30 Haziran 2020

Honeymoon Fun


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Honeymoon FunAlthough we were not pure before we got married (Lord knows we had several sexpereinces that are worth writing about), one scene from our honeymoon indicated the fun path we would follow in our life together. We went to Jamaica for our first week of married sex along with many other happy couples. Following the long flight and bus ride to our hotel, the first night was fairly tame. A nice dinner at the hotel restaurant and back to our room. We filled out the room service card for our first breakfast, and jumped into bed for a quick session followed by cuddling our naked bodies together in a much needed slumber. We awoke happy (and horny as I was to find out) to the knocking on the door for our breakfast. Rascal threw her night shirt on and retrieved our breakfast. She took the tray out to our balcony and enjoyed the morning sun and wonderful view of the mountains and ocean (corner suites are nice). I threw on some shorts and a t-shirt and joined Rascal for breakfast. The fresh fruit was great and we enjoyed playfully feeding each other. As we ate, we discussed what adventures we wanted to try on our first full day in Jamaica. Once we were done eating, Rascal moved to the edge of the balcony and sipped on her Blue Mountain coffee. Since I did not drink coffee at the time, I was focused on the book describing all of the different sponsored activities. I started to focus on maximizing our day by figuring out how to fit the most events into the day.After a few minutes of this distraction, I looked over to Rascal to ask her which choice of activities she wanted to try. What I saw was Rascal sipping her coffee with her bare pussy staring at canlı bahis me. Rascal had positioned herself with her feet on the bench she was sitting on and her shirt covering her slightly separating knees. This position gave me a full view of her lovely pussy and brought me back to the reason we were in Jamaica. By the look on Rascal’s face, I could tell that it had taken me some time to realize her private show. Now that she had my attention, she placed her coffee mug down and spread her knees even wider. This resulted in her shirt falling off her knees and exposing herself to the warm Jamaican sun. Rascal moved her hand down and rubbed her trimmed hair while moving her hips to give me a full view of her wet pussy. I sat there spellbound by my shy wife boldly exposing herself on the open balcony. Rascal smiled as I had to shift my shorts from my rock hard dick.Knowing that she had my full attention, Rascal moved her fingers over her clit and lips. Her fingers slowly rubbed and played with herself. After showing me clearly that her pussy was wet and horny, she focused on her clit by rubbing it with a quickening pace. I knew I was getting a wonderful show, as she laid her head back and let out a soft moan. Now Rascal was focused on herself as she masturbated in the sun. As her right hand was working on her pussy, her left hand started to massage her breasts. I was still seated in my chair and gazing on my lovely, horny bride’s exhibition of her masturbating skills. It was not long before Rascal was able to push herself over the edge and send a body shaking orgasm over herself. With her climaxing I could no longer stay seated. I walked over internet casino to Rascal, pulled her out of the chair, and gave her a passionate kiss. She returned the kiss with a strong embrace and grinded herself against my hard penis.As Rascal rubbed against me in a very sexy rhythm, I slowly lifted her shirt to exposure her lovely cheeks to the sun. But before I could go much farther, Rascal pushed me back and said, “You know that coffee has got me too hot.” And with that, she lifted her shirt over her head and exposed her whole wonderfully naked body to me. All I could say was, “Wow.” My shy, reserved wife had exposed a wonderfully horny exhibitionist side. Rascal had control of me and our exposed situation. She embraced me again and moved my hand to her pussy. My hand met the most velvety moist pussy imaginable. This sensation was awesome, and I drove my fingers deep into her pussy. Rascal moaned and told me to “flick it,” which was our code to rub her G-spot. I quickly obeyed, and Rascal was cuming in no time at all. I held onto her as she lost control of her quivering body.Rascal slowly slid down to her knees as she caught her breathe. Her head was leaning on my stiff penis, which she quickly released from my shorts. Now, I was totally lost in her passion as she sucked me in a firm yet slow manner. The wonderful mountain and ocean views paled in comparison to my naked wife giving me the most wonder oral sex on our open balcony.I can’t remember how long Rascal sucked me, but ever moment was great. Rascal ended her oral love by standing up and saying that her pussy had been neglected long enough. She turned around and bent over güvenilir casino offering me a rear entry to her pussy. I quickly inserted my wet and hard penis into her wet hot welcoming pussy. As my pounding increased, Rascal held onto the balcony railing to provide a strong push back against my thrusting. We were definitely absorbed in our fucking as Rascal reached another climax. As the spasms lessen from her body, Rascal relaxed and requested that I reposition myself. She told me to sit of the balcony bench. Next, she faced me and mounted herself on top of me. She grasped the balcony rail, and proceeded to grind herself hard against me. With this motion, my penis was deep into her pussy and all I could do was relax and enjoy her fucking. Rascal shifted her motion from an up-and-down grind to a side-to-side grind to a circular grind. I was fully enraptured in watching my wife lose herself in fucking my dick. As her juices were keeping her motions fluid, she was building up to a great climax. I knew once she got to the top, I would not be far behind. Rascal switched her moans to grunts as she worked her grinding pussy harder on my hard penis. Her fucking pace became incredible and she groaned deeply as she reached her climax. Her pulsating pussy walls quickly induced me to release my load into her.Rascal slowed her pace and leaned against me kissing my neck and shoulder. It was then that I noticed three people on the balcony next to us. I nudged Rascal indicating to get off of me and I tried to discretely give her her shirt. Rascal stood up in her full nudity and turned to the observers and said, “Good morning, it sure is hot here,” and walked back into our room. All I could do was shrug my shoulders at our observers and walk in our room amazed at my fucking incredible wife. But, I had to wonder how long had our observers been watching and how long had Rascal known they were watching.

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