13 Şubat 2021

Foot Slave At The Convent


It was late and I was driving through the mountains of West Virginia. I thought I had enough gas to get to the next town, but I didn’t. I ran out on the side of the road in the middle of a rainstorm.

I walked for about three miles before I came across a large house. I knocked on the door hoping to get some kind of help. A young girl dressed in Nun garb answered the door and welcomed me to the convent. I told her my story and she agreed to help.

I was brought inside and given a room to sleep in, as none of the phones were working due to the storm. Another young nun came in and took my wet clothes, apologizing that all they had here nun habits for me to wear while mine were getting dry. I didn’t complain because it was better than being stuck out in the rain.

I slept hard through the night. When I woke up I went to get out of bed, but soon realized my hands and feet were bound. I screamed out for help and soon two nuns walked in the room.

One was young, though I couldn’t tell much about her because of her clothing. The other was tall, blond, and in her mid forties. She had a scowling look on her face.

“What is going on? Let me go, I have to leave!”

“I’m afraid that won’t be possible,” the older woman said. She must be the head nun, as she spoke with a certain authority.

“When we dried your clothes, we found your phone and all the graven images it had on it. You are a sinner. We must save you by allowing you to repent. You must stay here until God releases you. We are here to help you repent.”

“This is crazy!” I screamed. “This is kidnapping! I will not be held captive!”

No sooner had my words come out than the older woman smacked me hard with what looked like a horse whip. It stung and I screamed, but she kept going until I was no longer in any mood to fight. I was left as pretty much just a lump of clay, beaten and bruised, still tied to the bed.

“Remove his bonds, and attach the ones I gave you so he can walk.” The older woman ordered, and the younger woman obliged. My hands and casino siteleri feet were untied, then tied together with just enough room for me to barely walk.

However, that wasn’t to be my fate. As soon as I rose off the bed, the older nun whipped me again.

“You must crawl on your knees! You must repent for your sins, and that means humbling yourself.” I had no choice as I had been literally whipped into submission so I followed the two Nuns on my knees, crawling behind them.

We walked down a long hallway and finally turned into what looked like an office. I was brought on my knees to kneel in front of the desk, and behind it sat a chair that the older woman immediately sat in.

“I am Mother Superior, I am the head nun at this convent. We were put here by God to save the souls of sinners like you. The only way you can be saved is to repent, and the only way to do that is by humbling yourself before God.”

“What? This is ridiculous!” I started to protest, but was given another good whipping from behind by the younger woman until I couldn’t talk anymore and was flat on my face before the feet of the older woman. It was then I noticed she was barefoot.

“YOU MUST HUMBLE YOURSELF!” the Mother Superior screamed down at me. “This is the only true way for you to save your soul. From now until God tells me you have been forgiven, you must stay here and repent.”

I didn’t speak this time, I had already learned better. I just stayed on the ground and waited for whatever came next.

“Good.” The older woman said smugly. “I thought this was going to be hard but I also know deep down this is what’s best for you.”

“Now, in order for you to be forgiven, you must repent. This means humbling yourself before servants of the Lord. Do you know what that means?”

“No…” I said, and was quickly whipped again.

“You will address the Mother as Mother Superior at all times!” the younger nun scolded me.

“Yes, Mother Superior” I said, fearing another whipping.

“THIS MEANS,” She started, visibly canlı casino angry with me, “That you will humble yourself before my feet until God has deemed you forgiven. Only I shall know that, as God only speaks through me within these walls. Now accept your fate and humble yourself before my feet.”

I was already face down, bleeding and in pain, so I didn’t move. Quickly I received another lashing.

“HUMBLE YOURSELF!” Mother superior screamed. “You must kiss the lowest, dirtiest part of my body.” She raised her foot and pointed it to me.

“You are crazy!” I started but was whipped into submission yet again. I had no choice. I couldn’t take any more lashings.

I kissed her foot, just once, on the top near the big toe. That apparently wasn’t enough.

“KEEP KISSING!” Mother Superior screamed, “And every time you are given such an order to repent, you must say ‘yes Mother Superior, thank you Mother Superior’!”

Not wanting to feel the whip again, I kissed each toe passionately and spoke:

“Yes Mother Superior, thank you Mother Superior”

I kissed each foot for at least ten minutes before she sat in the chair in front of me. “Put your hands out and hold my foot.” She ordered, and I did.

“Now lick it, clean of all filth and dirt. It is the only way you can be humbled and your soul can be saved.”

I stuck out my tongue and as nasty as it tasted, this woman must have never washed her feet and walked around barefoot for years, kept going as convincingly as I could due to fear of the lashing.

“Good, this is your new place in life until you have humbled yourself enough and been forgiven. Like I said, I am the only one God speaks to within these walls, so I will be the only one to know when He has forgiven you.”

So there I was, kneeling before a nun, running my tongue all over her dirty feet, still dressed in the habit they had given me when I came in.

“Now,” the mother started, “The rules for repentance are simple: You will be my little project. You will spend all your time at my side, kaçak casino tied up so you can’t run away to Satan, and humbling yourself at my feet. You will accept your fate because you have no other choice. Is this clear?”

“Yes Mother Superior” I said, scared.

“Good, now continue, I have paperwork to do.” Without even noticing me she sat back, the younger nun left the room, and I licked her dirty feet for the next thirty minutes or so. All of a sudden out of nowhere she stuck her toe in my mouth.

“Don’t forget that part of cleaning is sucking my dirty toes. Now, before I give you this order in the future, you will say ‘Yes Mother Superior, I repent’ and suck as long as I deem necessary. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mother Superior.” I said.

“Good, now suck.”

“Yes Mother Superior, I repent.” I replied as ordered.

I did this all day and most of the night, until she was ready to go to bed. I was led, crawling of course, to the bare room she slept in, and my hands tied to the foot of the bed.

“This is how you will sleep. Sucking dirty filthy feet, until God tells me you have been saved.”

For some reason I didn’t think that would ever happen. I was right.

For the past three years I have been here. I follow Mother Superior around like a dog, collared and leashed. She is always barefoot, everywhere she walks. I am never allowed to leave her side. I spend at least half the day ‘repenting’, or more accurately sucking her dirty toes and licking her dirty feet. Even when she reads the Bible, especially when she reads the bible, I am at her feet with a toe in my mouth. She whips me until I am almost dead at least once a day, then makes me thank her and go back to my spot at her feet.

I am nothing more than a foot slave to this woman. The only taste in my mouth is the taste of the dirt from her feet. Even when I am fed, once a week, I must eat it from between her toes. Sure enough, in three years God has never spoken to her and she has taken it as a sign that I am to continue to be her toe sucking foot slave.

That is how I became the foot slave of a sadistic nun. To this day I remain in the convent, with nary a few minutes that go by that I am not licking, sucking, or kissing Mother Superior’s dirty nun feet.

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