6 Ocak 2021

Ding Dong


In a state of high excitement Ann lay in her bed waiting for the phone to ring. Butterflies fluttered in her womb. She was always aroused when she expected a call from her friend, who was a writer in England. The instant she heard his sexy voice a dam deep within her would be breached and moisture would flow over her thighs.

Ann waited for the third ring before picking up the handset this gave her just enough time to switch her vibrator on.

“Hallooooooo sweetness are you ready for me this morning?” a slow gravely English accent came murmuring down the phone line.

“I’m ready for you I have a hard like an iron bar” Peter spoke slowly and very precise hanging on each word, allowing then to soak into Ann’s very soul.

“Mmmm yes honey. I’m ready for you” Ann cooed into the handset.

“I want you to be rough with me this morning take me really hard and give no mercy. Fuck me until I scream.”

“Oh do you…? You, young lady! You will get what you are given, and for that you will be extremely grateful.” Peter’s tone was stern and sounded angry, but Ann knew that he was only teasing her.

“I bet the randy little tart has her big pink toy buzzing between her thighs already… Haven’t you?”

“You know me to well, of course it is. I’ve been waiting for your call for ages and my pussy is soaking making the sheet wet beneath.”


“Oh damnation and hell was that your door bell Ann, who the hell calls you at this time of day?”

“I, I don’t know…I truly don’t.” Ann stammered a tone of anxiety creeping into her voice. After all who would call at my door at 05:00 am. With the sound of the doorbell her arousal fell away and died.

Instantly angry and with a terrible hollow fear in the pit of her stomach at who might be at her door Ann apologised to Peter and quickly said good-bye.

Ann clicked off the phone and got out of bed pulled a housecoat around her shoulders and went to the door. The phone rang again and she still had the hand set in her hand as she reached the door she answered the call and said before the caller could speak “hang on a second.”

She looked through the spy hole in the door but it was still to dark outside and all she could see was the silhouette of the person on the doorstep.

“Open up please ma’am ” came the voice from the other side of the door. “Its damn cold out here.” With the sinking feeling growing and thinking that the caller was a police officer, Ann obeyed and opened the door the light from behind her illuminated the caller and she just stood there struck dumb.

“Well woman aren’t you going to invite a cold traveller in?”

In total shock and bug eyed her jaw moving but no sound coming out, all Ann could do was step back holding the door open to let her visitor into the hall, .

“How… How did you get here?” Ann asked still in shock.

“Easy I got on a big white bird flew across the Atlantic, hired a car and drove here. Now are you going to give me a hug, I’ve come a very long way to reward my most devoted fan, for completing her diet.”

Peter took the handset from Ann’s hand and clicked it off. Suddenly Ann came back to life and flung her arms around Peter’s shoulders and hugged him close.

“Oh my darlin, I thought you were just saying those things to make me feel good, every time I lost a few more pounds.

I never for one moment really believed you’d ever come and see me.” Ann sobbed with joy as she kissed her cyber lover, his face was cold to her lips

Peter bent forward and kissed Ann long and hard on the mouth forcing his tongue between her willing lips her mouth opened letting him in, no hint of resistance. She just let him kiss her and their tongues entwined around each other.

“He kisses like a dream.” Thought Ann to herself as she just gave herself up to her Internet lover.

Peter stood back unfastened the one button holding her house coat together, a house coat that was now 4 sizes too big, because Ann had lost 52lbs and was now a size 18 (US) “Mmmm look at this.” Peter crooned as his eyes took in her naked form.

“We have a lady that Rubin’s himself, would have been, proud to paint.”

He then kissed her again – this time he did not linger on her lips.

He rained kisses on her working his way down her neck, over her upper chest. He cupped her breasts in his hands and pushed then together, he continued working his way first around her neck and then down to her upper chest, until he buried his face between the succulent flesh kissing and licking and finally sucking on her large nipples almost simultaneously because they were pushed so close together.

All Ann could do was lean back against the wall for support and hold his head in her hands and make moans and whimpers güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri of approval.

She very nearly came when he lifted one tit up and began to lick the under side where the flesh met her rib cage.

“Oh my god.” She breathed as he continued this sweet torture. Peter stood back and pulled a length of soft rope from his jacket pocket.

“Hold out your hands, wrists together.” Ann obeyed the instruction and allowed this man, whom she had not met in person until just 5 minutes ago tie her wrists together. Replaying enacting the very first story Peter had posted on .com

As she had, imagined he was very gentle and pulled the knots just tight enough to hold and for her to know that she was bound.

“Right! I take it that is your room with the light on, shall we go and see how naughty the lady was being when I called?”

Until now Ann had played these games in her head and in the certain knowledge that, Peter was thousands of miles away and unlikely ever to appear in person but now she felt guilty like a little girl caught with her hand in her panties.

She liked the feelings but knew it was some how wrong. He’d metamorphosed just like the character Adam in his story ‘Ann and the looking glass’ this was wonderful, fantastic even, so why feel guilty?

Peter entered Ann’s room first as he expected it was neat and tidy and very frilly in it’s decorations, a small brown dog at the foot of the bed that looked up at Peter and began to wag her tail in greeting.

“Hallo Ginger, you’ve been quiet I thought you were, the big fierce guard dog when a stranger turned up. Or am not a stranger to you?” Ginger, slinked across the covers and licked the back of Peter’s offered hand in total submission.

Ann smiled in delight at this show of trust from her little dog. She felt, all warm and safe knowing that if Ginger approved then everything was safe.

“Now Ginger I’m going to play with your mistress so go to your basket, and later we’ll make a real fuss of you.” Ginger just got up and jumped off the bed and went to her basket without any looks of indignation and hurt pride that she normally gave Ann when told to go her own space.

“Well if nothing else Peter, you could become a dog trainer. I have never seen, Ginger obey someone or me for that matter like she did just then.”

With Ginger out of the way Peter turned his attention back to Ann.

“Right I’ve been on a plane for over 8 hours come through customs. Don’t those guy have a sense of humour? Then driven for several more, the first thing I want is a hot shower and you with me.”

“Oh I do hope so.” Quipped Ann.

“Now! now don’t forget who’s all tied up.” Peter retorted and pulled Ann by the cord around her wrists toward the bathroom. The shower cubicle was easily big enough for 4 people and Peter was glad to see that he would be able to tie Ann with her arms above her head to the shower pipe. With her arms above her head tied to the shower Ann was totally helpless and had to stand in the shower stall and wait for Peter to remove his clothes.

When he was naked he stepped back into the shower cubicle and slid the door shut Ann couldn’t take her eyes off the beautiful erection that she had only ever imagined it was not overly long about 7 inches and bit more she guessed, and wonderfully thick, large enough to hit all the right spots, Ann did wonder if she would be able to get it in her mouth as she longed to do.

“Now does the water come through hot to start or cold? ” Asked Peter.

“Mmm this time of day cold but it gets hot real quick.” Ann suddenly realised the mistake of her reply.

As Peter with a cruel grin on his face, he spun her round to face the wall and reached past her he turned on the tap and held her with his body directly under the instant gush of icy water. She didn’t know which way react first the cold water on her chest and nipples or the hard male member that pushed between the cheeks of her bottom.

The decision was soon settled as the water came through warm on her breasts and Peter pulled her tight to him and kissing her neck and shoulders and cupping her breasts with their bullet hard nipples. Her body making sure she could feel his cock pushing hot onto her flesh.

Taking the shower gel Peter began washing Ann, from head to toe not missing a single inch, of Ann’s lovely body.

She desperately wanted to touch her new lover and feel his body all over, as he was doing to her, but with her hands tied above her head she just had to take all the attention and give none back.

When his soapy fingers slid down over her tummy and on down into her cleft covered by fine blond curls found her quim it was all Ann could do to remain standing and not just hang from the shower pipe güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri and pull it out of the wall.

“Oh you are so nasty to me, please untie me before I faint.” She pleaded, but Ann knew that he would not relent and would continue the torture.

Peter knelt down and twisting her around to face him again he forced his head between Ann’s thighs and started to lick and suck on her now clean quim. With this Ann did begin to sag on her rope bonds and Peter had to push her back up to remain in contact with Ann’s inflamed quim.

Pushing his tongue into the folds of her flesh and the fingers of one hand pushing as deep as possible into her furnace hot hole he crooked his fingers to find the small hard area with it’s tiny corrugations.

The sensation was just too much for Ann as a tingle and tickle shot out through her body from that elusive spot .

Ann’s voice began to quiver as she started to come for the first time in a long while from the actions of a man licking and sucking her pussy.

She called his name over and over wanting him to never stop giving such exquisite pleasure.

Still supporting her weight. Peter stood up and reached above Ann’s head and untied the rope from the shower pipe allowing Ann to drop her arms but her wrists remained tied.

With her wrists still tied Ann put her arms over Peter’s head and turned them both around so the spray of hot water fell on his naked body. Ann pulled him to her and still tasting her own juices on his lips kissed him long hard and deep.

She tried in vain to get his cock between her legs and into her yearning pussy, but he was able to avoid her from gaining the advantage by standing even more upright.

“Spoil sport.” Ann chided and gave a look of mock hurt at his avoidance of her.

“Let me wash myself down and if you want you can do as you’ve promised for so many months and swallow my whole length.”

Ann took her arms from behind Peter’s head and allowed him wash the grime of travel from his firm body and then with his help she knelt down in the shower and held his beautiful length in her tied hands and began to first kiss the tip and then lick the length actions that made it twitch much to her delight.

Now came the moment of truth was she lying or was she telling the truth?

Ann opened her mouth and began to suck on Peter’s cock moving her head back and forth taking it in inch by teasing inch until she pushed that little bit further and the head went deep into her throat and her nose touched his belly.

“Aaah!!” was all Peter could say as the wonderful feelings of being deep throated, tingled through his cock.

Ann drew back and sat on her heals looking up with a smile of conquest on her face.

“Now will you screw me?”

“Tease me some more and when I’m ready I’ll screw until you come and come and come.”

Ann again took Peter’s, oh so hard cock, back between her lips and licked the length teased the head with the tip her tongue and lips she again swallowed his entire length deep into her throat and then started to pull her head back and forth, she was fucking his cock with her mouth.

Peter was in seventh heaven, but the desire thrust became just too much and he withdrew his length from Ann’s expert mouth.

“Stand and turn around, Slut he ordered”

Ann obeyed and supporting herself on the shower wall pushed her generous backside out to open her quim to her lover. Peter stepped forward and Ann waited for the invasion, but it didn’t happen Peter just slapped her bottom and slid the shower door open and stepped out into the bathroom. He turned pulled Ann out of the shower grabbed a large towel and started to dry her off.

“Not like that! Not the first time, I want you to see me penetrate your lusting flesh.”

When they were both dry Peter took the rope and lead her back to her bedroom he almost flung her, onto the mattress and jumped between her wide-open thighs pushing her legs up bent at the knee. She looked down over her breasts and tummy her knee’s nearly next to her head.

Peter held himself over her body his cock pointing at her Ann’s sex.

He stopped in his stride. “You know that hair should really not be there. I think I’ll shave you first.” He said smiling at her.

Ooh no, do it later. I want you so badly. Fuck me you bastard” She pleaded.

“Nope it’s got to go.” Peter said smiling down at her, He bent down kissed her, on the mouth and then she felt his cock touch quim a slide into her in one smooth movement.

“Only teasing” He whispered to her.

Without any mercy Peter began to ride Ann with deep hard thrusts that bought gasps of glee from Ann as she felt his lovely thick cock stretching her to the limit .

Wave after wave güvenilir bahis şirketleri of delight flowed through her, he then pulled her legs down onto the mattress, then placing his legs outside of hers, forced her thighs together.

Then by pulling himself up onto his arms Peter thrust down hard and fast his shaft rubbing her clit, until it felt as if it were about explode.

As she began to tense for the final rush of orgasm he withdrew.

“Wait!” He said, with a promise of further delight to come. Lifting her up again so her knee’s were near her shoulders Peter buried his face in her pussy sucking and licking.

She felt first one then two fingers push into her tight hole. Her juices were flooding from her quim making this new invasion easy and extremely pleasurable.

Ann’s body had to have release and an orgasm that made her almost faint slammed through her.

Her pussy squirting warm fluid onto Peter chest. He savoured the feeling of hot juice all over him.

Smiling with satisfaction he lay down beside holding Ann in his arms and pulled her to him kissing her with passion and urgency,

“Now there is that final and last cherry for you to loose.” Peter said with a knowing look. watching Ann, as the her mind guessed, what he meant.

The thing he’d always promised to do if they ever met and where in the position they were.

“You don’t mean…???” Ann asked without saying.

“Yes I do. I’m going to fuck your tight hole and introduce to the delights of anal sex.”

Peter moved to kneel again between Ann’s splayed legs not taking his eyes off then holding the shaft of his cock.

He slid the tip up and down Ann’s still soaking wet slit, coating the head of his cock in a thick layer of her juices. He then rubbed the wet tip against her tight hole and pushed gently forward.

Just so she could feel the new invasion as soon as he felt resistance Peter held the tip still to allow the muscles to relax against the invader.

When they relented in their resistance he pushed a little further forward and the head slipped in, too the base of the glands.

Making Ann open her eyes in surprise at this new sensation.

A sensation that was bitter sweet, holding himself still and resisting the urge to thrust, deep, into this oh so, tight virgin hole.

Peter waited again for Ann’s body to relax. Ann was totally focused on the hard cock that was embedded in her anus, it was starting to feel really hot and tingly.

Sort of naughty, but nice! It twitched trying to relax around the invader. She then felt and wanting an urge to be filled. Her body relaxed and Peter thrust slowly forward.

Then back and forward little by little more and more of his hard cock filled her arse.

Until at last he was buried to the hilt, adjusting himself so that he laid his body on her.

Their lips met and he kissed her long and deep and as he began to kiss her, he began to thrust, in and out. Ann felt new sensations of heat and cold and a burning that was mounting to an orgasm a coldness and a heat she had never felt before.

Then the climax broke with such an intensity, and feeling as never before.

Making her breath come in short sharp gasps, of disbelief and sheer joy at the lust this man was giving her.

Peter was now fucking her arse with fast long strokes relishing in her pleasure and the tightness of Ann’s no longer virgin butt, and as her orgasm began to come, so did his.

In a hot and wonderful release. Feeling his hot spunk shooting into her bought Ann to new delights and joy as Peter hot juice filled her body.

With sweat dripping from the tip of his nose, Peter flopped onto Ann’s equally, sweating body and he gently bit her shoulder before laying his head beside hers.

His heart was beating so hard Ann could feel the thudding inside her own chest.

She wrapped her arms around her lover and held him close feeling the hardness of him slowly subside within her.

Her body became so relaxed, that she felt like jelly and the grin of contentment on her face was almost painful. She felt well and truly shagged, like she’d never felt before, this was a new experience that she wanted to try again and again.

As the Sun came in through a chink in the curtains. sleep came over her, her body glowed with release and satisfaction. Sleep enveloped them both.


Ann woke a sun beam shinning through a crack in the curtain, casting a streak of dazzling bright light across the room. She was alone…

Images of the early morning hours flashed, through Ann’s mind. Was it real? Yes. She was a little sore and could still feel the memory of being fucked to paradise and back. The sheets were still damp from her gushing pussy.

“Coffee and waffles, Milady? “

“OOH you are, are! Just a dream come true.” Ann looked into her new lovers blue grey eyes.

Peter was wearing her powder Blue XXL, house coat, holding a tray with breakfast.

“Good morning my lovely, sleep well?”

“I’m on cloud 9. Can I tell Bev?”


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