11 Kasım 2021

Degrading myself on-line for his pleasure


Degrading myself on-line for his pleasureMum had asked me to go across to the neighbors house and put some feed out for their cat.They were in Stockholm for the weekend and she had agreed to look after their property while they were away.I alway suspected he was keen on me, simply by the way he lecherously looked me up and down, but then again, if he did not then I would be disappointed, as I was at that age where being admired, regardless of reason, was what made my day, it was both reassuring and desirable to know you were developing and desirous.Their house was diagonally opposite ours and my bedroom window faced it, so I could see from where he sat at his computer, which was upstairs, exactly what he could see when he looked across, into my window, something I had caught him doing from time to time, well I think he was, as mine was the only bedroom facing their house.Since my parents were divorced a few years back, I always wondered about him and Mum, when the met and spoke they seemed to be teasing each other, more so when his wife was away at work, Mum always acted like she was up for it, which if the truth be told I suspected she was, as it had been a few years now and I thought she could do with one good one, but with the neighbor, well that seemed weird.Going into their house I felt a knot in my stomach, I was excited at the prospect of what hidden truths I might encounter, especially in his computer room, where he appeared to sit all the time, so that was where I made for, and I climbed the stairs.I was not disappointed as the first thing to catch my eyes was the web-cam on the window ledge, pointing across the street at our house.I knelt down and peered along its tiny lens and as my heart pounded, to me it definitely looked as if it was pointing at my bedroom, OMG, I though, as I saw my full mirror was visible, every morning I stood there, getting dressed and my mind went blank, trying to remember if I was showing any part I should not.I sat in his chair and wonder what he had seen, what had I shown him and more importantly, did he do it sitting here looking at me.I laughed a little as I thought about it and actually touched myself, I wondered what he would do if he knew I was sitting here doing it with what he desired most.I spun around and faced his computer screen, very nice I thought, 26 inches and HD as well, bet he could count the individual hairs up close, then I laughed at my own thoughts, fuck I was becoming a naughty girl sitting here.I looked down and I saw the start button and without a second thought, hit-it. The computer started and boy was it fast, it went straight into Windows within minutes, I guessed he did not have too many programs on it to delay the boot-up time, but then again his screen was clear, not too many icons either.There was one icon that looked like a webcam with little semi-circles emanating from it, looking like symbolizing a wireless cam, so I double-clicked on it, and another window opened, ‘Secure-Cam’ it said, so I went into it and esenyurt escort opened its saved images, thousands of them, taken at one minute intervals, all of me in my room, in my knickers and brassiere, crystal clear and sharp as a pin, this dirty old pervert was spying on me, I was left in no doubt he was jacking-off as well.Thanks to school and computer science I had no problem in copying some across to a blank DVD, this is what I needed to show what he was doing, a sudden sense of injustice now justified my spying on him and searching for more incriminating evidence, such as websites visited and photos and videos stored on his drives.I notepad document showing all his passwords was another small icon eagerly clicked on, e-mail, yahoo-chat, Facebook name, there was a wealth of info and boy he was a dirty old man who just loved young girls, but what excited me most was his own photos, the ones he sent of his penis, so I copied these also, I was having a great time on this computer.Looking through all this filth and dirt took me on a journey inside the mind of a dirty old man and his perversions and desires, it was a journey of sex and in doing so, had an effect on me, I sat in his chair, pulled my denims down and masturbated myself.It did not last long as I was in such a heightened state of arousal, from doing what I was, I was not surprised that the Police must have got turned-on by all this sexual content, I closed his door and locked it, realizing I was not angry at being spied on, no I was thinking about sex and him and how it made me horny.The first night he came back I waited patiently in my room, curtains open, and light out.His light in his computer room flicked on and I stood back in the darkness and watched him move around, then sit down at his computer. I flicked on my room light then ran upstairs to another room and stood looking across at him sitting, waiting to see what would happen when he turned and saw my light was on.Ten then fifteen minutes passed and still he looked ahead at his screen, then the penny dropped and I ran into my brothers room and fetched his binoculars, ran back into the room I was viewing him from and focused onto him and saw the screen he was looking at, he was viewing my room from the camera on the window ledge, he did not need to look around as the camera was focused on my room and he could zoom in and out at leisure, smart guy I thought, dirty fucking smart man and I laughed inwardly as I made my way back downstairs, taking my outer clothes off, stripping down to my undies, this was what he wanted to see, he needed a wank and I was in a generous giving mood.I stood in front of my mirror, I could see his room in the reflection, the old physics lesson of and i=r incidence and reflection, I laughed inwardly, surely they meant this, flashing=wanking.I reached behind and pulled my knickers up tight until they disappeared between my cheeks, he would love this, all my bare bum on view, and I reached behind again and avrupa yakası escort unclasped my brassiere, letting it drop to the floor, making no attempt to cover my small breasts, then I turned and walked out of sight and dashed upstairs and looked through the binoculars, he was wanking, no mistake there, I was making him horny and I dropped my hand down my panties and joined him, I really was into this and loving it.Our computer was in the back room so I signed in and went straight into chat with my alter-ego and sent him a message, now I knew his chat name, I waited my heart pounding and my brain begging for a reply, surly my chat proposal popped-up, after all I had installed it and accepted it, then a box appeared, he was typing.Who are you? I laughed, typing in return, you dont remember me, you sent me a photo of yourself, you were drunk or so you said you were, I replied.I could visualize him frantically searching for me, so put the disk I had made into my DVD player and sent a photo of himself to him and waited.He replied claiming to have forgotten, but clearly confused when he saw his own image on the photo received, so we started chatting, him as expected, asking more questions than casual chat, as he fished for more information on who I was.I let him know I was u******e and liked older men, like him and was keen to meet him for sex.I suspected he was panicking as the photo I sent to him clearly showed who he was, full face and here he was with an u******e girl taking sex.I told him to relax as it was our secret and then I told him I knew him and where he lived, his telephone number, then topped it off by sending the indecent photos of him with an erection, telling him I had copies of the texting we made, as we chatted, something he could not check on as I has deleted all of his, carefully ticking the delete after closing box on his chat options, I had him in my power.’Turn your cam on please’ I texted, and there he was on my screen, ‘What are you doing right now’, I asked him, as I sat comfortably in front of my screen touching myself, as he brought his penis into view and masturbated for my amusement, when ordered.’Can I see you’, his voice cracked through my speakers, ‘Not yet’ I spoke back and I could hear myself in the feedback, along with the noises I was making masturbating, he could hear that and that feedback alone was enough to make him respond in similar fashion, as he pounded his huge meat to my visual stimulation.’Are you married’, I asked him, knowing fine well he was, and he admitted as much, she was sleeping while he was playing on-line, and ‘Are you fucking anyone’, his answer shocked me, ‘Yes’, he replied, ‘Good boy’ was my reply and when I asked who, he mentioned my mothers’ name.Like a good daughter I wanted more information and he gave it too me, everything times and dates, places and occasions, and as the information sank in I realized he was telling me the truth, because anadolu yakası escort I could recall her going there.’Your a lucky man to have so much pussy on tap’, I said crudely, ‘Not really’ he replied, ‘Its the daughter I want’, he said thickly, ‘I want to fuck her so bad’, and as he said it, he came on cam, his sperm spurting high and running thickly down his shaft, gathering in a pool and his ball sack.I let him finish, more for my benefit than his as it triggered my own orgasm, and I was sure he was listening as I never held back, I was convince that had our windows been open he could have heard me.’Wow sounds like you enjoyed me cumming’, he said to me, ‘Was she watching you too’, I replied, trying to throw him off and scent he had if thinking it was me chatting to him, ‘No, she’s lying naked on her bed, the teasing cunt’, was his reply, ‘Can you see her’ I asked him, happy with his previous answer, ‘No’ he came back, ‘Bur she took her clothes off and flashed me and now she must be on her bed’.’So when you gonna fuck her’ I asked him, suddenly realizing I had told him I knew where he stayed and who he was, so I must know her as we were to be in the same age group attending the same school.’You know she fucks like a rabbit’, I said and waited for the response, he said nothing, ‘You know her’, he asked, ‘Yes, we go to the same school, and she has the reputation of a slut’.’Wow, fucking hell’ he said, suddenly excited, ‘You serious’, he asked again and I could see hid cock thicken and get hard.’I would never lie to you, besides your fucking her mother and like mother like daughter’, I was getting carried away with degrading myself for his pleasure, ‘I know a couple of guys who are fucking her’, I added, turning myself on in piling on the sleaze, making myself to school bicycle for his pleasure, ‘Oh god I want her’ he said and he started to masturbate on cam again.I dont know what made me do it but my head was light and I was feeling giddy from the sexual high I was experiencing, I typed my own mobile number in and hit enter, ‘Whats this’, he asked, ‘Her number, consider it a gift from your friend’, I replied, ‘Call her and go fuck her, you never know she might be in the mood’, and at that signed out of chat.I ran back into the room and focused on him, then I saw him lift his hand to his ear, and my phone rang downstairs in my bedroom.I was naked now as I had left my knickers in the computer room and I sidled into my room making it look as if was getting off my bed and walk in full view to my window and answer my mobile.’Hi’ he said, obviously studying my nakedness in my window, ‘Hello’, I replied and waited, ‘Would you like to come over’, he asked thickly, ‘Where’ I continued in a monosyllabic fashion, ‘Across the street’, he replied and as I looked directly at him he stood up and showed his nakedness and more importantly, how hard he was for me, I looked and just said, ‘OK, give me a minute’, and severed the call, picked up my long coat and put it my naked body, making sure he saw I was now dressing.I turned my light out and quietly went out into the darkness and made my way across the street, I was on my way to receive what mummy was getting only I wanted to be better than her, after all I was the playground slut giving it to all the boys, I am sure my virgin anus needed to be broken and yes I planed to tell him

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