30 Haziran 2020

Granny leather


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Granny leatherWhile this is not my personal story or experience (but how I wish it was). I had to share this wonderful story.my first experience with the more mature lady was whilst I was sifting through charity shops in my local town,i was looking at the books and whilst engrossed in one particular book, I did not see who was stood behind me, as I stepped back I felt my foot crunch down on something soft and quite a loud yelp in my ear,as I turned around I discovered I had stepped on a ladies foot…….I could not apologise enough….all I could see was the top of a grey haired head,bent over rubbing her foot.When she had finished,she stood upright and I noticed she must have been in her early seventies,not particularly attractive,but wearing the most gorgeous 3/4 length black leather coat and black leather gloves.As I apologised again for been an oaf,she smiled at me and said it was as much her fault for ortahisar escort standing right behind me,she said her foot was ok,she just needed to sit and rest it for a while,i immediately,with out thinking offered to take her to the pub opposite where she could rest for a while and at least buy her a drink for been such an idiot……she smiled at me and accepted my offer.At this moment all my intentions were honourable though i must admit when I held her arm and hand to help her across the road,the feel and smell of her leather did get me tingling…..We sat down and I got her a large gin and tonic,we chatted away for ages, as we drank more she began to get a bit closer and a bit more intimate with her chat…..jokingly to start with,both of us laughing and I have got to be honest,i started to flirt with her….I was getting quite aroused.After karaköprü escort a couple more drinks we were both quite tipsy and she was sat nearly on top of me,the really strong scent of her leather coat was starting to get me very hard..i..think she noticed when her hand rested on my thigh……she looked at me and whispered in my ear,that what she really was missing was sex and judging what was going on in my trousers,she said she was quite happy to let me have it with her…I was a bit taken a back by what she had said,but I thought what the hell…..so I decided to tell her that we could go back to my place,which was five minutes away,but I wanted her to keep her leather coat and gloves on in bed whilst we had sex,she smiled at me and said lets go….We got back to mine extremely quickly,with no messing about I told her to get naked and slip her leathers siverek escort back on and climb under the bed covers…..whilst she did this I went outside for a cigarette,i knew that by the time I got into bed her leathers would have warmed up and would be really soft…….When I walked back into the bedroom my cock was raging hard,so I quickly stripped off and pulled back the bed covers,the smell of leather that hit me almost made me come on the spot.I jumped into bed beside her and pressed my body against her leather….so soft and smooth,my cock rubbing against her sticky leather…..god was I turned onI looked at her face as I pressed my mouth against hers……I eased my cock into her very wet pussy….god I was fucking a leather clad 73 year old women and loving it…..who would of thought LOL…I fucked her mouth,her cunt,her arse…..she loved it and so did I….I fucked licked and sucked her leather coat and gloves oh so much….I left her black leather covered in so many cum stains I think it took me about an hour to clean them off LOL.But that was me hooked….ladies in between 65 and 75 I am now actively seeking out….internet,social clubs,on the street and of course….charity shops :)) especially ones wearing leather..

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