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Family Life Ch.6 – Mother & Daughter cum toget


Family Life Ch.6 – Mother & Daughter cum togetDavid and his father were at the table eating their meal, Mary was busying herself in the kitchen, taking any opportunity to stand behind her husband so that she was looking directly at David. She was blowing him kisses and David was having difficulty not to laugh but when she raised her skirt to show him her naked cunt he almost choked on his food.“I wonder where Laura is,” Mary said, “she’s not usually late unless she had somewhere to go but then she would have told me, her meal will be cold if she doesn’t get here soon.”“I don’t know what’s got into her lately,” Tom said, finishing his meal, “l have to go out to a meeting, if l see her l’ll tell her to get a move on. She’s so moody these days, she probably won’t speak to me, she needs some discipline, you’ve been too soft on her.”“It’s only a phase Tom,” Mary said, still behind him, blowing kisses at David while her hands caressed her breasts. “It’s a hormone thing,” she added, “you wouldn’t understand.”“Huh,” Tom snorted, “you women and your hormones, you know what she needs, my father wouldn’t have put up with it from my sister, he would have put her across his knee, nothing a good spanking wouldn’t cure.”“Yes well, we know how much your father liked spanking your sister don’t we?” She replied, giving David a cheeky grin.“What do you mean by that,” Tom said angrily, rising from his seat and turning to face her, his face as dark as thunder.“Nothing,” she replied, “just that her seemed to find a lot of excuses to put her over his knee and spank her.”“He just believed in discipline,” Tom said, “girls need to know their place.”“Yes, well… all l’m saying is if ever you try that with Laura you’ll have me to deal with,” Mary stood looking at him defiantly, hands on hips.David saw his father’s face go red with anger, for a moment he was afraid he was going to hit her. He saw his mother’s expression as she stared into her husband’s eyes defiantly.“Don’t even think about it,” she spat at him, “l warned you what would happen if you ever hit me again, you can’t bully me, that would take a proper man,” she smirked.David saw his father clench his fist, he went to stand up, determined to stop his father if he made a move to hit her. David was taller than his father and much stronger after years of training. Tom saw his son stepping towards him, turned back to Mary. “Bitch!” He said, turning away and heading for the door.“That’s right,” Mary called after him, “run away from your son, he’s more of a man than you’ll ever be.”David heard the loud bang as his father slammed the front door on his way out.“Are you ok Mum?” He said, stepping towards her and putting his arms round her, “l’ve never seen the two of you like that.”“I’m okay,” she whimpered, sniffing back the tears then turning her face up to kiss him. “It’s been coming for a while, he started pawing my boobs in bed last week and l told him never to touch me again or l would take the kitchen knife to his tiny cock.”“I’ve never seen him like that,” David said, enjoying the closeness of having his mother in his arms.“It’s been coming for a while,” she said, “it made me go all wet when you stood up to him,” she moved her hand to the front of his trousers, pleased to feel the firmness of his semi erect cock. “I’ll have to think of some way to show my gratitude later,” she gave his cock a squeeze as she turned her face up to kiss him.At that moment they both heard the front door open, they quickly moved apart.“Is that you Laura, l’ve been keeping your tea warm,” Mary called.“I don’t want anything to eat,” Laura shouted as she ran up the stairs, slamming her bedroom door closed behind her.“What’s wrong with her now?” Mary said, “can you go up and see what her problem is while l clear up down here.”David went up stairs and knocked on Laura’s door.“Go away!” Laura shouted from inside.“I’m coming in,” David replied.“Don’t you dare come in,” she shouted, “l’m naked.”“We’ll put something on because l’m coming in,” he replied, turning the knob and slowly pushing the door open.“Get out!” She screamed as an object flew past David’s head as he walked in. As it landed outside the door he saw it was a shoe.David pushed the door fully open, seeing that she was in fact fully clothed, sitting on the bed. She had obviously even crying for a while, her face all red, her eyes swollen as she dabbed at them with a sodden tissue.“What the fuck is wrong with you now,” he said callously.“You know very well what’s wrong,” she replied between sobs, “l’m fucking pregnant that’s what’s wrong. I’ve just come from the doctor’s, l left a sample there yesterday and today she tells me l’m pregnant. The bitch even had the gall to ask if l knew who the father was, as if l was some slut who fucked that many men l couldn’t tell the difference.”“What did you tell her?” He asked.“What could l tell her,” she replied, “l could hardly tell her it was my brother could l, so l just said it was my boyfriend but didn’t say who.”“Well that’s not such a problem,” he said, “all you have to do now is tell that Perkins twat that he’ll have to marry you.”“You really are a callous bastard aren’t you,” she retorted, “you just don’t see it as your problem at all do you, you fuck me, get me pregnant then just ship the problem on to someone else, meanwhile l have to marry a man who is incapable of fucking me properly because his dick is that small he can hardly get it in.”“Yes but you have fucked him haven’t you?”“If you can call it that,” she replied, “he tried to do it again last night, it was horrible, he was slobbering all over my face when he kissed me, then, when he did manage to get hard enough to get about an inch up my cunt he came his load. How can you make me marry an impotent pig like him, he’s disgusting.”“Oh stop complaining,” David sneered, “you’ll have plenty of money and l’ll be around to fuck you regularly, l’ll probably bring some mates and they can have you as well, don’t worry, you’ll get plenty of cock.”“God l hate you,” she cried.“That’s not what you say when you’ve got my cock up your cunt,” he laughed, “Oh, and by the way, Dan wants you again, he should be back in work on Monday so call in on your way home from college and we’ll have some fun.”Laura just stared at him as if he was completely out of his mind. “No way,” she said, “you can forget that.”“Listen to me,” David said, stepping close to her and placing both hands on her breasts then squeezing them hard, “you will fuck whoever and whenever l tell you or you can kiss goodbye to all that Perkins money.”“You bastard,” she spat at him, but even with all the upset, she was still aware of the way her cunt had juiced up the moment her grabbed her breasts.“Understand this Laura,” he said, taking hold of her hair and turning her face up to look directly at him, “you are my slut, and that is how it’s going to be, you can either accept it or try to fight it but either way you will always be my slut. I know that deep down that thought excites you, l bet your cunt is soaking wet now, so get used to the idea and enjoy it, cut out all these temper tantrums because if you don’t l’m going to have to start punishing you, l’ve read in magazines how some women like being spanked or even caned and whipped, l might be your younger brother but from now on you do as l say or that is what is waiting for you. Do you understand?”Laura stared at him, different emotions flying through her head, she wanted to hate him, to be horrified at what he was suggesting, wanted to fight him, to push him away and tell him that there was no way she was going to submit to him. But she felt her body betraying her, her nipples engorging, her cunt creaming, she desperately wanted to put her hand under her skirt and stroke her clit.David could read her torment in her face, he knew he had her. Bending down so that his face was only inches from hers, his breath hot on her face. “Do you understand, cunt?” He repeated with venom.“Yes,” she whispered.“Louder,” he ordered.“Yes,” she repeated only louder.David felt his own excitement, this was just like some of the fantasy stories he had read and wanked over, he knew he was rock hard and with his free hand he undid his trousers and took out his cock. Standing there with it only inches from her face.“Suck it,” he demanded. “Suck it and swallow my cum, show me how you are going to be my slut.”Using his grip on her hair he pulled her forward, thrilling to see how she readily opened her mouth to accept him. He knew the whole scene had had an extreme effect on him as well and he knew he would not take long to cum. Pulling her close, he forced his cock into the back of her mouth, pushing her face hard against his tummy, blocking off her breathing and relishing the suction on his cock as she gagged. He began fucking her mouth, driving himself into her with force, pulling out sufficient for her to gasp for air before driving into her again.Laura thought she would suffocate, she was unable to breathe at first, then, when he started fucking she gagged as he forced himself into her throat. She was frightened by his force but at the same time was unable to stop herself as her hand went under her skirt and inside her knickers, rubbing frantically at her clit.David couldn’t believe his situation, here he was, still only s*******n and he had complete control over his sister and his mother, his imagination running wild at what the future would bring.“Take it you cocksucking slut,” he cried, as he forced himself deep into her throat as he came.Laura felt his cock swell in that final second, then the heat of his cum filling her mouth. Her own orgasm swiftly followed as she gagged on his cock, trying to swallow every drop of his seed.As the red mist cleared from his eyes, David felt the last dregs of his cum being sucked out, his cock lingering at her lips as she dutifully licked every last drop from him.“Are you okay?” He said, surprising himself with his show of compassion.“Yes,” she responded with a whisper, “what do l do now, l need you to help me.”“I will,” he replied, “but first you tuzla escort have to tell Mum.”“I don’t know if l can just now,” she said, dabbing her tissue against her eyes, “how do l even start to tell her what we’ve been doing, l feel so ashamed.”“Don’t worry,” he said, returning his cock inside his trousers and zipping up, “l’ll handle her, Dad might be a harder problem but after our confrontation earlier l reckon l can handle him too.“Thank you,” she said, “l’m sorry, l was just so frightened.”“That’s okay,” he replied, “as long as you accept how it is going to be and you do as l say without any more arguments, just relax with it Laura, we can have a lot of fun, you like plenty of cock, l’ll make sure you get it and you will have all the money you want, so what if you have to put up with him slobbering over you and trying to fuck you, just remember how it was when you were in that toilet block, never knowing whose cock was going to come through that hole, how do you know you never sucked Dad off and didn’t know it.”“You don’t think he did though do you?” She said, a look of horror on her face.“I don’t know but Rusty will know as he was taking the money,” he replied, “the only fellas l saw were Mr. Lovell the Optician and Mr. Penny the jeweller.”“Mr. Penny…Christ!” She exclaimed, “his daughter Susan is one of my best friends.”“Well l doubt if she knows what her father gets up to,” he said, “how many times did you do it?”“Only three times,” she replied, “ there was only one the first time, two the second and four the last time, l was supposed to go again but then Rusty got arrested.”“Yes well you can thank me for that,” he said, “l heard what he was planning and tipped off the Police.”“Really?….he would be livid if he knew,” she said.“I’m not worried about him,” David said, “he’s just a bully, l can take him on anytime, anyway, l had better go down and tell Mum before Dad gets home.” He saw the look of uncertainty on her face. “Don’t worry,” he added, “l think you’ll be surprised at how supportive she will be, leave it to me.”“Thank you,” she said as her left the room.David walked into the kitchen. “I think we’d better go into the living room d sit down Mum, do you want a glass of wine?”“She’s pregnant isn’t she?” Mary asked.“Yes, But there’s more to it than that let’s go through and sit down and talk.”“The stupid girl,” Mary said as she poured herself a glass of wine then followed David into the living room, sitting by his side on the sofa. “I warned her about getting mixed up with Rusty Lewis, l told her that if she asked me l would take her to the doctor and ask him to put her on the pill.”“It’s not as simple as that,” he said, “l think l’d better tell you the whole story.”David started from the beginning, telling her about how he used to use the public toilet to wank after he’d read a magazine.“You naughty boy,” she laughed, placing her hand on the front of his trousers, “you should have come to me then, much more fun than wanking.”“Stop that and listen,” David said, stopping her as she began to undo his trousers.“Yes sir,” Mary giggled, removing her hand.David went on to explain how he discovered that Laura was sucking cocks in the toilet.“The dirty little hussey,” Mary said, “l knew Rusty Lewis was bad news, l warned her not to get mixed up with him.”“Be fair Mum,” he said, “she was young and Rusty seemed exciting, let’s face it there’s not much going on in this town and she just got caught up in the initial thrill of being treated as if she was sexy, then, when it got out of control she couldn’t find a way out.”“So you fixed it,” Mary replied, “you made sure the Police new what he was up to.”“It was the only way to get her free of him Mum, l don’t regret it, he would have had her working as a prostitute if l hadn’t stopped him.”“I understand that,” she said, “and l’m grateful.”David went on to tell her how he and Laura had started having sex.“I can understand that you took the opportunity,” she said, “l suppose finding out your sister was a slut just fired you up after reading those magazines. I don’t blame you, l know how you must have been excited by it, you’re a real man, not like your father. I’m sure you’re not the first boy to experiment with his sister.”“Yes, well it got a bit more than experimenting Mum,” he continued. “It started out with me getting her to suck my cock but soon l wanted to fuck her properly, l told Dan l had a girlfriend that l wanted to fuck but that l didn’t know where to get some condoms. He gave me some and l told Laura l wanted to do it with her.”“God she was easy, that Rusty really did turn her into a slut.”“Well, l didn’t actually give her an option,” he said, “l threatened to tell you and Dad what she’d been doing, so she didn’t have much choice.”“And l know how masterful you can be when your cock is hard,” she laughed, giving his cock a gentle squeeze.“Stop it Mum,” he said sternly, “l’m trying to tell you something serious.”“Oh David sweetheart, do you honestly think l didn’t suspect something was going on,” she said. “All those times you were whispering in corners, going into her bedroom, when up until then the only time you ever spoke to each other was to fight. You don’t have to tell me, l know what you boys are like, you probably promised her you would use a condom, then once you got started you couldn’t be bothered to stop and put it on. Typical of you lads, once you balls are full your brain goes blank. So now you’re going to tell me she’s pregnant and you’re the father.”“Well yes,” he replied.“Great,” She said, “So now we have to think of what to do next.”“You’re taking it very calmly Mum, l thought you’d be tearing your hair out.”“Well l can hardly pass judgement can l,” she replied, “ not now you know what l’ve been doing. I know how masterful you can be, l don’t blame you son, l understand how difficult it is for you to stop in mid stream, she was the stupid one for getting involved with Rusty Lewis in the first place. Does Dan know?”“Well yes.”“Oh l bet he loved hearing all the juicy details, did you tell him everything?” Mary said.“Not only that but he’s fucked her as well,” David added.“David!” Laura screamed, from the doorway, “how can you say that?” She burst into tears. “That’s a horrible thing to say, why are you so horrible to me…this is just awful…it’s not fair…you’re talking about me as if l was some…”“A common slut,” he interrupted, “that’s because you are one.”“Is it true?” Mary asked her, “have you been fucking Dan as well as David, not to mention sucking off half the cocks in the town.”“Stop it Mum please,” Laura sobbed, “Oh god this is horrible, what am l going to do.”David went on to tell his mother about John Perkins and his plan to get him to take responsibility for the baby and marry Laura.“Do you think he’ll fall for it?” Mary asked then burst out laughing. “I can just see Eve Perkins’s face when she finds out, the stuck up bitch. Mind you, she wasn’t above sucking a few cocks when she was younger but l doubt if she wants to be reminded of it now. Things come round, she was pregnant when she married although l doubt if she’ll admit to that either.”“I told him last night,” Laura said between sobs, “he’s horrible Mum, l can’t marry him.”“She’s being silly Mum,” David said, “she’s only bothered because he’s got a small cock and doesn’t fuck her properly.”“David!” Laura yelled, “Stop it, it’s not that at all.”“Yes it is,” he continued, “l’ve told her Mum, all she has to do is marry him and keep him happy, he’s got loads of money, l’ve told her l’ll make sure she gets plenty of proper cock, l’ll still be fucking her and some of my mates will probably want a turn.”“David!” Laura yelled again with another flood of tears, “how can you talk about me like that?”“Yes David,” Mary said, “it’s not very nice, l know she’s been stupid but she is your sister. But as for you my lady,” she turned to Laura, “you have no choice other than to marry him, and the sooner the better. You really have been stupid, l can excuse you and David doing it, you’re not the first brother and sister to experiment together, l know you shouldn’t do it but it happens. I warned you about Rusty Lewis but you can’t tell me you didn’t enjoy it, you wouldn’t have done it if it hadn’t excited you, and then you go and open your legs for Dan as well.”“David made me do it Mum,” Laura cried.“Oh come on Laura,” David laughed, “l admit to putting a bit of pressure on you but admit it, you loved it, especially when we both had you together.”“Calm down Laura.” Mary said, pausing before saying anything further as if trying to chose her next words carefully. “I do know what it’s like, believe me, l have to live with your father, l do know what it’s like to put up with being poorly fucked by a tiny cock, thank goodness you’ve got David, at least he knows how to fuck a girl properly.”Laura stopped in mid sob, staring at her mother, realising the significance of what she had just heard. “What do you mean Mum?” she asked, “don’t tell me he’s doing it to you as well…Jesus this is one sick family.”“Oh don’t make such a fuss,” Marry chided her, “l’m not making any apologies for what l am, your father has never satisfied me, he’s never been interested enough to try, so l decided to look elsewhere.”Mary then continued to tell her all about her visits to Cheshire and the sex parties while Laura listened open mouthed in shock to discover her mother’s secret life.“Ann and Jack have been on to me for ages to get David to fuck me,” Mary told her, “l guessed something was going on between you two, especially when l saw the semen stains on your sheets when l did the laundry, so l thought why shouldn’t l have some fun as well.”“I don’t know what to say Mum,” Laura replied, “what about Dad?”“Huh,” Mary retorted, “he’s never been much good in that department, how he ever managed to father you two is a miracle, and yes, he is your father in case you’re wondering. Learn from me Laura, marry this Perkins lad, put up with his pathetic groping and useless fucking, then enjoy yourself, you can go on the pill and fuck anyone you want, we tuzla escort bayan can even have David together if you like, or him and Dan together, that would be fun. You can come up to Cheshire with me and have some fun at their sex parties, there are loads of ways you can enjoy yourself.”“You make it sound so easy Mum, don’t you care about the fact that it’s wrong, l mean you and your son for Christ’s sake.”“Oh pfff,” Mary replied, “loads of boys fantasise about fucking their mothers. Who better to have sex with than someone who loves you. Admit it, l bet you love it when his cock’s inside you, we did it for the first time today and l can’t wait for the next one.” She placed her hand on David’s cock, pleased to find him solidly hard.“Listening to you two talking about fucking,” David said, unzipping his trousers and extricating his cock, “how about seeing you both making him welcome.”“We will have to be quick,” Mary said, getting onto her knees in front of him, “ your father might be back any minute.”With that she took him into her mouth, slowly engulfing his full length until she felt the head of his cock reach the back of her throat.“See that,” David said to Laura, “no wonder you’re a good cock sucker, it must be hereditary…come on…take your turn.”“You just love ordering us about don’t you?” She replied, dropping to her knees by the side of her mother. “You must be pleased with yourself, you’ve got us both in your harem now.”“No point having sluts for your mother and sister if you don’t make use of them,” he laughed.“Pig!” Laura responded.“Come on,” Mary said, lifting her mouth from his cock, “stop talking and start sucking, you take his cock, l’ll have his balls.”Laura was incredulous at this new side to her mother, she could never have imagined this scene, she felt as if she was plunging into the depths of depravity. A tiny voice in her head told her to get up and walk away, to reject this way of life, but then she looked at the glistening head of David’s cock, the tiny bead of pre cum oozing from the eye and she felt all resistance flow away. She bent her head forward, sliding down onto his shaft, tasting the saltiness of that pre cum and she knew she was lost, this was her life now. A life of decadence…and with that thought a tingling of a mild orgasm vibrated through her body.“That’s beautiful,” David sighed as both women worked their mouths on him, his cock being transferred from one to another then watching them both licking his shaft and sucking on his balls. “Tits out,” he cried, “ Get your tits out, l want to cum on your tits.”Mary was first to respond, unfastening the front of her dress and pulling up her bra, allowing her pendulous tits to fall free. Laura followed suit and David saw how much Laura’s tits resembled her mother’s, not quite as big and a little firmer but the basic shape and the large nipples were almost copies.He told both of them to hold their tits up so that he could cum on them. As they obeyed he began wanking furiously, knowing that his orgasm was close. In less than a minute he let out a groan of pleasure as ribbon after ribbon of spunk jetted out of his cock, covering both pairs of tits.As his orgasm subsided, both women leant forward to lick the last dregs of cum from his cock. Then, as both sat back on their haunches, proudly displaying their cum covered tits, Mary bent forward and commenced licking the cum from Laura’s tits. Laura immediately cupped her breasts, offering them to her mother, Mary licking every trace of cum, then taking her daughter’s nipple into her mouth, teasing it and sucking it. Once she had taken every drop of cum from Laura’s tits she offered her tits to her daughter. David was pleased to see that Laura did not hesitate, once again he saw how all of her inhibitions rapidly evaporate once there is a cock to be sucked or fucked. As he watched his sister licking and sucking on her mother’s tits, he knew he had some exciting times to come.An hour later, David was in his room listening to records, he knew that Laura was also in her room. His father had arrived home shortly after Mary and Laura had finish their girl on girl display, Mary had heard Tom’s key in the front door and told the two of them to make themselves scarce as she would need to tell their father about Laura’s predicament.David wondered if his mother had actually said anything about Laura as there was little or no noise coming from downstairs. He had expected his father to fry into a rage. He had been listening with the volume turned fairly low and was about to turn it up when there was a loud crash followed by the unmistakable sound of his father losing his temper. He couldn’t hear every word that was spoken but the words “Slut” and “Whore” we’re certainly repeated many times. Eventually the noise from downstairs returned to normal, then he heard his mother calling upstairs for Laura to go down. After a few moments he saw the forlorn figure of Laura passing his open bedroom door, she turned to look at him, fear written across her face, before carrying on and going down stairs.David decided not to get involved, but was reassured by the lack of raised voices, he assumed that his mother had succeeded in calming his father and convinced him that losing his temper was not going to help the situation.The following morning David was up early as he had a full day planned with his mates. He entered the kitchen to find his mother there.“You’re up early,” she said, walking over to him, undoing her dressing gown to display her naked body. She put her arms around his neck, giving him a deep passionate kiss.David was only wearing his shorts and Mary could feel his erection pressing against her belly.“I take it Dad is still sleeping,” he said running his hands inside her dressing gown and grabbing her buttocks, pulling her against his erection.“Snoring like the pig he is,” she replied, “so l get you first, before Laura gets up.”David put his hands under her armpits, lifting her easily. Mary wrapped her legs around his waist as he moved across the kitchen, sitting her on the work top. She reached down, pushing down his shorts and releasing his hard cock, then she opened her legs wide as he moved forwards, sliding easily into her hot cunt.“Oh that’s so good,” she sighed, holding him tight, relishing the feel of his naked flesh next to his. “I’ve been thinking about this all night, lying there next to that pig, fingering my pussy and wishing you had your beautiful cock inside me. Don’t fuck me yet, just let him stay deep inside me, let me feel him nestling there feel the power of him as he throbs, eager to start fucking me.”“You’re amazing Mum,” he said, feeling the muscles in her cunt contracting, milking his cock, “your cunt is eating me.”“Oh and you taste wonderful,” she replied, giving him another squeeze. “Squeeze my tits, pinch my nipples, pinch them hard, l’m so hot l’m nearly cumming already. Pinch me, do it hard, don’t fuck me just stay there, ooooo yes, harder.”David had a firm grip on her nipples, squeezing them hard, twisting them, he could feel the contractions of her cunt drawing him in. It felt like his cock was in a furnace, it was the most amazing experience, he could feel his cock swelling, feel his orgasm coming, yet he wasn’t moving inside her. He wanted to fuck her, wanted it so bad, but she had her legs clamped tightly around him, tightening her grip as her cunt worked it’s magic on his cock.“Oh yes,” she sighed as he twisted her nipples, “be rough with my tits, let me feel you hurting them…oooh yes that’s good…can you feel my cunt, my cunt wants your spunk, my cunt wants your seed, pinch me again…oh yes…harder…oh yes baby… take me baby…fill your Mummy’s cunt with cum.”David felt her cum, felt the vibrations flow through her body as she buried her face in his neck, sinking her teeth into his flesh as she groaned. He would never believe he could cum like this, not moving, just letting her cunt milk him. He thought his head would burst, he grabbed her hair, pulling her face away from him, tilting her face up towards him, savagely kissing her, forcing his tongue deep into her mouth as he let out a deep growl as his cock unloaded his spunk deep in her cunt.Mary thought she was in paradise as another orgasm rattled through her body, her juices flooding over his cock, how she wished that she was a few years younger so that he could make a baby inside her, but for her it was too late, she envied Laura with his baby growing inside her. She wanted to stay like this forever, his cock pulsating inside her, her cunt milking every last drop of his precious cum.“Oh god that’s good,” he said, holding her face pressed against his chest. She could taste the sweat on his body as her mouth sought his nipple. “You should have been a whore Mum, you could have made a fortune with a cunt that powerful.”“That’s naughty baby,” she replied, “fancy wishing your mother was a whore.”“Well you certainly act like one,” Laura’s voice came from the doorway.David turned to see her, in the process his cock slid out of his mother’s cunt. He saw Laura standing there, her dressing gown open, her naked body on show, her hand between her legs rubbing her clit.“Come here,” he commanded, pleased that Laura responded immediately. “Clean my cock,” he ordered, again pleased to see her fall to her knees and take his semi hard cock into her mouth. In seconds he was hard again, as she eagerly tasted the mixture of cum and cunt juice. David enjoyed her attention for a few minutes before grabbing a handful of her hair and pulling her away. “Now lick my cum out of your mother’s cunt,” he said, pushing her face between his mother’s open thighs. “Lick it all out,” he ordered, “every last drop.”David went back to his mother, kissing her passionately as Laura went to work. He could feel his mother responding to both of them as again his hands went to her tits, kneading the soft flesh then pinching and pulling her nipples.Laura worked hard on her mother’s cunt, seeking the cum inside her, then transferring her attention to her swollen clit, sucking it and escort tuzla nibbling it.Mary groaned into David’s mouth as the sensations from her tits and cunt sent waves of heat through her body.Laura had one hand on David’s cock as she felt her mother’s orgasm, felt the surge of juices flow into her mouth, taking it, savouring the taste of her mother, still mixed with the taste of her brother. Her own free hand was between her legs, rubbing hard on her own clit.David pulled away from his mother, pulling Laura away as well by her hair. “Bend over the table,” he ordered, “spread yourself for me”.Laura eagerly responded, shrugging her dressing gown from her shoulders before bending across the table, parting her legs wide then using her hands to pull apart her buttocks, displaying her glistening cunt and the puckered rose bud of her anus.Mary came over, lying across Laura’s back as if to hold her down, she traced her fingers along the slit of her daughter’s cunt, then slipped three fingers inside, working hem slowly into her cunt, then removing them and tracing them back to Laura’s bum hole. She used the juices from her daughter’s cunt to lubricate the outside of her anus then pressed one finger against the puckered opening. “Oh my god,” Laura cried.“Quiet slut,” her mother responded, “you don’t want your father to hear you.”“Oh please no,” Laura pleaded as she felt her mother’s finger pressing hard against her anus, she tried to resist but her mother held her down as she felt her bum hole finally give way and that finger slowly enter her.“Oh not again, please,” Laura begged as Mary coated her finger with more of the girl’s cunt juice before returning to her anus.“Has to be done baby,” Mary whispered to her. “You have to learn to take it, not many men will want to do it to you but it will happen so you have to be ready. I remember when your Uncle Jack did it to me for the first time, it wasn’t so long ago, l know it’s painful at first but David will be gentle. Just don’t make too much noise, your father had a few drinks last night so he should still be sound asleep, but you don’t want to wake him up and see what David is doing to you do you?”Laura looked at her mother, tears running down her cheeks. “Okay” she said softly, “he will be gentle won’t he, Rusty said he was going to do it to me, l’m sure he would have been rough.”Mary turned to David, her finger pressing against Laura’s anus. “Are you ready son,” she said, “ you need to be good and hard but take it gentle.”David nodded as he watched his mother work her slippery finger into Laura’s bum hole, he heard Laura gasp as her secret passage was invaded.“When l pull out,” Mary said, slowly extricating her finger.David saw that as his mother’s finger came clear, the hole did not fully close immediately, he positioned himself, pressing the head of his cock against her anus, forcing it into the tight hole.“Oh my god,” Laura cried, trying not to shout out loud as she felt her passage being stretched. “Oh god that hurts Mum.”“I know baby,” Mary replied, “ try to relax baby, don’t fight it, just relax.”Turning to David she said, “Take it slowly son, just halfway, that’s it, now hold it there, just be still, let her get used to it.”“God Mum,” Laura whispered, “it feels so big, it feels bigger than when he fucks me.”“It will baby, but you’ll get used to it. How does it feel David, it’s your first time too isn’t it?”“It’s tight Mum,” he replied, “l want to fuck her, can l fuck her now?”“No,” Mary stopped him just as he was about to force himself deeper, “that’s enough for now, she’ll make too much noise if you fuck her, take it out slowly.”David did as she asked, slowly pulling back.“Oh god,” Laura said, “that feels so weird.”David stood back once he had pulled out completely, standing with his cock firmly erect.“Show him your thanks for being gentle,” Mary said to Laura, “suck him off.”“But Mum,” Laura protested, “ he’s just been…”“Don’t argue,” Mary said sternly, “you’re a slut and that is what sluts do, now do it, suck him off, it’s no different than when you were in that toilet you never knew what state those cocks were when they came through that hole so suck it.”Laura slowly slid off the table, dropping to her knees and taking David’s cock into her mouth.David immediately took hold of her and began fucking her mouth, knowing that his orgasm was close. Sure enough, after only a couple of minutes he was pumping his cum into her, Laura sucking eagerly and swallowing.Mary looked on, thrilled with the way things had worked out. For so long Ann and Jack had been telling her that she could get David to fuck her, she had been too scared to take the plunge, scared that he would reject her and that their relationship would be spoiled forever. She could never imagine that he would be so dominant, Mary like to be taken charge of, more than once Jack had put her over his knee and spanked her bare bottom, she felt her cunt tingling just thinking of it. She felt certain that she could get David to do things like that with her, she loved the way he dominated Laura and the way her daughter responded. Her only reservation was that with two women to satisfy, she hoped her son would be able to keep his strength up. At least it appeared that Dan was also in the picture, once again she thrilled at the idea of her and Laura being used by David and Dan together, she had taken two men at once often at the parties especially as Carol had started bringing single men into the group. “Oh this is going to be wonderful,” she said, stepping forward to kiss her son the stooping to kiss her daughter, tasting her son’s cum in her mouth.David was the first to hear movement upstairs signalling that his father was up and about. He told both of them to get dressed as he pulled on his shorts.“I’ll get David his breakfast,” Mary said, “you go up and shower and dress,” she said to Laura, “you can come with me later.”“Why?” Laura replied, “l was going to meet my friends in town.”“You can meet them later,” Mary told her, “l have an appointment at that new beauty parlour at the bottom of town, l’m having this removed,” she said, pointing at her mat of pubic hair. “Ann and Jack have been going on about it for ages and l promised l would do it before l went up again, l’ll see if the girl will do you as well, l spoke to her in the week, she said it’s one of her most popular treatments, apparently a lot of women are either having it taken off or having it trimmed.”“I don’t know Mum,” Laura replied.“You’ll come with me and have it done,” Mary told her, “you like it when David eats your cunt don’t you?”Laura blushed at her mother’s language but had to admit that she did.“Well then,” Mary continued, “men don’t want a mouth full of hair when they do it so you’re coming with me and having it done, no argument.”Laura knew there was no point in fighting her mother and also the thought of lying with her legs open while a strange woman worked on her pussy did seem quite decadent and exciting.David spent the day and evening with his mates, not getting home until almost midnight. He was in the kitchen making himself a sandwich when he heard movement behind him. Turning he saw his mother stood in the doorway, dressed in her dressing gown.“I can’t stop long,” she whispered, walking over to him and kissing him, “but l wanted you to see this,” she said, stepping back and opening her dressing gown. She was wearing a long nightdress which she lifted up to display herself naked from the waist down.David looked at where her patch of pubic hair had been, seeing smooth, white skin, and as she parted her legs he could see her labia protruding.“What do you think?” She asked.“Beautiful,” he replied, “l want to fuck it.” He unzipped his trousers and pulled out his cock.“You’ll have to be quick,” Mary replied, “and quiet, your father is still awake upstairs, l told him l would just pop down to see if you wanted anything to eat.”“I want to eat your cunt,” he laughed, “it’s beautiful, l’ve been thinking about fucking you both all day, l was going to have a wank before l went to bed but if l have to be quick just bend over the table.”“Yes Sir,” she giggled, walking over to the table and bending over it, parting her legs and pulling her dressing gown and nightie up to reveal herself completely. “I was hoping you would be home before your father but never mind, just fuck me for now, l can go back up and lie next to him with your cum inside me.”David was straight behind her in a moment, easily sliding his full length into her wet cunt, taking hold of her hips and beginning to thrust himself into her as hard as he could.Mary felt so good, having him thrusting deep inside her, pushing back to meet each thrust, hearing the slap as their bodies collided. She knew her orgasm was close and wanted to cry out but bit her lip, knowing her husband would hear.Suddenly she heard movement upstairs, they both froze, waiting to hear footsteps on the stairs.“Will you be long?” they heard Tom call from the top of the stairs.“Two minutes, l’m just coming,” Mary replied, both of them trying hard not to burst out laughing.“Quickly,” she whispered, “fill me with cum…ooo this is so exciting.”David thrusted himself into her three more times before he felt the surge coming up from his balls and he unloaded a day’s worth of frustration into her cunt.“Mmmmmmm,” Mary had to bite hard as she felt her own climax match his, using her muscles to milk him, trying to draw out every last drop.David pulled out, giving her bottom a hard slap. “Go on,” he said, l’ve finished with you for now, you can go back to Dad.”“You really are naughty,” she giggled, standing and putting her hand between her legs. “You’ve given me so much l’m leaking.” She withdrew her hand, showing him her spunk covered fingers before placing them in her mouth and licking them clean. “Goodnight lover,” she said, giving him a quick kiss as she made her way out into the hall, comically trying to squeeze her legs together to stop his cum from leaking down her thighs.David sat at the table for a few minutes, thinking about his situation, thinking that things just couldn’t be any better than they were at that moment. Then he got up and made his way to bed for another night dreaming of all the things he wanted to do with his mother and sister.

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