30 Haziran 2020

Holly’s Pleasure’s and Nightmares


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Holly’s Pleasure’s and NightmaresHolly’s Pleasures’ and NightmaresBy Kitten Hollysorry the pictures and Gifs do not match the story very well, you will just have to use your imagination. I also apologize for the large pictures, masturbate or resize pictures, you see which i chose.It’s Monday, everyone has left for work or school, I have the day to myself.I decided that I need to go check out the new Shopping Mall that just open, have heard they have some nice clothing shops in it.After cleaning up, I’m sitting in from of my makeup mirror, “yes my friends Holly needs makeup and I love having plenty. Trying to put my makeup on my hand just keeps finding it’s way to my now wet slit, being addicted to masturbation does have it’s drawbacks.Finally get up walk in the closet and see a cute summer dress that I haven’t worn in awhile. Slip it on , the small straps over my shoulders, I check out the length, short but not sluty short. Now, panties or not, I decide to slip on a pair of panties, being a good girl today.Then find me a pair of 2” heels. Check my self out in the full length mirror, I think I look great, sorta somewhere between Retro and School Girl.Looking around just doing the girl shopping thing. Looking up from bending over a merchandise table, I see the older gentleman looking at me. Oh yes friends if I bend over you can see my breast.Most men look away when you notice them looking, but not this one, he just smiled and of course I returned the smile. I noticed he seemed to be there with a younger woman, maybe his daughter. I keep shopping and he keeps turning up to get a another look I guess, an I am enjoying it a lot more than I should. An Exhibitionist dream come true.I have been trying to be a good girl, but I can’t help my self, while in the fitting room trying on a couple of sexy outfits I decided it was time to loose my panties, I removed them and pushed them in my purse, feels so much better.Well it’s time to eat, I grab something at the food court, turn around from the counter and see the man and girl sitting at a table eating. I pick me a table close but not too close facing the man. I’m checking out the girl with him, has got to be his daughter and she is a hot one, short mini skirt and all. Hell I’m wondering kaçak iddaa why he’s even bothered to look at me.Yes he’s looking and all my exhibitionist friends know what I have to do. You know I can’t help myself. I slip my hand down to my thigh just above my knee. Yes it got his attention.MY skirt is up about mid thigh, looking around making sure no one but him was watching, I slid my right leg alone side my chair letting my legs open. Looking at him, he’s looking at me, acknowledging he’s seeing my sweet slick pussy with a nice smile. He’s a special man you don’t find but very few that know how to respect a flasher.His hand easing down giving his cock a slight rub for me. Then his hand moves to the girls thigh sitting beside him. She looks up and smiles at me. My once in a lifetime episode. She slowing spreads her legs, showing me her beautiful shaved slit.If you can have an orgasm just sitting, it might be going to happen any time now, I’m breathing heavy, my Anxiety building.Finally they get up, come pass my table and hand me a piece of folder paper and walked on never saying a word. I guess this is what happen when kinky strangers meet in public.Time to leave, go home and take care of my hot pussy, I head to my car the sun really in my eyes. Having trouble finding it, finally see it, a big truck blocking my view. Throw my bags of sexy clothes I bought in the trunk. Reached for my door handle and all of a sudden a giant hand grabs me right under my arm pit, lifting my small hundred pound body right into the seat of this truck, the door slamming I’m trying to open the door from the inside but nothing happens. This huge man jumps in the drivers seat and starts the truck , I screaming at him try to hit him but he grabs my arm with a super tight grip, tells me to be still and quiet.My arm hurting from just his grasp, I knew my little petite frame was no match for this monster of a man.I guess you know all the new Mall are always just out of town, my luck. It’s not but just a few minutes he turns off the blacktop onto a gravel lane. Seems like just a flash and we’re at the end of the lane.He gets out comes around, opens the door and with what seemed to be one motion pulls me out and slams my back against the back door kaçak bahis of the truck.His body weight pushing against, I know what’s happening he’s going to rappe me.Pushing against me trying to hold me against the truck while he’s unzipping his slacks to get his cock out. My mind racing what to do, for some reason he is having problems getting his cock from his slacks, I feel some of his weight lifting off me. I push hard and slip out from under his massive body. Running for a small path in the woods that I had seen while we’re were driving in.I’m running fast as my short legs will carry me, knowing my attacker is right behind me. What seemed to be a path is nothing more that a small trail. Every bush, briar has been growing and waiting to punish my legs, my shoulders, my body while I run through them. I stumble, my heel catching on something. My attacker’s hand grabs a strap on my dress, I jerk away the strap breaking the pain from the jerk being felt through my breast.Still running with no shoes, my right breast out of my dress. Every switch growing on every bush, saying, come Holly let us switch you tender breast, your soft tights , let us punish you. The branches grabbing me, even getting under my dress punishing my soft thighs, even the forest is trying to rappe me.I finally reach a small opening next to a creek, I stop, catch my breath, trying to decide which way to run next. My hole body is on fire from running through the brush. I could feel the forest laughing at me, calling come on you little shut lets punish you some more.To the ground, felt like I had been hit by a train, my attacker rammed me knocking me to the ground his heavy body on top of me. Instantly my hands were tied to a small sapling. He was standing above me. You bitch, I was going to be gentle with your little pussy, but after all this, your going to pay.Laying there trying to catch my breath, feeling every leaf, stick, and whatever else sticking in my back, my thighs and my bare ass, my body hurting from the rough tackle I received, now this monster standing over me, my skirt up nearly my waist, my hands tied, still I get enough energy and courage up and manage to kick his leg.This only pissing him off more.Watching while he unbuckles his slacks, güvenilir bahis pulling them down. This monster, long, thick, uncut cock pops out. I see why he was having so much trouble at the truck.As he gets down close to me trying to grab my leg, I kick at him once more. Slut no panties, well act like a bitch, dress like a slut, little girl, I’m going to fuck you like a slut.The head oh his huge cock pushing against my tender lips, straining to open them them and get to my woman hood, as the monster pushes through my tender lips, with one hard thrust he rams his monster in my small body. I scream as he starts pounding my small body, knowing it’s going to ripped apart.His pounding is relentless, I feel my body starting to respond, I getting wet, stroke after stroke he keeps going, ravaging my small school girl body. I find myself starting to meet his thrust, oh why I’m I such a slut. It’s not long before I’m meeting each of his long trust with my body begging for more.Deep inside I feel the tingles of an orgasm coming, I’m to the point I don’t care I just want more, like a starving cock hungry slut. I’m fucking him as hard as he fucking me, I’m not going to let him get the best of me. I’m not going to let any annimal like him fuck me down to his submissive slut. Exploding in orgasm, screaming, shaking, twisting I don’t know if I’m trying to away are trying to get more of this fine cock in me.My ravager slows down on his pounding but keeps going fucking me through my orgasm, till ever last tremor as stopped and my limp school girl body is just laying there still on the dirt and twigs. Feeling his juices pumping in my stretched pussy, more and more of his juice flowing in me.He finally stops pounding my now lip body.Pulling my dress down off my other breast he begins sucking my nipple till he hears low moans coming from my lips. His lips move from my breast, touching my lips I welcome his tongue in my mouth. Giving his subdued slut a long hot kiss. Breaking off the kiss his lips still touching mine.I take a deep breath the first I’ve had since the ordeal started. Looking straight into his eyes.Baby we have to go, the c***dren will be home from school shortly.I hope you enjoy my story as much has I have living the experience and writing about. Yes, I hurt for a few days, but recovered. It was a great experience in rough sex between consenting Adults. The note I was handed, it had a phone number and a invitation to spend time with him and his daughter.

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