21 Eylül 2021



DARLEENLet me take you back to the summer of 1966. I am driving along Maple Street and on my right, I see a gal walking on the sidewalk. It’s Darleen, a girl that went to the same school as I did. She is a couple of years younger and now at 20 she is looking not too bad at all. I do not think any of my fellow chums at school ever dated her while she was at school as she was going steady with a guy who was out of school and from the next town. When they broke up, she dated a guy who worked at the local lumberyard. It was gossiped amongst my classmates that she put out. Now, 3 years later, I am so bloody horny, maybe I should give her a try. I honk, pull over, reach across the seat and roll down the passenger window. She leans in and we say our hello’s and how are you’s. I ask her if she wants to go for a ride. She says sure and gets in. I head out of town towards the golf course. There is a grid road besides the course, heading North and I turn to drive down it. We are talking about this and that and I ask her to move over and sit beside me. She does and I steer with my left hand and put my right arm around her neck and shoulders. My palm brushes across her boobie and she does not push it away. There is a truck coming towards us. I slow down as the road is rough and narrow. There is a guy driving and as the truck gets closer, a head pops up and there is a girl now sitting beside him as the truck passes. I chuckle and say that looks like fun, take my arm away from her shoulders and reach to my zipper tab as if to undo it. She says sort of disgustedly that you guys are all alike and laughs! Since she is not outright angry, I continue and get my pants unbuttoned. It is difficult with only one hand but I continue and struggle to get the zipper down. Up to this point I was sort of k**ding but she has been watching and holy hell she gets off the seat and down on the footwell. bursa escort She puts her hand on my zipper and pulls it down! I lift my butt off the seat and taking my left hand off the steering wheel, I push my shorts and pants down. Her hand reaches for my cock and before you can blink, it is in her mouth. She works it greedily and pulls down my foreskin and licks all around my knob and up and down my shaft. I gradually get hard, her mouth is hot and wet and eager. I see an intersection up ahead on the right with a short road into a pasture. I stop and back into it so I can see the traffic coming in both directions. I massage her neck and hair and shoulders as her head bobs up and down on my dick. Her sucking talents are excellent. She takes most of my mouth into her mouth. I can feel the back of her throat against my knob. She swallows but does not gag or choke. She’s done this before lol. I lean back in my seat, my hands rub and caress her neck and around and around in her hair, massaging her scalp. Her tongue is constantly moving around inside her mouth as she sucks up and down. Her hand also grips my shaft and jerks my cock in time with her head bobbing up and down. The feeling is incredibly intense. I can feel the tension building in my nuts and I tell her that I cumming soon. She grunts and doubles her bobbing movements and takes my cock deep, in and out, sucking greedily. Then I cum and splooge blasts into her mouth and down her throat. She swallows and swallows again and again, until I am done. She licks my cock clean of its ejaculate, squeezing my foreskin back and forth over my knob. The pressure is a little too much for my sensitive knob but complain, I do not. I may be a little slow but I am not stupid lol. My cock is now a wet little noodle so I pull up my pants, yank up my zipper and fasten the button. I thank her profusely. She chuckles bursa escort bayan and says yur welcum. I lean into the corner of the seat and pull her towards me with her back against my front. I wrap my arms around her, hugging her to me. She feels warm and melts against me. We talk for awhile while I rest, this has been exhausting for me lol. My left hand goes under her sweater and under her bra and I caress her tits and tug gently on her nipples. They get hard quickly and point eagerly into my palms as I fondle her titties. My right hand reaches below the waist of her slacks and go inside. I diddle the hair on her mound and my finger rubs her pussy lips up and down in her crack. She undoes the side button of her slacks to give me more room. Her cunt is warm and wet to my fingers as they slide and probe inside her pussy. She moves her right leg over against the seat back and is fully open to my hand. I play with her pussy and tits and move my index finger in and out of her slit as my thumb lightly rubs her “little man in the boat”. My lips kiss and nuzzle her neck and ears and shoulders. She is moaning and gasping, breathing hard. Her bottom is wriggling around on the seat. I increase my finger diddling of her cunt. She suddenly stiffens and cums. I continue to gently stroke her in and out. Gradually her breathing returns to normal and we cuddle against each other. She says that wow, that was a terrific hard cum for her, she hasn’t been active sexually for awhile. She thanks me and I thank her. We both chuckle when I say I guess we both needed this! I have become aware that my cock has gotten hard again while I finger fucked her. My left hand takes her left hand and I press her fingers against my crotch. As she chuckles and rubs my boner, I ask her if I can fuck her. She nods and moves over to the far side of the seat and pulls down her slacks and escort bursa panties. I pull a rubber out of my jean’s pocket, pull down my pants and shorts and open the condom and roll it over my erection. We switch spots on the bench seat and she sits on my lap, inserting my cock into her cunt as she settles down. It slides in and we are joined. We momentarily just hug each other close, enjoying the feel of each other. Gradually she starts to move up and down, a little at a time and then moreso as her movements quicken. I squish down some more in the seat so she can gain a better angle and a longer stroke. Her cunt is hot and tight and I am enjoying her every thrust down on my cock and then up again. Her breathing gets hot and heavy and she is humming along steadily and then she jerks and cums, stiffening momentarily on my cock. As she cums down she wriggles around and around as our two groins are pushed together and our pubic mounds grind away on each other. I commence small thrusting movements. She raises her butt up and gets off my lap. She doesn’t have much room but turns around, facing the windshield, grabs my cock and re-inserts it as she sits down on my lap again. Her hands hold onto the dashboard as her strokes quicken, up and down. I hold her hips as she thrusts and push up and down as much as I am able to in this position. Dam, it feels good. She is tight and wet and hot. I reach up and cup her boobies for a moment and tug on her rock-hard nipples. I can feel the tension building in my groin and I grab her hips firmly and push in and out furiously. She moans heavily and cums. Then, I do too, filling the rubber with my joy juice. She sits on my lap, resting. Our breathing subsides and we cum down. My cock softens and plops out of her cunt. She raises up and I slide over behind the steering wheel. I grab some tissues out of the box, wrap a couple around my cock and pull off the condom. I wipe off my cock, pull my shorts and pants up and zip up. She too is now dressed and we sit quietly for a moment, smiling and grinning at one another. I tell her how fantastic this was and she concurs.

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