30 Haziran 2020

Collection of sexy first times


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Collection of sexy first timesA collection of notes about first milestones in sexual matters. We always remember our first occasions for everything , these notes are not always in chronological order.First ejaculation. This is where ones sexual life begins. That exciting ecstatic moment when for the first time your cock spurts forth your semen. I have already written about this but for the sake of completeness here are the details,In my bed looking at my favorite girl pics and rubbing hard and nearly there- But not quite. To change things I brought my long hard pillow bolster into the bed and pretending it was a willing naked woman I threw a leg over and mounted it. The pillow felt cool to the touch of my hot penis which just added that extra level of sensation. I rubbed and gripped the pillow and then …. merciful release with an intensely hot, almost an agony like pain, my cock jerked and throbbed out the lovely first load. Almost fainting with pleasure I gripped the bolster and just……hung on and enjoyed!!!I lay there a minute or two then slid off and put a small light on. What a load had come out! But, what a large pool of semen on the pillow! Still I wanted to taste this strange and lovely stuff so I brought my face to it and smelt, then licked, then sucked it all up, later in life I probably reflected that it was like slurping down an oyster! I cleaned up as best I could – but what a mess that first cum made!First hand job received. On a scooter trip with my mate John down to Banbury to stop with a cousin overnight, (before on to Oxford for a football match ) I met my first real girlfriend Elaine. After the match we were invited to her parents to stay for the weekend overnight. Elaine like me was a virgin so whilst we kissed and touched a lot she was afraid of letting me shag her, but she said that she wanted to see me come. We were lying on the bed in her room and she asked me to take off my pants, which I did. I was hard and she rubbed me gently. It was so nice to feel her small cool ordu escort hard on my cock. It felt much more exciting than when I rub it. She then reached out for a tub of hand cream and rubbed this on my cock. How lovely this was. So cool and sloppy.I was getting near and I asked her if she had done this before. She said yes, a month ago her older cousin stayed – and she had wanked him off. She said it was fairly quick (as they thought they might get caught.). She added that when he came in her hands she got a nice feeling in her pussy. Thinking of this and her soft hands covered in cream on my cock took me to the climax. “I’m coming !” I whispered to her, she kissed me hard and held my cock as I came. I felt her moan and her body stiffen I put my hand over her panties on her pussy and rubbed her gently. We did that a few times more before we left, practice is always good!First intercourse. Whilst I cane close to doing it with several girls, Christine was the first. It happened in my Dad’s garage on the very roomy front bench-seat of a sky blue Ford Consul. I had borrowed the car thinking we would find a nice quiet place in Lyme Park but unfortunately the weather turned very wet so I brought us back to the garage. Chris has a short denim skirt, no tights and black panties. I think we both were ready for something at this time, as we had been playing around in the car when we had stopped , on the water back. Chris made herself comfy in the front seat and took her pants off. I moved in and kissed her and she quickly guided me into her pussy. Oh what a lovely tight warm feeling surrounding my cock. Chris groaned as I went deep into her and said how well we fit together. I knew that I wouldn’t last and she knew I was near as my cock hardened even more. Chris said I think you should take it out!! but it was too late and this beautiful feeling was too good to spoil. I gripped her tightly as my sperm squirted into her. How very superb that was. I wanked about that twice in bed that night.First wank escort ordu at workIt was late summer when I first started work and hot. At lunchtimes a lot of the younger ladies used to take towels and cushions and go out onto an enclosed flat roof to sunbathe. They were not overlooked, so they thought. However, the frosted windows in the gents toilets did face the roof. If I stood at the urinal and cracked the window slightly open I could get a reasonable view without being seen.On this day there were two typists and our reception lady all lying down with skirts pulled up to get some sun on their sexy legs. Some panty was quite visible. The show was enough to arose me, and it didn’t need much to do that!, And the nice thing about standing at the urinal was the spunk could just spill into that. Also should anyone enter they could not see the frantic masturbation. So I very much enjoyed rubbing myself looking at their legs and pants and shot my load at the wall of the urinal with a lovely pleasurable feeling. I was careful to quietly shut the window and keep the secret peep show secret. But was it? Had any other male shot his load into here looking at a young typist’s tight little pants? I did so a few times afterwards if there was anything to get me hard.First ejaculation at my deskin my first few weeks I was sitting in a corner at the back of a fairly small office. In front of my desk was an attractive mature lady called Kathy Briggs. Petite and blonde, Kathy wore nice figure hugging tight short skirts that really showed of her nicely shaped bum. The office chairs we had were open backed, I.e the back rest was suspended on a thin stalk so when Kathy sat I got a lovely uninterrupted view of her shapely rear, and if she stood and reached to the other end of her desk I sometimes got a tantalizing flash of her tight thin panties.In the afternoons most of the rushed jobs were out of the way and things were morerelaxed. I had more free time to peruse the lovely Kathy bum, so a lot of the time my ordu escort bayan underpants were damp from pre cum patches. Also, in the afternoons, another lovely vision came into view. Eve, the Manager’s secretary would come into our small office to file some papers. Eve was a proper sex bomb, and she knew it. She wore dresses that were tight round her bust and her narrow waist but flowed out emphasizing her round mature sexy buttocks. Just to look at her made me hard. She always seemed to have a knowing sexy smile on her Lips. The combination therefore of these two beautiful creatures, both nearby, at the same time was extremely exciting for my penis.No one could see if I wanted to stroke and tease my cock to orgasm and I wanted to, really needed to, but I needed to prepare better. I was only wearing light cotton boxers and a light colored suit, not good if I had a massive emission of semen, which was likely given the amount of sex oozing from these beautiful ladies.The next day I had prepared better. I had adapted a old dark but smart suit by cutting out the bottom of the left pocket. By going without and underpants I could put my hand in pocket and get skin on skin with my cock. It felt really nice all day. Feeling cocky, as they say!I carried a condom, so I could slip that on after lunch, to catch the hot load of semen that I knew, between them, the beautiful Kathy and the very sexy Eve, would entice out.Well you know the result of this – being able to touch and tease my cock from my pocket in the afternoon had made me close to coming looking at Kathy’s tight little bottom so when Eve started to bend up and down, at the filing cabinet, I came in no time at all. It was difficult to remain still and look calm as my cock shuddered and twitched and squeezed out a lovely hot load. Just like coming in pants, but better. I held it lightly , between my fingers -feeling the skin as it trembled and filled the waiting membrane sac.What a lovely feeling. Not one for every day, but a treat to repeat, as a treat now and then on Friday afternoons.Hope you enjoyed these true confessions of masturbating from my past. Remember masturbating is super pleasurable and good for you. Enjoy daily and write about it. PLEASE COMMENT thanks Pxxx

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