30 Haziran 2020

Discovering My Nasty Wife Part 5 episode 2


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Discovering My Nasty Wife Part 5 episode 2I nodded, lightly pecking kisses over her bush.”Good boy, you did always say you wanted another man to make love to me. Didn’t you?” I’m sure my blank gaze told her my state of mind. I loved her talking to me like this, making me face the fact that I loved her being turned on by another man. And making me admit to her that I loved the taste of his cock on her lips.”I love this!” She said. “I can’t believe I never took you up on it years ago. I get to let a sexy guy take me out and try to win my affection. I get to tease him all night then suck his cock. After he has gotten my pussy nice and turned on and all slick, I bring it home to you, lay back and then tease you while you lick it and show me how grateful you are. And there you are, down there licking her like a hungry puppy until she cums all over your face”. I licked her, tugging at the pedals of her pussy and licking her clit as though her pussy was a queen.”You like licking my pussy after he has turned it on and gotten it wet, don’t you.” I licked her deeply. “I do. I love it!” I said.” My face was slick and wet now too. I loved the wet fleshy feel of her pussy against my mouth and cheeks.”I know you do, and I’m going to make you love it more.” She said. “Before I’m through you are going to be addicted to it.” I like thinking of you at home watching TV while I’m out sucking a nice big cock.She lay back silent as I continued licking and enjoying her. Then she slowly began gyrating against me again. “I love it tooooooo. Ohhhh I do love this tooooooo!” She said, her eyes still closed and me licking away at her pussy.Then came the familiar feel of her pussy as it became more engorged. I knew it was telling me that she was getting closer. I began to concentrate on licking her clit in rhythmic strokes like a pet licking honey out of your palm. I felt it move, beginning to slowly pulse under my tongue and I met each one with a comforting lick, helping them build. Soon her pussy and I were slow dancing with each other, building and reaching for each other until her love canal began to contracting against my lips and chin. I licked and teased slowly bringing her to that point of no return. Her climax swelled as her pussy made love to my face, and then exploded as her rotating hips spread her juices over my lips and chin.It was wonderful and seemed to last forever.Then as she slowly subsided, she relaxed as I continued licking her new juices. Then she looked down at me and put her hands behind my neck and pulled me to her, licking her own juices off my lips. After a while, she asked if I’d like to undress her and give her a quick bath.”I’d love to.” I said.I went to get her a drink while she prepared the bath. She looked beautiful in the candle light of the bath, as she slipped down into the tub. Her breast glistened as the water wrapped up around them. She lay back relaxing and looking up at me.”Doesn’t it turn you on that I told you about sucking his cock?” She asked.I waited. “Yea…it was very nice, very sexy.””Nice, or did you love it?”I hesitated. “I loved it.” I admitted.”He’s got a nice cock.” She tipobet leaned up, opening her eyes with a twinkle, and smiling at me. . “He really does. You would like Phil. He’s a lot like you, very kinky, but much more dominant. And you know how I like to be dominated. He is one of those ‘likes to be in control’ guys. So if he ever comes over I want you to be extra nice to him.””He said that he thought I had a lot of potential to become a very nasty submissive wife for you, and that he was just the guy to give me the special training I needed. Would you like that? Would you like him to train me to be a ‘hot submissive wife’ for you?” She askedI looked at her. “Yes!” I said.”Gooooood!” She said. “I have to admit, that really turns me on when he talks to me like that. He said that if I was going to be a good student that I would have to be a very bad girl for him. You do want me to be a good student for him, don’t you Honey? I want him to make me be a good student.”Contrary to what I would have believed, I loved where she had me. I had always wanted to see her make love to another man, but I had never thought of, or bargained for this sort of mental teasing or how much she was getting into it. “He said he could train me to love cock? Would you like that?” She didn’t wait for my answer. “But he said that if he did that you would have to agree to be a good cuckold husband, at least for a while. You don’t mind us making you into a cuckold husband and teasing you a little do you Sweetheart; especially if it will make Phil happy? That’s what he really wants to do.” She said. “He had a bad experience with a jealous husband years ago and said this time you would have to prove to him you weren’t jealous. You can do that, can’t you Honey?” She asked.My cock was raging and my heart was pounding again. I thought, without saying anything but realized that there was only one answer she wanted to hear and I couldn’t answer.”Good, that’s what I wanted to hear you say. I’ll see what I can do for you. I think Phil is going to enjoy this.” She said. “I bet if we make you jealous that that cock of yours will stay nice and puffy like it is right now.””Whatever you want to do is fine with me Sweetheart.” I said, in total fear and total excitement of what she was leading me into.”Good! This is really getting to be a lot more creative and fun than I ever thought it would be.” She said.She looked at my cock. It was dripping so much pre-cum that I couldn’t believe it.Would you like me to start giving you details?”I didn’t want to feel humiliated and have to admit it, but I did want her to tell me all the details and I did like her making me admit it to her.”Yes, I want you to start telling me all the details.” I admitted She leaned toward my ear. “Alllllllll the details?” She tantalized. “Tell me what you want to hear! Do you want me to tell you how much Phil and other men turn me on? Do you want to hear all about what we do together, about their cocks, and what Phil will make me do?””Yes. I want you to tell me.” I was out of control now and my dripping cock seemed to be answering all the questions for me.”Good tipobet güvenilir mi boy! OK, I’ll start by telling you what a beautiful cock Phil has. Tom, you have a very nice cock, but his is even larger and has a nice full head with a puffy distinct ridge around it. He shaves his big balls and all around his cock accept for a very small patch of hair above the top of its base.””He loves the way I lick it and tease it till he can’t hold his cum back any longer. I love squeezing it and watching the head of it swell up and get real purple, and especially when it gets really turned on and starts oozing those clear droplets of pre-cum. I just love that part.” She looked down at my cock.”Sort of like you’re dripping cock is now.” She smiled. “After I’ve tease it until he can’t take any more, it’s like heaven opens up. I have never seen a cock produce that much cum. I think I really turn him on.” “You know how I’ve never been a woman that thought much about cum. I used to think I didn’t even like it, all creamy and messy, but he’s teaching me how sexy and erotic it is. It’s the core of a man’s sexuality. Tonya says that ‘it is the treasure a woman gets when she has done a good job of exciting her man, and the more she excites him the more she gets’. I don’t know what has come over me in the last few weeks. I think I’m just now realizing just how much I love cock.” She said with a giggle sliding down into the water and looking back up at me with that innocent girl look. “It’s like my pussy has woken up and come to life and I can think of nothing but sex. I can feel her wanting it all the time.”She looked up at me, her chin just above the suds. “I don’t know what it is, but I do love the feeling. Should I stop?” She asked teasing me.”No.” I assured her.”Good,’ she said toying with her nipple. “I like being able to share all this with you. It would be terrible to be this excited about something and not be able to tell anyone. Ohhh, come to think of it I can’t wait to tell Tonya. She’ll love what I’m doing.” “I did tell Phil how much you seemed to like my kisses after I’d been licking and sucking on his cock.” She continued.”What?” I looked at her in disbelief. “I can’t believe you told him that!” I exhorted.”Oh it’s ok. He thought that was great! I think it turned him on knowing you had tasted his cock on your wife’s lips. Oh! Believe me, he’s kinky. He wants you to know. He thought it would be fun to leave some of his cum on my lips tonight for you to lick off, but I told him that I didn’t think you were quiet ready for that, yet anyway.”I didn’t know what to say or how to react. I felt like I was their plaything.”Would you like that honey? Want me to be a good wife and leave some cum on my lips for you when I come home next time? You know I did swallow it tonight for him. I guess that was another ‘first’ for me.”I couldn’t answer.”I thought so.” She said to my non-responds again. “I can’t wait to tell him. Ya know! I think we’re getting to an entirely new level here.” She smiled at me confidently. “He is going to love the fact that actually I told you what we have tipobet giriş been doing.”She reached over the tub, wrapped her warm wet fingers around my swollen cock and squeezed. “Tell me. Pleeeease tell me that I can fuck him if I want to.” She demanded, in a little girlie voice, and stroking me a few times to be sure she got the responds she wanted.”Yes Honey. You can fuck him, if you want to.” I agreed. I could not believe the state I was in. Then she stroked me a few more times for good measure milking more pre-cum from my uncontrollable cock. “Tell me you want me to fuck Phil for you. Now tell me. I want to hear you say it.”I needed to make love so badly. I needed to fuck so badly. I needed anything! I was so damned turned on.”I want you to fuck Phil for me, I want you to!” I said.She smiled. “I think I’m loving our new arrangement! And I think you’re loving our new arrangement too aren’t you Honey?” She said looking me in the eye, teasingly challenging me to contradict her, as she continued, now lightly and more slowly, fondling my warm meat. The pre-cum seeping out of it was running down the underside of the head and over her fingers. She brought her hand up to her mouth and licked it off.I knew that I was in over my head. “I do like it. It excites me that you want Phil to fuck you.” I confessed. What was I saying?”Did it turn you on tonight as much as you thought; you know, me actually telling you about it?” She asked.”More!” I admitted. “Much, much more!”I leaned down and licked her nipples taking one into my mouth.What had I created?’ She was now much beyond calling my bluff. She was leading, and she was bringing me along for the ride.She got out of the tub and slipped her shinny body into her terrycloth robe, dabbing and using it as a towel. Then she let it fall to her elbows exposing her breast. She reached down and squeezed one making her nipple puff out.”Do you like my nipples!” she said excitedly and looked at me.I couldn’t take my eyes off them. She said. “Isn’t that erotic””Come over here and lick it for me.” She squeezed her breast again and then put her hands under each one, squeezing them again. She stood there shiny from the bath and oil. The light from the candles laid along the edge of her body and backlit her hair, giving her a centerfold look.Without saying a word I walked over and licked under the bottom side of her breast. Then one at once, I took them in my hands, licking and sucking like I wanted to milk her. Wishing they had milk in them, but then that is another fantasy. Then she kissed me deeply again.Thank God! I needed to touch her so bad. “I wish I could give you some more fresh cock kisses tonight. Wouldn’t that be fun?””I’d love that!” I said with out a hint of hesitation.”Gooooood!” She said with a coo. “Maybe soon I can give you some very fresh cock kisses.” Then she took my hand, guiding me to our four-poster bed and pulled the mosquito net back that enclosed the bedchamber. She climbed in lying back and letting the robe fall open as she lay against the large pile of pillows. I got between her legs and she slipped me into her waiting pussy. We made love most of the night. She kept me on fire, teasing me, telling me how much she enjoyed talking to me like this, and how she couldn’t wait until I watched her tease Phil’s cock until he exploded all over her.Each time she teased me the levels and stakes got higher.

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