10 Ekim 2021

First time with a guy ever


First time with a guy everWhen i was about 21 years old (i’m 23 now) i really wanted to fool around with a guy, i have always wanted to for a long time but i never did because i was scared and didn’t think i could actually do it. So i got my ass onto POF and talked to a few guys and got talking to one for a while and we eventually exchanged numbers. We decided to meet up at a hotel and play around and see where things went. We stopped at a bar for a bit and got some drinks to loosen us up and to see if we actually wanted to do it, i mean the guy already saw my hard cock from a few pics and i saw his. So we go up and he opens the door and we walk in, and as soon as it closes he grabs me by the waist and starts making out with me! i wasn’t going to make out because for some reason i thought it would be weird but i thought if i’m going to do this i mid as well go all out, so i grabbed his ass and went back at him. He was a good looking guy about 6′ and in good shape, i was lucky i suppose. As i’m making out i feel down his hard stomach and play with his belt line, i can feel his cock swelling against my body. Its a really weird feeling when you feel down canlı bahis and theres not a pussy but a big hard cock, and it gave me a crazy rush for some reason. He was about 6.5 or 7 inched and good girth’y and could tell he was probably almost fully hard so i reached down and took his cock in my hand and knew what i should do next. Like a good slut i got down on my knees and started undoing his pants and when i pulled them down his cock slapped me in the face and we both laughed pretty hard because i’m a newbie. I took a sec and took a good look and admired this nice cock i was about to put in my mouth for the first time, then couldn’t wait and slowly pushed his cock into my mouth. I worked it slowly like off any porno i have seen and worked it with my hands and mouth. I was really having fun and after a few teeth warnings i had it down and he said i gave amazing head so i’m pretty happy about that. After he got his sucked for a bit and he was ready for some to he picked me up and threw me onto the bed and ripped my pants of and sucked my cock so good…seeing a guy wrapped around my dick was so weird and it felt naught i loved it. He blew me so bahis siteleri good and i was excited so i had to stop him before i came everywhere so he flipped me over. I flipped back around and put my finger on his lip like a movie and said hold it cowboy i’m not ready, i stood up and bent over a little and pulled a big butt plug from my ass that had been in there all night that i never told him about so i was loosened up. I set it on the table, shot a squirt of lube up my butt and crawled onto the bed bent over in the most downward dog position i could because i’m flexible and said “now i’m ready” He spread my cheeks wide and exposed my asshole to look at and admire i assume, then he pressed his rock hard cock against my ass and i thought “holy shit this is it” and in one swift move he slid his entire cock to the balls into my asshole. I clenched the pillow and exhaled as it took my breath away, and he began to pump. He pumped and worked my ass so good he could pull it out and slide it back in and it would make that gaping sound i loved it and he fucked me good. He flipped me around a few times and took my ass however he wanted it and after getting güvenilir bahis my ass gaped for a long time and it was getting sore i told him its his turn so he laid down. I sucked his cock for him again and “accidentally got down a little far” and noticed i was right by his ass so i took the opportunity and stuck my tongue up his asshole and ate him out. I kept sucking hard and fast till all a sudden its like he grabbed the back of my head so hard it felt like a punch and gave me the part i was most excited for….a huge built up horny load that he saved for 4 days for me and it took two gulps and oh my fuck i could take one a day every day i tell you. Pleased and happy i said well i want to cum to and he said to just put it in his ass, so i did. His ass was tight and didn’t take me long and he didn’t let me pull out so i came up his ass and it must have been huge because it leaked. We lied on the bed and smoked a cig and we joked till i got dressed. I stood at the door and have him a kiss and spur the moment i got down and gave his cock a little suck and kiss and it stood him up again so i stuck my tongue out and he jacked off onto my stuck out tongue and sucked the rest out. It was an amazing time and experience and would like to do it again with the right guy, i hope one day i meet him so i can have a fuck buddy. This happened line by line if you can believe it.

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