30 Haziran 2020

Girl Girl Encounter In the Woods


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Girl Girl Encounter In the WoodsI lay napping under the shade of the brightest yellow maple in my grandparents back acreage, the October wind whispering between my bare legs, its fingertips caressing gently inside my thighs and over my nipples as the sunlight shimmered between dancing leaves and shadow. I loved being naked out in the woods. And, grandpa’s land was endless and private, perfect for me to shed my clothes for an entire afternoon and enjoy the connection I felt with earth and sky, and to touch myself and let the song of my pleasure echo through the trees, unheard by anyone but the grass and the creek the burbled gently nearby.Something woke me, a dream of a girl, feral with wild hair tied in braids, cropped to her shoulders with shapes finger painted on her cheeks and forehead using colors from mashed fruit. Her bright eyes stared into mine from a few feet away. It came back to me that I was naked, but she did not approach and I did not feel ashamed though I was always taught to cover myself. Her expression was alert, but her eyes looked up and down my body with wonder. She was young and beautiful, her skin a caramel brown, and she did not speak.I sat up against the trunk of the maple, my unshaven legs closed at the knees. She moved closer, tentatively. She was one of the wild people who lived beyond the hills, the ones my parents warned me not to approach. Their ways were “undisciplined”, so I was told. sakarya escort And we did not share the same language. I should have been afraid. But, there was no threat in her eyes or movements. I had nothing for her to take. And she was so beautiful, like nothing I’d ever seen before.She crouched directly in front of me, studying me, interested in my chest and light body hair. She reached out to touch my skin, a look of curiosity in her eyes. Had she never seen a girl from my people before? She stood, looking down at me. Her frock was made of leather and woven thread fit her loosely. She pulled at something in the back and it dropped to the ground, leaving only her shoes. Her body was beautiful, lean and strong. Brown nipples poked forward from her small breasts, and a pouty protrusion pointed outward from between the lips of her vagina. I couldn’t help but stare.I’d never been touched before, but I wanted her to touch me. There was something so dangerous and exciting about this chance encounter, and being naked with her in the forest. She knelt on my blanket, placing her hands gingerly on my thighs and gently parted my legs. Watching my face the entire time, a sign of submission, she descended down the V towards my now throbbing private parts. In my mind the Christian rules against this screamed, but my body was louder. My heart beat in my chest like the thunder of a cannon as her breath warmed my vagina. escort sakarya Then her tongue was on me. I melted instantly under her licks. She seemed to know what my body wanted, even though I didn’t. We were not permitted to touch ourselves, though I did when alone in the woods. But, oh how I swayed under the spell of her wet mouth. The feeling took my breath away.My knees fell farther open as if to let her further into me. Her tongue went inside, then she put a finger there, rubbing as she licked. I extended my legs, placing one foot on her lovely backside, feeling the crack with my heel. I felt as if I was adrift on a raft of pleasure. Her head made up and down motions, then circles, licking and sucking at the top part of my privates. A feeling seemed to swell inside, beyond just her touch. My body was responding in some mysterious way to her. I felt it come up, up from her mouth into my tummy and my breasts until it was nearly unbearable. My voice erupted from my chest, unable to contain the reverie, grasping at her head as she ravaged my dripping orifice. I nearly fell over from pumping my hips into her. Finally relaxing when the eruption dwindled to a gentle wash. She licked me until I was clean, then sat up.I leaned in closer to face her, our nipples inches from each other. I drifted forward for a kiss, something I’ve always wanted to try. She backed away, startled by the gesture. I smiled slightly, then sakarya escort bayan tried again. This time she let me, and our lips touched gently. The feeling was so pleasant I didn’t want it to end. The colors she wore on her face were a mix of berries and flower petals. I could taste them on her mouth, mixed with a flavor that must have been from my body. I kissed her again, this time our tongues touching. I licked her cheek, wanting to taste the berries. She giggled at this and leaned her cheek towards me. Soon we were both giggling and I had cleaned her face off completely.I pulled her down beside me, then opened her legs and put my mouth on her wet spot. The lips on either side glistened as if kissed by the morning dew. I lapped at her hungrily, producing lovely sounds and making her twitch with the delight of it. The more I licked and sucked, the more she enjoyed it, encouraging me forward. We lay like this for several minutes, me working her body with my mouth and exploring her with my hands where I could. Her responses grew more and more until I felt her hands on the back of my head and heard her begin to moan loudly as she tensed up and seemed to struggle, pushing hard into my mouth. She spoke some words I did not understand and began to call out, saying them over and over as her hips bucked up and down against my face. It was magical how much she loved it. A musky nectar flowed out of her into my mouth, which I drank with glee until it stopped flowing. I wiped my mouth and crawled up towards her face, laying my head on her breast. She caressed my back gently until we fell asleep, the gentle murmur of the forest lulling us to dream of each other.

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