29 Ağustos 2016



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Daddy at the Truckstop – 5

There I was, trapped in a gloryhole booth on the wrong end of some nearby town. I didn’t even know where Daddy had taken me, and it didn’t matter at the moment. All that did matter was the second cock to come through the hole, into my waiting mouth. The unseen man had a grip on my leash, fed through the hole to help keep me in place. The ropes tied around my torso and legs, attaching me to the stool, kept me secure in my position as I sucked the stranger for all I was worth while the plug in my ass vibrated away. I looked sideways at the door as I bobbed my head, and saw that there was no handle, only a lock. I remembered hearing a click after Daddy closed the door, and my submission came crashing on me with each new thought.

What was I worth? Daddy called the men ‘customers’, and the thought that he might be turning me onto an actual whore fueled my already lust-ridden state. A firmer tug on my leash shook me out of my thoughts as the man held my mouth against the hole, pulling out his cock. moments later, condom removed, I felt more fresh cum coating my mouth and cheeks. I stayed firmly against the hole like that for another minute at least, the lower part of my face pulled clear through the hole. It was large enough for below my chin up to just below my eyes, and the fading blue of the wall was all I could see close up.

A third covered cock, larger than the last, pushed into my waiting mouth. I had no room to suck it, he simply fucked my face, gagging me, until he decorated my cheeks with his seed. The fourth gave slack on my leash again, but used it at his whim. A fifth, sixth, more came through in varying size and style. All of them treated my face like a cumdump, and I would never know who they were. Word must have gotten out about my services, because I counted a dozen cocks coming through that hole, more than the 6 or 7 men in the store when we entered. After the last one, I sat there in silence for a few minutes wondering when the next one was coming through, but instead, I heard the door unlock, and Daddy opened it up.

“Look at you, Stacey. You are a sight, all of that cum dripping on your face. I’m impressed, you didn’t disappoint me at all. I think you’ve earned a rest. Your second and last one of the day perhaps? Would you like that, Slut?” I looked up at Daddy shyly and nodded my head, not sure if I was able to speak with all of the abuse I had received. Daddy took a towel and wiped off much of the cum from my face, and pulled my stool away from the wall. Daddy stroked my cheek for a second before slapping my face. Not hard enough to hurt, but enough to startle me.

“What do you say, bitch?” Daddy growled.

“Thank you Daddy” I managed to croak out. Daddy gave me a crooked smile as he moved to the door.

“Good Gurl, I’ll be back shortly.” Daddy closed the door, locking it behind him as I sat tied on the stool, left alone with my thoughts. I rubbed against the stool with the plug in my ass, trying to get some more stimulation. My horniness was in overdrive as I thought about the day’s events so far, and how it might not be over yet still. I felt like I was on the edge of cumming for minutes, but couldn’t quite get there, even with my clitty as hard as it was. I didn’t have enough time to get over the edge, as Daddy suddenly opened the door, and began to untie me from the bench. He helped me stand up, my arms still wrapped in rope, crossed behind me, and grabbing my leash, slowly marched me from my booth.

I didn’t have to wonder for long about what was next. Daddy rounded the corner of the small hallway, then straight through the curtain ahead. My heart skipped a beat as I saw rows of theater seats in front of a large screen, playing a movie of a busty blonde whore in bondage, being stuffed by many cocks. What looked like maybe a dozen heads turned to us as we entered, and my breathing got faster. Were these the men who had used me in the booth? They looked at me in the dim light, I couldn’t quite make out their faces in the dark as Daddy led me past all of them to the front row. He turned me around, dr****g me over two of the seats looking towards the back, and all I could see was the bright light of the projector.

My leash was tied off to part of the seat, and I was once again immobile and partially blinded. Daddy stepped behind me, and I felt his cock resting against my asscheeks as he pulled the plug from my ass. It had stretched me out for a while now, and before it had the chance to close back up, I felt Daddy put his cock against my hole as he proceeded to fuck me in long strokes. “You’ve been very good so far, Stacey, but the day isn’t over yet. These men paid good money to help break you in as a whore, and they haven’t gotten a piece of your boipussy yet. You’ll be glad I had that plug in you.” Daddy grunted as he fucked into me faster, eventually cumming into his rubber. He slapped me on the ass as he came, then pulled out and off to the side, and moments later, my customers descended on me.

A cock entered each end of me at nearly the same time, and they wasted no time in pulling me back and forth between them. I kept up as best I could, more used to the treatment as they fucked into me like a cheap toy. I could barely think as I realized for sure, that Daddy was pimping me for real, and I had never felt so degraded or humiliated, and I had never been so turned on in my life. I saw camera flashes going off as I was used, Daddy taking more pictures of his whore. The cock in my ass came out, and once the rubber was off I felt cum blasting on my ass. The man in my mouth pulled out and came around and filled my ass back up as a fresh cock appeared in front of me, stuffing my mouth again as I moaned and whimpered.

All sense of time left me as each of the dozen cocks rotated from my mouth to my ass, and I was nothing but a helpless ragdoll in front of my perverted audience, lost in the thickest lust haze of my life. One by one they finished on my ass or my face, and I couldn’t tell if some came back for more, completely losing track. After they were done with me, I just lay there numbly, shaking from how much I’d been debased. I dimly registered Daddy cleaning some of the mess from me, and helping me to my feet as he untied me, and guided me out of the theater. I heard some applause as I minced past the men on weak legs, but didn’t dare lift my eyes from the ground with the shame & lust that crowded my mind. Out of the store we went, back to Daddy’s van, and he bundled me back into the cage, locking me in place again before closing the rear doors and starting up the vehicle. I felt motion as Daddy pulled away from the store, and I was too exhausted to think about what might be next.

After a while, the van slowed, and I felt more turns before coming to a stop. Daddy opened the doors, unlocking the cage and pulling me out, but still perched on the edge of the van as he moved the cage further away. He pushed me in more as he climbed up, closing the doors behind him. Brushing past me, he sat on the cage, and unzipped his pants to pull out his half hard cock. Daddy tugged on the leash, prompting me to crawl right up to him. ‘Start sucking, whore. Get me hard and make it good.”

I took his cock in my mouth and began swirling my tongue around him as he spoke down at me. “There we go, Stacey. Now, listen carefully. I know you noticed that I’ve been recording you all day. You wouldn’t believe how well it all turned out. Don’t worry, I’ll email you some of the highlights soon to see what kind of a fucktoy you were today. If you’re a very good girl for me from now on, then they stay private.. well, for the most part. I’ll block out your face for when I’m showing you off to possible new…. playmates. Otherwise, there’s no telling were those pictures or videos might end up. That won’t be much of a problem, though, right, Stacey? You’ll be a good whore for me, and whoever I tell you, Right?” I looked up at him as I whimpered onto his now-hard cock, nodding. He pulled out of my mouth and gave me a stern look. I knew what he wanted me to say.

“Yes Daddy, I’ll be a good whore for you, I want to be a good fucktoy for Daddy and his friends.” I whimpered out as best I could. Satisfied, Daddy dragged me on my back onto the top of the cage, rolled one last condom on, and thrust back into me. He fucked me hard and fast with no regard for me.

“Stroke yourself until you cum, bitch, Do it now” Daddy growled as he pistoned away. I reached down and started stoking my throbbing clitty, and in seconds I was ready to cum for the second time in the day. My boipussy clamped around Daddy’s cock as I began to cum in the strongest orgasm of my life, spraying seed all over my skirt, my hands, my belly, and Daddy groaned as he came as well. He pulled out and opened the van, having me exit after him, and he led me to my car. He handed me my bag, which had the keys in it, kept safe by him the whole time. I climbed into my car, knowing I’d start changing back into my boy clothes as soon as he was gone. Shame began to creep back onto me as the lust faded away.

“You’ll hear from me soon, Stacey, and we can make some very, very fun plans. Oh, before I forget, This should cover your gas for today. Maybe next time, you’ll get a bit more. For my good gurl.” Daddy reached into his pocket and took out what looked like a couple of Twenties, folded them up, and stuck them into my mouth. I whimpered once more as he turned and left. I saw him get into his van and drive away. I sat there in utter shame and humiliation with a small piece of what I’d earned still between my teeth, and I felt myself getting hard again as I thought of the trap I was now in, knowing that I was now owned by him, and that I had no choice but to be Daddy’s whore.

After all, I had asked for this, and it was what I deserved.

-Stacey’s adventures will continue–

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