30 Eylül 2021

Frustrated Cousins


Frustrated CousinsI hadn’t seen my cousin Janice very much. It is true that when we were in high school, my parents had gone to Europe alone, leaving my sister and me to stay for a week with Janice’s parents in their farmhouse in the suburbs. The week was tough because Janice was very riled up over an older friend of mine who had lost interest and was being pursued by an older townie guy who sold used cars. Her father, my uncle by marriage, was unaware of what had almost happened between my high school friend and Janice, but he was certainly going to stop his princess from seriously dating an adult male who worked in the town. Wouldn’t do for a commuter lawyer who put on a big act as a country squire. My aunt innocently suggested that Janice and I jointly baby sit for a little k** next door named Josh — the k**’s parents had bought the land for their house from my uncle. In fact, my aunt and uncle had fixed them up. Once the k** was in bed, Janice and I were left to watch TV. We cuddled and nuzzled in what was then called necking. I had slow danced with girls at basement parties but never made out on a couch. Janice lifted her tight angora sweater (that was a uniform in those days) and moved my hands onto her plump breasts. I don’t know why we didn’t do tongue kissing, but we just went on with what we were doing until Janice slipped her breasts free from her bra. Go ahead and suck my nipples, she said. I eagerly did so as she began to move her hand onto my crotch, where she felt an erection that had been growing. That is nice, she said. She could have said something more complimentary, but it was what it was. By this time, I moved one hand down to her shorts. As I continued to suck her breasts, her knees parted and there was an inviting vee outlining her pubic area under the navy blue shorts. I didn’t exactly know how to get past this and was frankly inexperienced, but I stroked her hot vee while she began to stroke my shaft. I guess you could say we were doing heavy petting without exposing our engorged sex organs to one another. Ultimately, she began to buck against my hand and moan, as she really grabbed my cock under the clothing. I had canlı bahis an ejaculation as I said in her hear, Janice, you made me come. Well, we were both a little embarrassed. I went back to her house and got ready for bed, putting my messy briefs in the laundry and stupidly hoping no one would notice.Time went by. I learned that Janice hadn’t gone to college, but had gone to a tech school to become a medical technician. One summer during college, on vacation, I met Janice at her boss’s office, which was in a new building near the Lenox Hill Hospital. There she was in a white uniform, very filled out, with an East Side style hairdo that one saw on nurses and air hostesses who filled the new buildings in what had been known as Yorkville. We had a drink and did not mention the time when we were teens and petted to orgasm. Next thing I know, Janice is engaged to the doctor for whom she worked, her first boss, a recently divorced man closer in age to our parents. He had a sallow complexion and a widow’s peak. Strangely for a medical man, he was creepily religious. It was ridiculous, but most of the family went to the ceremony and reception at a hotel in the suburbs. Her new husband oiled his way around being unduly respectful to our family, while Janice’s father grimaced. So, what is the point here. The point is: young lady adventuress,displeased with her former suburban life, marries to better her station but doesn’t seem so happy.I am in grad school in NYC. I get invited to a reception for some religious ceremony having to do with Janice and the doctor adopting a son. It is a family affair. She seems pre-occupied but glad to see me. I send a stuffed a****l and am soon off to military service. No fun there to be sure, not even with Vietnamese women. Many are attractive, but I am not going to be Lieutenant Pinkerton. I am not usually in Saigon, so cannot meet the daughters of the elite, who glide by on their Hondas. A couple of fellow officers come down w/ STDs. I just get more frustrated by the day. The year is up and I come home. My apartment has a borrowed day bed serving as a couch, a couple of tables, a queen bed in the bedroom, a nice stereo bahis siteleri system with speakers that are about four feet tall, and a phone. It rings one day, while I am listening to FM rock on WNEW-FM. Janice is calling. In effect she is saying welcome home soldier. Ha, I rode a desk and some choppers. Why don’t you come over to the new apartment we have, for lunch. Fine. I get a k**die book for the three year old and head over to a tower near the big medical center on York Ave. It is a doctor ghetto. Don’t know how many wifelets are there fingering themselves while their husbands do rounds and office hours. I ring the bell. Janice answers in a wrap housecoat, low heels and some pearls. No one else seems to be home. Oh, I say, Hi, I brought this for little Jake. How nice, she said, he is at the park with Louisa the nanny, but aren’t you going to give me a hug after being away for two years? That did it. I put my arms around her ample body as she leaned against me. I’m hungry, she said. Janice, I said, you always liked that little joke, I assume lunch is on the table? Latert, she said.Well, we looked at each other and her lips parted. I finally got around to putting my tongue into those moist, pink-coated lips as she put hers half way down my throat and sucked. We eased onto the sofa as her dress became und****d. My hands went around her. She was moaning and I could hear her say, you were such a tease, all these years. I said, ok, no teasing as I started to undress. She did likewise — first freeing the delicious tits, then slipping out of the dress completely. We are down to our underwear as the bulge in my shorts becomes quite evident. I am sucking her nipples, making circles around them as they grow into bullets. At the same time I am massaging her pubis, finding the hood over her clit and stroking that. Well,she says, how shy can you be, I want your cock. I slip off the nice Brooks brothers shorts and I don’t really expect any lustful gasp — just not lucky in that department. Janice is nice. She says, well, you have grown up, We tilt in opposite directions, finding ourselves in a sideways 69 position on the sofa, with our top legs bent at güvenilir bahis the knee. Janice rests her head on my inner thigh and begins to lick the head of my cock as I snuggle into her crotch, part her lips with one hand as I hold her bent leg with the other. She is licking my shaft and begins to arch herself towards me as I probe her inner lips and clit with my tongue. I begin a Venus butterfly by inserting two fingers into her tight pussy as she moves against me while taking all of my cock into her mouth. We get carried along as I move my tongue into her pussy, now wet and warm, as she grabs my ass and makes my cock fuck her mouth in rhythm. I can feel the tip of my cock against the roof of her mouth as she cradles my balls. I switch back to her clit and suck it gently as my fingers find her G spot in the upper wall of her vagina. She is gasping. I say, can’t hold out Janice. She says, ok, do it, right like this, I want it. I shoot semen into her mouth as she moans and sucks harder. Then I feel her pussy tighten around my fingers and her hips grind against my face. We sat up and then lay face to face. We are grinning and kissing. Janice says, well cuz, how did the i—-t feel. Oh, it was something I have thought of since we sat for little Josh, but as a lawyer I can tell you that first cousins can marry in most states. No, she said. Yeah, really, and in fact in most countries. Queen Victoria married her first cousin, they had about eight k**s, so it isn’t i—-t. Hmmm, Janice said, so I shouldn’t feel guilty about inviting you over here — she leaned over into my lap — and sucking your cock, which I didn’t think I would ever do after the wedding, you know what they say. Well, I said, that is flattering. And you start quoting law and history to me! I was beginning to get aroused again as she continued to run her tongue around the tip of my cock. I held her tits and rubbed the nipples gently as my fingers began to move in and out of her pussy. She scrunched around and lay on top of me. Her mouth covered mine and I could fell warm liquid coming from her pussy onto me. She pulled her face away and looked at me: well, Mr. Captain lawyer, Louisa and Jake should be back in an hour. Would you like some cold poached salmon and Chablis or would you like to take that cock of yours and fuck my pussy until I feel that warm tasty come inside it? CONTINUED

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