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Emma’s Crush


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Emma’s CrushEmma was a “good girl”. At eighteen, she had been around people her age who messed around, but had never felt the urge to participate in that kind of behavior.She was more into observing and reading about life than actually living it. As a result, she began to have fantasies. The main fantasy she had was about Bryan, who happened to be her best friend, Jana’s, father. She had known Bryan for four years now and had always thought he was nice looking…for her best friend’s father.When she turned sixteen, she was shocked when she started seeing him in a different light. Hiding her newly recognized feelings had been easy for the next two years, but once she turned eighteen, it was like a switch had gone off. She was legal.Of course, she knew nothing would ever come of it, but a girl could dream, couldn’t she?Emma sighed. Yep. It would always be a dream. “What was that sigh for, Em?”Emma jumped a little and looked over at her best friend. A blush stole across her cheeks. “Nothing really.”Jana grinned slyly. “I know you have a crush on someone.”Emma’s eyes widened. Did Jana know? “What makes you say that?””You get this dreamy look in your eyes. I recognize that look. I look that way every time I think about Vin Diesel.”Emma laughed.”So, who is it? Tell me!” Jana insisted.Emma shook her head. “I’ll get over it. It’s silly.”Jana tilted her head and stared at Emma. “I wouldn’t mind, you know.””Mind what?” Emma asked guardedly.”If you got with my dad.”Emma covered her face with her hands and groaned.Jana patted her hand. “It wouldn’t really bother me. I just don’t want to see either one of you get hurt.””Nothing’s going to ever happen. It’s just that I recently started thinking of him in a different way. I have no idea how or why. I’ll get over it.” “It grew on you. I know how that happens sometimes. Plus, my dad’s nice looking and a really great guy.” Jana laughed.”That he is.” Emma agreed. “Don’t worry about it though. He’d never think of me that way.”Jana smiled mischievously. “You never know, Em. You just never know.””Hey, Dad, can Emma spend the night?”Bryan looked up from his laptop computer. Taking off his reading glasses, he ran a hand through his graying hair. “Sure, Jana.” He glanced at his calendar. “But don’t you have to work tonight?””Yeah, but I’ll see if I can leave a little early. Even if I can’t, Emma can find something to do until I get home. You can keep her company.” Jana’s face took on a serious look. “You do like Emma, don’t you, Dad?””Of course, I do, sweetie. She’s a very nice girl. Let her know she can come over any time she wants to.””Cool. I’ll call her and tell her it’s okay.”By five o’clock, Emma was driving the twenty miles out to Jana’s house. Butterflies fluttered in her stomach at the thought of seeing Bryan. “Stop that!” she told herself sharply.A while later, she parked her car next to Jana’s and climbed out, her backpack slung over her shoulder, the strap pulling her loose shirt taut across her full breasts.Sometimes she wished she was built more like Jana, who was tall and thin. Emma, on the other hand, was on the short side and average in build. She would never be considered “beautiful” when compared to the movie stars or magazine cover models, but then, who would be? Emma knew comparing oneself to those women was unrealistic.Stepping up onto the porch, Emma knocked on the front door, which was almost immediately answered by Jana.”Hey, Em, come on in. Dad’s working in his office. I gotta leave for work in half an hour or so. Make yourself at home.” Jana’s smile widened at the last. “I bought the ingredients you wanted for lasagna,” her voice lowered to a whisper. “I didn’t tell Dad you were cooking, but when he starts to smell the food, he’ll follow his nose into the kitchen.”Emma laughed at that visual.Jana led the way through the house, stopping at the open door to her dad’s office. “Hey, Dad, Em’s here.”Bryan looked up with a smile. “Hello, Emily.”Emma’s heart fluttered. He was the only one to call her by her full name. “Hi, Mr. Jamison.” In her mind, she called him Bryan, but had never found the nerve to say it out loud. She looked at his eyes and could have sworn they were fixed on her breasts for a split second. Surely she had been imagining that. Wishful thinking, perhaps?”I’ll see you later, Dad. I gotta be leaving for work in a few.” Jana commented with a smile.”All right, sweetie. Emily, you’re welcome to do whatever you like.””Thanks, Mr. Jamison.” Emma followed Jana into the kitchen where she set her backpack on the floor by the table.”I saw him looking at you, Em. I think he likes you.” Jana said quietly.”I doubt it, Jana. He probably thinks I’m too young.” She still couldn’t get over the fact that Jana was okay with the idea of her dad and her best friend getting together.”We’ll see.” Jana said.Within half an hour, Jana had left for work and Emma had her lasagna in the oven. When it was done, she placed the food on the table along with a tossed salad and garlic bread.”What smells so good?”Emma jumped, startled, and dropped the glass of tea she’d been holding. The glass shattered on the floor. “On no!” she exclaimed as she immediately began picking up the shards of glass. In her nervous embarrassment, she wasn’t as careful as she normally would be and sliced her finger open. “Ouch!”Bryan rushed across the kitchen and carefully grabbed her hand. “I’m sorry I startled you. This is all my fault.” He led her to the sink where he gently washed the cut.”It’s all right, Bry-…I mean, Mr. Jamison.”Bryan’s smiling eyes met hers. “You can call me Bryan. I don’t mind.”Emma blushed but didn’t say anything.”I’ll get a Band-Aid.” He was back in a few moments and quickly bandaged her finger. His blue eyes locked with her hazel ones as he slowly raised her finger to his mouth and softly kissed it.Emma’s breath caught in her throat. His large hand continued to hold her smaller one as he gazed into her eyes. His head slowly lowered until his mouth briefly touched her…forehead?Emma almost growled out loud. He was treating her like a c***d, damn it. Kissing her “owie” like she was a k**.She slowly pulled away. “I better get this mess cleaned up. Thanks for playing doctor.” She closed her eyes. She couldn’t believe she’d said that out loud.Bryan chuckled. “Anytime, Emily.”Together they cleaned up the broken glass and spilled tea then sat at the table to eat.He asked her about her interests and they found they had quite a bit in common. They both enjoyed reading a good book, watching bahis siteleri movies, researching, and had the same taste in music. Emma laughed at Bryan’s silly jokes, even though she’d heard them all before. He really was a great guy. Too bad he didn’t see her as a woman.Bryan knew he probably shouldn’t enjoy the company of an eighteen year old so much when he was almost thirty years her senior, but he did. He kept having to remind himself that she was only eighteen, even though she seemed more mature.Bryan sighed as he leaned back in his chair. “That was delicious, Emily.””Thank you, Mr. Jamison,” she said with a slight blush.He found himself wondering what her auburn hair looked like down. He’d known her for years and had never seen it out of it’s customary bun.He watched as she stood and started clearing the table. He enjoyed the view of her jean-clad bottom as she walked across the room.She really was a sexy young woman. He usually found himself dating the tall, thin women, but there was something about Emma’s curvaceous body that really got his blood pumping.He mentally shook his head. What the hell was the matter with him? He had never had thoughts like that about Emma before. Why all of a sudden was he bombarded with mental images of them in bed, their naked bodies glistening…Oh geez, he needed a drink. Anything to take his mind off of Emma’s breasts. “I’m going into the den to watch a dvd.” His mouth had a mind of its own, he found, as he heard himself say, “You’re more than welcome to join me.”A blush crept across Emma’s face. “All right.”After loading the dishwasher, Emma found Bryan in the den going through his collection of dvd’s. “Comedy, action, or drama?” he asked her.”Comedy.” Emma answered as she sat down on the couch.After putting the movie in the player, Bryan joined her on the couch.Halfway through the movie, Bryan found himself watching Emma more than the screen. Her face seemed to radiate as she unselfconsciously laughed at the actors’ antics. Her laugh was intoxicating.Placing his arm across the back of the couch, he gently touched her bun. With a few minimal movements of his fingers, he had released her hair from its confinement. His breath caught in his throat at the mass of hair that tumbled across his arm. It was a lot longer than he’d thought it would be.Wow.Emma’s heart thumped madly as she felt his fingers run through her hair, causing her scalp to tingle.Bryan’s free hand took hold of one of her hands. Raising it to his mouth, he slowly kissed then lightly sucked on each finger.Emma’s eyes slowly closed as her insides turned to mush. “Oh…” she moaned deep in her throat.Bryan slowly kissed and nipped his way up her arm.Emma turned her face towards him, wanting his mouth on hers. When he didn’t seem to get the hint, Emma took his face in her hands and brought his mouth to hers. Their lips met then opened so their tongues could mate.His arms surrounded her. One hand buried itself in her hair to angle her head for better access to her mouth.Emma’s breasts were crushed against his chest as they reclined together on the couch. Not much time passed before his other hand found its way to her breast. “Oh, yes,” she gasped against his mouth as her body arched closer to his.Her legs opened to allow him to settle between them, his hardness pressed against her. The pressure relieved some of her need, even as it heightened her desire.Bryan groaned as she rubbed her pussy against him. “Oh, yeah, baby, that’s it. You like this, don’t you?”Emma nodded vigorously and grasped his hips to pull him more firmly against her.”You want more, baby?” he asked as one hand hovered at the button to her jeans.”Yes, please,” she breathed.Bryan’s fingers deftly opened her jeans then pulled them off, his eyes feasting on the light pink thong that barely covered her treasure.Emma sat up a little and took her shirt off, revealing the fact that she hadn’t been wearing a bra.Bryan sat back for a moment, enjoying the view. “You’re gorgeous, Emily.”She smiled a little as she helped him take his clothes off. When they were both naked, they laid down on the couch, kissing and touching everywhere. Slowly, Bryan made his way down to her heat. His fingers played with her shaved softness as his lips and tongue found her clit. His tongue flicked rapidly against her pulsing clit as his finger slightly penetrated her pussy. She was soaking wet.Emma squealed in ecstasy when he began sucking on her clit. “Oh, yes! Oh, that feels so good!” Emma’s body shuddered against his mouth as he lapped up her juices.He didn’t give her much time to recover before he made his way up her body, pausing to nip at her breasts, then taking her mouth with his, letting her taste herself on his tongue.Emma wrapped her legs around him as he brought his cock to her drenched opening. Slowly, he entered her, allowing her to adjust to his size, knowing it hurt.Finally reaching her barrier, he held her face in his hands and stared into her eyes.Emma nodded at his unspoken question.They both gasped as he buried himself to the hilt. “Oh, baby. You’re so tight. You feel so perfect.”Emma placed her feet over his shoulders and gasped at the sensation. He was so deep. “Oh, yeah. Fuck me. That feels so good.”Bryan rammed his hard cock deep inside her over and over again. Deeper. Harder. Faster.Emma screamed as another orgasm washed over her. Then another.Bryan’s cock pulsed with the need to cum. Finally he couldn’t take anymore, feeling her pussy walls pulsating with another orgasm, he let himself go.After a while, Emma lifted her head from Bryan’s chest to find he’d fallen asleep. With a slightly “evil” grin, Emma scooted off the couch and knelt on the floor. Lightly grasping his semi-hard cock, she slowly took it into her mouth.Bryan slowly woke to the wondrous feeling of a warm mouth sucking on his cock. His hands buried themselves in her long hair as it fell across his stomach and thighs. There was nothing more erotic than watching Emma’s mouth swallowing his hard cock. He couldn’t believe how much she seemed to be enjoying it. “Get on top, Emily.”Emma gave his cock one last lingering kiss before complying. She straddled his body and slowly lowered, impaling herself on his hard shaft.”Ride my cock, Emily,” he said as his hands grasped her waist, showing her what to do.Emma was a quick learner. It wasn’t long before she’d found the angle and rhythm she liked the most.Bryan’s eyes feasted themselves on her bouncing breasts as she rode him faster and faster. mobilbahis Her hair brushed his thighs as she threw her head back in ecstasy.”Oh, yeah, cum for me, baby,” he ground out.Her eyes locked with his and he could see that the “little death” was almost upon her.Her pounding got faster and harder. Her movements became frantic as she worked towards that orgasm. “Oh yes!” she yelled as her pussy pulsated around his cock.Bryan threw his head back and let his own orgasm go.Emma’s breasts were cushioned against his chest as she fought to catch her breath. “Oh, my. I never knew what I was missing.”Bryan chuckled as his hand smoothed her hair. “Do you think you could call me Bryan now?”Emma smiled in happiness as she washed her newly awakened body. She was sore in places she hadn’t known she had.Running her fingers through her waist-length auburn hair, Emma rinsed all of the shampoo out.Bryan slowly opened the bathroom door. Through the smoky glass, he could see a blurred outline of Emma’s voluptuous body.After removing his robe, he opened the shower door and quickly joined his new lover.Emma gasped. “Oh my, Mr. Jam- I mean…Bryan. You startled me.”Bryan chuckled. “Sorry. Just thought you’d like some company. Want me to wash your back?”Emma blushed. “Sure.”Bryan took the washcloth and soap and proceeded to wash her body thoroughly. With a few kisses here and there they were both very turned on by the time he was done.Bryan knelt down in front of her, grasping her hips in his hands. With his mouth, tongue, and teeth, he pleasured Emma.Grabbing his dark wavy hair, Emma ground her pussy against his face. “Oh, Bryan. Your mouth feels so good.”Bryan moaned into her pussy, bringing her even more pleasure. She tasted so good. He kept up the pressure and movement of his tongue until finally Emma cried out, her pussy throbbing.Grasping his broad shoulders, she pulled until he stood before her. “I want you inside me. Now.”Bryan chuckled as he kissed her neck. “Yes, Ma’am.”With her back against the shower wall for support, Bryan lifted Emma’s legs and wrapped them around his waist. Taking his hard cock in hand, he rubbed the head against her pulsating pussy. “You want this, baby?””Oh, yeah, Bryan.””Tell me, Emily,” he insisted.”I want your cock inside me. Right now.”Finally, slowly, Bryan entered her.Emma held her breath. The pleasure was so intense. When he was embedded inside her pussy, she let out a sigh. “Oh yes, that’s it.””Your pussy feels so good, Emily,” he ground out as he rained kisses on her sweet face. He saw that her big hazel eyes were closed. “Open your eyes, baby. Look at me while I make you mine.”Emma opened her eyes and looked into his. He had such beautiful blue eyes. “I’m yours, Bryan.”He hadn’t realized what those softly spoken words could mean to him until she uttered them. She was his. This beautiful young woman belonged to him.Of their own accord, his hips started moving at a faster pace.Pounding in and out of her sweet young pussy, he worked towards that ultimate goal. That “little death” as it was called.Emma’s small teeth nipped at his earlobe. “Yes. Faster, Bryan. Harder.”Bryan granted her request, pumping into her faster and harder.Their eyes locked, they both reached their climax at the same time. Bryan’s ears rang from her screams as she came. She was very loud. Not that he was complaining, he thought with a grin.Emma clung to him as he turned the water off and carried her out of the shower. After placing her on her feet, he grabbed a bath towel and dried her well-loved body before drying his own. Wrapping her in one of his bath robes, he laughed.”What’s so funny?” Emma asked.”It’s a bit long on you.” The robe was so big on her. The hem, which on his six-foot-three frame reached his calves, touched the floor on her.”Well, it’s not my fault you’re at least a foot taller than me,” she said before sticking her tongue out at him.Bryan laughed and tapped her cute nose. “Watch that tongue. I may take that as an invitation.”Emma thought for a moment then, with a devilish look in her eye, stuck her tongue out again.Bryan let out a growl.Emma screamed as she turned and ran out of the bathroom, lifting the robe so she wouldn’t trip.Bryan grabbed his other robe and threw it on as he chased her into his bedroom. The robe hung open, displaying his lightly furred chest, his stomach, and his cock, which was hardening with each passing second. He came to a stop just inside his room. Emma had jumped onto his bed. She stood in the middle of the mattress, her long auburn hair cascading around her, her eyes shining with happiness, a laugh on her full lips. She was a sight. He had never seen a woman as beautiful as Emma was at that moment.Like a lion on the prowl, he walked to the bed.Bryan placed his hands on his hips. With a mock scowl on his face, he glared. “Didn’t I tell you not to stick your tongue out at me again, young lady?”Emma giggled. “Yes, sir.””Then you shall accept your punishment.””Oh, no, sir. Please have mercy on me.” Emma smiled and batted her eyelashes.”Too late.” Before she could run, Bryan grabbed her ankles and pulled.Emma laughed as she fell onto her back on the bed.Sitting on the side of the bed, Bryan took and placed Emma across his lap, her bottom in the air.Slowly, so slowly, he took one hand and ran it up her leg, pulling the robe with it. His fingers lightly touched the backs of her knees, her thighs, forcing them to open. His long fingers dipped into her pussy for a second before continuing up to her bottom. “You deserve a spanking, young lady,” he said as he rubbed her ass cheeks.”Do you think so?” Emma asked.”I know so.” Slipping the fingers of one hand between her legs, he played with her wet pussy. With his other hand he swatted her butt. “One.””Oh.” Emma wriggled, grinding the front of her pussy against his thigh.Bryan’s finger entered her and began to move in rhythm to his spankings. By the time he counted to five, Emma was good and ready to cum, but he wouldn’t let her. He brought her to the edge numerous times only to draw her back.”Please, Bryan.””What, Emily? What do you want?” He paused in his ministrations.”I want you. I want you to fuck me. Please?” she begged.Bryan smiled. “All right, baby.”Letting her up, he helped her out of her robe. His hands and mouth worshipped her breasts. He sucked on her hard nipples, nipping a little with his teeth. He kissed and licked every inch of her body as she stood before him. He built her new found passion up to a fever mobilbahis güvenilir mi pitch until she was weak in the knees.Finally, he placed her on the bed. After taking off his robe, he joined her.Running his hands down her body, he pleasured her breasts with his mouth.Emma ran her hands over his skin, arching her body towards his. “Oh yes, Bryan. You’re making me so wet.”Bryan’s fingers moved down to her pussy, finding it dripping wet. He pushed his fingers inside her, groaning as her inner muscles contracted around them. Moving his fingers in and out, he continued to lavish attention on her full breasts.His cock throbbed with anticipation as he thought about being surrounded by her heat.Turning her over, he placed a pillow under her hips and had her kneel over it. Spreading her pussy lips, he took his engorged cock and slowly entered her from behind.”Oh yes, Bryan.” Emma moaned as she pushed herself back against him.Bryan groaned as he felt her inner walls pulling on his throbbing cock. Reaching around, he firmly pinched her nipples.Running his hands down her back, he grasped her hips and pulled her against him as he continued to ram his cock into her welcoming body.”You feel so good, baby. You like this? You like my cock inside your hot pussy?” “Yes, Bryan. I love it. It’s so good.”Bryan continued to pound his cock as deep as it would go, his tempo increasing until he was ready to explode. “Cum for me, baby. I want to feel you cum around my cock.” He pounded into her faster and faster until she came. “Bryan!” she screamed. Letting himself go, he exploded deep inside her pussy.Collapsing onto the bed beside her, he took her into his arms and held her close.Brushing her hair back from her face, he gently placed a kiss on her trembling lips. “You are spectacular.”Emma blushed. “You’ve made me that way.”They lay there for a while wrapped in each other’s arms, contemplating the new status of their relationship.Emma drew circles on his chest with her finger nail. “Bryan?””Hmm?””Do you think this is wrong?”Bryan hugged her tighter. “Some people may see it that way. But if we’re happy, what can be wrong with that? There’s an old song that says ‘If lovin’ you is wrong, I don’t wanna be right’. That’s how I feel.””Okay.””Emily?”Emma looked up.”Promise me something?””What’s that, Bryan?””No regrets?”Emma smiled. “No regrets.” Lifting herself up, she kissed him.Glancing at the clock, Bryan groaned. “Shit.””What?””Jana should be home any minute.”Emma’s face flooded with color. “I forgot about my best friend.”Bryan chuckled. “That’s because I’m so good.”Emma rolled her eyes. “You’re gonna get a swelled head.”Bryan took one of her hands and placed it on his swelling cock. “I already have one.”Emma laughed. “That you do.” She placed a kiss on his chest. “We have got to get up.Bryan held her close for a moment before reluctantly letting her go. “I know,” he sighed. “What do we tell Jana?”Emma blushed as she got dressed.”Um… well..Jana kind of knows I like you.” “Really? What does she think of that?”Emma shrugged. “She doesn’t seem to have a problem with us seeing each other.””Hmm.” Pulling on a t-shirt, he shook his head. “It’s no wonder she talks about you all the time. She’s been trying to get us involved.”Emma looked at him with a serious expression. “And did it work?”Bryan took her face between his hands. “Yes, I believe it did. I haven’t felt this way in a long, long time, Emily. It’s not just sex either, although that’s the best I’ve ever had. I really care about you.”Emma’s face glowed with happiness. “I really care for you too, Bryan.””Well, how about we see where this goes?” he kissed her softly on the mouth.”All right.””Dad? Emma? I’m home!” Jana yelled from downstairs.Emma finished finger-combing her hair. “I’ll go down there.”She found Jana in the kitchen warming up some lasagna. “Hey, Jana. How was work?”Jana stared intently at her. “Oh my gosh!”Emma blushed. “What?””You and my dad got together, didn’t you?””Maybe.”Jana laughed. “Oh this is great. I’m so happy for you.”Emma smiled. “So? How was it? No, oh yuck, I do not want to know that. Besides I can tell by the look on your face.” Jana took her plate to the table and sat down to eat. “So are you gonna go out now?””We’re going to see where this goes.” “Good. You guys are perfect for each other. Just think. If you end up getting married, you’ll be my step-mommy.” Jana batted her eyelashes.Emma groaned. “And you’re three months older than me. What am I getting myself into?””Don’t worry about it. I really don’t mind, Em. You guys shouldn’t either. As long as you’re happy, that’s all that matters.””I can’t believe you’re so into this, Jana.” Emma shook her head.”All I want is for you two to be happy. If that’s with each other, then I’m all for it.”Bryan walked into the room. Having overheard his daughter’s comments, he hugged her. “Thanks, Jana.””Well, I’m gonna go to bed.” Jana said with a smile as she left the room.Bryan’s eyes met Emma’s “Are you ready to go to bed, Emily?”She nodded.”Good, let’s go.” Taking her hand, he pulled her against his body. Lowering his head, he took her mouth in a knee-weakening kiss, his tongue mating with hers.His hands found her bottom and pulled her up against him. Grinding his body against hers, he heard her moan. “Oh yeah, baby. You like this don’t you?” he whispered against her mouth.”Oh, yes.”Bryan moved down kissing and nipping her neck. His hands found their way up under her shirt, touching her bare breasts, tugging on her hardened nipples.Emma’s back arched of its own accord. His touch brought her much pleasure. Bryan backed her up until she bumped into the table. His fingers hurriedly undid her jeans, then pushed them off of her. Her thong soon followed.Lifting her, he set her on the edge of the table, his hips in between her legs. Unbuttoning his fly, he pulled out his engorged cock and rubbed it against her wet pussy.”Oh that’s it. Give me your cum. I want you inside me.” Emma said as she wrapped her legs around his waist.Bryan slowly entered her. As she leaned back on her arms, her full breasts thrust forward.Bryan grasped her waist, pulling her towards him as he thrust into her.Leaning forward, he sucked on her nipples, causing her to cry out. His hips working faster, he pounded into her throbbing pussy.”Oh yeah, fuck me, Bryan. I’m gonna cum.”Bryan fucked her faster and harder with her erotic words. He watched the pleasure come over her face as she started to cum. “Oh yeah, baby. Cum for me.” He ground against her pussy, intensifying her orgasm.His mouth covered hers, trapping her screams as she came. Her pulsating pussy ripped his own orgasm from him.Exhausted, Bryan rested his head on her breasts. “Oh, baby. You’re going to be the death of me. But what a way to go.”

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