29 Haziran 2020

Honey We’re Home


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Honey We’re HomeShe called me, like she always did when her husband wasn’t around. I didn’t mind being the other guy; she had the body of a goddess and it wasn’t going to be my broken home. We met at the gym when she caught me staring at her ass during a stretching routine. A little harmless flirting and a few run-ins later and I was making house calls every other week to ‘stretch her out’. This time was no different. She lowered her voice to a sultry tone and talked about how much she needed me, craved me right then. 15 minutes later and I was ringing her doorbell. She arrived at the door wearing a black silky nighty. She usually dressed the part of a late 30’s neglected house wife, as if this was some cheesy movie, but I certainly didn’t mind. Her legs were as toned as an athlete, tan and smooth. The killer stilettos made her calves stand tight under the silky fringe. Her curvy hips cocked to the side with one hand perched. Her flawless abs were just fit enough to not look intimidating, but she was certainly fit. She still had soft pliable breasts that without any work done still perked up. My eyes found them barely covered, a simple boosting bra underneath and her nipples peaked ever so slightly out the top, tinted by the shear robe. Her long brown hair was a mess and hung to the side of her face that sported the all too familiar smirk of indecency. Her high cheek bones and pursed lips instantly brought memories to my mind of times when I had smeared them with my love juices. I smiled at that.“Do come in,” she said casually. I walked into the lavish house, always amazed that these rich bastards had all a man could want, even a trophy wife, yet he was never home to enjoy them. We walked towards the living room that split the bedroom from the rest of the house. We usually sipped some wine and fooled around on the couches when there was time for it before slipping off to the bed. Sometimes we didn’t even make it that far and I would fuck her across nearly every piece of furniture in the room. ‘I think we missed the arm chair in the corner last round,’ I thought to myself. “Don’t worry about my husband,” she said as we rounded the corner. I was about to utter “I never have,” when the room came into view, and I saw a man seated in the back corner. “He knows what we have been doing and he is ok with it.” I stopped dead in my tracks, eying the man seated in our neglected arm chair, sipping a glass of wine in a business suit. His jacket lay folded over the arm next to him. “I said don’t worry!” she insisted as she returned to me frozen in my steps. “He has always known. He actually likes it,” she said turning to grin at the man who held the glass of wine up but said nothing. “He is no threat to you or any of that, he is just here to watch.”“WATCH?” I nearly shouted, “are you CRAZY?”“Come now, this can’t be that big a shock. What about all those times you work me up by whispering about us getting caught, all the while undressing me?” “That’s because I never expected we would!” this time I was yelling and backing out of the room slowly.“Well this is not like that,” she tried to explain. “He likes it, I like it. I can be sure you will like whatever I do to you as well.” She stepped closer, running her palm down the front of my pants and grabbing all she could. With her words she practically licked my neck by the ear. “Don’t you want me? This will be fun I promise.” I struggled to come up with any objections, my mind full of the insanity that just struck me, and of the things I know she could do to me. I could feel my dick betraying me, growing at her touches. She noticed as well and returned to smirking. She kneaded and rubbed at my crotch. “There we are. Just ignore him.” She slowly slid her body down the length of mine until she was kneeling. She pressed her face to my zipper and I could feel the warmth of her breath through the fabric. I forced myself to look away from the man in the chair and down to the woman below me. She looked up at me with big eyes, mouth slightly agape. She pulled my belt loose and ran down the zipper. My cock was beginning to bulge out of its containment. She reached up and slid the waist of my boxers down to expose me. My dick popped up rudely right in her face and she smiled wider. She ran her tongue slowly from the edge of my pelvis up my shaft and twirled it around to head. She wasted no time and sunk directly onto me, sliding my thick hard cock deep into her mouth and back up again. I let out a breath of air. She always gave superb head. She sucked and sucked, my mind washing away any previous concerns.“That’s a boy,” she said at a moment’s pause, “now follow me.” She stood and turned towards the double doors of the bedroom, flung them open and left them there. She let the silk gown slide from her body as she walked, revealing a black thong that split her perfectly round ass and disappeared in between. She knew I would be looking, and pulled up on it slightly from either side. I followed. She spun when she reached the bed and sat back on it. She spread her legs wide, heels clicking as she braced on the hardwood floor. The g-string had not only split the back of her, but had begun to crease her pussy lips, revealing a slight bulge to either side. She pulled again at her spare underwear and let out a slight moan. “Naked, now.” She pointed at me. I stood just in the doorway and began to take my clothes off. As I did, she pulled her panties to the side, showing her already wet pussy, and began to rub slowly with one finger. I quickly removed all my clothes, eager to join in. She stopped playing with herself only long enough to remove the bra, letting her tits rock free. With her wet finger she teased a nipple and then sucked the juice off. I approached, picking up her legs as I made it to the bed and laid her on her back. I grabbed the tiny pair of underwear and slid it up her legs, being sure to keep the heels on. A few small kisses down her toned legs and I was at her pussy lips. She spread them apart with two fingers, showing me her pink swollen clit. I teased it with a few licks before taking it into my mouth and sucking it between my lips. She writhed and moaned, legs crisscrossing behind my shoulders. I barely noticed the soft footsteps enter the room, but I heard his shoes being dropped by the door. I heard him settle into a chair in the corner.My distraction was evident, and she grabbed my behind the head and pulled me up to her face. She kissed me and licked her own pussy juices from my lips and chin. “Fuck me now,” she begged. At this position I was nearly inside her anyway, and I only had to rock my hips forward canlı bahis to make contact. At first I slide up her front, my pre cum and her juices making it slick as I glided past her clit. As I pulled back to aim straighter, she grabbed me by the hips and pulled me into her. I slammed in balls deep on the first thrust and she let go of my lips to let out a ‘YES!’ I pulled back just to the point where I nearly left her completely, and slammed in again. She was hot and wet and amazingly tight, despite all the punishing nights I had given her. I pounded and fucked and grabbed her behind each shoulder, pulling her down onto my dick as I slammed away. She held for dear life to the back of my neck and around my lower back and pulled as well. “Yes, yes, yes, YES!” she squeezed me with all her might and tightened her face. Her pussy tightened as well as she rolled into her first orgasm. She usually came fairly quickly, like she hadn’t had any pleasure since my last visit two weeks ago. She grabbed my head and kissed me roughly, then reached back and playfully slapped my ass before shoving me off. I rolled onto my back next to her, but she shoved my legs until I was further up on the bed and turned around. She stood on the bed above me, straddling my face a few feet up. She toyed her wet pussy for me to see, sliding two fingers in and out, then three. She grabbed at her breasts with the other hand, then giggled uncharacteristically before moving to sit down. With knees on either side of my hips, she rocked back and forth, grinding her wet pussy lips along my shaft. On the last pass, she leaned her body far forward to change the angle, and on the back swing picked up my eager cock in her pussy. She slid the entire length down and arched her back the other way, sinking me as deep as I could go. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth in pleasure as she enveloped me. She kept up her rocking motion, riding me with her hands on my chest. I flexed at each pass and pushed up into her.I looked up at her soft bouncy breasts, swaying in rhythm towards my face with every thrust of my hips. I followed her neck line up to her face, which looked not at me, but up across the room to where he sat. I could not see him directly from where I lay, but I could not miss the look in her eyes, as though she were fucking him as I did her. I leaned my head back into the mattress to get a better view, and saw him through my blurry periphery, seated in the chair pants at his ankles, work shirt still on as he stroked his member from between his shirt tails. He also paid me no mind, looking directly into his wife’s eyes, as if he were fucking her. Although I should not have been surprised, tonight was not about me, it was for them. I couldn’t really be upset, she had such a killer body, and god did she know how to use a cock! My thoughts returned to the woman on top of me. Her eyes were closed now and he head leaned back. I could feel her hips push harder and harder on mine as we rode, as if she couldn’t get me deep enough. But deep I went. I grabbed both an ass cheek in each hand and pulled her with me, spreading her pussy lips from behind so I could really drive my dick into her. She moaned and arched her back, clawing into my chest with her nails. The pain spurred me on and I braced my heels against the bed for more leverage. I pounded and pounded, her squeals growing louder. I felt the warm wet drip of her sex as her muscles tightened around my cock and she came hard. She leaned back on her hips and sat up, one hand caressing from her neck to her breasts and the other down to her pussy. She rubbed her wet clit as she rocked slowly now, up and back. I looked down and saw both our skins glistened with sweat and juices. The image made me grow even more rigid and I flexed my cock inside of her like a wink. She in turn squeezed all her inner muscles together, a nod back. She climbed slowly off me, leaning over to press her lips to the tip of my cock. A short kiss, then she pushed the head of my dick through her lips and along her tongue, all the way to the back of her throat and then some. She had never gone that deep on me before, and was obviously showing off for her husband. It worked, as he got up from his chair and kicked off his pants on his way over to the bed. She shifted to his side of me and leaned far enough to allow him to stick his throbbing hard cock into her mouth. She closed her eyes and moaned a little, as though the taste of his pre cum would bring her to climax. I stared at the coupling despite myself. She held my dick loosely in her left hand, her right around the base of her husband’s balls, tugging them to force him into her mouth. He obliged, rocking his hips in strongly, fucking the back of her throat. As each thrust hit the back of her throat she squeezed slightly on my member. He gave her a few deep thrusts, from which she barely recoiled, but slid out to the tip of his cock, stroking away the spittle along his shaft. He undid his shirt and removed it, and she deftly stroked both our cocks in unison. The husband walked his way to the end of the bed by my feet, gently guiding his wife’s hips to follow. She wiped some of the spit from her lips and shin and smeared it on her pussy; a somewhat useless gesture for how wet she still was, but likely a force of habit. If her husband regularly got her wet enough to fuck, I wouldn’t need to be here.She positioned herself between us, face brushing my erection as she got in line. Her eyes closed as her husband entered her, a small gasp escaping her wet lips. A hand came up to meet the base of my shaft as she started to stroke me. The rhythm picked up, and soon she had my cock in her mouth to keep from yelling out. The muffled moans tickled on my cock. The motions got more rapid, and from the spaced look on his face, the husband was concentrating on not cumming quite yet. “Give it to me you BASTARD!” she half yelled with a sternness from nowhere, looking out of the corner of her eye in his direction. “I know you want to cum in my pussy!” The husband almost tried a denial, but she rocked her whole body back into him, pushing off of my weight to do so. “Fucking cum in me! Fucking fill me up!” she moaned, riding him so hard I was sure he would fall backward. He squeezed his eyes together and let out a short noise, then opened his mouth and eyes wide at once. He stared straight down at the beautiful ass bouncing back on his cock and he groaned. “Oh yes, good boy! Cum, cum CUM!” she wailed at him, and so he did. The husband let out a final gasp and undoubtedly the last shot of jism into his wife’s womb. He took a half step bets10 back and exited her. She spun around slowly to inspect his cock. Finding it slimy with sperm, she used one finger to guide it into her mouth and sucked it clean. Her husband winced and moaned again, brushing the hair from her face. She pulled his dick out quickly with a pop, and smacked it on her tongue a few times. I sat up on my elbows as the husband retreated to another chair on that side of the bedroom. I could see a thing line of sex juices trickling from the woman’s pussy lips, making a small trail down her inner thigh. She quickly shot a hand down and traced the line back up to her pussy, trying to cram the jism back inside her with three fingers. Her pussy made a squish as she squeezed with all three fingers, pulled them out, and rubbed them across her tongue. She sucked on one still as she maneuvered over me and lay out on her back next to me. I climbed to my feet as she spread her legs wide, devilishly toying her mouth and pussy with each hand. She used two fingers to spread her cum covered lips apart, inviting me in. I grabbed her hips and brought them to me just at the edge of the bed. I teased the wet opening of her pussy with the head of my cock, allowing some of the juices to slicken me up. As I slid in, I could feel all the warmth and wet from the previous occupant. This didn’t bother me a bit; in fact it was the slipperiest place my dick had EVER been. The husband got up and walked to sit at the foot of the bed for a better vantage. Slowly at first, I made sure to push every inch inside of her, knowing she liked it deep. As the pace picked up, I leaned further over the bed to get deeper and deeper. She smiled and moaned, arching her back so I would repeatedly hit that sweet spot. The wetness squirted out on all sides of me, dripping down my balls that smacked wet against her puckered asshole. Right as I thought she would climax, she pushed my chest back and pulled her hips up. As I took a surprised step back, she scooted her hips closer just off the edge of the bed, lifted her legs way up to each side, and put her arms behind her knees; a flexible feat even for someone as fit as she. She reached around her tightly rounded ass cheeks with both hands and spread open her ass. Her butthole was wet with cum and squirt. She slid one finger delicately inside the rim of her asshole, moaning as she did. Then another finger, from the other hand slid inside next to the first, both just up to the first knuckle. She pulled them apart, slowly loosening her asshole. The wet drips from her pussy now ran into and back out of her slightly gaped anus. She dug both fingers deeper and pulled again, now creating a hole not half the thickness of my cock. “You want it?” she asked coyly, noticing I had been staring deep directly into her asshole. Her husband leaned in as well, obviously as curious. “You want to fuck my asshole? Do it. I want to feel your cock inside my ass.” Her blatant words almost froze me where I stood, but my more alert head knew exactly what to do. I stepped back up and rested the tip of my cock directly between her fingers. I could feel the hot mess just at its tip as I slid in slowly. She removed her fingers, but my dick had already gotten in enough to not be stopped. I pushed gently, adding more force than I would have guessed. This woman was a pro, and she was slick as any lube, but still her asshole was as tight as a virgin’s. I kept pushing, and eventually had my entire shaft deep inside her sphincter. “Oh yea, yes fuck me!” She said with a bit more volume. I slid my cock out nearly to the head and shoved it fully back in. Out again and in, and her breasts jiggled forward as I thrust. Her asshole let me in freely now, but almost refused to let me go, pulling tight as I withdrew. I leaned back to stand upright to watch myself at work. The husband was watching too, holding one of his wife’s thighs back in support. His hand ran down her leg to her pussy, where he began to rub her clit with a full flat hand. The woman moaned and begged us to continue. As I fucked her ass, her husband put two fingers together and hooked them inside her pussy. I bumped his hand deeper with my pelvis as I thrust. The woman yelled and writhed, winding up for another release. We three rocked together in motion until the woman screamed out, pulling her husband’s hand from her pussy and rubbing her clit vigorously herself. She squirted as she came, spraying wetness all over herself and me. Her ass muscles tightened so much it basically pushed me out. I pushed back with some strength to stay in, and that drove her even more over the edge. At last, she pulled away from me entirely in a huff and curled her legs inward. A whimper and a smile crossed her reddened face as she cupped her quivering pussy lips in her hand.“Phew, bravo boys.” she said, her voice returning to the business like command she usually tried to flaunt. “Come here you.” She spun around on her back, looking at me upside down. She grabbed my hips and moved me towards her, using one hand to slide my cock into her mouth, still wet from everything. She tilted her head back to align her throat and went back to pulling my hips. She pulled me until my balls sat on her nose and my dick could be seen bulging in the start of her throat. I made a few weak forward movements, mostly in awe and fairly certain I would hurt her from this angle, but she didn’t seem to flinch at all. Her fingers dug into my ass cheeks a bit, so I thrust a bit harder, hearing the subtle gag noise of me throat fucking her. She pushed me back and smiled up at me as drool ran up her cheek towards her eyes. A pro indeed.She pulled her husband over and preformed the same daring feat on him, his dick apparently already hard again from the show we put on. She slid his cock out of her mouth and pushed herself even further off the bed, stroking him while she plundered the back of his balls with her face. The wetness dripped from her hand as she tugged at his dick, and soft moans came from under his ass. I would have to know what that’s like! Before we had time to discuss taking turns, she pushed him off her face and guided him to the bed. She lay him on his back and quickly took him into her mouth again, getting him extra sloppy wet. I walked up behind her to start the next round of fucking, and was again put off my plans. She climbed onto the bed, turned to face me and sat down astride her husband. She reached down and guided his cock right into her asshole, dropping all the way down balls deep. He groaned a little with enjoyment as she sat back and bets10 giriş began to ride him. He held her up at the waist. She bounced and moaned in unison and reached up with one hand to grasp a handful of bouncy tit. She reached down with the other and massaged her clit. I watched this show intently, slowly stroking my cock, although I needed no help keeping it hard. The woman leaned back and put her hands on her husband’s chest. He reached under and grabbed her by the thighs, lifting her feet up in the air and spreading her wide open for me to see. I leaned in close and spit on her pussy. It still didn’t need any help getting wet, but I wanted an up close view to her getting pounded in the asshole. My spit hit the side of her pussy lips and dripped down onto the husband’s cock. He kept hammering away at her, and the spit lube made its way up into her tight ass. “Don’t just stand there, fuck me too!” she demanded. I got up onto my knees on the bed and aimed my cock at the bouncing target. He stopped fucking her just momentarily. I dragged the head of my dick up the side of her pussy lips, collecting my spit on the head, and plunged deep inside of her. She gasped and I moaned, thrusting again and again. The husband picked up his rhythm and at once I could feel the pressure from underneath. I could actually feel his cock through the fleshy membrane of her insides, rubbing in opposite motion with me. This was new, and fantastic! The woman seemed to agree as she swore and pushed against us with what little leverage she had. “Fuck me both of you! Fuck both my holes!” What a dirty slut! I had no idea!A thought flashed to my mind of her pro performance earlier, and I pulled out suddenly. A look of shock flashed in her eyes but I ignored it, standing above her and turning around. I stood with my balls dangling temptingly in front of her eyes, my hard meat swinging in front. She knew exactly what I needed. She leaned her head back and grabbed my shaft. Her strong grip teased a little wetness from my tip as her tongue shot up against the back of my balls. She pulled on me, and I moved slightly away from her face. She tugged back down my shaft, sitting me onto her face as her tongue cruised up the back of my sac just to the edge of my ass. She flicked her tongue rapidly and pulled me off again. A few more stern strokes and I was dripping pre cum and mess from the end of my dick onto her chest between her slowly rocking tits. I reached down and grabbed one, smearing the juices across it and then to the other. She let go of my dick and grabbed with her free hand at my waist. A short quick pull sat me back onto her face and she plunged her tongue into my asshole, although it barely made it in. With a surprise I let go of her breasts and nearly fell over. She took this opportunity to shove me and I toppled sideways onto the bed laughing.“If you’re quite done fucking around, can you get back to fucking ME?” she demanded. “Certainly, I choked with a giggle, knowing the overly dominant tone was something she never used with me, but perhaps was what her husband was used to suffering. I obediently returned to my post, spitting on her pussy, again for the view, and was pleased that I made a direct shot into her hole that still gaped a little from my last visit. I followed it with a firm slam of cock into pussy.“I’m cumming!” the voice from the bottom squeaked. “Uh god, I’m cumming!”“Cum in my ass!” she retorted, “Yes cum for me, cum in my fucking asshole!” Between the talk of cumming and the mind crushing sex I was having, I felt myself building up to climax. If everyone was going to cum, we might as well go for it. I grabbed a hold of the woman’s shoulder nearest her neck and used all my strength to fuck her ruthlessly. She screamed with ecstasy and reached up with one arm to claw at my back. The shift in balance sent us a little crooked, but we never stopped. The husband’s moans tapered off into pants as his softening dick slipped loose of her ass with a squirt and a pop. I was now just fucking her on top of him. The thought made it even better. I closed my eyes and all I could feel was the wet hot inside of this woman’s pussy. I slammed into it again and again as I built up. “Cum inside me” she whispered heavily into my ear. At that I was gone. I unleashed a torrent of cum inside her pussy, every thrust shoved more into her and then out again. I shortened my thrusts and pulled my head back, looking down as I pumped her full, slower now. I pulled nearly all the way out, and was still cumming; a defiant squirt shooting out the side along my cock. I pulled out entirely and the last few drops of jism dripped from my dick onto the lowest part of her stomach, slid down across the top of her clit, and disappeared somewhere below. I stepped back just off the bed to survey the scene. Her pussy, a wrecked mess of spooge, dripping and messy. She leaned back a little and lifted her ass off her husband’s limp dick. A line of his cum hung to the inside of her swollen asshole and dripped down onto his shaft. Between my massive load, and her husband’s impressive second go, both her holes were covered in semen. She twisted around to look for herself and smile when she saw the mess on her hubby. She bent in and grabbed his covered balls, sliding her face across his messy belly to pick up his dick in her mouth. She loved to clean up after herself. She sucked his soft member up into her mouth fully without effort, and he barely moved. She played with the cum on his balls and pelvis with her hand, and then traded the dick in her mouth for cummy fingers. She let one out and beckoned to me with it. I stepped closer, realizing now that my dick too was messy. She moved only a little closer, so I had to get right up and comfortable in between her husband’s legs, but she deftly slid my wilting cock into her mouth. Her warm mouth was a shock from the recently cold air, and I was still very sensitive. I shuddered slightly and she sucked to make sure every last drop came out. She switched back to her husband’s cock, slurping it up and sucking it until it stretched. She came back for mine, and then his again. She eventually abandoned us, having removed all the semen from us both, and lay back on the bed. The cum had dripped down onto her bent legs and was even more of a mess now. She closed her eyes as she ran her fingers through all the trails of cum on her thighs and groin, tracing back to her pussy again and sliding two fingers inside. She spread her palm and a third smaller finger delicately slid into her dripping asshole. She pushed in and out a few times before retreating her fingers to her mouth. She let out a small moan as she sucked the sex off her fingers. “Ok boys, that’ll be all. Get out.” I obeyed, and oddly, so did her husband, retreating to sleep in another room as I dressed and went to my car.

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