18 Şubat 2021

Gerty and Jeff



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“Hi Joyce.”

“Oh hi Gert, how are you?”

“Oh fine, same old same old. . . work is o.k. won fifty in Bingo last night.”

“Oh that’s good.”

“Joyce, does Jeff still mess with electricity? like for houses?”

“Yes he does, he has a good job as an apprentice electrician, why?”

“Well it’s getting warmer and I’d like to get the ceiling fan in the parlor working, it hasn’t worked since I bought the place.”

“Well, I am sure he’d be happy to at least check it out, when’s a good time for him to drop by

“Anytime, Joyce.

“Gert, let’s try to hit up a Bingo night soon huh?”

“That sounds good.”

Five o’clock

“Hi Jeff, how was work today?”

“O.k. Mom, hadda go to Fall River and hook up a circuit for a twelve ton a/c unit., then on the way back we had coffee at Hickey’s diner in Taunton, I got you a few pieces of danish for your coffee break tomorrow.

“Well thank you so much, and speaking of electrical, I volunteered your services to Gert.”

“You want me to service Gert?”

Mom looked at me with her mouth open, yet it seems there was a spark in her eyes. I had no problem with that idea, I thought to myself. She has been the source for my erotic fantasies for quite a while now.

“She told me she has a ceiling fan on the fritz and wants to get it working.”

“Mom, why is it she’s not married?”

“I never asked her. . . Jeff, you have the ‘Hots’ for her don’t you?” Mom asks with a widening smile.

“I love the way she dresses, a skirt and well filled blouse with a ruffled v-neck, and her patent black heels, her little black half-glasses on a chain of pearls and her personality.

“You like her a lot, don’t you?”

“Yes, I do.”

I always love it when she comes over to visit mom, sometimes she leaves her half-glasses on the coffee table but she’ll be in the kitchen and I’ll clean them for her and try them to see if they are spotless.

There was a day when she left her glasses at Mom’s and her car would not start, she had her car towed to the garage and Mom left to do some shopping. Gert called and asked me if I saw her glasses around. I did look and I saw them on the coffee table and she asked if I could bring them over. Of course I told her I would. I just didn’t tell her what I did with them before I took them over to her. I knew she’d never think I’d do anything with them.

“I could go there now Mom, that be alright?”

“Sure, that’s good.

So I did and Gert answers the door looking very nice. She’s wearing a black skirt with a two inch wide black patent belt, her ruffled v neck blouse is as always filled with a pair of say forty two D’s and across said blouse hangs a nice sweet pair of black half-round reading glasses. The way the light hits them makes something in my pants come alive and I like that and this time is no different.

“Hi Gerty. Mom told me you have a fan on the fritz?”

“No one’s called me Gerty in a long time.”

“Sorry, just call you Gert?”

“You don’t have to be sorry Jeff, Gerty is fine.”

I wonder why after a long time, she wants to be called Gerty. Could it be that she really likes me too? and likes the idea of us being close, since I am going to get her fan going? As I said, Gert’s half-glasses are hanging across her lovely 42D’s and I have my eyes fixed upon them and Gert has to take me out of the trance.

“Like what you see, Jeff?”

“Yes and I like those too.”

“Well what are you looking at. . . Jeff?”

She asks with a wry smile, like she knows I love her boobs but now it’s ‘Yes and I like those too.’what else is he looking at? she has to wonder.

“How about me checking the fan first, but if it is o.k. I would very much like to get your opinion on something afterwards.”

“Sure, you want a coke?”

“After I get the fan going.”

“You sound so sure about getting it going, you know that?”

“Gerty, these fans are made to work forever, so it is most likely not getting any power.”

So I set about working on her fan which was controlled by a wall switch. The fan does have a pull chain as well, probably for three speeds. I removed the switch cover and pulled out the switch and with a “Wiggy” I checked to see if there was voltage present.

“No juice, Gerty.”

“Well, you said you wanted coke.”

“Ha ha hah ,that’s rich Gerty, ‘juice’ it’s a slang term for electricity, so when I said no juice, I mean the fan’s not getting any.” Not that I am getting any of a different kind of power, and if I get this fan to spin, would she give me a spin?

I went down her cellar and part way down I noticed there was some of that ancient wiring known as knob & tube and speaking of knobs Gert has a fine pair. Gawd the ideas I have of those, wonder if she could be interested in a guy like me, she’s an attractive woman, can’t see why no man has claimed her.

In this style of wiring, the wires run in casino siteleri pairs either through cleats or suspended from porcelain knobs and someone who knew as much about wiring as the three stooges made the attempt to wire a lamp socket into the circuit by breaking one of the two wires and putting the ends of the socket to the wire that was just cut, and since there was not even a hundred watt bulb in the socket, there was no power from here on down the line.

So I corrected the problem and the fan was working, then took off my shirt as it is so warm in here.

Gert was more than pleased and gave me a real hug and a long kiss where our tongues danced. I loved how her half-glasses at the end of her beaded chain were pressed against my skin and I am getting quite hard down there because of that. Gert looked at me and smiled. I had my right hand on her plump but sexy ass and my left hand on the small of her back.She placed an arm around my midriff and pulled me into her.

“Seems like something is happening Jeff, and I like it.”

“So do I Gert, you and your half-glasses really turn me on.”

“Do I really turn you on or are you just being kind to a middle aged woman?”

She asked with a sadness in her voice, like she would like to believe me but has been hurt before.

“Well if you don’t believe me Gert, you can ask my Mom.”

“Oh, and what would she say?”

“She’d say I asked, ‘Mom, why is it Gert’s not married?”

“You asked her that?”

Gert asked with a bit of a lift in her voice.

“And what did she say?”

“I never asked her. Jeff, you have the ‘Hots’ for her don’t you?”

“Do you have the hots for me. . .Jeff?”

“Yes Gert I do, have had them for a while actually.”

“Why. . .?”

“I just do Gert, why would I not? you always dress very nicely, you have a nice friendly way about you and are always nice to me, I’d rather spend my time with you than someone my own age, girls my age are so into ‘what the best song on the radio is or about the guy who scored the touchdown and won the game for the home team. You’re more interesting. I guess I just love you Gert.”

Want that coke now Jeff?”

“Sure, can we still sit and talk?”

“Yes we can, thanks so much Jeff, be back in a sec.”

She came back with two twenties and a ten.

“Forget the cash Gerty, but if you are in the mood for making brownies, that would be great.”

“I can bake them this week-end.”

“So Gert, you know by now it was your sexy glasses with the pearls beaded neck chain pressed into me that got me so hard…right?”

“No I didn’t know that, but sometimes a guy can have a fetish for a woman’s things and I think it’s sweet.”

“Why do you think it’s sweet?”

“It is symbolic of your thoughts of me Jeff. I have the feeling that you may have enjoyed them one time awhile ago, when I left them at your Mom’s house my car wouldn’t start and I had it towed to the garage. Your Mom left to do some shopping and I called to see if I left them there, you were so kind to bring them over to me as I really couldn’t see well without them and figured the only way to keep from losing them was to get a neck chain.”

“What do you mean by,’May have enjoyed them’ Gert?”

“Oh I think you know what I mean, I think you had fantasies about me for quite some time, I know you loved keeping them spot less for me as I’d leave them here or there at your Moms and whenever I’d put them on, they were always so clean and sparkling. Really Jeff, that was very sweet of you.”

“I did enjoy doing that for you Gerty.”

“I know you did, Now tell me, what went on with my half-glasses?”

I knew she knew a lot about things and I was going to be honest with her.

“Yes Gerty, I did enjoy doing that.”

“Oh Jeff, I am sixty two. I know what you did, you blew a few good ropes of cum all over them. I bet it was a very nice thing, cumming the glasses of a woman you really like.”

“Yes Gert it was.”

“In the back of your mind wondering if there was ever a chance Gerty could do this for me?”

Gert said in a way she liked my attention to her glasses.

“I really liked that Gert. I was rather bummed out you got a neck chain though, as I never had another chance. . .”

“To cum my half-glasses Jeff?”

“Well that and keeping them spotless and sparkling for you and quite often wondered why you are alone so much. I actually wish I was older so we could hang out together.”

“Jeff, you’re twenty five years old, you gave up being a kid awhile ago, you finished trade school and have a good job. Sure we can hang together.”

“O.K Gerty I would so like that, nothing fancy but watching movies together;going out for a ride, help you with things around the house, take you out to dinner, shower together, listen to music. . .”

“That fifth item Jeff, taking showers together, how do you know I wouldn’t grab something that wasn’t mine?”

“Frankly Gert, I am hoping you would.”

“Want another coke?”

“Sure, thanks.”

“So you really like the style of my canlı casino glasses? if we start hangin’ out, you know you’ll have to keep them spotless, are you up to that job? No pay but all sorts of fringe benefits.”

“Like what Gerty?”

“Well I think you ought to come to my office and have and be interviewed for the position.”

I am wondering what she has in mind and I think I am going to like it. So I followed her into her bedroom and she told me to drop my pants.

She was removing her blouse at the same time and the bra she wore was getting me hard as well, nice and big with lace and silk.

She went to her dresser and grabbed a few more pair of glasses, all with well made neck chains of small pearls. The glasses were silver or gold half-rounds and half square style. She took the neck chain off her pair of black half-rounds and gave them to me saying,

“Show Gerty what you did with her black half-glasses that day. . .”

“Gerty, put the beads back on them it’ll be more romantic.”

“They didn’t have the neck chain then.”

“No but they did a little while ago when you hugged me, feeling them against my skin made me hard, Gert. You need my hardness.”

“Yes that’s right I did like your hardness.” She said as she handed me her sexy black half-rounds and beads.

“O.K. Gert, you ready?” I asked as I wrapped those beads around me.

“Yes I’m ready.”

“Tell me what to do with your beads and glasses.”

“Gerty wants to watch you to stroke it and cum all over her sexy black half-glasses, the ones you came upon that time, blow thick ropes of love all over them so I can lick it off them, Oh Jeff you must have been been very happy to see my glasses sitting there, knowing what you wanted to do then doing it.”

I began to take care of my needs and looking at Gerty, who is now wearing a dainty pair of narrow gold ovals with a chain of small purple beads hanging from them, with the bedside lamp glimmering in them, well it does something for me. The way she looked at me, her eyes as big as saucers was so nice.

“OH GAWD Jeff! Gerty wants to do that for you!”

The next thing I know Gert has her hand on my cock and beating me off,her neck chain is now fluttering to her hand movements and she’s stroking my balls with her silver ovals and when she saw I was ready to blow my load, she held her glasses so they’d catch a few good ropes and I did. Gert’s silver ovals were flooded with the stuff and Gert cheerfully licked them clean.

“Well Jeff, you now have the job of keeping all my glasses sparkling clean and if you don’t, I might tie you up.”

“I might forget a pair, would that get me tied up?” I asked, hoping she’d like that idea.

“Oh that will so get you tied up, I think it is what you want. To have your hands tied behind your back and me touching you all over down there, stroking your balls with my sexy gold or black half-glasses with the nice beaded neck chains. Maybe the feel of my patent black heels rubbed all over that lady slayer cock will do something wild. Can you imagine how much you’re going to want to cum and I decide,’not yet?”

It seems there’s a sexual dynamo within Gertrude and I like that. I think that’s what she has in mind, get me ‘all ‘turned on’ not let me cum until I am in her.

“So Jeff, would you like to have supper with me tomorrow night?”

“Sure, what will it be?”

“A nice meatloaf, mashed and string beans cooked with ham hocks and maybe those brownies.”

“Sounds good, what time?”

“Oh, say six o’clock.”

“I’ll be here.”

“I’m looking forward to it too, Jeff.”

I am knocking on her door at six Friday evening. I feel something more than supper will be served.

Gerty answers the door. She is donning a grey skirt, with a wide black patent belt, a creme colored blouse with a v-neck, two inch patent black heels and her gold half- moon style glasses with the neck chain of small pearls. She looks so hot.

“Good evening Gerty.”

“Hello Jeff, come on in.” She said with sunshine in her voice.

‘And what is in the bag?”

“A bottle of red wine.

I wrapped one hand around her waist and the other on her sexy ass pulling her onto me.

She took her glasses and held them to my face saying,

“Want to lick my half-glasses?”

“I’d love that Gerty.”

I’m licking her gold half-moon style glasses at the same time I am grinding into her and her face is wreathed in happiness. I knew we wouldn’t be just eating supper.

She has the stereo on and Chopin’s etude opus ten number three is heard.

“Nice that you love classical music, Gerty.”

“You know about classical music Jeff?”

“Yeah, Mom listens to it all the time.”

We talk about this and that and I am really getting some nice feelings about her, a hot looking woman and what is nice is that I am not getting any flack about her being too old for me.

We finished supper and I helped her with the dishes as the dishwasher no longer worked and I asked her about it.

“The solenoid burned out and it would cost kaçak casino about eighty dollars to fix.”

I had my head in her washer in a minute and found the nameplate so I could get the serial and model number of the machine. Gert, get me a pencil and scrap paper will ya?”

“You can fix this?”

“Course I can fix this, let me borrow your glasses, these numbers are way too small to read with out them.”

So she handed me her half-glasses with beads which I tossed up over the back of my head and seeing clearly, I got the numbers I needed.

“You look good wearing my half-glasses Jeff, can you really see better with them?”

“Good enough to get the model and serial numbers with Gert, thanks.”

“So how much to fix this, Jeff?”

“The cost of a new solenoid Gert. and so far as labor, you could diddle me with your half-glasses and heels, you don’t have to though.”

“Oh Jeff. . . I so want to.” Said Gert in a voice laden with thoughts about her bedroom and kinky sex.

“So Gert, why do you call these half- glasses?”

“They are not as deep as regular glasses, so you can read the paper and look over the tops to see for distance.”

“That sounds right.”

“It would be easier to explain by you trying them. Put them partway down your nose, then try reading and looking over the tops.”

So I took her glasses and beaded chain, threw the beads over the back of my neck and tried them. Yup they work as she said, trying to see a longer way off through them does not work.

“You really do like these, I mean wearing the beads too.” Gerty said with a smile, she knew I was very much into this fetish stuff.

Gert went back to touching me than asked,

“Ah Jeff, Since my glasses got you so big and hard, could I suck it for you?”

“Sure, that would be great.”

Gert took my cock with her right hand and brought her lovely red lips to it and started to suck me off. She had all of me in her mouth and she was looking up at me through her black half-glasses.

There was something very erotic about that. Every time her head went up a bit, the light of the bed side lamp was seen in Gert’s glasses, making me even harder.

Gert took her silver ovals and stroked my balls with them as she kept sucking me off and that is when I came in spades. Gert took the whole load not letting a drop of the man sauce escape her lips.

“Oh Gert, that was so great, thanks a million times.”

“This is a thank you Jeff, for all the times I left my glasses at your Moms house, they were always spotless later and I began to notice how you’d look at me at times and I loved that look, you really gave me the eye and it was a lusty one, a woman always wants to be desired.”

“Oh Gert, I think any kind of sex with you would be so great, When Mom asked if I could check out your fan, I was glad to say yes as I always liked you a lot to begin with.

Gerty sat there smiling, a new light of happiness in her eyes.

“So Gert, what makes you think I want you to do something with your patent black hi- heels?”

“You don’t think I noticed you looking at them? I know what you are thinking Jeff, you want me to wear them as I am on top of you, you want to see the light of the room sparkle on those glossy black heels like lightning bolts as you blow a load of sex into places that haven’t seen it in a while.”

I am thinking, damn she likes sex.

“Well yeah Gert, they look so serious, you would be a hot looking sex boss.”

“A dominatrix. . .Jeff?”


“And you would agree to whatever I told you to do?”

“I’d have no problem with that Gert.”

“What about bondage and cross dressing?”

“It could really spice things up, I’d say.”

“Jeff, do you fancy your mom?”

“Well I would date her if she was not my mom.”

“Did you have girlfriends in high school?”

“No.I did not want any. I would rather hang out with a woman somewhat older than me.”

“That’s alright too Jeff, some women like young guys some like them older. Why do you want an older woman? I mean you are twenty five”

“YUP working as an apprentice electrician. When I get my license I will make some good money. So far as why I like older ladies, I really like the way they dress and they have more respect for their self and know a lot more about life.”

“So Jeff, when I answered the door, your eyes were fixed on my black half-glasses and not my boobs?”Gert asked in a slightly sad way as though her feelings were hurt.

“Oh well Gert, yes they were on your boobs but your glasses stole some of their thunder.”

“I am glad to hear that as I thought they were no longer attractive to men. Would you like to see them up close? with no brassiere?”

Jeff’s cock answered for him and Gert noticed.

“Jeff. you are going to be an electrician so you’re old enough to know the joys of an older woman.”

“I Thought I was when you got me off and sucked me off.”

“That was part of the interview, to see if you’d be able to keep all my glasses looking good.”

She went to her closet and took from it a few pair of patent black heels and brought them over. One pair had a six inch skinny heel the other pair a four inch thicker heel and she began to rub them all over me down there as she asked,

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