30 Haziran 2020

Housewife Bobby Fucked By a Young Guy


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Housewife Bobby Fucked By a Young GuyHi readers,I am Booby (just a name not real) from India. Let me introduce myself I am 35 year old housewife. I am white in color beautiful with heavy boobs and nice curvy ass .I am peer shaped but little fatty too. Usually in home I wear nighty or sari. From teenage onwards people gives me a special attention and care due to my beauty look.I got married at the age of 22; I had many dreams towards my married life. Initially it was happy for me but later on problems started. My hubby has some problems so my sex life became dissatisfied. In magazines and all a read about the magical pleasure of sex but I never have such an experience. (I experienced it later) for my hubby sex is just one sided. He never satisfied meDays passed away one day he got a transfer to one of the metro city. So we shifted there .Life in metro was totally boring for me. Most of the time I am alone in flat, no other ways to spend time. One day one of my friend introduced a 23 year old guy to me .He is cousin of my friend working in an IT firm so most of the day time he is free. Soon the depth of our relationship increased, he is so funny and loveable, and he has a special skill to make me happy especially by appreciating my beauty dressing style. Hairstyle. Even we have a big age gap I felt good company with him. So he became a frequent visitor of my flat. Many times I have seen he is staring my body and once he saw me fully nude.It was a Saturday 11 a.m. I was just drying my hair after bath. He came to my home. We were at casual talk he enquired about my husband I told him he was out of station. He took güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri a wine bottle from his bag and offered it to me .Initially I heisted to accept it but I have a wish of tasting some wine which I shared with him. He opened the bottle and both of us had some. After some time I felt a pleasant feel, and I had some more. Now I am little fit I lost shyness and all. Both of us started to talk. Gradually that talk diverted to sex matters about my sex life and all, I told him openly how much I am dissatisfied in my sexual life. He came close to me and started to convince me .He asked me have u ever seen any porn videos? I replied no, he told if u wish I will show u one of his favorite video? I replied ok just show me. He took his phone and started to play a sex video in which a woman similar to me is enjoyed by a boy. I stood up and started to watch it.By seeing the video I am sexually aroused. He came very close to me hugged me from behind, started to press my both boobs. He is kissing on the backside of my neck. Oh my god it was my weak spot .He is kissing there continuously I stood there like a statue.He removed and throws my nighty to corner of the room. Now I am only with my red bra and panty. He took me in his hands went towards bed room and throw me to the bed. Within seconds he removed his t-shirt and jeans, he is only with his underwear. I can see his cock is pointing out.He hugged me tight and started to kiss on my forehead followed my checks earlobe chin nose everywhere in my face. His tongue and lips are giving me good feel his body warmth is attaching mobilbahis güvenilir mi me more to him. He tried French kiss initially not in rhythm but soon both of us got a rhythm and our kissing became so passionate. He explored my mouth and our tongue started to fight with each other. What a nice feeling it was. In my life time I never have such a passionate kissing.Now he went down, he is kissing each and every point of my neck shoulder. I was in heaven. He lifted my bra cups released my boobies started to suck left nipple. Oh my god my erected nipples are inside his warm mouth. He is continuously hitting it with his wet tongue mean time he is pressing my other Bobbi. I am making sounds and holding his hairs and started to massage his forehead. He is keep on sucking and sometimes biting it slowly. I have a nice feeling, now he released left nipple and move near right one. He asked me to place my right nipple inside his mouth. I did as he said. Now he is sucking it, same time he inserted his hand inside my panty and started rubbing my pussy, oh I was just moaning with pleasure.He went down and started to kiss and move his tongue all over my belly. It was super sometimes his tongue made me too smile. He inserted tongue inside my deep belly button. Now that shyness age gap relationship and all gone for us. We are just behaving like lovers. For each and every actions he asks me dear Booby how r u feeling this? I loves it when a man is cares his women by asking her.Slowly by exploring my each and every body areas he went down and removed my panty. My trimmed white pussy with youwin pink lips are visible now, it is already wet. He is looking it I can see the lust in his eyes. He asked me Booby did your hubby suck it. No never OK then I am going to do it now. First he planted a kiss onto it and slowly he started to lick and suck it. Oh my god I was in heaven he is making me mad by changing the speed of his lips and tongue. I am holding his hairs tight pushing me in and out and lifting my hips accordingly. He did it for 30 mines I made loud sounds; in that time I had my most powerful 2 orgasmsI am full hot and ready to do anything for him. Now he stopped it and removed his underwear. I shocked to see his long thick cock he told me to suck as seen in the video. I took it my hands tip of it is already wet I took it inside my mouth and started to suck it like a lollypop as I seen in the video. I changed the speed and sometimes hold it fully inside my mouth and sometimes bite it for giving him fun. He enjoyed it very well and appreciated me by saying Booby you’re an excellent blow jobber. Now he holds my face and started to push it in and out by his hips. Yes he is mouth fucking me and loaded his cum inside my mouth. I drank it completely. It tastes little salty.Now both of us are in bed hugging each other. He charged again and pushed his cock inside my pussy in missionary style since it is totally wet by my lubricants and his saliva cock went in smoothly. I felt so pleasure instead of normal pain. He is fucking me so nice mean time kissing me in my lips and cheeks. He is moving in a rhythm and I got a sign of3rd one. I am making loud sounds and begged him to increase speed. Finally I had my 3rd and he also pumped his second shot cum inside my pussy. We remain there at same position by locking lips of each other’s. Still his tool is inside me.I will continue more in my second part. Please send your comments at booby4u@mail.com

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