15 Eylül 2021

Good Morning !


Good Morning !I roll over snuggling you closely from behind as I pull you closer, my evident hard on pressing against your soft ass. As you slowly turn your head to look at me our lips touch, our bodies shuffle as we kiss deeply,passionately not caring about morning breath, not letting any distractions stop us. As I slide down your body I take the top sheet with me….methodicly kissing through your cleavage as I start to tweak your nipples,leaving tiny kisses all over your tummy as I reach your nether regions, where I start to nibble further into your depths of pleasure. Taking your thighs in my hands as I caress and spread them gliding my tongue through your lips as I kiss and nibble on them from top to bottom then back up and back down a few times as they start to open involuntarily, my tongue barely slides inside your wetness a few times as I kiss up to your swelling clit,teasing you, all the while I can feel how erect your nipples have become as your finger tips have joined mine as we caress and pinch your nipples together..I start to squeezeyour breasts and caress them…Blowing softly on your lips ,over to your clit, flick it softly, my tongue barely touching it.Your hips shuffle as I hold onto your thighs , you stop and now you can’t move bursa escort away as I putmy mouth on your clit and suck it between my lips my tongue now circling it as I suck harder on it.Moving my mouth down your lips I stab at your opened lovenest with my moist tongue feeling the warmth of your pussy on my mouth as I fuck you with my tongue feeling you spasm as once again you try to shift away from me…I let you go as I watch your hips and ass lift off the bed , as you shift I let go of your breasts and stretch out beside you , telling you to stroke and suck my now semi-erect cock. Feeling yourwarm breath on my shaft as I pull you closer to me as I feel the warmth of you on my cheeks.Your tongue sliding up and down my shaft as I grow in your hands to your touch and the softnessof your mouth around my head. I moan and try to move but you are constricting my thighs knowing that this is exactly how i would react. After several of climaxes from your now drenched lovewhole and several more attempts from meat trying to break free from your expert holds, I tell you to let go and I roll you onto your belly asking you to get on your knees. As you do I spread your ass cheeks as I tease your soaking,wanting lips with my now throbbing erect head. Sliding it bursa escort bayan up and down asking you if you want me to fuck you hard and long as i grab a tuft of your hair in my hand. ” Yes please fuck me hard, baby!”, is your reply. I pull your hair and slap your ass a few times, slap slap slap slap on each cheek as my cock grinds into your wetness hard and deep.My balls slapping against you with every thrust as I hear you start to moan and tell me to fuck you harder,faster. Pulling your hair with one hand spanking your gorgeous ass with the other, I feel your muscles squeeze my hard cock deep inside you as you release small amounts of your love juice.I let go of you, pull out and lay down…. ” Ok Baby, it’s your turn to ride!”, I tell you .”Ohhhhh yes it is about time!”, you answer with conviction.You grab my cock and start to stroke it with excitement as I can see the want in your glistening, sparkling eyes preparing to mount me. You swoop your tits across my face as you tease the head of my cock by gently rubbing it against your clit and lips exuberantly. I feel you guide your warm pussy over me then slowly pull off. I grab your tits in my hands as i pull on your nipples I tell you I want you so fucking badly!” Hehehe, you’ll get it escort bursa when I am damn well ready to give it to you!”, you replyI pull on your nipples harder as I squeeze them in my fingertips, you exhale and slowlyslide my cock further into your waiting wet hole, then pull off! ” I told you I like to tease!”, you snicker.As I start to say something you plunge down hard and grab my hands pressing them against your full voluptuous breasts and pull my hands tight to them. Riding hard you moan in ecstasy as I thrust my hips up to meet your grinding pelvis. We ride together as I feel your muscles tighten and pull my hard shaft deep within you as you grind hard, on and off my head while you sit on top of me, you move toward me still sitting on my hard-on and grab my hair, kissing passionately as we both moan and grunt in anticipation of your next orgasmRything together for what seems like eternity to me, totally engulfed in our pleasure,our bodies full of sweat and the scents of each other’s passion we hold each other tightas we both convulse and shake as we climax and orgasm at the same time.Spent we look into each other’s eyes and without a word we know how each other feels at this exact moment. We kiss deeply,tongues entwined,glued to each others for a little while longer.Mutually letting go of our kiss , you roll off me, sit up . ” It’s that time my lover, I’ll meet you in the shower!”, you tease as you exit the room, just as you hear me say …”Good Morning!”.

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