19 Kasım 2021

First Mutual


First MutualWhen I was about 18 or 19 I was working for a landscaping company over the summer, basically moving dirt, rocks, logs and mulch at the command of the boss. He designed gardens and we would come in and transform a back yard from a dirt patch to a beautiful garden in a few days. Usually I was getting yelled at for doing something wrong and because I’m deaf he or one of the other guys would have to come and get my attention, and tell me to my face what I should be doing different.On one job, the woman we were working for would sometimes look out the window and watch us working, I didn’t have a problem with that but it sometimes made me a bit uncomfortable and self conscious.Anyway, to cut to the point, one day just as we were leaving she handed me a note as I was getting into my care, it said “open this later” – She waved and went inside. I drove home which was only a few minutes away. When I got home I went to my room and was about to get in the shower and I pulled her note from my pocket. It read:Hi Brian,I’ve been watching how hard you work and how badly the guys treat you. I was wondering if you would be available to do some other cleanup work at my house this weekend? If you can, please come by at about 10am on Saturday and I’ll show you what I need. It’s mainly moving boxes and collecting trash. If you can’t make it that’s okay.Thank youKarenI thought why not so I drove to her place on Saturday and got there a few minutes early, she was pleased to see me and showed me what she wanted done. So I spent the next couple of hours moving boxes from her house to a shed and various bits of trash to a place beside the house.It was pretty hot so as usual I took off my shirt and was just working in my shorts. She waved me back into the house and said I looked like I needed to cool off. I went to put my shirt back on and she stopped me saying “no need for that, cool off”. She had changed into a very thin cotton dress, istanbul escort no shoes on here feet, and no bra. Seeing her big boobs sway around as she walked and her nipples poking through the tin fabric made me quite horny. Although I had been with a couple of girls in high school, I was still a virgin and very inexperienced and shy, but she was turning me on and I got worried that I would get hard and embarrass myself. From an early age, my cock had a mind of its own and would get hard and stay hard causing all sorts of awkward situations. Being fairly naive back then I didn’t see what was going on, but she got us a couple of cold Cokes and we sat in her living room, I was on a chair facing her on the sofa. We talked a bit, and as I had gotten used to it at that stage of my life, people were sometimes uncomfortable and awkward talking to a deaf person. I could understand her as long as I could read her lips, but she could see that I was distracted by her body as I was sneaking glances down to her breasts, hips and legs.She put one foot up on the coffee table between us and that gave me a better view. I had already felt my cock hardening in my pants and the bulge was really becoming obvious, and slightly uncomfortable. I could see her looking down too from time to time as the conversation continued about this and that. Then suddenly she said to me “I can see by the bulge in your pants you like what you are seeing, would you like to see more?” and she slowly opened her legs wider to expose her pussy.All I could do was stare and nod. “good” she said, “I like what I’m seeing too. Karen was in her mid thirties, not married, and she had a fabulous body. She was quite plain looking but attractive, no makeup, and as I think about her now she was a bit of a hippy. As she lifted both feet to the coffee table I had a perfect view up the length of her thighs avcılar escort to a hairy patch at the top. She rubbed her hands along her legs and signaled my to look up. “Unzip your shorts” she said to me. I was hesitant but mesmerized. We were just a few feet apart, I could smell her excitement. I unzipped my shorts, and she just nodded at me to take out my penis. I pulled it free from my underwear and it sprung up. It felt good to be free of the pressure. She just made a jerking off motion slowly on herself to encourage me to do that.My cock is just over 9 inches, even soft, it’s always been quite big, guys in the locker rooms would sometimes stare and no doubt compare to their size. Girls I had been with in high schools just giggled and were a little afraid, not sure what to do, always leaving me to take care of business on my own. Something I had become very good at from an early age.I slowly started rubbing my shaft and she was touching herself. She had lifted her skirt up to her hips and her legs were now wide apart. I could already feel myself ready to cum and I was worried what would happen if I shot cum all over her table or chair. I would often shoot cum several feet and there’s no telling where it would land.I slowed my stroking in an effort to control myself as she picked up her pace. Karen was holding her pussy apart with one hand and rubbing her clit very fast with the other. I could see the wetness of her pussy glistening back at me. Despite almost stopping touching myself I could feel my orgasm rising, Feel the cum building in my cock then it erupted. Almost with no hands my cock shot several streams into the air that landed back on me. I remember thinking thank goodness it didn’t go on the furniture. As my orgasm was subsiding she stood up quickly, convulsing with her hand on her pussy and I saw several drips of her juices fly off her fast moving fingers. She slumped şirinevler escort back on the sofa, still holding herself and twitching.My cock was still semi-hard as she stood up, with a big smile she said to me “stay there” I’lll get something to clean up. She came back in a short while with a warm towel and asked if she could clean me off. I nodded and she slowly scooped the cum off my stomach and chest. Wiped my dry, then went back to my shaft to clean up there. I felt myself starting to harden again. She looked at me and said “you have a gorgeous penis”. She went back to work wiping me down with the wet then dry towels. The way she was wiping excited me again and as she dropped the towels to the fllor, kneeling in front of me she asked “can I use my hands on you?” I just nodded again, I was speechless and fully under her spell. She gently stroked me, sometimes using both hands then just one. Cum from my last orgasm was still oozing from the slit of my cock and dripping down the head. Instinctively she lent forward and licked at it with the tip of her tongue. She looked up and asked “is that okay if I do that”? Yes I said as a leaned back to enjoy her hands and mouth on me. I’m not sure how long it was as I was in some form of erotic hypnosis I think, but at some stage she stopped, reached down under her dress and I thought she was masturbating again, but she brought her wet hand back to me and continued her oral massage using some of her own juices.My cock was so wet and hard as she raised her head and said “I want to make you cum again” okay I said, as I wondered how I could make myself last longer. But almost instantly with her hand working her wetness up and down my length she watch as I shot cum into the air and over my head, more fell on my chest and was running down my cock, I just remember being so wet as she slowly brought me back down, transfixed on my cock and using my cum and hers as I slowly softened in her hands.I had lost count how many times I had made myself cum masturbating since my early teens, but that was the first orgasm I had with another person, and by far the best. To this day I replay that event in my mind and I love participating in mutual masturbation.I saw Karen again a few more times, but that’s for another time.

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