30 Haziran 2020

Hot Summer Days


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Hot Summer DaysWhen I was around 18, I had visited a relative’s farmhouse in the summer. Soon I had met a golden haired boy from the nearby village and we got used to spending time together, going to the orchards or the pond or the village market. In the afternoons it became a habit for us to visit the pond. We took off our clothes and plunge into the clear waters, and have a short nap among the bushes after that. In one afternoon after a long swim as we layed down to have a rest, we went to sleep so fast. In the middle of sleep and awakening, I felt the boy approaching and placing his back on my chest and hips on my lap. I didnt want to startle him so I pretended to sleep to see what would happen. I couldnt help but get a boner in no time, feeling his soft bubbly ass with golden hair right next to my cock. As he felt my hot rod growing in between his ass cheeks, the boy carefully held it by konya escort the shaft and started rubbing it onto his hole. I knew that if I had opened my eyes, he would just move away and act like nothing had happened so I kept my eyes closed. Slowly I felt my cock head penetrating his tight hole. I was trying so hard not to cum but in a short time I dumped a huge load and the boy moving away as he had heard me moan. I was still pretending to sleep so he got up and went into the pond for cleaning and I saw him jerk off too from a distant. After he came back, I woke up as nothing had happened and we didnt talk about it at all. The latter days passed this way, he was playing with my cock and balls in our traditional afternoon sleep among the bushes and I was giving him all the juice in my balls… One day I decided to pretend catching him on action. He quickly removed his hand as if he escort konya wasnt doing anything but I told him “to go on”. He saw me smiling and he wasnt afraid anymore. I got up, took his both hands and placed them on my cock. I taught him how to jerk me off and caress my balls while doing that. I shot a big load onto his chest and chin. I told him to perform a blow job on me but he said cum is “disgusting”. So we went to the pond and washed our bodies and back on the shore he did the worst blow I ever had, it was like he was munching on my cock so I had to teach him how. “use less teeth and more tongue” When I was ready for the next stage of plunging my cock deep in his sweet ass, I saw an old man appear behind the bushes on the other side of the pond cursing and ahouting, calling us “sons of devil” so we had to move quick. We quickly dissappeared in the bushes and after that day the konya escort bayan boy didnt came to the farmhouse anymore. I heard in about five years he was married and had c***dren. I saw him a couple of years ago and he invited me to stay the night drinking by the small hut in the fields and I accepted. After we drank a lot and talked about the old days, he was looking at me like he was desperately in need of a cock up his ass. So we finally managed to fuck after many years and this time he was very good at both giving blow job and riding a cock. He told me he was a farmer but he had the internet, so he had learned a lot in time. He had also some other visitors here whom he had met online. I asked him about his marriage and he said “It was the only solution for me to stop village people talking about what we did by the pond”. The old man had recognized him there and then, but not me as I was “the stranger”, and told his family to get the boy married as soon as possible. I felt a bit sad but he said he was happy to have a family and c***dren too. It’s been a while since my last visit but he became one of my best buddies.

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