10 Temmuz 2021


Big Tits

GAY OR BI 1My brother and his friends use to build these clubhouses in the woods behind the house. My brother use to call me “tag along” because he was suppose to watch me even when we hung out with his friends. One summer day I was in the club house with my brother’s friend David who was four years older than me. He asked me if I had ever seen someone else’s dick? I said no. He said that he would show me his if I showed him mine. I said no. He said if you want to be in the club you have to do what I say. David then told me to think of it like your pulling out to pee. We all had stopped and took a leak in the woods when we were playing. I got on my knees and unzipped my pants and pulled my underwear so I could show him my little dick. David laughed at the sight of it and said that it will eventually grow if you start playing with it. David then lay on his back and pulled his pants down to his knees. He looked at me and said this is what you’re dick is going to look like. He reached into his underwear and pulled out his dick that was twice the size of mine. His dick was not hard and he had a small amount of red hair at the base. David then told me that for the final initiation I canlı bahis had to put my mouth on it. I told him that I didn’t want to do that. David said that he would tell everybody that I did it anyway. I wasn’t sure what to do put I could not keep my eyes off his dick as he stroked it with his hand. David said see how it’s getting harder as he moved his fingers up and down the shaft. David told me to touch it and feel it getting hard. I reached and put my hand around it and could see and feel it getting harder. David grabbed my forearm and started moving my hand up and down the length of his cock it was so hard and erect. I didn’t want to stop stroking and starring at it. So, to keep our secret I slowly bent over and placed my face closer to it. David said as he placed his hand on my head to go ahead and just kiss it on the shaft. I kept my mouth closed as he pushed my head closer and it felt strange with veins and wrinkles of his shaft pressing against my lips. He held my head still while he reached down and guided the tip of his cock to my closed lips. I slowly parted my lips and felt the head slide into my mouth. David said to me to think of it as a Popsicle and go up and down bahis siteleri on it. I was too young to know what I was doing so after a minute or two he let me go home. A year or two later I found two magazines my brother had hidden away in our workshop. He had found them outside because they were all water damaged and you could tell that a car tire had driven across one of them imprinting the tire and sticking the pages together. One magazine was called Lezbo’s and feature two women posing in various acts with their legs wide open exposing their pussies & hairy bushes. That was the first time I had seen a women’s vagina. They showed pictures of the women hugging and kissing. A few pictures showed the girls face real close to the other women’s pussy. Her tongue extended to almost touching the lips of her vagina. The other one was called Female Mimics. I remember turning the pages and seeing this guy come in and take off his clothes then applying makeup and he transformed into a women. I was turned on and intrigue by it. My dick was getting hard just looking at the way she transformed herself. I grew up in New Orleans so I know of the Shemale clubs on Bourbon Street and could bahis şirketleri not wait to be old enough to get in.Jerking off in the woods nude.I was still very young but started exploring my sexuality by rubbing my dick on the sheets while on my belly in bed. It would get so hard and then start throbbing. The spasms felt so good I was too young to cum. Soon I found that running my finger and hand up and down my shaft would have the same result. We had these Woods behind the house where we would all play. I would sneak off to be by myself. At first I would just pull my pants down and stroke my cock. The urge to take off more clothes was so great. I would find a piece of a cardboard box and flatten it out. I would remove my pants and underwear then my tee shirt all the while stroking myself sitting or kneeling on my little piece of Cardboard Island. Leaving my shoes on allowed me to take a few steps off and walk around feeling free but not free enough so I would return to my little island and remove my shoes and lay there looking up through the tree leaves enjoying the sun on my nude body stroking my dick until one day I had my first ejaculation. One day it was raining pretty hard and I got the idea that it would be nice to layout nude having it rain on my body. I put a towel in a plastic bag and put on a poncho. Got my bicycle out and rode to the woods on a trail till I found a nice secluded area.

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