29 Haziran 2020

Harold’s First Time Part II


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Harold’s First Time Part IIHarold was no longer a virgin! But, not even that could prepare him for the question that Jeanne had just asked him. “Do I know what a blowjob is? I am 18 years old and just lost my virginity all I have done for the last 2 years is dream and read about sex. Yes, I know what a blowjob is.”“Good, then I suggest we take a shower so we can see what part a blowjob has in our evening.”This was turning out to be one hell of a first time for Harold and Jeanne was even having a good time. How many girls get the opportunity to teach a guy how to please them sexually and in return teach them everything they will need to know about sex? Truth be told, both of them were in an ideal situation. Both of them were horny as hell, Harold wanted to learn about sex and Jeanne was a really great teacher. How could things get any better?Jeanne led Harold into the bathroom and started running the water to prepare for a shower. As they both entered the shower she could not help but notice that Harold still had an erection. She could hardly believe it, he might not have any control but there was no denying that he had plenty of staying power for at least tonight. He could not stop staring at Jeanne; as far as Harold was concerned he would never see or be with another woman like this one. He did not know how long this would last but he was going to take advantage of every moment.They both stepped into the canlı kaçak iddaa shower and each took a couple of moments to appreciate the warmth of the water. Harold takes this time to kiss Jeanne, since he did not have much experience kissing women this was the perfect opportunity to practice as much as possible. They each take some soap and began to wash each other. Jeanne’s touch is gentle and soft, she takes her time and begins to wash his body. She gently massages his shoulders and slowly moves her hand down his back. She gently washes his chest and even takes time to wash his cock just to make sure when the time is right that everything is ready.Harold for his part wanted to make sure that he pleased Jeanne as much as she was pleasing him. He stood behind her in the shower, gently and firmly he massaged her shoulders. Her skin was soft, flawless perfect to the human eye and gentle to the touch. He moved his hands up and down her body gently touching and washing every part of her body. She turns around to face him and they kiss one final time before getting out of the shower.Once out of the shower they begin to dry each other and Jeanne surprises Harold by pushing him against the wall, dropping down to her knees and begins to give him a blowjob. She takes his cock in her mouth and begins to move her head up and down, back and forth on his cock. She also strokes his cock with her hand while sucking internet casino on it. This was one of the most incredible feelings he had ever experienced. The feeling of her mouth wrapped around his cock, the feel of her hand wrapped around his sex tool, mixed in with all the emotions he was experiencing at that time was a level of pleasure that most young men never experience because they only thing they are thinking about is the sex not the whole experience. Even the sight of her head moving back and forth on this cock was something else that could not be explained.Occasionally, she would look up so she could see the look on his face so she could judge how he was feeling. She did notice that is eyes were closed and that his hips were moving very lightly like he was fucking her mouth. She knew he was enjoying the blowjob and she also knew that he was about cum because his cock seemed to be getting bigger and she noticed how he was moaning now with each stroke. He was getting closer and closer to exploding but she was not going to let him cum in her mouth, at least not yet. She could tell that he was lost in the moment and was about to cum in her mouth so she stopped sucking his cock and began to finish him off with her hand.At this point he didn’t care if he came in her mouth or in the air, all he knew was that he needed to cum again and he wanted to do it soon. Realizing this Jeanne stroked him harder canlı poker oyna and faster encouraging him to release his load until finally he could hold back no longer. “Remember what I told you before, hold back for as long as you can, feel how your cum builds up, building up till you just can’t take it anymore!”She stroked his cock harder and faster still until he released his load all over her chest. He even got some on her face when he first unloaded! She stroked and squeezed his cock until he had no more cum to give. If he had not been leaning against a wall Harold would have fell to the floor because just for a brief second he lost all strength in his legs. She continued to gently stroke his cock and could tell that she did a good job because there was a dazed look on Harold’s face.“How was it?”“I don’t know…I think we need to do that 4 or 5 more times then I can give you a better answer.”“I will take that as good thing! C’mon, help me clean up and we will go lay down in bed together again.”There were a million things going through Harold’s head at this time. Some of the things were just plain stupid but mainly all he could think about was how he felt and what he had been missing out on by not dating. However, it did not mean anything anymore because as of right now he was making up for lost time and experiences. But, there was one more thing he was curious about. During basic training some of the guys were talking to him about going down on girls and the benefits. Harold had never done anything like that before but with everything that has happened why not! The only thing he wanted to know was if she would allow him to experiment.

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