23 Haziran 2021

Craiglist Daddy PT, 1


Craiglist Daddy PT, 1This is a reupload from a previous profile I once had on the site, Craigslist bear daddy! Part 1It was a Tuesday night during a hot summer and my parents were out for the week. At just 18 I couldn’t get enough of wanking and sex. This weekend I felt particularly horny, and with the house free I wanted nothing more to please my cock and tight hole. Recently I discovered the joy and immense pleasure from anal. I had just bought a vibrating plug that day and was eager to get it up my tight boy hole, I started slowly stroking myself to suffice my horny state. I had only been with girls before although I was bisexual. It wasn’t the lack of guys my age, rather a lack of older horny to find. It was time to change that, I sent an ad for my area on craigslist. Reading simply ”130lbs, smooth, slim virgin twink boi looking for older hairy, big daddy for play this week. Looking to fuck, suck and whatever else daddy has in mind. Safe sex only.” No timewasters and attach pics please.I attached some photos of my ass, body, cock. The photos were extremely hot, my favourite the one with my legs spread as I cum hard on my chest. A little cum could be seen on my lips and my tight hole was stuffed with a thick pink plug. I came hard to a video of two twinks servicing a bear daddy in the gym that night. The next day I checked my emails for any promising ventures. A few spam emails and some useless emails ‘hi how r u?’One however was straight to the point. canlı bahis ”Hi I’m Dave a 43 year old daddy with a big thick 7 inch for a good boy to play with. Already I could feel myself get hard. I try to work out and don’t shave my body if that’s what you like boy’. Below he attached some photos of his cock cumming, his muscled chest and abs, a taut looking ass and a handsome face photo. Get back to me boy if you’re interested as daddy needs to be pleased. He left his number, I hastily rang and was slowly stroking my cock. He answered quickly ”Hi boy glad you called, daddy is free this week too for some fun”. I have no idea how he knew it was me.”Hi daddy you sound perfect, when are you free?””Now boy, how about you ?””I could be ready in 30 minutes daddy””Good boy” he gave his address, it was only 10 minutes walk. That was it I was shaking with anticipation as I walked toward my shower. I stepped in felt a rush as I realised that I was preparing my body for this man, this stranger to fuck my virgin hole. I shaved although I was always smooth anyway. I finger fucked as ass in preparation for his thick cock too. My hard on returned and I beat my cock, I was so close to orgasm but deciding to tease myself and save it for later. I checked myself out in the mirror. I modestly could consider myself to a be cute twink. I stood only 5’5 but for me only added to the sensual passion of being with an older bigger top daddy. turned and spread my ass, my pretty bahis siteleri pink hole winked back at me, simply begging to be stretched.30 minutes later I stood outside a modest house with an attractive garden. I rang the bell, the door opened. I was greeted by a hunk of a man standing 6’2 and close to 200lbs. He was hairy, a heavy stubble, arm and leg hair was shown. He was built and his chiselled pecs showed up through a tight fitting t-shirt.’Hi baby, come on in”, ”you’re such a cutie, follow me I can’t wait to get started on you” I followed in a speechless haze with this man, checking out his tight calf muscles in his shorts.He went upstairs and into the master bedroom, not looking around knowing I was following him, knowing I needed him. He turned and pulled me too him, we kissed passionately as he fondled and massaged my ass. I slowly rubbed his chest, he felt massive. His tongue slid into my mouth and we shared a wet sloppy kiss. My cock was instantly hard and I couldn’t help but moan into his embrace. He swooped me right off my feet with our mouths still connected and gently placed me on the bed.I was shaking with anticipation as he peeled off his t-shirt revealing a hairy chest, god his muscles looked even better in real life! He quickly got me out of my top and jeans. I reached forward to grasp his manhood through his shorts and he pushed my head to it. I pulled down his shorts, he was commando. Out flopped a thick veiny cock already oozing bahis şirketleri pre cum. I licked the head and tasted his essence. It was heavenly, I craved more sucking the head only to tease him. He moaned loudly and moved his hands to hold my head, guiding me to his dick. I started to suck down more of him, he was big but importantly his cock was thick. I worked his balls as I sucked slowly down and then quickly up.”Yeah that’s it get my cock hard and wet boi”.I could only moan with my mouth full. He was now face fucking me lightly. I loved it, it was my first time sucking cock only ever having practiced on dildos before, I was gagging a little, and his delicious precum was dripping out my mouth. I freed my own cock and slowly worked it with one free hand. He bent down and lightly pinched my nipples as I sucked him.It fuelled me more and more and I began to suck deeper and harder. ”Yes boi that’s it! Keep going for daddy”On that I nearly shot my load. I lay with my back on the bed and he climbed over me wanking me and his cock at the same time. ”Tonuge out boi” he groaned. His voice had gone deep and husky. I knew he was close to creaming in my wet hot mouth. He kept wanking as his cock was lined up to shoot in my mouth. ”Please daddy I need your cum in my pretty little slut mouth” With that he shot a big load of hot sticky cum right into my mouth. Rope after rope filled my mouth and coated my face. ”Mmmmm” I purred”Take it boi, take all of daddies cum”He pulled me up to him and kissed me deep once more. tasting his own cum on my tongue. I couldn’t wait for more!All comments are greatly appreciated, I will try to get back to writing more often on this profile!

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