21 Kasım 2021

Fun with Chrissy Ch. 01


My cousin-in-law, Chrissy, were, and are very close friends. We spent a lot of time together in the past. When school was out for summer, things became more personal. By that I mean, we were free how we dressed. In summer, Chrissy and I wore only clothes that kept us cool from the hot weather. Usually, it involved t-shirts and thin shorts.

On one occasion, she and I went swimming together. She had a one-piece suit, a dark blue one; I wore trunks. When seeing her in the bathing suit, my jaw dropped. Between the cleavage and her creamy, white legs, it made me want to see Chrissy nude!

After we had done swimming, each of us took turns in the shower. Kevin, Chrissy said, “Soon, we can take showers together. I just forgot to shave off my genital hair. You can watch me remove this swimsuit from behind.”

“Thanks. Don’t worry about your genital hair. I’ve got plenty of my own. Yes, you can look at my rear end too.”

Once we finished and got dressed, Chrissy asked me if I’d let her stay at my house for two weeks. Since I lived alone, it would be great to have Chrissy’ company and accepted her request.

There was a slight problem; she didn’t ‘t bring enough clothes for two weeks. She wore some of mine. They were too tight for her, so Chrissy mainly wore a t-shirt and underpants, as did I.

Platonically, we made out on the couch, at least for a while. We couldn’t escort izmit deny the sexual urges for each other.

The next evening, after dinner, Chrissy and I snuggled on the couch. We still had on t-shirts and underpants. I said, “Chrissy, there’s one bed upstairs. Are you going to feel okay sleeping next to me? If you want, wear what you’ve got on now. I usually wear less.

She was fine with the sleeping arrangements. In fact, Chrissy loved the idea. So was I. We took care of that issue but needed to decide how to handle taking showers together. Both of us wanted to see each other naked. However, Chrissy was shy about her pubic hair being exposed.

As before, I tried to assure her that it would be okay, “I know you feel a bit weird about showing me her pubic hair. If you prefer, go ahead and shave it. I’m fine either way.”

Chrissy went in the bathroom and removed the hair. I chose to keep mine and waited for her to return. However, something had changed. She was putting on her translucent nightgown. It showed her sky blue underpants and nothing else. Chrissy told me, “In case you’re wondering, Kevin, I’m not wearing a bra under here. Do you see these two bulges? They’re my breasts. I hope you like them.”

“I sure do! How do they stay so round and firm? I really look forward to see them in the shower and the rest of you too! I hope you’ll enjoy my hairy izmit darıca escort body.”

Chrissy looked so great in her gown. It actually aroused me. She could tell by the bulge in my undies, and she liked what she saw. “How big are you down there? You’ve got a nice bulge. I’m eager to find out what’s under those shorts!”

Until then, I had no idea how horny Chrissy could be. She let me know what she wanted. Saturday was my main shower time, but Chrissy couldn’t wait that long. Neither could I! She asked me if I’d pull off her panties without removing the gown – yet anyway.

“Sure Chrissy, I’d love to pull off your panties. All you need to do is lay on your back and spread those hot legs. My hands can slide up your thighs and your undies be pulled with my fingers.”

Chrissy laid back on the couch and spread apart her legs, just enough for my hands to go up under the gown. It was a snug fit because the gown was almost a second skin. I felt Chrissy’s soft, supple thighs, as my hands ran up on her. Then, I reached the waist, where my fingers wrapped around the sky blue undies.

Once done, I let Chrissy take off my clothes. Having seen my nude body, she began touching me. Things were getting very horny. Her fingers went over my buttocks and groins, making my penis erect. It got longer and rounder. Our libidos shot through the roof.

The izmit rus escort lust between us was nearly palpable. Chrissy urged me to remove her gown. She seemed to be orgasmic, and she didn’t want to get vaginal fluid all over her favorite gown. So, she got up and stood. I simply pulled up and gently tugged it from around her neck and head.

It was the first time I ever saw Chrissy naked! She was so hot, as her crotch had been shaved, it was smooth and soft to the touch. I chose to not shave it off. If she wanted, I would let Chrissy do it. For the time being, she decided to not remove it.

Hand in hand, we went to take a nice, warm shower together. All I could do was stare at Chrissy’s body and vice versa. We rubbed soap and shampoo on each other. Afterward, Chrissy and I rinsed one another’s naked bodies and made out in the shower. Both of us were very wet and sticky, so we dried each other off with a towel. Chrissy said to me, “That was amazing! I hope we can do this again. I loved rubbing your body, wet or dry.”

Stark naked, we enjoyed the sensation by laying on the couch and cuddled close together, making sure my penis didn’t get inside her vagina. We felt our bodies rub against each other. “I’d love to do that again! Next time, would you want to have sex with me?

Chrissy was surprised and flattered by the offer and accepted it. The one exception was anal sex. To her, it seemed unnatural to do so. I had no problem with that. I wasn’t sure either. Oral and vaginal was fine.

There was no hurry though. We had two weeks together. Chrissy was happy to have my company, let alone platonic intimacy.

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