30 Haziran 2021

First Time with a man

Big Tits

First Time with a manFirst Time with a Man(True story, I was ####teen)I walked down through the park after school and went into the Gentlemen’s toilets. There was a long urinal in the shade and I stood there with my cock out. I didn’t really want to pee, just feeling the cool air around my shaft was enough. It stiffened and soon I was rubbing it, feeling the tingles of excitement building in the veins. I was scared. But I wasn’t going to stop.I looked down at my hard cock, and pulled the skin back exposing the hard shiny purple knob. For some reason I spat in my hand and started to massage the warm liquid over my glans. My school trousers were now down below my hips and I had to keep my legs apart to stop them from falling down completely, my underpants were also below my hips and I felt totally exposed as I carried on rubbing.I heard footsteps entering and quickly pulled up my trousers as best I could, turning to the right to hide my engorged cock. I tried to pretend to pee again, desperately holding my trousers together around my penis. I looked down, concentrating on the white ceramic urinal, and the lack of piss.Gradually I started trying to glance over and see who else had come in. I tried to slide my eyes as far to the left as they would go without moving my head. It didn’t really work but I caught a glimpse of another man standing there. Again there was no sound of piss. I rubbed myself slowly and continued looking down, and then glanced over. He was clearly rubbing his cock too, and it was very thick.I froze for moments, suspended in a state of unknowing, and then turned towards him letting him see me playing with myself. My cock wanted to explode. He turned and let me watch as he massaged his fat cock. I stood dumbfounded with my erection still in my hand. As I came to my senses I fumbled with the zip on my black trousers and hurried over to one of the cubicles at the back of the toilets.Once inside I bolted the door and then let my trousers and pants fall to the floor. I gave my hard cock a couple of good tugs and felt air around my balls. As I looked down I started to unbutton my white school shirt, feeling air across my stomach, my cock was aching from being so hard. I stood there watching it twitch as the blood pumped through it and gave it a another rub. Then I heard footsteps, I stood stock still with my cock throbbing, I was almost in panic. Run or stay?I stayed and listened as the door next to me shut.It was silent for a while, then a slight cough. I sat and waited not knowing what to expect. A black shoe appeared under the adjoining wall. It tapped slowly. I was sitting in a public toilet with my trousers and pants around my ankles and my cock was very hard. I had my shirt half open and my tie was undone. The shoe tapped again on the floor.Realizing that this was some kind of message I sat back down on the closed toilet seat and slid my foot under the wall, acknowledging that I was in here. There was a gentle press on my shoe and then two feet under the wall from the other side. I wriggled my foot in acknowledgement not knowing what would happen. There was a hole in the cubicle wall which I’d seen before but never understood, but that afternoon I suddenly realised. I stood up and pushed my hard cock through the hole. A hand soon wrapped around it and began to move up and down the hard shaft of konak escort my erection.After a while it suddenly changed and I felt pleasant warmth engulfing my young cock – It took a couple of minutes of exquisite pleasure to realise that he was now sucking me. I made no move to stop him, though my head reeled a little trying to comprehend. It just felt so good. I don’t know how long this lasted, I was lost in a new found ecstasy of bliss, I didn’t come but could have stayed like that forever, it was beautiful in a strange kind of way .I’d never felt anything like it.Again I felt the feelings change. The warmth of his mouth disappeared and I felt his hand again stroking me, guiding me to another entrance. Again spit was used to lubricate my cock and his passage. I still didn’t know what was happening, but through that hole I realised that I was fucking his arse, not for my pleasure, but for his.I withdrew after a while, not really enjoying it and sat back on the toilet seat trying to reawaken my slightly soft penis. I heard some shuffling of clothes and things from the next cubicle, and then I saw his head appear over the cubicle wall. He was looking down at me smiling as I played with my slightly limp cock. Without speaking he nodded down towards the cubicle door, I nodded too. Within less than a minute there was a knock on the door and I let him in. bolted the door shut and then sat straight down on the toilet and pulled me towards him so my cock was near his face, he started to rub me slowly again, I was so hard and. I had never been this turned on before. He e didn’t try to rush me, letting me feel the muscles and sperm rising in my cock. It felt so good, I stood back for a moment and removed my trousers and pants as they fell below my knees down to my ankles I stood there looking at him, as he started to feel my cock again. I pushed him back for a moment and bent down untying my shoes. Somehow I managed to take them off, and slid my trousers and underpants over my ankles, stepping back into my shoes and quickly stuffing the trousers into my school bag on the floor. I stood before him now and took off my school tie, then undid my white shirt. My cock was pointing directly towards him and I felt his hand on me once gain. I didn’t resist and started to really enjoy him touching me, rubbing up and down. I felt his other hand slide up over my belly and begin to caress my nipples and realised that he now had his trousers open too. He was guiding my hand down to his cock and it didn’t take long . His trousers were undone and he stuffed my hand down into his underpants wrapping my fingers around his short but very thick cock. I started to explore it as he continued rubbing me. I’d never touched another man’s cock before, it was warm and very stiff, not very long, but thicker than I could imagine as a teenager. It felt good in a strange kind of way, and he continued rubbing me which I now knew I clearly liked. As he rubbed me and played with my nipples, pinching them quite hard at times I realised that this was a new and OK way to have fun, I was so close to orgasm, yet still not ready. I wanted to explore every moment of this new experience. I tugged on his fat cock, then ran my hands over his bare hairy chest and found his nipples. Together we tweaked, twisted and pulled on them. I think after konak escort bayan a particularly hard twist I bent over and bit one of his, we were both panting hard and he still had my cock in his hand. I stood up then and commanded him to suck me, as if I could command an older man, but he did, and slipped me into his warm mouth again letting me feel the soft caresses as he gave me the pleasure that I craved. I wanted to give something back and reached down to touch him again, feeling his still thick cock in my hand. I let my fingers slide up and down him as he continued sucking me, getting used to the feeling of an older man’s cock. I liked it.Suddenly he stood up and turned me round, he put me facing the cubicle door and bent me over, I stood there with my hands braced on the door, my arse and balls naked and legs below as I felt something warm. He began slowly kissing my bum, each warm lick getting closer ,his hand still reaching round to massage my cock. Before I knew what was happening he’d pulled my bum cheeks apart and was sliding his tongue up and down my arse. It was strange, but felt warm and nice as he continued to stroke me. Actually it felt very nice, once I’d realised that he was using his tongue on me in a way I’d never even contemplated before. I started to relax a little and pushed back encouraging him to keep exploring me as he still rubbed my cock. I felt him lick deeper and pull my arse cheeks even wider which was weird and nice, especially when I felt him probe me further. Then I felt something different. He’d licked his finger and was now pushing that against my hole. It felt strange, kind of nice in an unknown way, but very weird. I didn’t try to stop him as he fingered me and began to loosen the muscles around my entrance. I stood bent over in silence as he continued to probe me. I’d never been sexually excited by this before and didn’t even know that it was possible. Now it was happening and I felt his finger push in past the outer ring. He left it there still for a few moments, knowing I would need to adjust, then he began to move it slightly, up and down, in and out, and then wriggling all around. I didn’t know what to think, it was exquisitely weird and strange and turned me on in a way I had never known. I felt another finger enter me, which made me gasp out loud. Again he left them still for a moment inside me and then began to move them around, this time seeming to deliberately spread me open. I was still mesmerized and transfixed, just leaning on the door, groaning with each new sensation. The fingers were removed and I felt the warm licking start again. I liked that. I liked it a lot and my cock which had gone slightly limp sprang back to action. Then I felt a finger re-enter me more slowly, this time moving from side to side. It was soon followed by something much larger trying to spread my virgin rim. The finger was still working, opening me up and by now I was bent double down over the door with my arse fully exposed. I felt him push again. I was in no doubt now that this was his fat penis trying to enter me. I had never expected this when I came in here, I wasn’t horrified or upset, for me it was just a whole new experience and I let him continue. Each time he pushed in more it began to hurt and I started to gasp louder. I didn’t really want him escort konak to stop, I was happy letting him enjoy me and I was still naked from my shoulders to ankles with another man touching me. Finally after a couple of pushes and a few rather loud grans from me I turned and said “sorry it hurts.”He didn’t complain and pulled away, leaving me to turn around in my own time and stand facing him again, still naked. I stood with my cock in my hand and wanked it slowly, offering it to him, asking him to rub me. I really wanted to come now. He played with me for I don’t know how long, and soon I lent down and started rubbing him. At some point I begged him to suck me again, which he did willingly and then I went down on him. Something just clicked in my head that if it felt this good to me, being sucked, then giving it to another would also be good. It was very strange at first, wrapping my hand around a hard fat cock for the first time that wasn’t my own, and then daring myself to go down and take it in my mouth. We both continued wanking each other and I began to take his cock in my mouth. It was hot, very thick and very hard. He was still wanking me which felt good, I was almost naked on the cold tiled floor, just my shirt fully open still d****d across my shoulders. Slowly I got used to the feeling of his cock in my mouth and began to like it. I could still feel his hand stroking me and began to suck harder lowering my face down with each stroke. I began to think about what I would like as he rubbed me and I stretched out my left hand to feel his balls. They were big so I just let my hand run over them at first as I felt him twist his hand over my penis. God that felt good, he let go for a moment and then ran his hand down over my shaft and over my balls, placing his other hand on the back of my head. He pushed me down onto his cock, covering his knob with my mouth and made me tickle his balls with my left hand. For a moment I couldn’t breathe but then he lifted me slowly. Still wanking my cock as I came up for air. I bent back down and continued sucking him, Before long he started to quiver and whispered that he would come soon. I didn’t lift my head, I kept sucking him, imaging that glorious feeling when you come. He said “Now, soon… yes now, stop” but I didn’t and kept sucking until I felt him explode in my mouth. I’d never tasted come before and after the first moments I decided that I liked it. Warm sticky sperm sliding down my throat and covering my tongue, my cock still hard in his hand. After I licked his knob I stood and offered him my hard cock again which he rubbed and sucked for me. After a while he looked at me and said “Rub yourself” which I did. “Do you want to come?” he asked. “Yes” I replied. “”Where do you want to come?” “All over you” was all I could manage as I got close to the point of no return. He sucked me and gave me a few quick tugs before returning my own hand onto my throbbing cock and watched as I stood there in ever approaching ecstasy. He knew what was coming and reached out touching my balls again as I wanked now, oblivious to any others who could have entered. I don’t know how many groans I let out as I built towards the final orgasm. I shot spurt after spurt of come all over him, trying to get some on his face and in his mouth and more down over his chest and nipples. After that I don’t remember much, I think I sat down on his lap and let him cuddle me for a while. He got up and dressed and left at some point. I came to, slightly cold in a naked heap on the toilet seat and managed to dress myself again. And then went to work, still smelling of come.

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