30 Haziran 2020

First time I fucked her


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First time I fucked herWe had been friends for a few months, and had shared some time together, we would meet up at the weekend and sometimes midweek, often going for a walk or going for a drink. Although we started off as friends I knew from the start that I wanted it to be more but did not want to take things too fast. This would all change one Saturday evening when we became lovers.We met on a cold Saturday afternoon, we were walking along the beach as we often did. We talked about how each others week had been, just talked in general at ease with each others company, stopping every now and then to marvel at the view and the crashing waves on the shoreline.As the waves pounded onto the shore it was a sexual metaphor for what I wanted to do to her, I wanted to be pounding her hard, I wondered if she felt the same thing, the energy from the sea almost in touch with my inner feelings. I listened to her every word as I always did and got lost on each word, every word she spoke from her soft lips gave me a funny feeling deep inside, again I wondered if she ever felt the same when I spoke.As we walked back to the town we stopped for a drink to warm up, as we sat in a pub we talked some more, I gazed into her blue eyes and felt self conscious as I found it hard to disguise my true feelings for her. As we left the pub it was dark now and we walked back to where we had parked earlier that day. As we walked back I could no longer resist the urge to touch her and I put my arm around her, she responded by putting her arm around my waist and I felt a buzz of anticipation throughout my body.We stopped and I leaned in and kissed mersin escort her slowly on the lips, my hands holding her close to me, I felt the warmth of her breathe, the coldness of her cheeks. She asked me if I wanted to come back to hers, and I said I would love to. I followed her back in her car, the drive seemed to only take a few minutes, I was excited, nervous, but could not wait to get back to hers and to take her to bed.We arrived, I joined her as she was opening her front door, she was talking to me but I was in a daze, she opened the door and we went inside, I wondered if the moment had gone and whether she wasn’t ready to take things further. All these thoughts were banished when she closed the door and kissed me passionately, this time it was different, an intimate kiss between the two of us. We stopped and took off our coats, she laughed as I struggled to get one arm out of my coat because I wanted to do it so quickly.As we carried on kissing my hands moved down and I rubbed her back and then down and felt her bum which was tight in her jeans she was wearing. She stopped and led me to her bedroom, as we went upstairs I felt my cock was now semi hard, as thoughts of fucking her now were becoming a reality. She lay on the bed and lay with her, both of us on our sides, embracing in french kissing, our arms almost groping one another in the heat of passion.I took her woolen top off, and then she took her bra off, I immediately felt her pert breasts, and her nipples were stiff, she moaned as I slowly kissed her breasts. I took my shirt off and undid my belt, amomentary pause as I stood and took escort mersin off my trousers and boxers. My cock sprang out still semi erect as if awoken by surprise, the foresking still mostly covering the helmet. She by now had took off her jeans, she kneeled on the bed in just a white thong. I moved forward and she moved forward and held my cock, almost like an introduction, she tugged on it as if to greet it, then her hand clasped my balls, her hands were cold, my scrotum was tight and large, the skin taut. She now masturbated me, rolling the foreskin back and foreward.SHe masturbated me for a minute or so and then I moved onto the bed, I lay on top of her, we kissed again for several minutes, my cock now completely erect as it pressed against her thigh, sometimes moving onto the lace of her knickers, I could feel precum now oozing out of my bellend. I got up and pulled her knickers down, instantly my eyes were met by a thick dark bush, tidyly trimmed but a nice thick bush that covered right down around to were her pussy lips were, the pinkness of her pussy visible and in contrast to the black pubic hair. She lifted her anckles as I removed her knickers.I went to work on her pussy, firstly just feeling it, her pubic hair bristles felt rouch on my fingers, I then just opened her pussy lips and put my fingers inside, she lay back and moaned,her eyes closing as I masaged her clit, my cock still erect and twitching as I fingered her. SHe gasped, and I heard her say fuck me.I moved over her and lay on top, sliding my cock inside, as it did she let out a gasp, I lay on her, kissing as I slowly moved back and mersin escort bayan forth and my cock slowly penetrated her, we lay for a minute like this but I felt I was going to cum and pulled out, we kissed for a while, I told her to bend over on the bed. I moved behind her and her pussy lips were so tight and inviting, I slid my cock inside her again, and she moaned again as I started to fuck her from behind. I now moved quicker and thrust deep inside her holding her breasts as I did so, the slapping sound loader and loader and we now both moaned and gasped, it was only a short while and then I again stopped.I asked her to get on top, I lay back and she got on top of me, holding my cock and guiding it inside her, we looked into each others eyes as she moved up and down on me, leaning forward as I kissed her and held her breasts. I knew I would not last long and as she rode me quicker I could feel the rush coming and I cummed hard inside her, moaning as I climaxed, she stopped and leaned forward, we now kissed as I felt my cock soften inside her. She got off me and lay next to me, cum dripping from her pussy and clinging to her pubic hair.We held each other and kissed, and I carried on fingering her, my hands wet from her and sticky from my own cum, she had not orgasmed through penetration so I again rubbed her clit and she then monaed and sighed as she climaxed. We were both hot and sweaty, we had probably only been in her bedroom for 5 or 10 minutes but it seemed longer. As I we lay naked next to each other I knew that this would be the first of many times we would fuck, I looked at my cock, it lay on my thigh, foreskin half rolled back with beads of cum still dripping out. She lay with creamy cum that now stuck pubic hair together like glue, her pussy lips wet and sticky.That was the first time we became more than friends and things changed forever.

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