25 Haziran 2021

for VickieXd – Feminized at Last


for VickieXd – Feminized at Last”What are you going to do?” you ask as i slowly peel your latex panties down to expose your tight ass. “I’m going to make you my sex slave” I say. “I’m going to use my magic cock on you. Just relax…”I position myself behind you and I slide my cock between your legs so you can feel my rock hard shaft sliding over your tight asshole as the tip massages your balls. You feel a strange and mysterious energy between your legs as my cock begins to buzz like a vibrator.Unimaginable pleasure spreads through your body as I wrap my arms around your waist and pull you tight to me.You grind your ass against me as the vibrating between your legs intensifies. You slip one hand down to your cock and balls to find that your package is shrinking.Your balls slowly pull up into your body and your cock shrinks smaller and smaller as the magic of my cock does its work.Whatever canlı bahis strength you possess drains from your body and into my cock. It is drawing your life from you and it grows bigger and bigger between your legs as it absorbs every once of your will to resist.”Do you feel it happening?” I ask. “Do you feel my cock changing you?”By now your little cock is just a nub and you are overcome with the strange sensation of a vagina opening up where your balls used to be “Oh God…” you gasp. “What are you doing to me?””What do you think? Isn’t it obvious? I’m making your dreams cum true. I’m turning you into a girl.””No please, stop it”, you plead with your new, girl voice.But I have no intention of stopping until my work is complete. I draw my cock all the way back over your brand new pussy… the sensations are so new to you… you begin to drip almost instantly… lubricating my fuck bahis siteleri stick.Though your mind is screaming STOP, your body tells a different story as you grind your ass into my crotch.And, just like that, my fat knob pops right up into your tight pussy. With my cock inside of you, the changes to your body happen faster and faster…Your hips widen and your ass slowly reshapes, becoming the soft round bottom of a girl. As your transformation continues, the female pleasure building up inside of you grows and grows. Your first female orgasm is not far away. You can feel the climax growing deep in your belly.I slide deeper inside of you… inch by inch till you have half of my big ten inch cock buried in your tight pussy. And with every inch, you feel your body changing faster and faster… “Feel yourself becoming a girl”, I whisper in your ear as I begin fucking you. “I’m gonna bahis şirketleri fuck a set of bimbo tits onto your hot little body, Vickie.”You couldn’t stop me even if you wanted to… you are overcome with a pleasure you’ve never known before and your heaving chest swells and develops with every gasp. Your hands cover your growing breasts as if trying futilely to stop the swelling mounds from growing.But grow they do. Bigger and rounder with every thrust of my cock.“And now,” I say, “we’re going to make these changes permanent. When I cum inside of you, the changes we’ve made will become irreversible.I feed another and another and yet another inch of rock-hard cock into your pussy, fucking you harder and harder as I get closer and closer to cumming.Your life as a biological male is coming to an end and somewhere inside, you want to fight to stop this from happening. But that feeling is soon overwhelmed by a thunderous orgasm as you feel my hot cum shooting up into your pussy. The transformation is now irreversibly complete. Your life as you knew it is over. Your life as my sex slave is just beginning….

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