23 Kasım 2021

GF Trains Me to Eat CUM


GF Trains Me to Eat CUMI have always been interested in kinky sex, but when I was with my girlfriend, Lisa, she made me into a fucking whore. She was living in a house with 4 other girls in university, and she is open to taking turns with who was the dominant one when it came to sex. She loves being fucked but she also occasionally likes being in control.We have this fetish: a thirst for cum. We both love eating it. Over the first two years of our relationship we slowly moved from her giving me blowjobs and swallowing, to her sharing some of my cum with me, to her eventually feeding my own cum to me from a condom. I would beg her for it and she knew the power she had over me when she swung a filled condom over my face. The desire to eat cum seems to leave immediately after I cum, however all Lisa needs to do is call me a dirty cum whore and my cock perks up and my mouth becomes thirsty for cum.We have this other dirty kink as well which was a continuation of how she called me a whore. Lisa got me the girliest, most embarrassing pink and red pair of lace satin panties and she rubs them on my cock after I cum. The panties get dirty in the remains of my load and then she says I was bad for making them istanbul escort dirty and as a punishment I would need to wear them right now. This pair even had some frilly lace around the waist to make me feel like an even bigger slut.”You fucking little whore,” Lisa said to me. “You got your panties all dirty. Now you will have to wear them and get ready to eat some cum won’t you slut? Remember the deal we made? Every time you wear your panties you must eat a load of cum. Rules are rules aren’t they whore? Now step into these!”I always reluctantly lift my leg as she would pull them up my legs. I quiver at how they felt sliding up and over my ass, balls, and cock. Once she had pulled them up she turns me around harshly and slap my ass telling me I have “such a nice fuckable ass.”Lisa then stands up, steps back, and takes in the sight of her boyfriend wearing panties, with my cock bursting attempting to escape the red and pink satin. Lisa stands up and coyly runs her fingertips over my cockhead, ensuring that my wetness penetrates through the fabric. “Tisk, tisk, tisk there little slut. You are a naughty boy aren’t you? Are you avcılar escort getting thirsty slut? Do you want me to feed you something?””Yes.””Yes what my little panty slut?””Yes! Feed me my cum!””Oh how easy it is to make you into a whore! Now tilt your head back cum lover!”I look up to the ceiling, now grabbing my cock and taking it out of the panties. Lisa slowly takes the cum filled condom and puts it over my head. “I want you to take every drop into your mouth but do not swallow it until I say you can. Understand slut?” I nod and stroke my cock as she begins to tip the condom downwards towards my mouth.”You are so predictable. Always doing anything for a load. Even wearing panties standing in the middle of my room begging for it. Such a fucking whore.” Just then, the first drops of cum hit my tongue. I love the way the nasty cum makes me feel and the taste is so overwhelming. Lisa squeezes the condom with her fingers as drop by drop the cum falls and pools into my opened mouth.Now with a mouthful of cum, my cock close to exploding, Lisa just rubs the condom on my face with one hand and spanks my ass with the other. “Swallow that cum now you filthy whore. şirinevler escort You just wish it was another guys cum don’t you? You want a fresh load of cum from another guy? Want me to see if there are any used condoms in my roommate’s bedrooms? Better yet, I think you might actually want a load straight from the source. Is that right slut?” She spanks my ass a little harder. “Do you want to suck a cock and take a load straight out of a cock? While wearing your frilly fucking girl panties?”I blow so fucking hard that the first shot lands several feet away. Lisa is quick to react and puts her hand in front of my cock catching the rest of my load. “There you go cum slut. You must have really liked that last bit I said. You know-about you eating the load straight from a cock.” My cock twitches the rest of the load out and into her hand. Looking down, Lisa says “Such a big load; you were definitely turned on.”I move her hand away from my cock and I take the condom off of my face. Lisa simply laughs and remarks with “You look like such a whore with panties on and cum on your face! Here, let me help” and she raises her hand to my face and smears it roughly, coating my face in my fresh load of cum. “Haha, you fucking cum slut. Nice face and panties!”I tell her not to do that and I say that is disgusting!She has this devilish look on her face. “I don’t fucking care. You are lucky I don’t shove you out of my room right now so my roommates can see what a cum slut you are, wearing pink lace frilly panties and your face covered in cum!”

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