20 Haziran 2021

Hotwife Iren


Hotwife IrenHello,we are a couple, Irina and Vanya 24 26.We love to have sex with each other and different people.We’re both bisexual and we have a lot of fetishes.We’re Swingers)We are perverts)And this is our story)The Eyes Of The IraHow it all began.Even in my youth, having the first sexual experience, I realized that sex is something that will please me all my life.Such vivid impressions, I did not even expect.Hints, foreplay, the process itself)it was Nice to feel part of this world, the world that Fucks)In those years,I led a rather loose lifestyle, drank a lot and rarely had a constant partner.It was great.I appreciated the variety of guys, even then, because every next weekend, I was fucked by someone new.Even when I was 18,if I was asked how many partners I had,I couldn’t remember everyone.But each of them I gave an orgasm)Sometimes I was ashamed of my way of life,but I liked it so much,did not want to stop.Condoms used very rarely, most often the guys were lowered on the ass, on the back, sometimes in the mouth, although everything happened) Once got knocked up,had an abortion,but in General, luck did not leave me.I tried to have a serious relationship, but alas, my lustful nature is not decorated.I cheated, sometimes quite brazenly.Came after the “stormy night” to his boyfriend or Vice versa.Talking to a guy on the phone while I was being fucked by another guy.Was that the guy went for a beer in a couple of minutes and I managed it to change.And once, went to a young man to visit,I drove a friend and I fucked him right in the car.And yet there was a relationship in which I tried to restrain myself.At first everything was fine.Romance, courtship, lots of sex,living together.I didn’t cheat on him,I didn’t give him a reason,and if I did,it was with him.We fucked a lot,he liked to cum right in me,and I loved to sit on him balls deep, it was with him I tried anal and I liked his big cock.Alas, over time,he began to be jealous of me without any reason,to make tantrums,to follow me,to forbid me to go anywhere, constantly phoned.My patience had enough already for two years,and then I realized what he was seeing.We didn’t break up with him, but I already did. it’s indifferent.I enjoyed it and gave him horns.A little adding to my collection of guys,I tried with the girls,I also liked it, it was very interesting.In the end, we broke up with that guy and I got together with my ex-boyfriend and now my husband Vanya)Vanya’s EyesIt just so happened that I was a c***d,got to parent porn and learned a lot back then.In elementary school, we didn’t study so bad with one girl.In adolescence,had relationships,but most importantly,know met Irina(wife).After the first time, I couldn’t stop and she liked it.We fucked like rabbits.At home,in entrances, at a party and even on the street.Too bad we weren’t ready for a serious relationship and broke up.And then her friends told me she was cheating.It would seem that I should have been angry,but I did not feel then nothing, no jealousy, and still broke up.Then,I had one-time relationships with other girls, it helped me to reveal my fetishes and gain experience.But serious relationships caught up with me again.In one of these one-time Fucks, I offered to meet a girl and she agreed.In the beginning, everything was pretty good, but eventually she began to saw me without any reason,and when summer came,she went to the country.There was the thump,not to take up,but if he was the voices of guys,she cheated on me.I until recently,didn’t declare their suspicions,just lying,was very jealous and angry,but suddenly felt a strong stimulation.The member stood as a stake,and in the head represented as she Fucks at the dacha,I was jealous,masturbated, finished and it became easier for me.When my girlfriend came back from the cottage,we met,she told me about her infidelity and we broke up.A little later we met a couple of times and fucked.I don’t know what came over me,during sex,I started asking her questions about her cheating.When?With whom ?How?She was so reluctant to answer these questions, but I got stronger and stronger until I came.We never saw each other again.I again suffered for disposable ties and I tried it with a guy,in all roles,in different ways,like,kind of.And one day, I met Ira again)The Views Of The IraOn the first day of the meeting with Vanya,we rolled a stormy booze.We had a good conversation,and we had a good night’s sleep.Sex, in comparison with the past, has become much better.We weren’t timid teenagers anymore.Almost every day,I gave him a blow job as a foreplay.I liked putting his ass on the line.We agreed that we would always cum in my canlı bahis pussy.It was a sexual Paradise.I never left.But Vanya was not jealous at all.I could easily go drinking with friends.To sit in at a friend’s house.Simply so.Some m*****ed,but even drunk, I boldly refused.Of course, I still wanted to sleep with anyone I wanted,but I cared about my relationship.Once,I was very drunk,I had a friend, I called Vanya.He understood perfectly what I state that I am not alone and zero emotion,chatted with me,said Goodnight and went to bed.It never ceased to amaze me.In the head started to slip in thoughts,maybe we could go to another level of relationship,maybe he will allow me to pace to the left,at least sometimes.I swear I love him, but I want to have sex with other people.I wouldn’t mind if he had someone other than me.So the feelings are just between us, not the sex.These thoughts have been bothering me for months,and I decided to ask.Vanya’s ViewsI was very happy to resume relations with Ira.From the first minutes of communication we have found a common harmony.I told her that I knew about her infidelity in the past and that I wasn’t worried about it,we were young and it was a long time ago.She told me about her last relationship,about how tired she was,about eternal control,suspicions and all.Listening to her experiences, I decided to take the opposite course.Considering myself a freedom-loving person and not wanting to limit other people’s freedoms,I was not against if she would relax without me,to communicate with the guys,drink,stay overnight,counting on the trust between us.She was pleasantly surprised and enjoyed the fullness new freedom.Our sex life was gaining momentum every day.Blowjobs, Cooney, anal, cum inside, and sometimes pleasuring each other in 69 position,right in it and fell asleep.We did porn pictures, bought a bunch of toys, later visited our Asses.We have chosen many new places, sometimes people noticed us, it was a shame and pleasant at the same time.Sometimes we had a rest separately from each other.Having called, I heard a joyful drunk voice.Occasionally all same, the impression, that it what the lacks.And one day, in private, we had a conversation.Dialogue of soulsIt’s almost nighttime.We were lying in our arms, in our underwear.There was an incomprehensible tension, a pause and a question sounded- How would you react if I cheated on you?At the time thinking,looking around,he gave a response- Depends what you think is cheating.- Well, sex is on the side.Starting to guess what she was getting into, in the beginning a little scared,but having experienced a slight excitement, he replied- If you hide it from me or lie to me,it would be very insulting,but if you don’t keep it a secret,then…To pause- I’d be very excited about it.Embarrassed, he was silent and waited for a reaction.She somewhat crazed from pleshanovo,but seeing how hard it was to say,asked a decisive question- So you wouldn’t mind if I did it sometimes and kept you in the loop?Awkwardly smiling replied- Yeah, and we both seem to want it.)When she felt his boner,she wondered more-But why?Ira’s SmileI sat on it and rubbed my pussy on his cock,and he told me a story about his ex and his kind of fetish.As I pondered his words,I knew more and more that this was the man I had been looking for all along.I really felt that my sex life was close to the level of absolute freedom.Briefly told him about his past relationships,about his lascivious nature.During the conversation,excited all the more.We fucked and chatted until the morning.Vanya’s SmileWe were lying on the bed,and I told her everything that happened in my past about how I developed these addictions.After hearing everything, she told me her story,and then I saw her in a new light.It turned out that Ira had incredibly many guys that she fucked in full,tried a lot of things.How that turned me on.We had sex with her right away.Ira’s FantasiesAfter that night, the thought of other men never left me,not for a second.Carefully weighing everything, considering the fact that whether it is worth it at all,I still came to the conclusion that it is,because my lust prevailed over common sense.But I didn’t see anything wrong with that,either.I began to imagine different situations.And there, and with those, and so.I was so turned on by that.I began to understand how to like her husband.Our sex has added stories about my sex in the past.In the beginning,was very shy,I didn’t see that one said,then sucked,then began to wind it.Vanya was very pleased.Sometimes I whispered in his ear, about what I’m a whore, about how I cum in my mouth and kissed him when he made bahis siteleri me Cooney,about how I was fucked in the pussy,and then lowered between the buns or inside.It lasted a few months, until then…Vanya’s FantasiesIn the beginning,I was very ashamed of what I said to my wife,and the conversation in General.But from the slightest thought about her past, about a possible “Lefty” in the future, I began to go crazy.How to imagine just how my Ira is mounted on another member and all,I’m in ecstasy.While my tongue was pleasuring her wet pussy, she told me stories about how this pussy fucked different members,and the sperm from them fell,then out, then inside.After that, I licked more actively.Sometimes she leaned over me and said “imagine, because I will suck another”, “the other member will be in me”, ” come home, take off my panties,and there someone’s sperm”,”and after a cock licking going?”.All this turned out to be the strongest aphrodisiac for me.We began to have sex even more often, orgasm after orgasm and so a few months, yet…Anticipation of usIt just so happened that an old friend of Ira wrote off with her,he was in the army, had to come for a couple of days and offered to meet.Having learned about it,I decided that here it is the moment,by the way I already had sex with him.Ira told me everything and I was happy to let her go.I told Vanya that we would drink in the Park with our mutual friends and that I would rather get drunk.I just got excited, wished my wife a good time.I warned my husband I’d already slept with that guy in the past.When I heard about it,I just asked her if she liked it.And I replied that I liked)We looked at each other and smiled) ForeplayBefore the meeting was a week and I decided poperepisyvatsya with this guy.We already talked often, but now I wanted to warm up everyone’s interest.Asked if he had sex all these few months that he serves.Turn out, it wasn’t and that it would be hard in this regard.He said he wanted a good discharge this weekend, but he doesn’t know who,because I’m married.He said he wanted to call some girl.I decided to torture him.I asked him if he remembered having fun with me.Of course he does he said.She said she liked it with me.I asked, what exactly did you like?He was a little angry,he said he was having a hard time and I’m still mocking him.I am pleased to remember and to dream pleasantly,explained to him.And he said that it’s all nice of course,but it does not make it easier that with me,still not an option,I’m married.Say, and you imagine,if I wasn’t married,what would we do?It seems starting to delve into my hints,he suggested that we would kiss as usual,hugged,he would play with my Breasts,I would suck him,and then he would put me crustaceans and fucked,as usual,was pulled out and leaked on the ass.I was suddenly wondering if he had a lot of sperm for his service.He suggested that a lot, just a full bull to fill.I asked him if he wanted to cum right into me.Slightly deviating, said that if I did not have a husband,would have finished right in the pussy with pleasure.That was nice to hear such words.And I produced control hint, saying that will come without husband.Getting a smiley face in response,I took a picture of my wet pussy, and threw it to him. The answer was a photo of his large penis)I wanted to take it.I texted him not to masturbate.He said that he would take everything to the drop to me.I showed the correspondence to my husband.While he was lying and reading, I gave him a Blowjob.Honey was so excited.That almost immediately finished in my mouth.All swallowing,I kissed him passionately,and then we have sweet sex.My wife’s debut.This day came.Irina was going to do everything, I was very alarmed and very excited.The thought that my beloved will soon be fucking another,never left me.My wife came out of the bathroom, made up, wore a t-shirt and short shorts.We slept in the driveway and she left.At first I walked in circles around the apartment,I was tormented by doubts.After you went to bed,I began to imagine how she was fucked.Began to masturbate, imagining how she sucks, as he inserts it, as it descends on her.It lasted a few hours, and then the bell rang.It was Ira.With her tongue tied up with alcohol, she said she loved me,that she was drunk enough,that they had already kissed and he was touching her Breasts,said that she went away to call me,and then she would go”fuck”.And I, stroking his cock, wished her a good break.After a phone call, I cum and lay down a bit, I again began work hand.Then came the message, it had a photo of Ira.Photo where the guy licks her Breasts, where they kiss, where she licks his bahis şirketleri cock.Then an audio message in which only moans were heard.Watching and listening to this, I came again.And in the photo again, mine is cancer and in it his cock and a few photos of her pussy, all in sperm and from the inside follows the sperm.Signed,I’m sorry honey,I cheated on you).I was just in actase from what I have seen,I have lost count of their orgasms.Couldn’t stand it and called her,my wife asked if I wanted to like it?I said that very much that I want to get out all of it, and then fuck myself.She admitted that she always wanted such a relationship that the grateful me and that soon will go home immediately after two or three such visits.This evening, lasted in the same spirit and about o’clock in the morning,Ira returned home.My debutI was overwhelmed by excitement, I was going to this meeting for a very long time.Every thought in my head turned me on.Decided not to wear panties, and just pulled the shorts on his bare ass.Pleased with her husband’s sex and went to the meeting.We met in the Park, there were quite a few people.The guy Yura devoured me with his eyes,since the beginning of the meeting,and I smiled at him.After a few drinks, part of the company including us moved to his house.Everyone’s pretty drunk.I sat with Yura in the kitchen and talked.And when the conversation turned in the right direction,he started to tease me,on the topic of how he liked to fuck with me,how is it that it is now impossible,because I’m married.Without thinking for a long time,I leaned closer to him,and asked him if he ever fucked a married woman?Does he?Yura kissed me.This was the first kiss a guy other than her husband for a few years.We strongly clung to each other,and our tongues seemed to fight someone who is stronger will blunavy.We hugged a moment and unbuttoned my bra and my Breasts groped by a guy,and my hand stroking his cock through the jeans.It’s been a long time since I’ve felt this fucking way.But damn, that feels good.I went to call my husband, and after Yura took me to the bedroom.Putting me on the bed, taking off his bra, he began to lick my Breasts.Remembering the fetish of her husband,I armed myself with a camera and began to shoot, individually every moment.Unbuttoned his jeans,and lowered his panties,I saw his huge cock again,it seems he became even more)with such pleasure began to lick him and take in his mouth, that cheet Lee did not bring him to orgasm.Sending some pictures to her husband,we have transgressed to the point.Taking off my shorts and seeing my naked wet pussy,Yura slowly began to RUB against her with his dick.Slightly pressing the head penetrated me, then a little deeper and so on millimeter.I always excited by his own whore, always liked to be a” dirty ” woman.Stretching Jure phone, I asked to make a couple of pictures in the process and in the end.Agreeing, he plunged into me to the depths,was even heard the sound of his inflated eggs hit my pussy.How I was nice I swear I love my husband,but I like when you fuck me,the feeling of betrayal was added for even more excitement.He began to fuck me, time after time, we both approached orgasm,I moved to meet him, stronger and stronger.In the process, I recorded and immediately sent her husband his moans.We both screamed, I just got hit like, lightning with pleasure, his cock began to pulsate strongly inside me,just knocked for so long)His “warmth” filled me more and more until it slowly began to flow out.Coming out of me the guy picked up my phone, I bent harder and even fingers pussy spread.A few photos for Vanya and signature,I’m sorry honey,I cheated on you.He almost immediately called, it was so nice to hear him.Cute chatted,promised natrahalsya to go home and deal with her husband)Yura fucked me a few more times, in different poses, descending again into me and on the ass and on the chest, giving in the end to lick his cock, completely satisfied, let me go home)EpilogueFinally the came the culminating moment.We met at home.Immediately went to bed and started kissing.She whispered in his ear and whispered about how she sucked, how she fucked, how she finished the guy in the mouth, on the chest, on the ass and in her.And he kissed her,caressed her Breasts with his tongue,and then they settled in 69 position and while she was playing with the tongue with his cock,he licked from her pussy cum mixed with her own mask.The level of excitement and pleasure from a dream come true,just off scale.He fucked her in the pussy right on the sperm of the guy, and then fucked in the ass until he finished.We lay there for a long time we talked and shared our impressions.She could not think,what she’d like to change.And he is so much excited from this.We agreed to practice this in the future, and in the future to put new experiments.This story has just begun…

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