8 Ekim 2021

Grannies Pool Party Pt. II


Grannies Pool Party Pt. IIRead on, this is Part II of a great story. In Part I we discussed my invitation to my grannies Sandy and Alma’s pool party. As I mentioned before five years ago I retired and moved to Oro Valley, Arizona near Tucson. I joined a senior’s over sixty social group and I never knew my life would change like this. You see I discovered Grannies, single ones, divorced ones and married ones and my sex life has not been the same since. Two of my favorite grannies are Alma and Sandy. One lucky day I got strange E-Mail’s from both of them; it read “Pool Party at Alma’s house!!! 1 P.M. having a “2 fur” we will both be there”. Well, as a recap here is what happened during the first half of the party when I was done taking Alma’s ass. Apparently, she and Sandy had shared each other’s bodies before, so after I was done planting my cock in Alma’s fine ass Sandy decided to pleasure her lesbian friend and proceeded to eat her fine pussy. As Alma made love to Sandy she raised herself on her knees presenting her pussy to me as she continued to perform cunnalinquis on her lover. Sandy shouted out “don’t just stand there, fuck me while I eat her pussy”. I grabbed Sandy’s hips and raised her up a little and proceeded to lube her up, anyone who has fucked a granny knows there pussy’s don’t get wet anymore and they need lubrication to enjoy sex. I prefer Astro-Glide, it is expensive, but it lubes a granny up good and lasts longer. I had just used it on Alma’s ass and now I applied a liberal amount to Sandy’s pussy as she continued to eat her lesbian lover. I was so hot from watching my two grannies make love to each other I mounted Sandy from behind and thrust my cock right into her. I knew Sandy liked it “rough” sometimes, so I put some lube on my cock and literally rammed my cock into her pussy. She flinched, because she was not expecting such a rough entrance, but I didn’t care, I was going to fuck her and fuck her hard. I couldn’t believe canlı bahis how Alma moaned in pleasure as Sandy worked on her pussy. I wanted to watch so I pulled my cock out of Sandy’s pussy and moved to the side so I could the petite grey haired Sandy licking her lover’s cunt. Sandy was a very skilled and loving women, she started at the bottom of Alma’s vagina and used her tongue to part her labial lips and open her up for a good licking. Sandy lingered over her pussy using her tongue to massage her lover’s inner vagina. Then she moved up to Alma’s clitoris and rapidly flicked her tongue over Alma’s sensitive nub. I couldn’t believe it when I saw Sandy suck Alma’s entire pleasure center into her mouth moving her tongue rapidly over her clitoris. Alma squirmed under her lover’s machinations. She was in ecstasy and thrust her hips upward to meet Sandy’s mouth. Sandy just sucked her whole pussy into her mouth as Alma had an earth shattering convulsive orgasm. She raised her whole body upward as she screamed, “suck me, suck it all, I’m cumming lover, don’t stop whatever you do, Ahhhh”!!!. Alma lay back exhausted as Sandy continued to slowly eat her pussy. Alma’s heavy breathing subsided and turned to small gasps as her lover continued to pleasure her. After several minutes, Alma said “that’s enough baby, let’s take care of Ron, that’s why we invited him to our weekly pool party”. My petite Sandy then rolled over on her back. She knew I loved to look at her small perky tits; her nipples were unusual her areolas were very sensitive because they extended out about a half inch and she loved to have them sucked. I started with a long French kiss, and then I worked my way around her neck before I arrived at one of her small breasts. I knew how to drive my little Sandy wild; I took her whole breast in my mouth and sucked on it gently as I licked her hardening nipples. She moaned softly as I continued to suck her nipples. Sandy was getting more bahis siteleri excited as I alternated from kissing her to sucking on each of her breasts. My hand then wandered down to her pussy as I inserted one and then two fingers into her. I continued to stimulate my petite granny as she began moving her whole body in unison with my hand inside her and my mouth on her now hard little nubs. I knew what she wanted next. Sandy was an unusual woman sexually. She was bi-sexual, but also never allowed me to take her anally. But what she loved was for me to insert my index finger deep inside her ass as I ate her pussy. This afternoon would be no different. I lowered my head and moved my tongue down her stomach working my way down to her love canal. Sandy instinctively spread her legs wide so I could eat her pussy and insert my finger inside her ass. I did just as she expected, my tongue traveled to her inner thigh as I slowly worked my way around her outer pussy, then I opened her labial lips by separating them with my tongue. I spent a minute or two gently licking inside her before I moved upwards to her clitoris. Before I went any further I grabbed a tube of Astro-Glide and spread it on my index finger. I found her sphincter and gently inserted my finger all the way into her rectum. Sandy moaned in pleasure as her first small orgasm shook her tiny body. From months of making love to Sandy I knew what she wanted next. I moved my mouth upwards to her clitoris and sucked it into my mouth as I rapidly flicked my tongue back and forth and around her highly sensitized button. At the same time, my finger went in and out of her ass. Sandy loved being treated in this manner and soon I pushed my finger upward as it went in and out of her ass. This hit her “G” spot just as my tongue was working it’s magic on her clitoris. I knew Sandy would cum soon, but I was a little surprised when Alma came over to us and began French kissing Sandy and sucking on güvenilir bahis her nipples. No human being could take this highly charged sex, Alma and I were making love to every orifice of Sandy’s body. Sandy body was wracked in pleasure as she had several small orgasms. Alma and I continued to work on Sandy’s, nipples, ass and pussy as she writhed helplessly in the throes of passion. After one final very we both knew she had had enough.Sandy laid back and I said “honey we aren’t done, I haven’t cum yet”. I knew what Sandy secretly wanted and I was ready to give it to her. I took my now rock hard cock and slammed it into her small body. I began to fuck her with each thrust getting harder and faster. Sandy’s whole body was being pounded with each aggressive thrust. I was fucking her hard and as fast as I could and from the look on her face and her loud moans she was loving it. Alma was still kissing her lover the whole time. Then I said, “both of you open your mouth’s I’m going to cum in both your mouths!!!” With that I withdrew from Sandy’s pussy. Alma and Sandy were now face to face with their mouths open and their tongues out ready to receive my semen. I knelt next to their heads with my throbbing cock over there open mouths, each of them occasionally sucked the head of my cock. I knew from past experience that both of them loved the feeling of warm sperm on their face. Then I felt an explosive intense feeling emanating from balls and I knew that soon I would cum and cum hard. My cock was like a highly charged lightning rod as I shot drop after drop of sperm into either Alma’s or Sandy’s mouth. I emptied my balls on my grannies faces and fell back exhausted from servicing these two lovely ladies. As I lay back both women took turns licking and sucking my now highly sensitive cock. Sandy would suck the head of my cock while Alma liked to suck and tongue the shaft and suck my balls. Both women were repaying me for the great sexual experience I had just given them. I looked down and it was so hot watching two women pleasuring my organ. Then both women laughed and said at the same time “now you know what a 2fur is”. I hope I am invited to next week’s pool party.

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