30 Haziran 2020

Cloud Nine: Ch. 4


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Cloud Nine: Ch. 4Libby sank into the plush leather seat of the limo and looked at the other gift and said, “When are you going to let me open my other gift?”Gene smiled a roguish smile and lifted the bottle of champagne from the ice bucket and filled two glasses. “Show me your pussy,” he said quietly.She glanced at the chauffeur and he smiled a roguish smile again and shrugged.“You bastard,” she said softly, “you want him to see my pussy.”He shrugged again and reached for the button to close the dark glass behind the chauffeur, isolating them in the back seat.“Leave it open,” she whispered. She sipped her wine and pulled her skirt to the top of her thighs.“Higher,” he said.She lifted her ass off the seat and pulled her skirt up around her waist, exposing all of her lower body. She stared at him, suddenly getting a real kick out of the raunchy situation. She hadn’t been so turned on in a long time. “Spread your legs.”She handed him her glass, turned around in the seat to face him with one foot on the seat and one foot on the floor, and stared directly at him as she slowly, teasingly, parted her knees a few inches, then took her glass back from him and sipped from it, looking at him over the rim, and said coyly, “Do you really want to look at my pussy?”He remained unperturbed, sipping champagne, looking at her steadily, smiling faintly.She let her legs fall wide open. She wanted him to look at her pussy, see how wet it was, see how wet he had made it.“This is turning you on, isn’t it?”She glanced at the chauffeur and saw that he was doing his best to look at her in the rearview mirror and pay attention to his ödemiş escort driving. “Oh, yes, very much,” she sighed. “The way you look at it makes me so fucking horny.”“How many times a day do you get yourself off?”She knew the question was meant to stimulate the driver, and she could play his game. “Several times, maybe a half dozen times or so. I get horny a lot.”“Do you like being horny?”“Oh, God, yes. But only when I know I’m going to get a good fucking. I hate to get all hot and bothered, then have to work it out by hand.”“That position makes you look just about as sexy as a girl can get.”“It probably makes my ass look bigger, and it’s already too big.”“Your ass isn’t too big.”“Did my tits jiggle enough for you tonight?”“Yes, they look very erotic. Play with your clit.”She put one hand in her crotch and wiggled the tip of her finger over her clit.“You may open your other gift now,” he said.She stayed in her provocative position and tore open the box. “Oh, it’s a jelly vibe,” she said, loud enough for the driver to hear her. “A pretty red one, with a shaft as big as yours.” She caressed the tool and wrapped her hand around the head. “The head’s a little bigger than yours, and it will get my golden spot the way the head of your cock does. Since it’s already lubricated, did you want me to use it now?”“Yes,” he said, “put it in, then play with your clit until you cum.”“Oh, that sounds like fun.”She turned the vibe on, listened to the hum a moment, then hid it in her magic box and started rubbing her clit again. “Hmmmm, my clit is already beginning to feel so good,” she murmured.“Show me your tits. No, escort ödemiş don’t stop playing with your clit.”She looked perplexed for a moment, then handed him her glass, pushed the straps of her dress off her shoulders and yanked the top down, then took her glass back and emptied it.“I like this stuff. May I have some more?”“You can have all you want, baby.”“I’m about ready to pop,” she said softly.“Go ahead, I like to watch you cum.”“This is so kinky, and I like to do kinky things.”Her lust at the breaking point, she flogged her clit rapidly with two fingers, arched her back, squealed softly, and came with a rush.“You look so beautiful when you cum,” he said when her ardor waned.“God, that felt good. I hope I didn’t stain the seat.”“Don’t worry about it. I’m sure the driver knows how to clean most everything.”The limo pulled into their driveway, and she jumped out and hurried inside, holding the vibrator in one hand, her tits jiggling crazily and her ass wiggling provocatively.Gene followed her, and she turned on him before he got the door fully closed, unzipped his pants, reached inside and shivered visibly when her hand closed around his cock.“I can build up the fire if you’re cold,” he teased.“Silly,” she responded in a hoarse whisper, stroking his cock slowly, with a firm grip.“You look so provocative with the top of your dress around your waist,” he said softly, cupping a bulging tit. “Your tits are gorgeous.”She stared into his eyes, her eyes smoldering with lust and her lush, sensual lips parted slightly, giving her an utterly wanton look. Her nipples stood out proudly, fully erect, and a flush ödemiş escort bayan showed on her throat and chest. “You guys are all alike. Give you a glimpse of big tits and you go bananas. There’s more to a girl than tits, you know.”He took the bait without a second thought. “Sure, there’s also a pussy.” He chuckled and fondled first one tit, then the otherHer sex flush deepened and her nipples got so hard, they almost hurt. “When I finally started filling out, do you remember how you teased me about how fast my tits were growing?”“Sweetheart, I remember everything about our first year together. What happened to us, why did we drift apart after we graduated?”She pulled his cock out of his pants, held it with both hands and pulled it gently. “I don’t know, and I’ve thought about it a lot. Maybe we weren’t ready for a lifelong commitment. Maybe we thought we would be missing something by not dating others.”“Maybe you did, I didn’t.”“You wanted the driver to watch my bawdy behavior, didn’t you?”He grinned that roguish grin again and nodded.“Why do guys get such a kick out of watching a girl play with herself?”“Because it’s so titillating, so lascivious and personal.”“Do you want to watch me do it again before you fuck me?”“I think you want me to watch you do it again,” he said.She nodded, her eyes twinkling. “I get so fucking horny when you watch me, and it feels so good. Not as good as when you do it, but still good.”“While you’re at it, why don’t you fuck yourself with your new jelly vibe?”She sat on the couch with her dress around her waist and smiled hotly. “Right now, I feel absolutely wanton and depraved, darling,” she said softly.“So, what else is new?”“Yes, when you come down to it, I’m really a horny little bitch.”“Indeed you are, baby,” he chuckled. “Open your legs.”She slowly spread her legs, revealing her luscious cunt.¦¦¦

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