30 Haziran 2021

Festivals Are Best


Festivals Are Bestdeleteddeletedam back with the sex story about my recent incident which happened in last year’s Muharram festival.On that day, I was coming home from my boutique and due to a regular client, I got late. But it was necessary to attend that client as she was having her own function in that week. I had a hot conversation with one of my Indian Sex Stories friend on my personal yahoo messenger.He has sent me lots of sexy, erotic videos there and that made me aroused completely. So, while on the way to home I took the bus and my journey started. During that time my mind was having such thoughts that made me wet down there. You know ladies, how it feels at the age of 35 when u didn’t get fucked for almost 12-13 days? Due to the festival, that was a huge crowd in the bus and most of them were Muslims.I still remember there were only 5-6 ladies in that fully crowded bus and I was the only Hindu lady and that too alone. So, I thought let’s find out a safe kinda place and I stood behind a Muslim lady, besides me there were small c***dren who were facing an opposite direction and behind me there was a man of around 50 years of age strong built body, reddish beard but not a long one but a decent one, completely white traditional Muslim clothes.During first 5-7 minutes, I felt safe and I closed my eyes and was in my imaginary world. Suddenly I felt something on my asssssss. Oops, I forgot to mention my self. I am a married 35 years old lady, mother of one c***d(son). My hubby has never shown interest in me as soon as I gave birth to our c***d.But I started enjoying my life secretly but fully whenever I get a chance.On that day, I was wearing leggings – kurta. Of course, latest designer as I run a boutique. And as I have removed my undie at boutique because it got too wet and made me uncomfortable, I was having the only bra inside.Let’s get back to the point.As soon as I felt something, my senses worked and I realized that its a hand of someone on my left buttock and fingers are rolling over it slowly. I opened m eyes and looked at it who is it. So, when I looked at the hand it was the same man who was behind me and his eyes were at windows. I must admit that he had lots of gutts because he neither stop moving his fingers over my left buttock nor he removed his hand.I opened my mouth to scold him loudly but I realized that I am surrounded by his community and what can happen if I react in such way. So, I couldn’t speak a single word and at the same moment, he grabbed my ass. My mouth was already open and as soon as he grabbed my round ass a moan came out of my mouth and it was like hhaaaahhhhhhhh.He found it a positive signal. But the truth is although I was little aroused by the movements of his fingers on my undie-less butt over my cotton leggings, I was still not ready for that old man. I never believe in caste but at least age matters. I was in a dilemma of what to do. I had two options 1) to let him rule me and 2) that I try to escape from him silently.So, I tried the none of them and I asked him directly “Please???”(I meant that please leave me) he came closer to me and whispered in my ears that “Haan bitiya, bornova escort bilkul”(“I will surely please you”) and while saying this he moved his another hand towards my love hole through my cuts of kurta and damn. He touched my wet leggings before I could stop his hand. My one hand was still holding his one hand which was on my butts but my second hand was holding my mobile and controlling my purse.I felt a current passed through my entire body when he touched my wetness and I made my mind to give up. As I thought what can be the maximum he could do on a public bus? So I whispered with heavy breath ” please zara sambhalkar rehna”(” beeeeeee careful”) and I think he was waiting for this. He instantly pulled me with his hand on my cunt and I could feel his hard dick on my ass crack.And could easily feel that he is also not wearing underwear. He replied “Haan bitiya, kyun nahin? Tum bas sahyog dena”(“Yes baby why not? You just cooperate”) now I was totally under his control and I was ready to let him be in me also. So I just replied, “Kya main aapko cooperate nahin kar rahi chachcha-jaan?(“Am I not cooperating, uncle?”)He was moving his hands at everywhere between my cunt and navel and one hand was holding a seat beside me and the second hand was holding mobile and purse.I have started to enjoy and he unexpectedly pumped me thrice without removing clothes but I felt great and wanted it badly. And at the same moment bus stopped and people started to get down from the bus as the bus could not go far from this point due to too much crowd.I looked into his eyes and he removed his hands from my bally and let me go but he slapped my ass many times. As soon as we got down he asked me to follow him. I obeyed and we walked as unknown and after almost 500-600 meters, we reached a place where Tajiya Julus was. And he came to me and by holding my shoulders he let me into the crowd. We stopped at a place from where we could not go further. So, he started the similar kind of activities there.I was on the ninth cloud, it was a first ever experience of this kind.But I was ready and for the first time, I put my hand on his penis. My ghosh, it was too long and thick. He whispered “Bitiya rani, aaj abhi main tujhe khushi dene wala hun.(baby. I will give u pleasure today, right now) agar pasand aaye toh dobara jab tum chaho hum mil sakte hai(if u like it then we can meet again if u say)” I leaned my back on his chest and that means ok. There were too many people around us but everyone was trying to look at Tajiya. No one was interested to look down. He only adjusted our downside clothes in such a way that he can enter his penis into my cunt.We both have lost our minds that we could not understand that it’s not possible to have sex in so much crowd. And I really tried to bend a little to get his tool in me but it was too thick and long that I could not manage. So, I whispered ” chachcha-jaan, kahin aur chalte hai”(“Let’s go somewhere else, uncle”) and he said “Thik hai”(“Okay”). We adjusted our clothes and started to leave that crowd.He took me to his home which was nearby that place and as soon as we entered escort bornova in his drawing room, he closed the main door and hugged me tightly. I also hugged him. We were passionate and hungry for each other by that time.And he kept moving his hands all over my backside neck, back, ass and kissing my on my entire face including ear, chicks, nose, chin, neck, cleavage and during all of his activities he was speaking only one word repeatedly and it was “Bitiya rani…. Aaahhh… Bitiya raani…. Aaaahhhh…. Bitiya raaani….”I was also responding in a similar way I was replying him with “Ooohhh chachcha-jaan…. Yesss chachcha-jaaan….. Aaaahhh chachcha-jaaaan….” and at the same moment, I was moving my hands in his hairs I don’t know when did I kept aside his white round cap and kept allowing him to kiss me where ever he wanted. This was continued till 10-15 minutes.Then, he did something which I never expected. He grabbed my ass and raised me oooohhhh ghoshhhh he was so strong at this age and he started to kissing licking biting my boobs area.My boobs were still under kurta and bra but I could feel he wet mouth and sometimes movement of his tongue. I just love it. In the same situation, he started walking as I held gripped my legs around his below the waist and held his hand tightly so that I don’t lose balance.He threw me on his double bed but as I had held him too tightly he also fell over me and we started smooching passionately and also started to remove each other’s clothes we were completely naked in front of each other within no time. It the time when our eyes were speaking a lot and our lips were tempting equally. I was amazed to see he fully groaned dick. And then as per his order, I touched and licked it.I was not able to take it fully inside my mouth but he kept fucking my mouth by doing in-out, as his penis was too much thick it could not enter in my throat. So, after few strokes, my mouth felt tired and removed it outside. When I looked at him, he was looking sooo happy and we exchanged a naughty smile.Then, feel on the bed and just showed him my love hole. He instantly started to lick it and he entered his tongue inside my cunt I felt extreme high and held his head with the force he gave me tongue fuck my cunt and I made him lick me all love juice. I became calm as I was done.Then, he put his hard throbbing dick between my boobs and fucked my boobs with it and I again became ready after only 2-3 minutes of his boob fucking I said “Chachcha-jaan, ab der na karo mujhe ghar bhi jana hai”(“Uncle, please make it fast, I also need to go home”) he replied “Kyun nahin, meri bitiya rani? Kabse bekara hun tumhare liye”(“Why not baby, I m too eager for u’)He entered his penis in my cunt and initially it went well as I was still too much wet but when he started pushing it hard to enter it fully. I started to scream in pain aaa.Then, he stopped only when he entered his too big and broad cock into my cunt it was feeling like a Shatabdi express train was entering a tunnel.He understood my pain and brought his face near my face and whispered erotically by licking my earlobes “Yeh tere pati ka nahi hai bornova escort bayan jo aasani hoti lene me yeh mera hai jo ab pera tere hi andar hai.” (“This is not ur hubby’s dick that it will go smoothly, this is mine and now its completely in you”) my heart was beating in a high speed I could not utter a single word after that looooong scream.So, he again said in a similar way “Kaisa hai mera, bitiya raaani? Kuchh bata toh sahi. Ab tu kahe toh shuru karun?”(“How’s it, baby? Please say something, I wanna start now if u say”) I gathered some energy and whispered in his ears “Meri chinkh ne hi bata diya ki kaisa hai, chachcha-jaaaannnn. Aur main to bus me hi ready ho gai thi.”(“My scream has already said how it is, uncle… And I m ready since I was in bus.”) before I could say anything else he started pumping. Believe me, it was such a feeling which I can never explain in words.He fucked me in 4 different positions and for almost 45 minutes without ejaculating it was really surprising and I had got 4 orgasms. As soon as I get my orgasm, I asked to change position and he licks my cunt continues again in a new position.And when he was about to cum, he asked me whether inside my cunt or in the mouth? And that won my heart and I gave permission for inside my cunt. I knew that I can never be pregnant so it wasn’t risky at all.Finally, he filled up fully my cunt with his semen and it came out as I also got my fifth orgasm at the same time. We did cleaning in a 69 position. Lied there for almost half an hour fully naked. I was fully exhausted and unable to speak much. So, I heard whatever he said and only replied with “Hmmm” where it was required. Let me tell u what I remember from his one-way conversation.“Bitiya raani, bahut si Hindu aurton ke sath sex kiya hai par tum un gini chuni aurton me se ho jo mujhe santusht kar paayi hai. Warna zyadatar aurton ki capacity khatam ho gai thi aur mujhe khud hi Santosh hona padta tha….”(baby, I have fucked many Hindu ladies, but you are one of those few ladies who could give me satisfaction, otherwise majority of the ladies didn’t have such stamina to satisfy me and I had to get satisfaction with my own self….”) I said “Hmmmm”“Itna hi nahi, tu ek hi aisi nikli jisn mera virya apni chut me liya”(“Not just this but you are the only one who took my semen into your cunt”)I was feeling little better and felt proud and but still replied with hmmm. I started to get up by listening to his other sentences about me for praising me and started to wear my clothes.Now I was about to ready to go home and gave him a final goodbye kiss but as soon as I turned he held my hand and asked me directly.“Jaate jaate ek baat to batati jaao bitiya raani.”(“While going, at least answer me for a question, baby”)“Kaunsi baat?”(“What”)“Aapke pati se mere lund ki comparison karke batao kuch”(“Say something by comparing my dick with your hubby’s.”)I said from a bottom of my heart and feeling of my cunt “Agar yeh lund hai toh samjho k mere pati ke paas lund hai hi nahi.”(if this is the dick, then believe me my hubby is not having a dick.”)I think this is too long and I have much more to share with you. But for that, I have to write the second part of the sex story.I can write it in a better way only if I get some true suggestion from you. I have also written other three incidents and this is the fourth one. You can find those three with a title of the autobiography of private life part 1,2,3.

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