5 Kasım 2021

first time but not the last


first time but not the lastWe’d known Him for a while. If web-camming, phone sex and exchanging pics counts. We’d tried to make arrangements to meet a couple times before, but circumstances had developed that wouldn’t allow it. So when He mentioned that he would be driving through our area last Sunday, despite having a bit of a hectic weekend plans wise, we were determined to try to finally get together in person. Iris was excited and it showed. She had a certain glow about her all day. A bit about her: In her late forties she still turns heads, blonde, 5’8″, leggy, perfectly shaped b cup boobs with an ass to die for. Oh and a sexual appetite that keeps me well satisfied. He had called to say that based upon his GPS readings he’d be in our town around 6pm. But that he could only stay for a bit. We made plans to all meet in a parking lot near our community Rec center. I arrived first, and shortly after he pulled his SUV into the lot. He pulled around to park alongside me rolled down the window and said “Hi”. Conversation was easy and I explained considering this was our first meeting perhaps it would be good to keep it a masturbation kind of thing. He agreed. Just then Iris turned her car into the lot and pulled around to where we were. Now that the lot had suddenly uncharacteristically become a bit more busy with activity then normal I suggested they hop in the gaziantep escort back seat of her car and that I would drive around for a while. Once in the car they were like two lust-filled teens, making out and rubbing each other all over. I was trying to concentrate on the road but couldn’t keep my eyes off the rearview mirror and kept glancing behind me. He unzipped his pants pulled down his jeans, his already hard cock sprung free. Iris had undone her pants and slid them down as best she could in the cramped quarters, revealing a black garter and stockings that He had asked for. So much for keeping it just touching… Iris was down on his cock immediately, licking and sucking the engorged head. It was clear He thought it felt good from his moaning and heavy breathing. I saw a driveway between two buildings in a strip mall and turned in. I backed between two vans to try and conceal the car as best I could. First he buried his face between her buns then turned her to lick her pussy as best the confines of the back seat would permit. At that point I had my pants down and was rubbing my cock watching the action. In the semi 69 position they had assumed his cock and balls were right behind me. My wife’s hands and mouth were all over it. Caught up in the heat of the moment I asked, “Do you mind if I rub your balls”? He said “no”. So I reached back and massaged his quickly growing tighter scrotum. Then grabbed his shaft along with Iris… the both of us jacking him. He sort of sat up a bit clearly enjoying what was being done to him and groaned loudly. His head swelled and the first stream of jizm shot from his cock. He had told Iris on the phone that it had been 5 days since his last orgasm and it showed. Again and again hot streams of cum shot out of his cock running down Iris’ clenched fist. And she was sure to milk out every last drop. He said something to the effect of- “oh my …sorry about the big mess”. Iris said “no problem, I brought some tissue. While I was watching I had been stroking, and although we’d had sex that morning I could feel I was just about to let loose. Iris sat up and grabbed my cock, He was working a couple fingers into her wet pussy from behind. Then I came too- spilling across the combination of her hand and mine. There was a moment while I we all were kind of thinking about what had just occurred. Then realizing that it wasn’t a place we should stay at for very long, least not the way we were. We pulled ourselves together and drove back to the lot. As we drove he said “wow it’s kind of hot in here”. I said I think you mean “steamy”. We all laughed and he said “yes”. When we got to the lot we all agreed it had been fun and that we would stay in touch. His account: It was good to finally meet Steve in person. Minutes later, the most beautiful woman drove up. Steve’s description was spot on. Gorgeous face, rimmed glasses that left me thinking of “Hot for Teacher.” Black amethyst perfume enveloping the back seat. The lust for each other smoldering in our eyes. I nearly lost it when she shimmied out of the jeans to reveal her garter and nylons. I dove between Iris’ legs to taste her nicely trimmed landing strip. Darn the confines of the back seat. I just had to taste her… She had the same thought as I dropped my pants and underwear in one tug, revealing my steely hard 8inch cock. Damn her mouth felt soooo.. good. Steve reminding me of how good she sucked cock. I twisted in the seat to taste her. I had to taste this goddess in a near 69 with me. I dipped my fingers in her wetness, mesmerized by the heart shaped look of her ass. Damn, I wish we were in a room — so I could admire every inch of this beautiful woman. I couldn’t get enough of those lips, sucking on her pussy lips and caressing her ••••••• with my tongue. I laid back enjoying her mouth and hands at work when Steve asked if he could join in… Are you k**ding me…absolutely! Hands and her mouth working away while I planted my faces between her cheeks, it didn’t take long to erupt. Boy, what an eruption! I sensed ropes of cum…but couldn’t see where they landed. She had her back to me, but could only imagine that it was exciting for them to. Obviously it was…

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