17 Eylül 2021

First time swap


First time swapMy partner Angie , (see my lady album) and I were on holiday in Egypt , lazy days in the sun and a few drinks at night when one day by he pool we began chatting to a German couple, both about our age, mid 50’s very attractive, slim & tanned. After lunch we started with a few drinks , with the sun & drink Angie got a bit merry, loosened up and was getting very hot & excited. Gret our new friend was very tactile and was touching Angie which made her even hotter and I was unsure where this would lead but was hoping it would lead to sex. When the sun was setting we were all a little drunk and Hans suggested we carry on drinking in their room , well I thought this could be our first swap, we had talked about it but never made any attempt to go any further, walking into the hotel I whispered to Ange how far do you want this to go & she just kissed my cheek and smiled.When we got to their bursa escort room, wow it was enormous , a suite, well the Germans always get the best rooms, walking in Gret dropped her costume and laid in one of the big beds, as Ange walked past her he grabbed her hand a pulled her towards the bed, Ange hesitated, but Hans moved in behind her , held her waist and moved her onto the bed beside Gret, they started kissing and both got very excited with deep tongue kissing and writhing around together. Hans winked at me and we both took our shorts off and moved in for the kill. Hans had quite a big cock, upturned and a huge purple bell end, wow I though , Ange will love that rubbing her g spot , 8 inch long & thick with veins all along it.He rolled in between Angies legs, she open up and he dived for her shaven cunt, when he started eating her she went crazy , leaking juice and came almost bursa escort bayan immediately. Gret smiled at me and opened my legs, held my arse cheeks open and swallowed my cock down her throat, Fuck me I thought, this is awesome and shot my spunk straight down her throat. Meanwhile Angie had calmed down and climbed on Hans , his prick strait up and she sank down on it all the way and lay on it like a hen on its eggs. She laid still savouring the fullness and not wanting to loose that 8 inch from her cunt. Then she started riding , slow and long , almost coming to the bell end then sinking down again all the way down. Gret started wanking me hard again , not difficult when my beautiful little blond partner was riding a big prick right next to me. I was bursting by now and Gret bent over, I got behind her and sunk my prick all the way up her wet cunt. She started shivering, shaking escort bursa and came like a fucking train , her wet cunt splashing all over her thighs, fuck I was so turned on and with one last push shot my spunk deep into her cunt.God I was well fucked but Hans has turned my lovely lady over and shagged her in the missionary position with high energy making her arse lift off the bed trying to keep his massive bell end inside her pussy lips, They both screamed and came together, Hans rolled off Angie and his spunk rolled out of her stretched cunt, wow this is much better than I could ever have imagined, I realised I loved her more than ever and felt so proud she fucked so well. We then said our goodbyes , and promised to meet later and have round 2 but for now we wanted a shower and some rest.We met up later in the Hotel bar, more drinks and more out of this world sex, which I will tell about next time, this swapping business was awesome, please look at my Angies picture and if you fancy fucking her, get in touch, she is 5ft 2in , 9 stone, lovely looking, blonde and now fucks other men. but only with me present and joining in.,

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