5 Şubat 2021

Finding Friends In The Booth Ch. 03


After James pulled his cock out of my ass, Jack with his arm still around me started rubbing his cock against my ass still full of James cum. I pushed back with my ass until Jack pushed his cock into my ass some of James cum pushed out as he drove his cock inside me, I could feel my own cock getting so hard it felt like it would just burst. Jack was fucking my ass when James spun around and pushed his cock towards my lips which I opened to gladly take his cock inside. Jack was still fucking my ass when I heard him start to moan as he suddenly shot what seemed like an enormous load inside my ass I squeezed his cock with my ass trying to suck every drop he had out. James at the same time started pushing his cock deeper into my mouth as he started shooting his load at the same time. Oh yes I thought as both my ass and mouth were being filled with hot loads of cum at the same time.

After that we collapsed Jack’s cock still in my ass and James cock in my mouth, I could feel both of their cocks slowly softening , but my cock was still hard and in need of some action. I asked Jack if I could fuck his ass now (I figured seeing that I met him first it was only fair I ask him first), James jumped to attention like he was willing but Jack said yes. I got up and he bent over, I was getting ready to lick his ass to lube it up with my spit when James moved in saying he would get him ready for me. I was watching James fucking Jack’s ass with his tongue and I could feel my cock swelling even more. When Jack’s ass was ready James moved away as I slowly started pushing my cock inside, first the head then little by little more until I was fully inside.

I was fucking Jack when James moved his mouth to my ass and started licking it cleaning casino oyna out some of the cum that both he and Jack had left inside of me. I was getting so excited from James doing this when suddenly he mounted me and this time not taking it slowly pushed his hardening cock into my ass. James was moving his cock in and out of my ass with the same rhythm as I was fucking Jack’s ass. After what seemed like a lifetime I could feel my cock starting to twitch and my entire body started to stiffen, my ass tightened around James cock as I shot my cum into Jack’s ass, Jack pushing hard against my cock until every little bit came out. My body relaxed my cock still inside Jack as James was still pummeling my ass with his massive cock Jack pulled away from me and then pushed his cock which was now hard as a rock into my mouth. James was fucking me faster now and I could tell it was only a matter of time; I started to pump my mouth up and down Jack’s fat shaft faster and faster wanting him to cum too. James cock started jumping inside my ass as he shot another hot load in me that made me suck Jack’s cock even harder and faster a few seconds after James finished shooting his load Jack’s cock stiffened as he shot his load into my mouth, I not wanting to waste any swallowed it all making sure I licked the head of his cock clean.

After we got cleaned up and dressed James looked at the time and said he need to leave for his shift at the restaurant, as he was leaving and Jack was in the other room James gave me a quick hug and kiss telling me thanks and he hoped I would come back again as he slipped a piece of paper inside my pocket. Jack came out and gave James a hug and then kiss said goodbye and grabbing his ass as he was going out the door, James just canlı casino looked at him and called him a tease. Jack then looked at me and asked when I had to leave, I looked at my watch it was only a little before 3:00 and I told him I could stay for a while more, and he smiled and said great.

Jack made a little lunch and then said why don’t we go back to where the weekend started, I looked at him and said what. Well he said we could go back to the bookstore and pretend we haven’t met yet and see where that takes us. I thought that sounded cool so I agreed and we left for the bookstore.

Jack suggested a different place than we met so when we got to the bookstore Jack said for me to go in first, I was looking around the place it was a lot the same as the other only the patrons her were all kind of twinks, you know the kind of guys when you were younger you’d call sissies. As I was looking around jack came up behind and grabbed my ass saying to me “come here much”. Jack then suggested going back to the booths, he left first disappearing behind the curtain, I then followed. We found a booth that had two very young 20 something year old (I’m guessing) blonde guys with a much older 60’s plus guy (again guessing). As we were watching Jack slipped his hand around the waistband of my pants then slowly inside to grab my cock. Jack motioned for me to pull them down which I did very quickly and he lowered his face to my cock then started licking my balls and sucking them inside his mouth. I was trying to be quiet but must have made some slight noise since some very girly sounding guy whispered into the booth asking if we needed a hand, Jack releasing my balls from his mouth quietly whispered no thanks got it myself and the guy left both kaçak casino of us holding back our laughter. Jack went back to sucking my balls and then slid his hand around to my ass sticking three of his fingers in me my cock stiffened and Jack let go of my balls and took my cock in his mouth, I moaned very quietly as his moist mouth surrounded my shaft.

Jack using his other hand grabbed my balls and started squeezing them hard enough to send a slightly intense pain throughout my body then slowly scraped his teeth against my cock as he pumped his mouth up and down my shaft. This caused very intense but enjoyable pain and my cock started trying to twitch causing the pain to intensify even more, Jack suddenly released his teeth and took my whole cock inside his mouth just as I started to cum. Jack took his fingers from my ass licked my cock clean, then we dressed and went back into the store, I don’t know if anyone heard us but when we came out a lot of the people in the store looked at us and smiled.

Jack and I went back to his house so I could get my car, when we got there Jack asked me if I would like to come over to a get together with some friends they had planned in a few weeks. I thought about it and had no plans so I agreed asking him what to bring, he replied just you. Jack walked me to his door and as I was getting ready to go outside kissed me sliding his tongue into my mouth as he released his lips from mine he then handed me a piece of paper with his phone number. I drove home and all I could think about was the weekend fun that I had just had, when I got home my cock was so hard all I called Jack and we had what we now call phone sex (thank god my parents and siblings weren’t home since I was making noises like they had never probably heard before), after I shot my load we talked for a few minutes our conversation ending with Jack telling me he couldn’t wait to see me again………………………………..

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