6 Ocak 2021



Tired from the kids keeping them up the night before, they climbed into bed early. T-shirts and underwear the uniform of sleep. Him in a soft, combed cotton one that felt good but wasn’t good enough for wearing out and pair of bikinis he knew she liked seeing him in. Her in a tee from her old company that had been washed into comfort. Instead of her usual cute underwear, she wore a pair of blue, “Ocean”, hi-waist Thinx. He glimpsed the mesh side panels and the solid back as she slid into bed, curled up on her side, and pulled the comforter up over her shoulder. She was miserable, suffering really. The prescription doses of Motrin throughout the day, as well as her Livia not bringing her to ‘uncomfortable’ let alone manageable levels of pain from the cramps. This one was especially bad. Usually ibuprofen and “shocking the pain away” worked pretty well, with the Thinx preventing the chafing she used to get from pads. Tampons were never comfortable for her. It was amazing how women could be so dismissive of other women’s menstrual experiences and choices, saying “you’re just not using tampons right, or you wouldn’t feel it.” or “your cramps can’t be that bad, I have cramps too.” and the like. Crazy, but unfortunately not unbelievable. Tearing people down was always easier than compassion.

He always felt a weird mix of feelings at her time of the month. Part of him felt extra protective of her, even more than he typically did when she was sick. Probably, something to do with not fully understanding what she was going through. He desperately did want to understand. Being of a problem-solving mentality, the first step to fixing was to understand what was wrong, and he didn’t feel like he could. The other feeling was basal. He was extremely aroused by her when she was on. It made little sense biologically since ovulation was the most likely time for pregnancy. Maybe ovulation and ‘heat’ used to occur more closely in human ancestors than it does now? Maybe he had acquired a menstrual kink unknowingly through some experience he had had?

Despite being painfully frisky, his hard on straining against the snug bikinis he wore, he fought down the urge to canlı bahis make a move on her. No one feels sexy if they’re in as much pain as she was. She was facing away from him on her side in a fetal position. They started every night like this so he could run his fingers through her beautiful hair. He was laying on his back so he could reach out to her with his near arm. His arm resting on the pillow between them he splayed out his fingers and ran them through her hair and across her scalp. It was a bit like meditation for him. A repetitive action that calmed and cleared his mind. For her, it was a sensuous, deeply relaxing, loving ritual. One really has to have had their hair played with to truly appreciate it. She had her hair played with as a child so it rekindled a deep, familiar and secure feeling of being loved. He could appreciate this as well. His mother had played with his hair on occasion as well.

The ritual was working its magic on her. She was forgetting her pain. Her breathing had already deepened. It was relaxing him also. Despite his fatigue, he still felt very aware of his condition. He kept gently running his hands through her hair. In, along her scalp, and out. Carefully sliding out any finger that found a knot without pulling her silky locks, He wanted her to fall asleep knowing she would have an easier time doing that if he was playing with her hair. He also knew she would say “Thank you” and roll over to hold him if she was conscious enough to be aware of the passing time. She never wanted him to do it so long that it gave him an aching arm. He didn’t care about that. He just wanted her to be at peace.

And so he kept going. In, along her scalp, and out. Ever so carefully. In, along her scalp, and out. Soothing her. In, along her scalp, and out. Lulling her. In, along her scalp, and out. His arm asking to quit. In, along her scalp, and out. He ignored it. In, along her scalp, and out. He thought of the day. In, along her scalp, and out. Of how she looked in her blue period underwear. In, along her scalp, and out. She started breathing deeper. In, along her scalp, and out. She began a light snoring. In, along her scalp, bahis siteleri and out. Just a little longer. In, along her scalp, and out. Then he could stop. In, along her scalp, and out. She would be sound asleep then. In, along her scalp, and out…

“Thank you” she said. “It felt so good. I actually feel a little better now.”

“You’re welcome, I just want you to feel better.” he said, sure she had been asleep. “I can keep going.”

A surprisingly alert “No.” followed by “You’ve been doing it so long already. I’m sure your arm is tired.”

“It’s fine” he said. Not so much as a twinge, which was a little unusual. Usually his arm didn’t feel better the more he played with her hair. She rolled over. Laying on her side to face him now.

“You should roll over and I’ll hold you.” This was last part of their night time routine. She makes him the small spoon for a few minutes.

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah. I can use you as a heating pad, because you’re a furnace. Come on.” And she pushed at his hip to roll him. Her hand losing its purchase and sliding across his underwear. Coming to rest on the large outcropping.

“Oh!” She said with surprise. “Baby, you’re so worried about me, but you can’t sleep like this.”

“There’s always tomorrow if you’re feeling better.” And he tried to turn away. She stopped him.

“I’m fine. Actually, I won’t be fine until…”

And suddenly she was on top of him. Not just on top of him. He was inside her. He struggled to comprehend the series of events that got him here. Their naked bodies one. He was always a very cerebral, thinking person. He blamed fatigue for his stupor and gave in.

“We should really put a towel down.” He stammered, knowing she liked a neat bed. Period sex being anything but.

“Don’t worry, focus on how good it feels.” she whispered in his ear. She bent over his chest, snaking her arms under his back to grab his shoulders. Her hair made a gossamer web around his head. He could smell the lavender of her shampoo. As she began to move against him he felt her breasts brush against his chest. She was right. It felt so amazing.

“Oh god, babe. bahis şirketleri It feels so good.” He said as she held herself up with her arms now for a different angle. He held on tight to her thighs and buttocks

“I told you. I know you love it when I’m on.” He groaned at the mention, it amped his arousal. “I love making you happy.” He could begin smelling the scent of her period, musky with a slight smell of blood. His kryptonite. He almost came at the first trace of her fragrance.

“Oh babe…” He wanted it to last so badly. He was barely holding on. She slid down his shaft, moved her hips against his, and glided back up his bloody pole. Her rhythm soothingly familiar yet exhilarating, elicited a groan from deep inside him. He was trembling, ready to erupt.

“Don’t come yet.” She slid down, moved her hips, back up. “Wait for me.” She slid down, moved her hips, back up. “Come with me.” She slid down, moved her hips, back up. He groaned loader now. She slid down, moved her hips, back up.

“I’m trying.” he grunted. She slid down, moved her hips, back up. “I’m so close” He bit out. She slid down, moved her hips, back up. She had grown quiet. She slid down, moved her hips, back up. She drew in a breath. She slid down, moved her hips, back up. She let it out. She slid down, moved her hips, back up.

“Oh GOD!” she screamed out. He felt himself let go. “Oh fuck! Oh god!” she continued screaming. He exploded. Then smaller waves of his orgasm. Something wet on his stomach…he shuddered.

The shaking woke him. He was disoriented. He was awake on his back in bed. He looked over and she was asleep on her side, facing away from him. His arm out-stretched to her pillow. There was a feeling of something running down his side towards the bed. He felt under the covers to his underwear. He thought “Did I pee myself?” but that seemed odd since it wasn’t a “peeing dream” but a sex dream. He reached his fingers down to his stomach and side. They felt wetness, a thick, slippery feeling. He raised his fingers to his nose, salt water and pennies, that unique smell of semen. After not having one since childhood did he just have a wet dream?

The disorientation passed passed quickly giving way to unusually strong post-orgasm feelings of calm, euphoria and sleepiness. He drifted off to sleep. Hoping that he would be lucky enough to have more of these dreamgasms…

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