23 Kasım 2021

Discovery Ch. 02


—This storyline is in no way related to the first installment. New girl, new story!—


My blue eyes scan across the screen of my large laptop, closely examining the many pictures of the internet. I graduated high school yesterday, and with summer in full swing, I want a new bikini, so I’m checking some out on Google.

I click the right button on my keyboard, and presented to me is a naked woman.

A woman, lying on her bed, legs open, and spreading lips of her crotch to reveal a slippery looking vagina.

I slam my laptop shut. I reach up and slide my long blonde hair behind my right ear.

“What did I just see?” I ask myself in a breathless whisper. I set my laptop down beside me on my bed. I ponder. I look between my criss-crossed legs, at my own crotch. I notice my fly is down, and I reach down to zip it up. As I grab my zipper, I also notice each side of the crotch of my pants are parted. I use both hands to further part the two sides of my pants. My white panties greet me.

Don’t judge me, but I’ve never really masturbated before. I never had the urge to.

I mean, my crotch has gotten tingly before, but I never did anything about it, it’d just come and go.

I take my pointer finger from my right hand, and I kinda push the middle part of my crotch. It feels okay, but it sorta tickles too. I quickly zip my pants up, and I grab my phone from the bedside table. I unlock it, and I call my friend, Mia.

It rings, rings, then finally, I hear her soft voice answer.

“Yellow?” She asks.

“Hey, Mia. Can you talk for a minute?” I ask nervously. I feel the blood pumping through my body.

“Yeah, I’ve got a couple minutes.” She answers.

Let me tell you about Mia.

First off, it’s pronounced ‘Meeya’.

I’ve known Mia since first grade. She’s been my best friend since. She is a very smart, very pretty girl. I think she stands about 5’4″, and she’s 117 pounds exact, and I know that because we weighed ourselves on the last day of school. She is a very nice tuzla escort person, and she’s always had the answers to the millions of questions I’ve asked over the years.

“I uh, was looking for bikinis online. And uh, saw something.” I say.

“Ha, like what?” She asks with an audible smile.

“Um, uh, ha. A woman.” I say, my heart pounding.

“Well, Grace, you’re gonna see a lot of those.” She says laughing.

“No, I mean, a naked one.” I say. I can’t believe I said that.

After a couple seconds of silence, she responds about how I would have expected her to respond.

“Oh.” Is all she says.

“What was she doing?” Mia asks.

I feel more comfortable speaking now.

“Laying down, naked, spreading her crotch with her fingers.” I say quickly.

“Didn’t you take sex ed?” She asks.

“No, I didn’t want to.” I answer.

“Well, do you want me to teach you?” She asks. I think for a moment.

“Sure.” I say enthusiastically.

“Ok. First. The part the woman was spreading is called the labia. It’s the outside part.”

I crawl off my bed, and I start getting undressed for the sake of seeing what she’s talking about. I usually take my shirt off when I get undressed, but I don’t need to since I don’t have a bra on. I unbutton my jeans, and I reach down to that pesky zipper, and pull it down. I grab the waist of the jeans, and I pull them down along my soft legs.

My jeans land on the floor around my ankles with a plop. I step out of them. Just as I reach down to attack my panties, I notice a very tiny wet spot in the middle of them. At first I think I may peed myself in my excitement. I pull them down, and they land with a gentle poof of the floor. I crawl back onto my bed. I turn around, and I sit up using my headboard. I put the phone to my ear.

“The labia?” I ask. I look down, and using my free hand, which is my right hand, I put a finger on each side of my crotch, and I separate my lips. I can feel my heartbeat in my crotch.

“Now there’s the pendik escort urethra. Which you urinate from, but don’t confuse it with the vagina. The vagina is what you have intercourse with, that’s where the guy puts his dick.” She says, and my crotch starts to feel hot at the thought of a dick anywhere near my crotch when it’s in this state.

“Ok.” I say. I start thinking ‘This is great! How could it get any better?!’. Little did I know the best is yet to come.

“But where the real excitement starts, is the clit. That is the little spot at the top of your pussy.” I look at my crotch, and I put my pointer on the top, where she said the clit was.

I instantly get a little jolt of pleasure, and it surprises me. I jerk my hand away.

“Wow.” I say, mistakenly into the phone.

“Lemme guess, you touched it?” She asks, again with an audible grin.

“Yep.” I say.

“You’ve never masturbated before?” She asks.

I set my hand down beside me.

“No.” I respond.

“Have you shaved?” She asks.

In case your wondering, yes, I do shave my pubes. Some people shave them because they don’t like hair, and according to Mia, some of them shave their pubes to make masturbation easier. I shave mine because it gets itchy down there. So as of now my crotch is bald.

“Yeah, no hair.” I answer.

“Cool. So find your clit, and pull back the hood. The hood is there to prevent you from having an orgasm just by walking.” She says jokingly.

I reach down again, and I pull back the hood. A tiny pink thing slides out, which I assume is the clit.

“Rub it, up and down.” She suggests. I place my pointer finger on it, and I rub it up and down all the while pushing it a little. It nearly takes my breath away.

“Grace, I’ll call you later. I’ll let you experiment a little.” She says, and after a quick breathless thank you on my part, she hangs up.

After wiggling my clit for about a minute, I quickly realize its far too sensitive for me to touch. I let the hood lay over it, aydınlı escort and I take my middle finger, and press it between my crotch lips, allowing my finger to tease my vagina, all while pressing on my clit some. I don’t move my finger, I just keep it there, ’cause I’m not gonna lie, it feels absolutely incredible. I close my legs for more pressure, and it works. I reach up and squeeze my small breast, while my hips and legs twitch. I move my hand up near my hand, because I need to catch my breath. I realize I have a puffy mound. I rest four of the fingers on my right hand on my mound, just above my clit, and I push in, then rub in circles, and that also feels amazing. I hear the juices in my crotch as I rub. The feeling of masturbating by clit without actually touching it gives my crotch a feeling that I can’t describe. I can feel my crotch becoming hotter. I watch as my light blue capped toes curl. I slide my finger back to where I had it, and the pleasure starts all over again.

I run my left hand across my slim figure, and I reach down and pinch my inner thigh while pressing my clit. My eyes twitch. I feel a feeling deep inside of me. I press hard, and I can feel my heartbeat in my clit, and it feels like lava is pouring over my pussy. I gasp for air as my legs uncontrollably open and close as I struggle to catch my breath.

“Oh my god.” I whisper, as I stare down at my crotch. Just as I feel like I’m about to have an orgasm, the pointer finger from my left hand quickly flashes to my crotch, and it slides with ease into my vagina, and I scream out in pleasure as my vagina squeezes around my fingers, and I feel my clit get hard from under my finger.

“Uuuunggh!” I scream again. My legs open a lot wider than I thought they could, but they also squeeze hard.

“Unggh, unnngh.” Is all I can get out. My eyes widen once more, and my back arches, and then I collapse into a heaping pile of blonde hair. I stare at my spinning ceiling fan.

“…Holy shit.” I say as my clit pulses.


Hey! Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed! If you haven’t already, and you liked this story, then you might wanna check out the first installment in this series. Also, leave a suggestion! What would you like to see in the next chapter? Tell me!

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