30 Haziran 2020

hotel meet up (extract)


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hotel meet up (extract)I guided her into the hotel room. This will be the first time submitting her body and mind to a master. It did not matter taking it easy on someone was never in my nature. By the end of the night she would know if this life was for her or not if being my slave would sate her inner most burning desires. Desire she freely expressed to me, desires I fully understood and desire that would have normally rotted her from the inside out if not dealt with. She seemed nervous an attribute I didn’t associate with her. “Crayon” the word broke her out if her daze she had turn around just in time to see me click the lock on the door. The room was silent as I looked over her silhouette in the darkness she had matured nicely with time. Her short dress hugged her curves and her high heels gave way to her carves and thighs firm from the strict exercise regiment she kept. “Crayon is still your safe word right?” She nodded her response. Instantly she saw my disdain at the way she responded and quickly replied “yes sir!” A smile broke across my face at the memories of our college days. “Shower, wash everything off and don’t use any soap or shampoo just warm water” she looked at me questioningly but seeing how serious I was even in the dim light. She quickly made her way to the bathroom flipping the light switch on and instinctively moved to close the door but I place my hand on it to stop her. She looked over her shoulder surprised the door would not close and saw me smiling menacingly. Her hand returned to clutching her purse as she turn to face the large mirror in the bathroom. She looked as though she had a question but I had forbid her to speak unless spoken to. Slowly she dropped her purse to the bathroom counter and began to strip. Her ebony skin smooth and soft in the harsh lighting of the bathroom. I watched her every movement. Her hands rose up and slipped beneath the straps of her dress pulling them over the sides of her shoulders. She wiggled her arms out of the straps next as my cock started to grow. There was a slight hesitation for what came next but she moved past it as if it did not happen. She pulled the dress down further so it was hunched up above her waist then she bent over and pulled each of her legs free one at a time. My instincts were thrashing hard against my will power telling me to grab her and push up against the bathroom cabinet and fuck her hard right then and there. She would not mind either I could see her body quivering for my touch. Fortunately for me I had learnt to control my urges canlı bahis şirketleri a long time ago. Or so I thought. I did not notice myself move behind her. It was like I was a passenger or the person standing the the mirror watching the scene happening before me. I pressed my crotch against her butt which pinned her between me and the bathroom counter. My penis was not fully erect and nestled between her softness, my nose nozzles into the nape of her neck, as my hands kept at her side never roaming up to fondle and grope at her breasts. I inhaled deeply taking in the headily scent of her perfume. On the exhale my mind spontaneously regained its willpower. My hands moved quickly one to the waist band of the thong had instructed her to wear and the other between her shoulder blades on her back. With dominating force I pushed her so her body was bent over the counter. My other hand yanked her panties downward. Not able to go all the way I released the pressure on her back and stooped down behind her to pulled the thong completely off. I came face to face with a sight I loved seeing. Her ass firm and so vulnerable and exposed in its current position, her lips just peeking out from between her inner thighs, already her tiny slit was glistening with her nectar. The sight had stunned me for a split second however the smell of her arousal nearly knocked me off my feet. My breathing instantly became ragged but my mesmerized state became undone because she had begun to stand up straight again. My placed my hand up onto the small of her back to let her know to keep her position. I moved slower and more carefully now using my both hands to free the thing from her feet. I stood and took one last look at her bent body. In my mind I said “am going to make you scream don’t you worry.” However the only thing I said to her before leaving the room was “shower no soap or shampoo.” I left the room with her thong in hand. The smell off of it would keep me sated long enough for her to take a shower. As I left the room and got out if her line of sight I took a moment to reaffirm my mental self-control. Immediately I start to laugh about the memories we had shared it was good times but a lot has changed. My hand holding her thong came up to my nose and I inhaled deeply. Her smell was invigorating. Just then I heard the shower curtain pull and the water hitting the floor of the bathroom.I wondered how bad her wanting was. How hard would I have to push to break her mentally. I looked around the room slowly. I didn’t like hotel canlı kaçak iddaa rooms they were dirty and untrustworthy but it would have to do for now. This would have to do for the night. In my head I started to formulate a plan of our activities for the next few hours then I made my preparations. I had pulled the sheets from the extra bed in the room and twisted them around and tied a knot at each end, rummaged through her purse and pulled her small vibrator out, open the sliding door that led onto the room’s balcony, shut the air conditioner off so the room warmed, turned the lights on and flipped through the listings of the television. By the time she turned the shower off I was already waiting for her. I was still mostly dressed but my cock was trying to push its way through the fabric of my pants. That would be the first thing I would have her take care of then I could begin her torture.She stepped out of the shower cautiously the same way prey did when their predator was around. “Come” I commanded and she obeyed. Her hair was still wet which was one of the reasons I turned the air conditioner off. When she stood still in front of me her hand held the knot at the top of the towel together. Without a word I put my hand over hers grabbing the towel as well. I pulled down and the knot came loose temptation raged through my body although my outside exterior remained unchanged. My eyes drank in the sight of her body as I threw the towel onto the bed. She really took good care of herself. Her body was firm from the many miles she ran in her free time. I walked around her inspecting every inch. I watched how her skin glowed, hot the nape of her neck, the curve of her ass and legs and the delicious sight of her breasts which were topped with beautiful erect dark nipples. My hand came up between her legs and grabbed her crotch. Her mouth opened slightly in surprise at my sudden movement. She was aroused by the situation her insides were wet on the inside I smiled. I would push her down on the bed and fuck her till I came deep within her but that would be to short and I was sure she has had her fair share of that and was particularly bored of it. Without a word I grabbed her hand and pulled her naked out on the room’s balcony. It was a small place overlooking the pool area, eight stories up with fancy metal work for the banister. The cars on the main road buzzed busily by unless stopped by the traffic light. Pedestrians walked in and out of the small shopping complex across the street and in the main road below canlı kaçak bahis us. Any if these people could see us and not to mention of another person in the same floor decided they wanted to come out on their balcony. Her head moved quickly around trying to keep track of the people around her. I grabbed her other hand and pulled them both to the buckle of my pants. “Kneel” my voice quiet and serious. She looked up at me with concern her mouth opened to express her concern but the look on my face told her she wasn’t getting out of this. She kneeled without saying a word. Her body language suggested she was not happy as she roughly undid my belt buckle and then my pants button and zipper. At this point I pulled her thong from my pants pocket her eyes opened up wider as she watched me out it to my nose and inhaled deeply. It only startled her for a split second. As she pulled my pants down my cock strained against my briefs. She helped my pull my pants from my feet and the proceeded to do the same with my briefs. She slipped her finger under the waist band of my pants and pulled down releasing my penis from it’s hold. It sprung out and stuck straight out at her. My precum rose to the tip of my gland and formed a small droplet. Before she could start I grab the back of her head and pulled her into my crotch. The tip of my cock smeared my precum along her face in a line. I could feel her state of shock as she pulled away out of instinct but I held tightly. Her right cheek was now pressed against the shaft of my cock. “Inhale and get yourself familiar you’re gonna be down there a lot tonight.” I said in a stern voice. Looking down at her face jammed against my cock I saw her visually relax as she accepted her fate. Even in the breeze of the night I heard her inhale sharply. Her hands reaching up to grasp the sides of my hips. I held her there for only a few more seconds as I took in her scent as well. When I released the pressure at the back of her head she did not immediately pull back but stayed there her eyes closed. I returned my hand to the top of her head letting her know it was time to continue. As she pulled back my precum made another line of slime down her face this time she guided the tip to her soft lips. I hung her panty at her eye level by one of my fingers. “Put it in” I said and she returned a confused look back at me. “Put it inside of yourself” I reiterated more stern now. Her face told me she was was more surprised at the request than against it. Her hand moved up and grabbed it slowly. In my head I asked myself if she was trying to be sexy at a time like this. I would have to ask her when we were out of our characters. For now I watched as she took her thong and placed it between her legs. From her kneeling position she had to open her legs slightly.it is not finished

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