along the patrol-man’s shaft.“No,” he replied, “she doesn’t do much to me, or let me do much to her.” Jane then kneeled upright in the bath, exposing her hairy pussy mound, and her pert, substantial breasts, now with erect nipples. Her gorgeous arse also came into view, with the mirrors around the bath providing a host of angles for the hungry eyes of the patrol-man.“Haven’t you seen a naked woman before, Mr patrol-man?” said Jane.“No,” he replied, “I’ve never been allowed to.”Jane then stretched across pulling him to the edge of the bath, where she unbuckled his trousers, and let them fall to the floor. “My, you’ve got a lovely formed cock, and a gorgeous pair of balls,” Jane said, as she cupped them with both hands. The patrol-man’s cock was now standing firmly erect, foreskin back, and purple bulging head shining. Jane continued to wash his cock with hot water. She could feel him start to tremble, and knew what was coming next, so slowed down a little. Jane then took his cock in one hand and pulled it towards her mouth.“Oh no,” said the patrol-man, “I’ve never had that done to me before.”“What,” said Jane, “You’ve never put your cock put in a woman’s mouth before?”“No, never,” said the patrol-man, “I’ve read about it, dreamt about it, but never done it.”“Well,” said Jane, “you helped me out today, I’ll see if I can do something for you in return!”Jane then began gently licking the purple throbbing head of the patrol-man’s cock with her tongue, teasing it into and out of her lips, sucking and licking it, while simulating intercourse between his cock and her mouth. It only took a few moments before she could begin to taste his semen. She pulled his cock to the back of her mouth, towards her throat, and then he began to stutter….. “please, please, I’m quite near to ejaculating, be careful, please…”Jane said, “So you’ve never come in a woman’s mouth before either. Well, we’ll have to see what I can do for you. Just relax, we’ll take it slow, I know what I’m doing.”Jane then withdrew his cock from her mouth, and ran her tongue up and down gently along the length of his shaft, before bahis şirketleri once again consuming the head of his cock with her lips, pushing it to the back of her throat, and sucking. She repeated this process two or three times and the cheeks of the patrol-man’s arse tightened and he groaned. Jane then withdrew his cock from her mouth again, and resumed gently kissing and licking the shaft, till he was about to explode. The Jane took his cock deep into her mouth and gently licked, sucked and licked again. The jet of his shot semen spurt down her throat, and in one gulp she had swallowed it. The remainder she pushed out of her mouth around his erect cock, so that he could see the semen in her mouth, and it also emerging from the purple head of his manhood. Semen continued to spurt and stream from his erect penis for a few seconds, some launching itself on to Jane’s exposed breasts, amid the soap suds and pink nipples. Jane giggled as it ran down he boobs.“Haven’t you felt a woman’s breasts either?” Jane said, seeing his eyes gorge upon her cleavage.“No, never,” he said.Jane then took both his hands and cupped her substantial tits with them, showing him how to stroke a nipple, and then how to suck them. Seeing that he was still erect, Jane stood up and got out of the bath. She then took him towards the bedroom. Pointing to his cock, Jane said, “there’s no point in wasting that!” Still Up.The patrol-man replied, “I always stay up for ages after I’ve had a wa… , after I’ve come, I mean.”Jane then laid him back down on the bed, as she kneeled across and straddled him.He stared at her naked body, with her massive tits right above his face. Jane lent forwards and let her nipples fall into his mouth and said, “lick them, suck them…hard!” The patrol-man started licking and sucking Jane’s tits, just as he was told, while Jane took his erect cock in one hand and guided it towards her still sensitive, but oh so wet, pussy. His once innocent cock slid in easily, and he gasped, as Jane gyrated and moved gently up and down. Jane increased the speed of her gyrations with dexterity and experience till the patrol-man’s face again showed that he was close to orgasm. Jane then placed her tongue deep in to his mouth and thrust her hips downwardly violently over his throbbing penis, consuming it entirely with her pussy. A few moments passed and she felt him eject his semen into her vagina, as he tensed and relaxed. Jane could now see that he was a spent force. After helping him clean up and refresh himself, his mobile began ringing with details of another call-out. Leaving satisfied and now a man, not a boy, Jane told him to call in any time he was passing, explaining to him that there were many more lessons in the manual that he had just opened.

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