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Diane’s Decadence – An Open Upbringing – Ch O


Diane’s Decadence – An Open Upbringing – Ch ODianne’s Decadence – Chapter OneAn Open Upbringing This is another from one of those wonderful mature women for whom I search the world and who have given so much pleasure over the years. I only met Dianne once, when she handed me the USB stick with her story on at a party organised by the mutual friend (Elspeth) who convinced Dianne to write this story for me. I’ll let her tell her own story.Writing this was almost like therapy to assuage any remnants of guilt I may have had over how this all occurred. All has turned out very well but I took a risk that it may not have …. and, I do have a fondness for oral exhibitionism.I’m a very happily married woman – for almost thirty years – a mother and soon to be grandmother of 53 this year (2015). Married to Dave with whom I share a profession and a successful business – small suburban accountancy practice.I think I can say I’ve had a fairly trouble-free life in all respects but since this is a story of erotica, I’ll stick to the sexual side of my upbringing and later life. As a c***d of the 60’s and 70’s, I and my two brothers (one older and one younger) had a broad and open sex education living in a reasonably modern free thinking household. My parents were both well educated academics who moved with the times and kept open minds about our formal and domestic education. We never wanted for knowledge of the human body or sexuality and accepted nudity and the discreet but obvious close sexual relations of my parents as very normal within a household. We didn’t run around naked all the time but we were no stranger to the differences between the male and female bodies and we’d sneak the occasional ‘perve’ on our parents performing sexual tricks when they forgot to close their door or window or even elsewhere in the house if they thought we were in our rooms asleep.We never got chastised for masturbating and our Mum used to say “its very natural but try to do it before you go to sleep or you can get tired at school”. Maybe I was highly sexed or something but I guess I started to diddle myself at about ten years of age and I know both my brothers were into it by thirteen or f******n but we never discussed it between ourselves – just assumed it happened when we all went to bed.I guess a watershed in my sex education occurred when I was twelve. I had been frigging myself often by now including using ‘things’ like brush handles and the occasional cucumber that I could steal from the fridge. I was really good mates with both my brothers as I was a bit of a tom-boy. Most of my friends with brothers treated them with contempt but not me – I genuinely liked them and vice-versa. My older brother (then 14) brought home a “dirty magazine” – a Penthouse or Hustler and together we poured over the stories and photos. Our parents knew he had it and I remember dad saying to my brother “there’s a few wanks in that Tony”. Mum had no qualms letting me read it saying it would broaden my mind. Hence I wasn’t surprised when our parents were out one day that Tony asked me if he could see my “pisser”.“What do you mean”? I asked innocently.“You know, can I see where you piss from” he urged, “’cos I can’t see it in any of these photos” as he pointed to the magazine.“Yeah sure” I eagerly replied since I had no reservations about showing my fanny to my brother since he’d seen it before – just not so closely. I pulled down my shorts and knickers and kicking them aside I willing sat on the edge of a chair and spread my legs for Tony to inspect my fanny very closely. “Can’t really see anything” he explained, “can I touch it?”“Course you can” I laughed as I helped open the fleshy young lips. “Tell you what” I suggested, “Why don’t I go and have a wee and you can watch where it comes from”So we did. I sat on the toilet and spread my legs wide and started to piss while Tony pushed his head between my legs and watched intently. “I see now “he yelled “wow, I can see right up your quim” then he reached in and put his fingers in the last of the stream and stroked my fanny lips.“That’s nice” I explained, “let’s go outside and you can show me yours real close”So we walked out to our living room – our little brother was out playing with his mates and parents weren’t due home for hours. Tony just dropped his trousers and underwear while I sat in a chair and he let me hold his cock and inspect it really closely. He started to get hard – which I knew all about because our parents had told us all about sex by this age. But the thrill of feeling my brother’s penis swell to a really hard piece of flesh for the first time is still fresh in my memory to this day. “How do you jerk off, Tony” I queried.He showed me how he slid one hand along the shaft slowly while the other massaged his testicles that hadn’t actually dropped fully at this stage but I wasn’t to know that then. “Can I try” I implored.“ Yes please “ he responded eagerly, “but you’ve got to be gentle and do my balls and penis at the same time”I found it exciting and really thrilling and probably arousing but I can’t remember the actual feeling at the time. However I do recall him asking me to squeeze a bit harder and to ‘do it faster”, so I followed instructions. He didn’t say anything when he started to spurt his sperm – just grunted and breathed heavily but for the first time in my life (and I’ve never lost the sensation), I felt this rush of adrenaline, I guess at having made my brother ejaculate, and an enormous feeling of power or control overwhelmed me. I react the same to this very day when I make a man shoot his cream – wherever that may be.I had spunk running down my arms and all over Tony’s legs and I loved the warmth and stickiness of it. “That was fantastic Tony, I loved watching you spurt everywhere – what about you?”“Fantastic Sis” he gasped between deep breaths. “Can I make you get off now” he begged.“You sure can” I responded enthusiastically, “Want me to show you”I went to the couch and lay back then proceeded to open my legs wide. I knew my clitoris was the centre of all feeling because my mum had told me so I knew where it was and how I liked it rubbed – very gently. Tony watched for a while until I said “your turn”I was really wet by now because jerking Tony off had made my lubrication active and then with my fingers on my clit, I was rising to an orgasm. “Put a finger inside me and push it in and out, then let your thumb rest on my clit and I’ll let you know when I’m having one of those orgasms – mum calls them” I instructed.He was very gentle – almost too much- but soon I was feeling those rising pulses of pleasure and my breath was shortening. I groaned quite loudly as I knew I didn’t have to be quiet but it alarmed Tony who almost stopped until I urged him to “keep going darling brother” I shouted. My first orgasm at the hands of someone else – my much loved big brother.Tony climbed on the couch and cuddled up beside me and we practiced doing a full mouth kiss which sort of kept my orgasm just rolling a little bit longer then he pushed his hand up under my t-shirt, which was all I had on, and started squeezing my rapidly developing breasts. Even though I was only twelve, my breasts had developed enough for the nipples to be quite pointed and very sensitive. I loved him stroking them and I stroked his still half hard penis again.Nothing more happened that day and we cuddled until we thought our parents might get home, dressed and agreed we’d have to do that again some day “probably when mum and dad are away again”.So it was for about the next year, every few weeks when our parents went off somewhere together we’d send little brother to play with his mates and Tony and I would masturbate each other to an orgasm each. It was lovely innocent fun and I loved getting naked in front of Tony who could get hard just by looking at me – I realised I had power from that early age and as my breasts grew larger the power increased.Sometime in that next year, our little brother Charlie caught us and he was old enough to know exactly what was going on. He also had his sex education from our parents and was growing almost by the day – I knew he was jerking off. He immediately said he was going to dob us in to mum and dad and even though they were very liberal, we didn’t think they’d like to know Tony and I were having sexual fun. So I did the only sisterly thing and offered to wank Charlie too if he stayed quiet. He very readily agreed. Hence I now found myself at thirteen years of age with two sex partners and most importantly, I was very aware of how much I enjoyed the experience. I couldn’t remember any negative side to my activities with my brothers. I was very fond of them both and we didn’t really do too much – maybe it averaged one a month or even longer with young Charlie who was only eleven at the time so obviously had no sexual maturity at all. One thing I will say about Charlie is that he got all the goodies when penises were handed out. I’ve never to this day given much consideration to penis size but Charlie is a stand out and I think I must have known from my first trysts with him because he was as fat and long as his brother who was four years his senior and so it is to this day – he is one of the biggest I can remember. Both my brothers were circumcised but my father was not. He always bemoaned the fact he’d “not been done when he was a babe” but I’ve never given the difference much thought.We’d not done anything more in all this time than just masturbate each other and there’d not been any suggestion or inclination to try anything else. We knew we were very restricted regarding intercourse as we feared the possibility of pregnancy and really we were having too much c***dish fun to bother with other things though when Tony brought home a sex magazine we all devoured it for photos and stories.Interestingly it was Charlie who just casually asked if he “could put it in my mouth, like he seen in Tony’s book”. I didn’t take too long to make up my mind. I’d seen the photos too but at my tender age couldn’t see what I would get out of it – it meant the penis was nowhere near my arousal zone and I gave no thought to the pleasure the boys might derive. However since part of my joy of sex was the adventure, I said “Sure, why not” without thinking of how I might go about it. At this stage I must add that I’d not had sex with the boys in the same room. I would go to each of their bedrooms and it remained this way for a long time. So, neither knew what the other was doing, and we never really discussed it but Charlie thought that Tony must be doing that for sure. I had tasted sperm by now because Tony produced so much that it would get everywhere and I couldn’t help but taste it and I did tease him by licking it from my hand sometimes (he’d get hard again) but it must be remembered that I was hardly a temptress or experienced in arousal. We were just experiencing experimental sex together to get each other off.I had watched mum do it to dad a few times but I couldn’t tell if he came in her mouth or if she swallowed so I told Charlie to wait while I asked my parents canlı bahis about it. That sounds very dangerous but we always were told to discuss anything that we liked and we had amazing conversations around our dining table. Not just about sex but all sorts of subjects so it was easy to say that in one of Tony’s sex books (which our parents knew about), I’d seen a lady with a man’s penis in her mouth – what was she doing, was it a form of sex and how did it work, I asked in all innocence. Both mum and dad were very happy to explain in detail that it was often used in place of sexual intercourse for various reasons and the man could ejaculate in her mouth or outside as it was completely the lady’s choice. If she liked the taste she may swallow as it was completely harmless or could spit it out. “The lady probably doesn’t get much pleasure from it but some do” mum explained, “but the man should always return the favour and use his tongue on her clitoris or any other erogenous zone she likes”“ What do you do mum?” Charlie asked in all innocence.Blushing just a little, she answered honestly “ I like the taste most times but that can change with what dad has been eating”“She sure does” dad grinned “and she loves my tongue in lots of dark places” “Behave yourself darling” Mum frowned.Great I knew what to do so next time the opportunity arose I’d give it a try and I did. Since Charlie had asked first, then I thought it only fair to try it with him first. He was almost thirteen now and he certainly had an impressive appendage for a young boy.“Mum says I can dump in your mouth if I want to” says a very cheeky Charlie when I walk into his room in just my t-shirt. He knew exactly why I was there as our parents had just gone out and Tony was playing sport.“Hang on mate” I replied, “I’ll decide what you do with your stuff. It’s my mouth and I’m in control”Charlie just grinned as he dropped his shorts and sported an already growing hard-on. I sat on a pillow on the floor and Charlie just sat on the edge of his bed with his prodigious prick standing to attention as I took hold of it with both hands and started to stroke. He was very eager and tried pushing it into my face so I had to keep backing my head away and telling him to take it easy. He wasn’t as gentle as his big brother but he was that much less experienced with girls and none of his mates would be doing this for sure. They’d be out riding bikes and getting into trouble so this was very special for one so young. I’d been jerking him off for about a year and he knew this was very unusual and had been able to keep his silence under threat of serious trouble if he told anyone.Gradually I pulled my face towards his penis. The eye was dribbling pre-cum which I knew all about. I poked my tongue out and tasted it but it was almost tasteless so all of a sudden I opened wide and pushed my whole mouth over the end. It was an amazing feeling to have a piece of human flesh in my mouth and I could control Charlie simply by what I could do with my tongue and teeth – and he knew it. However I still had to hold him with a firm grip or he’d force it right down my throat. I pushed it in deep until I gagged then withdraw, slowly working up to a sucking motion while stroking and Charlie fell into a rhythm with me – almost like fucking my mouth but it is a very natural reaction I have since found out after many years.I didn’t do it for too long before I recall Charlie’s cock getting really hard and sort of twitching. Though I didn’t know it, I guessed he was ready to ejaculate. I‘d promised to let him cum in my mouth so I made no attempt to pull away and besides he was holding my head quite firmly in position. However I wasn’t prepared for the force of his ejaculation. Fortunately it hit my cheek first so that gave me time to react to a swallowing response. I didn’t have time to think about taste – it just poured down my throat on each pulse. Probably only six times but I remember the thick almost creamy texture – a bit like a spoonful of cream but very salty. However my response was absolute pleasure at the power and control and the need to suck even more out of the eye. I poked my tongue into the eye and licked out every last drop. I loved it so much – not necessarily the taste but the feeling of this thick juice running down my throat. I was hooked and have been to this day.Charlie just had a sit-faced grin on his face “pretty good eh! Sis “ he grins as I slide my mouth off but keep holding his still hard cock. He was insatiable and I knew I’d have to do it again as his cock wasn’t likely to subside. I asked him to hang on while I went and got a drink of water as I felt the last bits needed washing down. When I got back to his room he told me to take off my t-shirt “so I can play with your tits while you suck me again”“Sounds good to me” I enthused because I’d really enjoyed his cock in my mouth. I lay on the bed with my head in his crutch and my legs up near his head. He diddled with my fanny but then reached down to pull and twist my nipples really hard. He knew I loved that – and he grew hard again. I knew this time he’d take longer so I moved more slowly just teasing the tip of his cock with it just inside my mouth. I loved pushing my tongue into the eye. I tried pushing him into my mouth as far as it would go without making me gag ( this trick took years to develop properly and now I can deep throat any guy) but in reality I probably only got half his cock into my mouth and I felt him gradually harden this time – not as quick as the first. However I was ready and positioned his cock head into the roof of my mouth and when he started to grunt, I felt the rush of spunk hit the roof of my mouth and this took all the force off it and I could then control a trickle of it running down the back of my throat and I swallowed withease. And so was my first experience at blowjobs and I have never lost my fondness for performing them. Rarely have I refused a guy – only a couple of absolute ‘grots’ during my university years were refused. At my next session with big brother Tony, I surprised him by ‘sucking him off”. He very enthusiastically accepted my offer though interestingly he never asked for it and was seemingly very satisfied with the hand jobs I was giving him on a regular basis. My trysts with my brothers continued for a couple of years and during that time our parents thought we were old enough to take care of ourselves so sometimes left us for a weekend away. (I discovered years later that they were attending swinger parties) This was a signal for us to play and during this time Tony discovered I was satisfying his little brother as well as himself. He didn’t seem to mind but he was never as forceful or demanding as Charlie. When I was fifteen a couple of things happened. Charlie being the curious one took a magazine to the table one night and showed us all a picture of a girl being anally penetrated. Charlie wanted to know all about it. “Isn’t that how ‘poofters’ do it” he asked .Mum and Dad both very openly agreed that it was a real way for people to have intercourse but they had to practice strict cleanliness and it could be very painful if they didn’t use lubrication. There was no mention of whether it was only suitable for men or women. Of course Charlie asked again if Mum and Dad did it and they both admitted occasionally. “does it hurt much Mum?” he asked so innocently.“Not if dad is very gentle and uses lots of jelly” she responded honestly. Of course I get a great big shit eating grin from Charlie and I knew exactly what he was thinking but I couldn’t say a thing. So you can guess what happened next time we are playing “ can I fuck your bum Sis? “ he casually asks “ you can’t get pregnant you know”.I must admit I was adventurous enough to be curious and agreed as long as we used one of those lubricants. Charlie disappears into Mum and Dad’s room and is back immediately holding a tube of jelly triumphantly above his head. It was all very mechanical. I got on all fours on the bed and Charlie started to squirt the lube into my bum-hole. There was nothing erotic or arousing about it for me except the excitement of trying something new. The jelly was cold but after he pushed a finger in roughly, I started to feel sort of comfortable.“Here goes Sis” he yelled and pushed the head of his large hard prick against my anus. I must admit I tightened up and made it near impossible to enter me but he kept pushing until I eventually relaxed enough to feel the head pushing past the sphincter. However, despite the lube, it was painful and I told Charlie so who didn’t give a damn. He just pushed into me until he was balls deep in my rectum and started to pump away. I asked him to slow down and take it easy or I’d get up and walk away so he obeyed my request and very gradually I began to lose the pain and started to feel very full. I couldn’t get much arousing sensation myself though and Charlie kept putting lube on his prick as he pulled out. I found I had to reach between my legs and frig my clit to get myself off which I did easily. However when I felt Charlie stiffen and then immediately cum with some force, I got a fabulous rush as the sperm felt really hot and I had an orgasm quite different to anything I’d previously had. I also enjoyed the adrenalin rush of power as well again.Whether Mum suspected something (I found out years later that she did) I was not sure but before I turned sixteen she took me to the doctor and put me on the ‘pill’, telling me to use it carefully. In other words you can have intercourse but try to be choosy about who you do it with. I told Tony first and we kept it our secret for about a year. I remember Tony first fucking me and it was a bit of an anticlimax because my cherry had already been broken with the things Tony and I would put up my cunt. So his cock was just a delicious hard pulsing piece of meat sliding into me which I absolutely adored urging him to fuck me hard from the very first time. Fingers and tongues were really nice but a hard hot cock was simply the best. It was long enough to push right past my cervix and even though it was a little painful at first it was such pleasurable pain. I think from that first fuck with Tony I became a slave to having a nice hard prick to play with. Having Tony cum in my cunt was also another sensation of sheer pleasure and I was fascinated at how long it took all the cum to dribble out of my fanny. It was still dripping down my leg an hour later so I realised quickly that I had to be so careful about where I went immediately after Tony had cum in me. After that first fuck then that is what Tony and I mostly did. Even though it was sexual satisfaction we were both seeking we both had a strong affection for each other as well. Though I was now sixteen, I didn’t have any strong emotional feelings for any other boys – Tony was it.As for my wicked little brother, I loved him too but without the strong emotion. I didn’t tell him I could fuck him for about a year as I just wanted it to be me and Tony. Charlie still fucked my arse from time to time but I had to control him bahis siteleri there as I didn’t really like it too much and he was rough and too big. I never offered my arse to Tony and he never asked. I mostly just sucked and jerked Charlie and then he also found a couple of girls at school who would do the same for him so he wasn’t as demanding of me.A very strange thing happened soon after my sixteenth birthday. My group of girlfriends had started to have slumber parties every few months and our parents were happy to take it in turns to host us all over night. The parties were pretty tame affairs but we did start to have girlie crushes on each other and do a bit of pashing and eventually one of us showed our fanny and how we masturbated and so we played with each others pussies just pushing our fingers in and out and sometimes using a brush handle or vegetable to frig each other – all very innocently as we fantasised about boys and their cocks. I could not admit that I had two available cocks that I used and besides I quite enjoyed playing with the girls as a really nice change from the aggression of the boys especially Charlie.It was at one of the parties at my place one weekend that dad had gone away with the boys and Mum was home to supervise overnight. Mum came into the den where we were all sitting around in pyjamas and preparing to go to bed on the floor and probably have a bit of fun with each other. She was dressed in one of dad’s long shirts which just covered her bum- not unusual – and she had a glass of wine in her hand. She was not a drinker though she did enjoy a wine and was a bit of a ‘two glass screamer’. “Girls! “ she announced with some authority “ I know you all have fun with each other and in this household we are very open about sexuality”. I was starting to cringe with embarrassment.“If you are going to enjoy each others company in the nicest of ways you should have a lesson in anatomy and understand all the very special ways girls can satisfy each other” she slurred a little. As she moved her position the shirt rode up almost to her waist and it was obvious she was not wearing underwear. In those days very few women had ‘brazilians’ but many trimmed their pubic hair keeping their lips clean as my mother had done. She had a good body for a forty year old but I always thought looked a bit plain because she didn’t wear make up very often and always wore her long hair in an old fashioned plait. She was really an alternative life-styler as was Dad.I began to protest and asked her to go to bed but she was insistent that us girls had to know the ‘finer points of girl love’. While I was embarrassed, some of my friends were intrigued. “Does everyone know where their clitoris is? “ she asked. No one answered but we looked at each other and smiled knowingly.“Of course” suddenly Julie popped up. “Show me” Mum asked. Julie looked sheepishly and said,“I’d rather not Mrs Carmichael, maybe you can show us yours” and we all started to giggle.“Happy to” Mum announced as she spread her legs and lay back against some big cushions. Parting her outer labia she pulled her cunt lips wide open right to the top of her gash and there, prominent and swollen was mum’s clit for all to see. “I’m very aroused girls” she panted “ why doesn’t someone touch it for me”. I was past embarrassment now and had become quite interested to see how far Mum would go. Ellie reached forward and very tentatively felt mum’s clit.“Oh! Rub it hard please darling” she gasped “ yes that’s it just not too rough though” Mum panted then started breathing heavily and at last gasped and threw her head back. “oh ! you darling girl, you gave me an orgasm, thank you. Can I return the favour” she pleaded. Ellie was one of the more outgoing girls of our group and we’d all given her an orgasm with our fingers or a toy sometime in the recent past.“yes please Mrs C” she replied enthusiastically lifting her nightie over her head. Most of us wore pyjamas but not Ellie – she was in a short frillie nightdress and nothing else.“Ok just lay back and open your legs darling” mum demanded. We all assumed Mum would just stroke Ellie’s clit until she came but Mum had other ideas. She leaned forward and put her face right into Elle’s crotch.“Oh ! WOW “ Ellie yelled as we all gasped. We’d played with each other quite a bit over the past twelve months but no one had gone down on anyone. Mum licked up and down Ellie’s fanny lips, parting them gently with her tongue. She then lifted her head and looking at us all with a smile she pushed her first and second fingers into Ellie’s now very wet cunt, saying “now we’ll find your G-spot darling”.Ellie was gasping as Mum asked “can you feel that”.“Yes! Yes! Yes! “ Ellie responded “please don’t stop”“Girls I think you should all try finding the G-spot on each other” she instructed. “Use one or two fingers and feel just inside at the top of the vagina and try to feel for a slightly raised area with a different texture to the rest of the flesh. When you’ve found it, put your thumb on the outside over the clitoris and squeeze them together. You’ll give your friend an orgasm she’ll never forget.”We all looked at each other with amazement – this was my Mum frigging one of our friends and it seemed so normal. A real sex lesson I thought. Most of us removed our pyjama bottoms. I looked at Julie and kissed her gently then she lay back and I pushed open her legs and did as Mum had instructed. I knew where my g-spot was because both my brothers had found it for me having read about it and often gotten me off on it but I didn’t know about my friends. I’m sure none had experienced the sex that I had and most if not all were probably virgins though often they hinted at not being so. Julie was probably my best friend though about a year older than me. I soon had Julie breathing heavily and telling me how great this was.“Please don’t stop Di till I get there” she gasped and I didn’t. Ellie was the first to cum with Mum calling “look look , she squirting” and we all looked over to see Ellie pushing what seemed like a little pulse of water over mum’s hand. Mum bent forward and swallowed it licking her clean as she did so. This really aroused and encouraged the rest of us who were doing it. Three of the girls had refrained from joining in as they were shy with Mum about. The rest of us got our friends off to varying degrees. No one came like Ellie but they were noisy and puffing a lot. We all lay about and Mum relaxed as she removed the shirt she was wearing and snuggled into Ellie, kissing her deeply and stroking her tits. Mum was really making love to Ellie and we all just watched to see what would happen next. “darling” Mum said to Ellie, “do me from behind as I kneel on all fours”.Mum knelt and hung her head down between her arms looking back between her thighs. Ellie got behind her and started to run her fingers up and down Mum’s open cunt lips. The hair had been removed from them and they were very swollen and red almost as if she’d just been fucked because that’s what mine looked like when the boys had finished with me. “Put you fingers in” she demanded, so Ellie easily pushed three fingers into Mum’s fanny “More – put them all in there “ Mum instructed again. This time, with us all looking on, all of Ellie’s fingers disappeared into Mum’s cunt.“Now make them into a point and push your hand into me Please darling – very gently now”Mum’s cunt just expanded and there was pussy juice everywhere and soon Ellie’s hand was wrist deep inside Mum. “Don’t move too much Ellie, just make a fist and turn it back and forth” she grunted. “You see girls she’s just teasing and putting pressure on my G-spot but I’m very very full and it’s a bit painful but such fun. I wont ask you girls to try it because your fannies haven’t ever been stretched enough. Wait till you have babies and enjoy some big penises in there.”My God, what was mum saying. She asked Ellie to take her hand out gently then she lay on her back and smiled.“I’d like to lick everyone of your pussies before I go to bed” she announced. “Who’s first?”Interestingly Julie volunteered so Mum moved over to her and commenced tenderly licking the full length of her cunt. With her attention to Julie’s clit she soon gave her a short quick orgasm and moved on to the next girl. All the girls now were given the same treatment and then she came to me. She didn’t go down on me, she just gave me a very loving kiss and then whispered in my ear “ It wouldn’t be right Di and besides your brothers look after you nicely don’t they” and she smiled and said goodnight. She stood and walked completely naked out of the room and left us all absolutely gobsmacked. Someone said that Mum was fantastic and others reckoned she was “very cool” but no one was critical. Some even said they hoped they could come back for more but that was never repeated.After the girls had gone home next day, Mum sat with me and apologised and was worried that someone would report her to their mother (but they never did). Mum said it would never happen again but she had a little too much to drink and was feeling very lonely with Dad away. Interestingly she made no mention of me having sex with my brothers.(Years later after Dad had died and Mum and I were having a lovely intimate chat she admitted that her and Dad had been swingers or wife swappers they were called in those days. Just before the episode with my friends Mum had experienced her first woman to woman sex and absolutely loved it. So much so she wanted to try it on as many girls as possible. She admitted to starting an affair with the girl who introduced her to lesbian sex – dad knew all about it and was quite happy for her to continue as he knew that he was the love of her life and she’d never leave him. She also admitted that she knew I was having sex with my brothers that’s why she put me on the pill when she did. She never mentioned it because she & Dad didn’t want to spoil the enjoyment and pleasure of our experimenting. She finally said she didn’t think it had done me any harm at all) I almost became a bit of a hero with my friends with such a cool mother and they all reckoned that I must be allowed to “do it” with boys. So at our next sleep over at another friends house when only one parent was supervising, I invited brother Tony to come over really late when the parent had gone to bed. Tony was eighteen by now but still didn’t have a serious girlfriend though he’d been out with a few and fucked a couple of them. He reckoned I was still the best. A great compliment but I knew he’d have to get his own girl soon. I told him to come over and show the girls his great body – he was & is still a good looking man. He couldn’t let on that we’d been fucking for years but hopefully the girls might like to play with him. He needed a bit of ‘Dutch courage’ to come over and being eighteen he could legally drink alcohol so he had a few beers beforehand. We let him in the back door and took him to the rumpus room where we were all sleeping. Not all the girls knew he was coming and there were hushed gasps when my gorgeous big brother walked in. bahis şirketleri I didn’t really know where to start so Ellie stepped in and just said,“Tony has come here to teach us what a man looks like and we can do what we like to him – can’t we Tony?”“I guess so “Tony stammered. “Can we see your penis” someone asked.Tony shrugged his shoulders and casually dropped his trousers and underwear. The girls were gasping and giggling.“How does it get hard” someone questioned.Now Julie moved forward, “I’ll show you” and she took his cock in hand and started to stroke it very gently. As I knew Tony so well, I knew he’d be hard in an instant and he was. “Make him cum Julie” someone suggested so she started to stroke quicker. As he was starting to breathe heavily I said “I think he’s going to cum”.Julie was a bit anxious as she didn’t quite know what to do and let his cock go as she squealed. Ellie, who I knew had a boyfriend, quickly jumped forward and just put his cock in her mouth and sucked until he suddenly grunted. Ellie pulled his cock out and let his spunk spurt out over her face. Yuk! someone said and others said wow! A couple of girls including Julie went to Ellie and scooped up the cum from her face and tasted it. Tony sat down to regain his composure and Julie went over to him and put her arm around him thanking him for coming over. “Would you like to stay awhile because its my house” she invited. We all sat and giggled and told stories about boy conquests which were all untrue and we noticed Julie cuddling Tony in the corner. He was still naked from the waist down and was sporting another erection. After a while as we were settling into our sleeping bags, Julie announced she was taking Tony to her room to let him sleep. She didn’t return. That night Tony took her virginity and they started to go out. Now almost 40 years later they have been married for 35 years and have three k**s and are still as much in love as that night they met. I don’t know if they ever fucked anyone else but Tony never fucked me again and only very occasionally I gave him a blow job if he was home and feeling really horny. Thus I was left with my vigourous little brother and I decided I needed a boyfriend as well.It wasn’t difficult really – plenty of teenage guys around looking for a chick who ‘put out’ and I really liked doing that but thought I could be choosy. I wasn’t too bad on the eye. A tall leggy brunette with good size tits and a wicked sense of humour got me noticed. I didn’t go over the top with seductive dress either. I got my fair share of offers and chose some pretty nice looking blokes to go out with and play with from time to time. After all I was still at school – a strict girls school at that and I simply couldn’t be known to play around. If I wanted sex (and I often did) I only needed to ask Charlie and I did have a couple of trusted reasonably mature boyfriends who I happily fucked and sucked without worrying who they ring and report the latest blow job to.So I finished school pretty well in the top 10% because I was a fairly conscientious student drilled into me by my parents – they cut me slack and I repaid them with good marks. I was also a healthy sports participant. Thus I looked after my body.When I finished school I went straight to Uni after a long holiday when, amazingly I had very little sex. But Uni was different. A girl from a single sex school and all these gorgeous guys permanently on campus and I went bananas. I resolved to get fucked every day if I could and so I got a few regular boyfriends and the group I hung out with seemed not to care who fucked who as long as we were all getting a bit regularly. I had so much sex in the back of cars and down on the river bank – it was the early eighties just before AIDS struck and we partied hard. Every weekend there was an orgy of some sort and during my first year I think I tried every perversion known to man and enjoyed most of them. k**s, a****ls and crap I stayed away from otherwise I did it all at anyone’s suggestion. I had so much cock in every hole and must have licked out hundreds of fannies. Interestingly once we established our social group we didn’t go outside it much so we kept our sex to about 20 friends of both genders. But the gender of who we were rutting at the time never seemed to matter. One of the guys in the group was Dave and I was a bit more attracted to him than the others so when he offered me to his mates or suggested a gang bang, I usually obliged. I fucked his whole rowing eight every time they had a win and thought nothing of taking on two at a time or even three. When I think back it was amazing I passed my first year but I managed to and then settled into a steady pattern of partying and studying until I finally got my accountancy degree. In my last year I moved into a flat with Dave so we were considered an item but that didn’t stop us enjoying others and Dave still enjoyed sharing me with his mates. How I didn’t end up with some dreadful infections I don’t know but I never had more than an occasional itch. Condoms were around but no one ever seemed to insist on their use. Dave and I stayed together after we graduated and got jobs then after a couple of years we headed off to Europe together to do the Aussie thing and travel around in a van – and have even more sex. When we got to London, I got a job and Dave wanted to come home so we very easily parted company and just kept in touch by mail. I picked up a series of guys and a few girls who I moved in with and obviously fucked myself silly then finally hooked up with Roger. He was a beautiful Caribbean stud and boy! was he equipped. He was at least the equal of my brother Charlie and while I never thought I gave much consideration to size, this was one instrument I could not resist. I moved in with him and I didn’t go anywhere. He rogered me, day in, day out, and all night long. I’d go to work exhausted and walking funny having had a night with his cock permanently up my cunt. It was too big to regularly fuck my arse but he did of course. It was a rare day that I didn’t enjoy a mouthful as well.A year of work and six months of Roger and I’d done with travel. I contacted parents and told them to tell him I was on my way home and gave them my flight details. When I told Roger that I was off he said he’d give me a send of I’d never forget and he was right. I still recall it clearly now 30 years later. For 24 hours before I left he fucked me (or should say sexually abused me) so violently I was quite ill. I enjoy my sex immensely and even get pleasure from the rough stuff occasionally but this went beyond that. I think he must have taken some substance to be able to maintain his erection for so long but I virtually had his cock in me for the whole time. I lost interest in swallowing his spunk and vomited after he dropped about his third load straight down my throat. My cunt stopped lubricating after about twelve hours and bled a little as he tore into me but it was my anus and rectum that suffered the most damage. There was no way I could relax and let him enter my bumhole easily and so he just rammed and rammed until the hole opened and pushed himself balls deep causing the most searing pain. I only escaped when one of my girlfriends arrived to pick me up and take me to the airport. Fortunately I’d packed a few days before so I pulled my clothes on. Without so much as a kiss on the cheek, Roger just said “Fuck off, slut” and that was my goodbye. Yes I was a slut and quite proud of it but during my whole time with Roger I’d not fucked another guy and only had sex with a few girls who I brought home for Roger to fuck because he had such a prodigious appetite. I thought I deserved a bit more consideration and that was probably the only negative incident in my whole life regarding sex.My girlfriend saw I was very distressed and wanted me to take a later flight but I managed to get on the plane and slept the whole way home apart from short stopovers arriving 36 hours later. I got ‘hit on’ by a passenger wanting to do the ‘mile high’ thing and, ordinarily I probably would have enjoyed an encounter but I was so sore I couldn’t put a finger in my fanny let alone a cock. On arrival home, I walked into the Arrival hall and there was my lovely Dave to greet me with his new squeeze Linda. I was warmly welcomed with lots of kisses from both of them. My wonderful parents had contacted Dave and told him of my arrival and he offered to pick me up and take me to his place. On the drive to Dave’s I told them the full story of Roger’s abuse and of my physical condition, apologising to Dave that I would be able to fuck him for a while. I assumed he wanted to and didn’t know what his relationship with Linda was.“That’s ok” Linda said. “ I’ll keep looking after him till you are ready” They had a tiny one-bedroom apartment in the city and as soon as we got there they insisted that I shower and then get into their huge bed and sleep off the jet lag. Linda was wonderful and after I got into bed she asked to see the damage to my fanny and arse. She was so gentle and put antiseptic cream on a few external grazes and then massaged my whole pubic area with soothing cream – gave my pussy a little kiss and disappeared off to work.By the time they both got home from work that evening, I had got my self up and made a light snack but was still exhausted. They strolled in and I was still naked as I’d slept but they didn’t comment but just gave me a rather passionate kiss each. I started to wonder where I’d fit into this ‘menage a trois’. Over a couple of drinks and a meal, Dave explained that Linda had been living with him for a few months and even though they ‘fucked a lot’ they didn’t consider themselves as a couple.They fully expected me to share their huge king size bed which I very willingly did. I told Dave I wasn’t up to being fucked yet and he just gave me a kiss and hug and I watched him fuck Linda as I lay in the bed beside them. After he’d cum I couldn’t resist a little involvement so I just crawled down and licked his lovely sperm from her pussy. Linda was obviously quite partial to a lady’s touch because she quite casually asked me to continue with a “please don’t stop Di until I get off”. Dave watched with amusement and a renewed hard-on which I sucked dry as soon as I’d finished with Linda.How wonderful to be home again I thought.Within a few days after Linda’s gentle and sensual massaging of my pubic area, I was ready to fuck my beautiful Dave and so I did. How fabulous to once again be in Dave’s arms with his gorgeous prick pushed deep into my cunt and just laying there chatting with Linda next to us and stroking my tits. After all the cock I’d had over the years there was something special about sex with Dave and about the man himself. A couple of weeks after I moved in, Linda suggested she move on as obviously Dave and I were a “special item”. What a beautiful human being that girl was and though she moved out she did visit occasionally over the next three months to stay for a night of just good old fashioned sex.It was after about three months that Dave suggested we should make our relationship permanent so we did just that – told our parents, invited a few friends and headed off to the registry office to become Mr and Mrs. (end of Chapter One – see Chapter Two – A Marriage)

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