30 Haziran 2020

Crowded bus


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Crowded busWife enjoyed by strangers in a Crowded busanother indian storyHi readers, thanks to all for your response on my last story. “Rithala—Shivaji Stadium” a lot of people rushed to catch it. It was fully loaded and I managed to get into it somehow. All who travels by bus must be knowing that in the last back, the seat is long and so many people can sit on it, I managed to get into back side of the bus and was holding the upper rod to manage myself, The crowd was so much that the light from front was not able to reach at the back seat and it was very dark there. The bus started and after every stop it started getting more crowded as it seems no body is getting down and everybody has to go to the last stop.In a meantime I noticed a young married female of around 30yrs was standing very near to me along with her hubby, she was trying her best to hold the side rods of the last seat but was falling on the man sitting on the seat. The best thing that attracted me in that women was that she was very gorgeous, In my terms you can say a crazy sexy figure of 34-30-36, the best part that was attracting me and many other people were her chiffon yellow color sari with almost backless blouse and that too sleeveless , Her black color bra was easily visible through her thin blouse material and I can see the outline of the nipples from her blouse very easily, As she was getting pushed very often, I can see the deep cut of her blouse easily showing her lovely tits, The sari was so tight that her full figure with naval can easily bee seen. Such a gorgeous lady and that too in such a crowded bus and at those odd hours were giving a lot of males a bounce. I can read the face of her hubby that how much conscious he was feeling in so many males and trying to protect her sexy young wife.I was very near to her as I was standing just next to her in minutes due to so much pressure and crowd. I was looking at her sexy figure then I suddenly realized that the man sitting on the seat was nearly around 50 yrs and she was continuously falling on him, every time she gets a push from back, she just falls on his face and her tits were literally rubbing his cheeks, the man was really enjoying this and was sitting in such a manner that she was fully touched by him and she cant do anything in that situation also. Her hubby was also helpless and was pushed aside by the sudden rush trying to get inside the bus, he told her to stay there only as he is not able to move any further and there is so much rush inside, this comment of his had made a lot of males a smile on their faces, Soon I realized that a man of Around 35 yrs was standing in her back was trying to touch each and every part of her body, I can see his growing bump going in between her ass cracks. The kıbrıs escort major point was that the lady was trying her best to resist from every corner but she was aware that her all efforts will go in vain and all these hungry men will not leave her in any chance , since her hubby was also far away she had given up resistance and was now allowing them to do anything with her body. I hope she must have realized that nothing can be done now and the best way is to co-operate with all these horny guys. I was now getting hot too seeing a young married female getting pleasure from strangers in a crowded bus. Soon I can see the old man sitting on the seat adjusting his hands in that manner that he was trying to touch her in between her legs through sari only so that no body can notice. She immediately realized the same and stretched her legs more to give access to that man to touch her pussy lips as she also don’t want any scene to be created in that crowded bus and if she herself was now enjoying all the attention. She was getting hot now and I can see the same from her face. The man standing behind her was from a lower class and was wearing a kurta & dhoti, His manhood was really getting big and she can feel the hardness touching her ass cheeks. It was really not mattering to her that the man was from a lower class but I can see the excitement on the face of that man enjoying a milky beauty in a crowded bus. It was really a golden chance from him. He was now trying to push his fingers also from behind to touch her pussy from the sari only and I think it would not be difficult for him as she had already stretched her legs for the man sitting in from of him. Now 2 guys were enjoying her, one from front and other from the back.Like me another young guy of around 17 yrs was standing on her left was noticing all this. He found it to be the right time and just got involved in this pleasure game. He was standing just next to her so it was not difficult for him to rub his manhood on her thighs, He was doing the same and very soon that lady realized that, she just smiled and let him do what he want. This encourages that guy more and soon he opened his zipper and took out his tool which was not less that 6” standing erect. I was shocked as he had done it very secretly and only people standing very near to her and enjoying with her can see but it was too much, I had seen these type of activities before also in crowded buses in Delhi but a guy standing with his cock out in a bus was too much for me. He was now trying to rub his tool with her hands so that she can realize the touch of his lively cock, The moment she realize this rubbing on her hand she was also in a shocking state like me. Her eyes were now seeing the hard cock rubbing kıbrıs escort bayan her hands and I am sure she would not have been ready for this too but she was quick in holding in fully in her hands and start giving him gentle strokes. She was in full pleasure and some times I can see her getting her eyes closed in pleasure but due to immense crowd and loud music going on in the bus no body can notice what’s happening in the last corner of the bus. I can sometimes see her eyes moving in the back to notice her hubby and feel comfortable that he is far away and would not be noticing all these activities but I believe her hubby must have realized that there is something happening as was totally surrounded by so many guys but since he was far away he can’t do anything. It was now too much for me and I can’t stop myself getting involved in this pleasure game. My hands were soon touching her body and slowly I tried to manage my right hand start moving in between her sari folds. I was now holding the seat rod with left hand and my right hand was touching her navel and moving up easily. The fear of any objection was not there in my mind after seeing her doing all this nasty acts in a crowded bus with strangers. Soon my fingers were resting on her boobs and can feel the outline of the nipples. She suddenly looked on my side and I passed a wicked smile to her and she responded back with a lusty Smile. I was now trying to grab her boobs in my hands and was now pressing them hard; I can hear small light moans coming from her mouth. It seems she was now enjoying the pleasure she was getting from all the sides to her body. It seems we all were free to touch her body in any way we like as she was not at all objecting to anything. Soon the guy at the back was moving her hips in slow motion giving us a feeling that he was fucking her from behind and the guy in the front had literally pushed his face in between her legs. She was also moving her hips to co-operate both the front and back guy. Her hands were soon moving in front of my jeans searching for my manhood, I just helped her in opening my zip and soon I can feel her fingers inside my jeans touching my cock. I was trilled to feel the softness of her hands on my rock hard meat. I also start moving my hands in between her legs to feel her pussy and wasted no time finding the wet spot. I realized she must have cum at least twice in between as I can even feel the wetness of her pussy from the outer of the sari also. Both the guys had already sideliner her panty and my fingers were easily moving in and out of her slippery hole. She came near my ears and requested me to be please go in a slow motion as she cant handle this hard finger fucking. We all were enjoying her at the fullest escort kıbrıs and she was also enjoying the roughness and desperation shown by all of us to feel each and every part of her body. The guy standing in the behind even tried to put his hand in between her blouse to feel the softness of her tits but this seems to be difficult task as she was wearing a very tight sari and blouse. Soon the man at the back released the load on her sari and pressed her boob tightly and this followed by the releasing of cum by the young guy in the left, she was pushed to put her hands filled with his cum in her mouth and she tasted his cum before all of us. He was quick in bring his cock back into his pants. The man in the front leaved her pussy from the front after sucking her for last 25 min. , he was soon replaced by my fingers,I was now finger fucking her hard from the pussy in the front and her fingers were now moving fast in my pants to bring my stiff cock to relief. She soon holds me tight again and I realized she had cum again after getting a good finger fuck from me. I can feel the wetness flowing from her front hole. She was quick in getting back to her work and winked me to press her boobs to enjoy. My hands were pressing her boobs hard and she was trying her best to have me cum in my pants. I can hear the slow words coming from her mouth making me horny, yes. I soon cum heavily in my pants and she wasted no time in bringing her hands out and going straight in her mouth. She winked like enjoying the taste of my cum. In all this activity we all helped each other in keeping her in between all of us only and allowing each other to enjoy with that lady to the fullest. We all also guarded and keep giving indications if we came to know that somebody is noticing nearby regarding this activity. She soon get herself adjusted again and tried to look back to see her hubby as her stop was approaching near by. Her hubby joined her and both of them get down at Madhuban chowk. We all can see the smile and completeness on her face and I am dead sure that she had enjoyed this little oral group fucking a lot. I was also trilled as I had enjoyed this group fun in a crowded bus and that too with such a horny lady for the first time and had masturbated at least 4 times after that thinking about that incident. I hope a lot of females would surely agrees to this incident that some or the other time they must have enjoyed this oral fun with some stranger in the bus and I feel for some it must have become a routine activity and for some it’s a extra spice in their sex lives and would take it in a healthy way. It’s an enjoyment for some couples as they must be enjoying this as it’s a dream of lot of husbands to see their wives getting enjoyed by some other guy. I am looking for a good response from females and couples who feel that somewhere I touched their inner folds of their Sex lives and I am equally looking for some good invitations for helping any one who is in need of some good oral pleasure.

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