15 Kasım 2021

Club Tub Fun

Anri Okita

Club Tub FunEven when I don’t feel like working out, I’ll go to my health club just to see Kara. She is half my age, and she is always a little flirtatious, so I never took the small winks and grins we shared for anything more than plain fun.One night a few weeks ago, I had finished a workout and decided to enjoy the Jacuzzi before going home.I settled into the tub in a pair of shorts, eyes closed as the jets pulsed. My fingers d****d over the rim of the tub, slowly unclenching as I relaxed. Slowly I drifted away, smiling as the tension ebbed.“Oh, I didn’t think anyone was still here…” I opened my eyes to see Kara standing at the edge of the tub, holding a stack of folded towels.“Hey cutie, how are you?” I asked as I looked her over.It was hard not to look her over, Kara must have been about 23. She packed a slight pudginess into her 5-feet, five-inch frame. I think she weighed about 130, and usually wore tight black jeans and sweaters around the health club.Her breasts seemed a b-cup, maybe a c and jutted out nicely without being overwhelming. Her face was rounded, her brown curly hair fell just below her shoulders. She just had a body that looked like it would fit well in someone’s hands.“Well, the club is actually closed now,” she said.“Oops, I guess time just got away from me,” I said, beginning to get up. That was when I noticed Kara had changed into sweat clothes, not her usual attire. “Were you planning on soaking in the tub?”“Ummm, yeah. It’s one of the big perks I get working here.”“Well, I guess I better split – you need your ‘you’ time,” I said.“Well, maybe I could use some company,” Kara said, as she reached out and rubbed the back of my hand.“I don’t want to get you in any trouble,” I said as I felt my cock beginning to rise.“It’s OK, no one else is here – just us. Sometimes I get lonely.”“Well, anything I can do to help,” I said as Kara set the towels on a shelf behind her. She turned around to me as she unzipped her top. Above a firm stomach I just wanted anadolu yakası escort to lean forward and kiss, she wore a bandeau top.I was just beginning to enjoy the sight of her barely contained breasts when she turned away and pulled down the sweat pants to reveal full bikini bottoms that cupped her firm bubble butt.Kara turned back to me. “Ta-da,” she said with a laugh and put her hands on her hips.Her glance shifted down as I stood to help her into the tub. There was no way to hide my growing erection. I’m no porn star, but no one has ever told me they didn’t feel me inside them, and now my seven inches was rising to attention as I held Kara’s hand.“Wow,” said Kara, “the water must be nice.”“It is getting hotter,” I said, pulling her closer and caressing her stomach with the back of my hand.The first kiss was tentative, but her puffed lips pulled me as our tongues slipped out and met. We sat down in the tub side by side, and continued to kiss and giggle with only our heads above the water.With one motion, Kara shifted from beside me to straddling my lap as she pushed my hands back behind me. Our fingers locked as we French-kissed and she ground her hips into my crotch.Kara began writhing up and down, over my stiff shaft as the tips of our tongues met. I broke loose from our finger grip and cupped her breasts, rubbing her nipples through the fabric.Using my thumbs, I brushed her nipples back and forth, drawing them to fullness as she moaned into my mouth. I peeled down the top, exposing her to me as I leaned forward. Breaking our kiss, I wrapped my arms around her back and pulled her breasts to my mouth.Her aureoles were dime-sized, but her nipples jutted about a quarter inch to my tongue. I sucked, I licked, I even bit them lightly as Kara threw her head back and continued to rock back and forth over my cock.I slid my hands under the water, holding her full, taut ass as I circled her nipples with my tongue. ataşehir escort Finally I laid back, looking at her above me.“Your pussy needs eating,” I said.“I was thinking the same thing,” Kara said. She stood up and moved backwards, leaning against the rim of the tub, legs spread.I practically leapt forward, covering her inner thighs with kisses as she pressed her hand into my hair. I teased her skin, flicking my tongue over it as she panted, exploring her navel as I ran my index finger over her bikini bottoms.Then I kissed her bikini before parting it to reveal swollen brownish labia with a landing strip of trimmed bush above it. I dabbed at her with my tongue, moving in and back, up and down.Kara was cooing and bucking lightly now, both hands pushing the back of my head to her pussy. Her musk was strong despite the soak in the tub, and I slid my tongue inside her lips to draw out her juices.“Mmmyeahmmmmmohhhhhyesyesssyessssss,” moaned Kara. I held her hips tight to the edge of the tub as she quivered. As I probed for her clit, I slipped a finger inside her tight wet pussy, pushing in and out.“Ahhhhooooohhhhhhhgoddddddddyessssssssss,” she cried as I slipped another finger inside her and tickled her clit with my tongue. Suddenly she pitched forward, ramming my head to her hips as her pussy let go. It seemed like she wanted to suffocate me as she came, my chin was coated with her juices and she spasmed against my tongue.Over the edge she went into multiple orgasms, splashing water over the rim of the tub as she thrashed and bucked. Finally she slowed down, I pulled back and looked up at her with a smile.“Was it good?” I asked.Kara slumped down in the tub across from me, smiling as her breath returned to normal.“Do you do that for all the women you know?”“Maybe you just bring out the best in me,” I said. “Glad you like it, though.”Kara slid forward in the tub, pressing herself over me as she reached for my cock.“Know what else ümraniye escort I like?”“What’s that?”“Cum,” said Kara, “lots of cum.”“I think I can supply that,” I said, feeling her fingers clutch at my rod through my shorts.“My God, how hard are you?” asked Kara.As she settled back on her knees, I stood up. Kara ran her palms up my thighs.“I think Mr. Winky is ready to come out and play,” she said, tugging at my shorts. She pulled them to my knees, I gasped as the head of my cock brushed her cheek. I reached down and pushed the shorts to my ankles before picking them up and tossing them to the floor.Kara pushed me back against the edge of the tub again and started stroking my cock. Holding it by the head with her fingers, she licked her way up the underside, stopping to tease the spot just below the crown.All the while, our eyes met, and she maintained her gaze as she sucked the head into her soft mouth. She bobbed lightly, sucking while extending her tongue down the shaft again.I moaned, my hips pulled to her, as when she pulled back, smiled and stroked my cock, it was all I could do not to cum right there.“Lots of cum,” repeated Kara, then kissed the head of my cock. She caressed my balls with her fingertips as she licked the head like an ice cream cone, then suddenly took my cock into her mouth.She was three quarters of the way down the shaft in a flash, it felt like she was trying to drain me of all the cum I could ever produce. She tugged at the base of my cock as she sucked, her hand moving along my rod just behind her lips.“OhhhhhhhhhmygodKara,” I heard myself say as the first stream of cum surged through me.I spurted as she was on the downstroke, with only a fingerwidth of my cock not in her mouth. One shot became another rapidly, heated spurts she gulped without pause.By the third shot, she pulled back, jerking me so I splattered on her cheek and chin. The fourth shot hit her collarbone as she aimed me at her breasts while rising from the water. All the while I was shouting, my head thrown back.I looked down to see the last of my cum dribble over her fingers before Kara tongued my cock clean. She gave it one last kiss and let go, smiling up at me.“I hope that was enough, I don’t know how much more I have,” I said.“It’s a start,” she said. “We still have time unless you need to go

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