22 Temmuz 2021

GF Rents out My Mouth and Ass Gay PT1


GF Rents out My Mouth and Ass Gay PT1After the first time she watched me get fucked by another guy she had wanted to see it and be involved more often. It was a massive turn on for her and for me as well. She was into watching and I was into being watched and putting on a show. It was because of this that our sex got more intense and erotic each time she just wanted more and I wanted to give it.Jen told me she wanted to watch me get fucked by a guy again, but not one she wanted a group of men to use me while she watched. She said that she wanted to watch me swallow a bunch of loads then take each one of the cocks up my ass until it was filled and dripping with cum. Just thinking of being used by a group of strange men made me hot and my cock began to stiffen as we sat and talked. Jen noticed and said that this was what we’d do next, then proceeded to suck me to completion. It took a few weeks but sure enough I got a message from Jen one night that she’d set up a little party and that I needed to be at her house that Friday. She told me to be clean, ready, and horny as hell because she assured me I was going to get the shit fucked out of me. She also told me to dress slutty like she liked. I asked her how many guys were coming and she responded that more than four but less than ten were coming. My heart raced as I thought of getting pounded by such a large number of cocks, Jen wasn’t k**ding when she said be ready to get fucked. Friday rolled around and I got home and I made sure I was ready for a night of sex. I cleaned myself up making sure I was empty and clean and then began working my ass with a dildo, lubing it up and letting its smooth shaft slide into my hole. My ass tingled as it passed over my nerves and I leaned over the bathroom sink and began working it in and out, thinking of the work out I was so to get. I turned the shower on and as the warm water began to steam up the bathroom I applied more lube to myself and slowly began to work a smaller second dildo into me. I placed it against the shaft of my first toy and began to gently push it against my sphincter, relaxing and focusing on the sensation of opening. After several pushes it slid in and I gasped as I felt the stretch. I lay on against the counter as I began to slowly work my hole, I had no idea what I would receive tonight but I wanted to be ready.After several minutes of carefully easing the second dildo inside me bit by bit I clenched them both in me and stepped into the shower. I let the warm water patter down on me, running over smooth white skin as I held my hole open with the toys. I washed my body and grabbed my razor and removed the last patch of body hair that rested between my legs. I then relaxed my ass and let the two toys slowly tumble from my butt and onto the shower floor. I washed and cleaned them and myself before stepping out of the shower. I towelled off then spread moisturizer all over my slim toned body until it glistened. I was bald from the neck down as I’d shaved my balls, crotch and ass smooth. I quickly headed to my room and got dressed and ready, threw a few things in a bag and headed out to the door to Jen’s. Twenty minutes later I was sitting in her living room as we both smoked a joint. Jen was only wearing a pair of panties and a little top, her brown skin tight over her curvy body. She’d braided her hair and put on a bit of makeup. “Are you ready and wearing something slutty like I asked?” she asked me.”Of course. I’ve also brought you a little surprise for later too.” I told her.I again tried to find out how many guys she’d invited but she wouldn’t say only that they’d be here shortly, and that I should go get changed and be ready for them. “Go to the bathroom, get changed, ready and wait until I call for you. It won’t be long, I promise.” she said.I grabbed my bag and headed to the bathroom.I got ready and it wasn’t long before I heard the doorbell ring and voices fill the apartment. I waited several more minutes, my heart thumping in my chest, my pulse racing in anticipation of getting used by a bunch of men as Jen watched. I was nervous but also excited at the thought of taking so many cocks in me. It made me hard and my fingers and toes tingle as wild thoughts tumbled through my mind. I heard a knock on the bathroom door and it opened. Jen was standing there appraising what she saw, nodding her head with approval. She’d taken her shirt off, her amazing tits standing pert and round on her chest, and was only in her panties.”That’s exactly what I wanted you to have on,” she purred. “Are you ready to get used and covered in hot man juice?” I nodded that I was, she grabbed me and led me to the living room. I could hear a bunch of voices and was shocked when I saw nine guys and a woman sitting and standing in the living room. A small part of me wanted to run and hide in the bathroom, but that part was small and the hungry, slutty side had long ago become more dominant and quickly quitted the worries I felt inside. I looked over the crowd of flesh that was about to use my body and smiled in appreciation as Jen had made sure that the guys were the kind I liked. All nine were in good shape, no guts or bellies, and several were big thick men as tall or taller than myself. Five were black, as Jen knew I enjoyed thick black cock, three were white and canlı bahis one looked middle-eastern. All of them were naked and sat or stood while looking their new treat over. I noticed that one of the white guys had an enormous cock that hung like a thick python between his legs half erect. One of the black guys also sported a hefty hunk of meat that he had begun to stroke and squeeze. It was the middle-eastern guy who shocked me the most, he wasn’t overly long but he was fully erect and the thickest I’d ever seen in my life. The thing looked like a beer can on his crotch. The last person I noticed was the other woman sitting on the arm of the couch. She was average looking in almost everyway; hair, height, looks, breasts and body type. Her brown hair hung loose past her shoulders and she too eyed me hungrily. I was a bit confused but also turned on by the fact that Jen had invited another friend to watch as I loved being watched, especially by women. “Well everyone. This is your new toy for the night. You can use him any way you like, but I want to see him swallow and take as many loads as possible. No one is allowed to make him cum until I say so,” Jen said this as she stepped up beside me and slapped my ass with one hand and stoked my hard cock with the other. Then she told me to turn and model my outfit for the group. I willingly did as she asked, I slowly began to turn my body, showing them what they were about to have. I stood at just about six feet tall, and maybe a hundred and forty pounds, with smooth, pale skin. I had dark hair, long legs and a cute little ass and about a six and a half inch slim cock. As Jen had told me I had worn something slutty for the group that was about to fuck me. Over my small frame was a black pvc harness, straps ran over my shoulders and along my sides from the back to a big metal ring on my chest. From the center ring another strap ran down my smooth torso to another ring at my flat stomach and to another metal ring that fit snuggly around my rigid cock and balls. From the underside of the metal ring another strap ran up between my ass cheeks to a ring at the middle of my back, which the shoulder and side pieces connected to. I could tell that my slutty little outfit was a hit as each guy began stroking, squeezing or rubbing his cock. “Well, get on your knees and start sucking cock,” Jen said as she pushed me forward.This was everyone’s cue as erect bouncing cocks began getting up and moving towards me. I got on my knees in the center of the room as two guys stepped up beside me. I reached out a hand to each and took a hard white cock in one hand and pulsing black one in the other and began to stroke them slowly. One of the other white guys stepped up in front of me, took hold of his cock and placed it against my lips. “You ready to suck on this you little slut?” he asked as I willingly opened my mouth and felt his warm flesh enter.I began sucking the tip of his dick as I stroked the two cocks in my hands. I flicked my tongue over his slit and tasted precum, salty and warm. He moaned and I pushed my head forward and took more of him into my mouth. I felt his hands against the back of my head as he helped work my face onto him more. I quickly began slurping on his engorged shaft, trying to get as much in my mouth as I could while stroking two hot cocks in my hands.I suddenly felt hands against my ass as someone knelt behind me and started squeezing my little butt. I moaned, “Mmmmmm, umphmmmmmmm, mmmmmm,” in happiness as I bobbed my head up and down on cock. Another black guy was standing in front of me and I opened my mouth and let the first guy’s cock out and beckoned the next into my mouth. This new cock was thick and tasted of sweat and man, and I wrapped my lips around it and sucked and sucked as the black stud began to pump my mouth.”Ah, fuck yaaaa. Take that black cock….ah damn that’s good,” he grunted as I worked his shaft and knob.After several more strokes I let him slide from my mouth and took the first cock back in. I switched between the two for several minutes, relishing the taste of there dripping precum and cocks.By now there was a group of four toned and naked men standing in front of me with their hard cocks presented for my mouth. I released the two cocks I’d been holding and concentrated on the buffet of man meat in front of me. The thick white python was there, nearly fully erect and menacing.”You think you can handle this thing,” he eyed me as he squeezed his big white cock.”Fuck yes!” I told him.I took his bulging tip in my mouth and tried working down its wide shaft but couldn’t. I continued to slurp against the b**st as I felt hands all over my ass and heard grunts and groans from the guys around me.”Ya, suck that big dick,” someone yelled.”Oh, shit that’s hot. Look at those lips wrapped around that monster!”I kept thrust my throat down on the big white flesh pole and was spewing saliva out all over the thick shaft in vain attempts to take it all. One of the other guys pulled my head away and started shoving his penis into my mouth.”My turn bitch,” he ordered me as I started sucking him.I quickened my pace and took the hard hot penis in and sucked and worked my tongue over its purple head. My head was once more pulled off that cock and a new one was shoved into my mouth. I moaned as bahis siteleri I just sucked on anything thrust into my mouth. I wrapped my lips around cock after cock.”Mmmphu, augggggkkk, mmmmmaaaahhh,” I moaned, choking myself on the mounds of man pushed into my mouth as I tried satisfying as many as I could.Jen then yelled out, “I want to see some deep throat action. Someone better start making this cock slut gag on dick.”My own cock throbbed as I knew my throat would soon be forced open with thrusting cock. One of the black guys got in front of me and shoved himself into my mouth, I relaxed my jaw and slid my tongue under his cock and my lips around it. He grabbed the sides of my head and began shoving his dick down my throat. “That’s right. Open that mouth up and slide that dick in there,” he moaned. “Ah, god damn that feels fucking amazing.”Each thrust of his sexy hips pushed him a little further in and I quickly felt him slip into my throat. I choked and gagged on cock as it was worked in and out of my willing throat. I grabbed on to the guy’s hips to steady myself as I felt his crotch brush against my nose. “guuuuuggggg guuuggggg guuuuuggggg guuuuuggg,” I gagged and spurted as he kept feeding me his thick pole.I let him bang my throat for several thrusts then pulled my head back until he released me and he fell out of my mouth.I knelt there with my mouth open, “More….I….want…more,” I said, inviting the next set of genitals to be forced into my mouth. Another black guy stepped up, placed his dick on my lips, took hold of my hair and began working himself into my accepting mouth. “Uhhh ya, look at that dick get in there. Ya, boy take that dick, let me shove it down that throat,” he told me as he forcefully shoved his hog in.In short order he was buried to the hilt in my mouth as I deep throated him. He’d pull out then slide it back down, then out again. I was gagging and my lips, chin and chest were covered in spit and cock juice.”Ya, that’s it. Take all those cocks deep,” I could see Jen on the couch stroking her pussy through her panties and fingering the other woman as she sat beside her. The site of Jen’s fingers sliding in and out of that wet pussy hole made me hard as hell and I knew I was pleasing her and getting her hot. In short order I had deep throated every single guy except the python, thick black and middle-eastern cock. Still on my knees I moaned, “Wh…o’s next….? Come on….give me some of those big thick cocks.”I attempted to take the heavy black cock but kept gagging and choking on it. “Fuck…it’s…so fucking….big. I can’t….get…it down,” I said breathlessly.”Oh you’re going to get it down bitch,” he said as he pulled me up by the shoulders, laid me on the couch so my head was not quite hanging over the arm then stood over my face. “Now, open that fucking mouth,” he ordered me.He pushed his fat black hog down into my mouth and began rhythmically pumping it into me. I relaxed and let him push and push but kept feeling resistance as I gagged, I squirmed and moved on the couch.While still pumping into my mouth he looked at the others, “Someone grab this stupid slut and hold him down so I can get this fucking thing in.” I quickly felt strong hands against my body as several of the guys held me in place and the assault continued. Again, I felt him push, push and then he shoved and I gagged and choked but it slid into my throat. He began pumping his dick into me, I thrashed against the hands holding me down as he throat fucked me. “Don’t worry, we’ll get this thing down your throat. Come here,” he pulled me further over the couch and as my head slid down the angle changed slightly and suddenly it didn’t hurt to have a massive dick in my throat.”Ah, fuck ya!! There you go, get that dick in there. Fuck yes, that throat is fucking tight!” he said as I still sputtered and gagged but soon felt his balls slapping against my face as he buried himself in my throat. He fucked me this way for several moments until in one smooth motion he pulled his thick cock out of my throat. Saliva splashed over my face and strands of it stretched up to his erect cock. I struggled for breath as I hung off the couch.The thick black cock looked about, “Who’s taking this next?”The python stepped up. He leaned over me and jabbed his cock down my throat, again held in place I fought as I was slowly choked by penis.”OOOh ya, fucking struggle. That just makes it hotter when this gets in your throat,” he groaned. “Now take this cock, you’re deep throating it no matter what.”I struggled to breathe as he pushed into my spasming throat, I could feel my throat open and extend as he shoved himself forcefully in. He began to rock his hips into me and it was easy to see his shaft moving up and down my throat as I lay impaled by cock. I felt hands all over my body, pinching my nipples, licking them, biting my chest, legs, stomach and then felt a tongue on my cock. It was as hard as a rock and leaking massive amounts of precum and I shuddered as I felt a warm hot mouth descend over it. The python was pulled from my throat then shoved back in and I arched against it while I thrust my hips into the warm mouth wrapped around my dick. Someone grabbed the back of my harness and pulled my ass back onto the cock and the python kept pumping into my throat.”Ah fuck bahis şirketleri ya! Good damn that is amazing. I’m going to fucking empty down your throat this is so good.”I was losing my mind as my body was being caressed, pinched, lick, sucked and fucked all at the same time. It sent shivers and tingles throughout my body as I struggled and moaned and gagged. I was going crazy being used by these men. I suddenly felt the log in my throat stiffen even more and the man fucking my face grabbed my shoulders hard and I knew what was coming.”Shit I’m gonna fucking explode!” he rasped.”Empty that cock down his throat! Make him choke on your cum,” Jen commanded him. No sooner had she said this than his body shook and a jet of hot cum splashed into and down my throat. “Ohhhhhhh FFFFFFUUUUUCCCCKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” the python cried out. His body quivered as he shot more thick strands of jizz into my throat and mouth, it was too much and I quickly began to gag and spit up gobs of cum that leaked out the sides of my mouth. He pulled his thick rod out of my punished throat and dropped another splash of cum onto my face.”Hhh…hhhh..ooo…llll….yyy….shhhhh….it….” I gasped as cum dripped and slid down my face and throat.The mouth on my cock came off and I was quickly pulled by my harness on to my knees on the floor in front of the couch. The toned middle-eastern guy stepped up to me, his dark skin shone in the light.”Yesssmmpphph,” I moaned as his beefy cock pushed into my mouth. He grabbed my head and began to pump my face, “Choke on that, ya choke on it. Open up and let me use that hole.”I willingly did as my throat throbbed from all the deep throating I’d done. I could hear grunts and groans from the guys watching and between thrusts I caught site of them stroking their hot cocks as the big dick face fucked me. I couldn’t even take most of it in as it was so wide and thick and huge. I just relaxed my jaw and let him have his way with me and it wasn’t long before I felt him get tense as well and knew I’d get my second filling of cum.”Ya, here’s some more for you! Ughhhhhhhhh,” he grunted then blasted into my mouth, his cum rocketing out of his cock and I worked hard to swallow it all down, but it was tough with a used throat. He spurted twice into my mouth then pulled out and emptied the rest of his load all over my face and chest. I felt his sticky warm cum splatter over my face and it mixed with the python’s cum and my spit. He pushed out another few drops, then slapped his tree trunk of a cock against my face. “You liked that didn’t you? You take cock pretty well,” he said before stepping back.”I love it. I want to gag on all your cocks as I swallow every load you’ll give me!”Quickly one of the black guys stepped up and pushed his cock past my cum cover lips and began face fucking me, his balls slapping against my chin as he thrust at me. I was so turned on by all the cock I was getting that I quickly regained my senses and started sucking and gagging on his cock, filling the room with choking and spurting noises. “Fuck, work this black dick bitch. Ya, come on work it. Suck that cock. Make me nut down your throat!” he yelled at me. I continued deep throating him and began slapping and grabbing his ass to encourage him to fuck my face harder and deeper. He suddenly grabbed my head and crashed his cock into my mouth and deep into my throat, before I could even choke his dong unloaded itself straight down my throat.”Hhhhhoooooooo…….fuckkkkkkkk yeeeeeeesssss!!!” he jammed himself against my face, my nose pressed into him, smelling his sweat and male scent, and emptied himself into me. He pulled out and I sat back on my knees as my head spun from the sudden deep throat cum shake I just had. “Here’s some more for you, you little slut,” I heard as another hard black cock was rubbed against my face and I felt strong hands guide my head down onto the throbbing pole. I happily began suck cock again, swirling my tongue over it and running my hands over a smooth set of balls. I ran my hand up between his legs and rubbed his asshole and this sent him over the edge. He pumped me harder and then pulled out, grabbed my face with one hand and began stroking his wet meat.”Open up bitch. Open that mouth and stick out your tongue. I’m going to fill you up,” he grunted as he stroked. “Fuuuuuuuuck yes, yes, yes ,yes here it comesssssss!” he exclaimed as he shot his load all over my face and open waiting mouth. I collected his hot cum in my mouth then let it spill out, down my chin over my throat and across my chest.”Damn, that was hot!” someone said.”This guy is one massive slut. He fucking craves that dick,” another said.”Just wait until you get into his ass and see how well he takes cock,” Jen told them all.One of the white guys came up to me, cock in hand, “Get up.”I obediently did and he sat on the couch, “Now get in front of me, bend down and start sucking my cock.” I placed my hands on his knees, bent down and started sucking him off. He too tasted of sweat and man and I moaned as I filled myself with his taste. I felt hands on my head, pushing me down on his cock as he raised his hips up to push into my mouth. I took all he gave me and felt hands on my ass again. “Man, I can’t wait to fuck this little ass,” someone said as they caressed and squeezed my butt.”If this bitch fucks anywhere near as well as he sucks I’m going to blow my load in him in no time at all,” a second guy said as he slapped and spanked me.I moaned as I knew I was going to get fucked soon and I wanted it. 

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