2 Temmuz 2021

Cum bath in office party


Cum bath in office partydeleteddeleteddeleteddeletedOnce the party was in full swing I started to dance closer to my boss Rakesh. My name is Harika and I am a 25 year old single girl working as a secretary in a software company in Pune. I am small only 5’2¨ with large firm breasts and wide hips. A lot of men liked my plump body comfortable and I was generous with it. Tonight I was dressed in a tight sleeveless top with a short skirt that showed both my assets to its advantage. My nipples flushed with heat were clearly visible through my top. Rakesh dancing sloe to me was running his hands on my ass and back. Slowly he lifted my skirt to push my ass and squeeze it. “Sir is there a place?” I asked him while pressing my body against his so that my soft breasts were pressed totally against his hard hairy chest. And then to my surprise Rohit my other boss walked near to me and said to Rakesh, “hey dude let’s take this babe upstairs in my room,” Rohit ran his hand on my back while saying so. I had slept with both of them in past but never together. But I agreed to their wishes finally and all three of us escaped to Rohit’s suite upstairs.Inside the room Rakesh started to stripping me while Rohit busied himself in getting naked. Down to my brassiere and panties Rakesh opened his trousers and pushed canlı bahis me on my knees. I inserted my hand inside his short and removed his lund. Rakesh pressed my head there and started to play with my hair. Rohit meanwhile sat on knees behind me and started to knead my plump breasts from behind while rubbing his dick on my panties. I opened my lips to admit Rakehs’s shaft and started to suck on it slowly to build momentum and pleasure. Rohit meanwhile unhooked my brassieres and took it off. His hands cupped my breasts and she began to move them in semi circular motion. I felt my nipples stiffening to his touch and I moaned. Rakesh pushed my head deeper. Rohit’s hand was busy moving all over my body till he reached inside my panties and started to stroke my wet chut. He started to bite my ear lobe and started to over back and forth rubbing his dick against my ass cheeks. I was enjoying the taste of Rakesh’s cock in my mouth I was licking its base with my tongue while using my fingers to his balls. Rakesh moaning was bending over me and stroking my back. Rohit pushes my panties down and kneaded my ass cheeks. I spread my thighs apart without breaking my blowing and felt as Rohit pushed his cock inside my chut with a hard stroke. I opened my lips to keep from biting Rakesh’s lund and bahis siteleri then resumed my blow job. Rohit took judgment and then started to move back and forth while kneading my breasts from between my armpits. I moved back and forth to both give pleasure to Rakesh’s cock in my mouth and to Rohit’s in my pussy. Suddenly the door opened and our big boss Mr. Raghav walked in.“Having fun without me boys?” he asked straightaway taking his shirt off. Rakesh laughed and pulled my head away from his cock. He was ready to come anyway. I smiled at Raghav sir and gave a final shake to Rakesh so that he came in huge squirts of cum all over my face and breasts. Rohit too stiffened for a minute and then as I cried loud his cock shot load after load of cum in my pussy. He withdrew and started to shoot on my back and ass cheeks. Raghav roughly pulled me to my feet and grabbed me. I was sticky with the juices of Rakesh and Rohit but he did not seem to mind. He kissed my mouth and kneaded my ass and breasts. Then he made me lie on the dressing table resting my huge melons on the glass top and spread my thighs. I knew from previous experience that he was a ass fucker. I waited with puckered ass hole as he lubricated his cock with his spit and then rammed it all the way in my anus. I screamed with pain bahis şirketleri and pleasure and found that Rohit was hard once again was ready to shove his cock in mouth. I opened my lips and accepted him. Raghav started to build rhythm moving back and forth, my ass was hurting with his huge uncut cock moving like a ram inside my body. I cried with pain and feverishly started to suck Rohit.Raghav took a long time to come, meanwhile my mouth was once again filled with Rohit’s cum and on sooner he withdrew Rakesh was back at it once again giving his cock in my mouth and ordering me to eat him this time. After some time Raghav came in my ass filling it with hot cum and then without giving rest they all took me to the nearby sofa set. There Raghav Sat in front of me on his knees and shoed his dick between my firm breasts. I was tired and aching with all the cocks going in at it but to make him happy I pressed my b**sts together and started to massage his dick with them. Rakesh was sitting between my legs and stroking my pussy making it ready to receive his cock there since both the times he had only got my mouth. Finally when all of them were sated I walked on wobbly legs to the bathroom and started at myself. I was wet with the sticky seed of my men from head to toe as if I had taken shower in it. There was cum dribbling on my mouth my hair my breasts and my private parts all over. I sighed and entered the shower and closed my eyes. The door opened and I could hear a man walking in.What did you think of this story??

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