16 Şubat 2021

Highschool Locker Room


This story is a desire most gay men would love to experience, but one lucky kid got the privilege

(This is my first story please leave suggestions and positive comments only!!)

My name is Ben Jackson and I am a senior at Lakewood High School. I am 18 years old and am trying my best to finish up High School, but the guys take my focus away. I did reveal to my mom that I am gay but no one else knows. My favorite class is gym, and that’s because I get to see all the hot guys changing, and occasionally showering.

“Hit the showers boys,” Mr. D yelled to our class after swimming was over.

I sat out that day just observing the wonderful view of teen bodies at their prime. The wonderful news for me though, was that everyone had to shower whether you participated or not. I slowly entered the steaming locker room trying to spy out any fresh cock exposed to the air. I walked over to my locker and stood next to one of the hottest guys in our school- James W. He glanced over at me and smiled, I responded with a nod. As I began taking off my clothes I couldn’t help but look back and see the nicest cock in the school. It had to be around 7 inches flaccid! I tried to be discrete but James caught me looking, but surprisingly all he said was, “hey we can’t canlı bahis help what we like.” This consumed my body with butterflies and adrenaline, was he being nice or hinting towards something?

As I approached the showers I saw other hot guys in the class scrubbing their balls clean with soap. I walked over to the only available shower, next to James. James had a best friend in the class, Drake. He and Drake were always rumored to have fucked dozens of women in just the first few months of school, and I believed it. As the class neared the end, the three of us lingered behind, as it was our last class. I scrubbed my body down and faced James and Drake to get the best views possible. I noticed Drake was getting hard rubbing his cock, which was 8 inches easy! I couldn’t help but smile. Drake noticed me looking and he said,

“What are you looking at, you some kind of fag?”

“No sorry I was just uhh…” He cut me off.

“James when is the last time you got laid?”

“Damn bro it has been a minute,” James replied

“You wanna do something about that?” Drake licked his lips.

“Whacha got in mind bro?”

“Well Ben seems to be here for the next 40 minutes and no one else is…”

My heart started pounding, do these guys know about me bahis siteleri or are they just uncontrollably horny, I thought to myself.

“Why don’t you get over here?”

My legs turned into jelly as all my hours spent jacking off to this fantasy, may becoming real.

“Get down on your knees.”

I eagerly complied. I stared up at Drake’s huge cock and licked my lips.

“Take it bitch.”

I gobbled up his cock the second I heard those words, I started circling my tongue around his beautiful head as I heard him moaning. He placed both hands on the back of my head and forced his cock into my throat, I gagged but did my best. As I got into the rhythm I began deep throating him and swallowing every molecule of precum that seeped out. He said he was about to cum so I stopped and moved over towards James. He looked down at me with his piercing blue eyes. As I got into the rhythm I began deep throating him and swallowing every molecule of precum that seeped out. He said he was about to cum so I stopped and moved over towards James. He looked down at me with his piercing blue eyes,

“You seem like you know what to do, go ahead.”

I grabbed his now 9 inch hard cock and licked it from shaft to tip multiple times. I entered the fat head into my bahis şirketleri mouth and started bobbing my head back and forth. As the minutes passed James eyes were rolled back, I was in heaven, and Drake just watched us and jacked off.

“Damn if your mouth is this good, how’s your ass?” James smirked.

I knew what was coming and I was ready, but James threw me off course when he got down on his knees and licked my hole, as Drake went to his bag and grabbed the lube. My pleasure centers were working overtime to keep up with James’ experienced tongue. After the lube arrived James lubed up his cock and slowly shoved it in.

“Unhh, ahh,” I moaned in pleasure. “Fuck me harder please”

James did not hesitate, all nine inches were hitting my prostate just right. As time went on, it was Drake’s turn. He entered my already prepared ass and began pounding it, as James rinsed off his cock and inserted it into my mouth. I was in heaven having both holes filled by two of the hottest guys in the School!

Drake came in my hole and moaned louder than I ever heard, and nearly simultaneously James blew his load into my mouth, which I willingly swallowed. The two cleaned up and said “Thanks.” It felt so good to be used as a hot tool.

“Oh and Ben, come over my house this weekend, me and Drake will be there,” James winked

I just had everything I ever dreamed of happen right then and there, so I sighed, smiled, cried, and moaned with joy.

“I can’t wait for this weekend.”

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