30 Haziran 2020

How i LMV…, Pt. 10


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How i LMV…, Pt. 10The vid started with a close up of a hard penis. Frank had a 60” TV. The image filled the room!This guy was very thick, had a big tip and large, purple veins bulging out. A hand entered the screen and grabbed it tightly, showing how impressively thick it was. A girl’s mouth entered the picture and started slowly nibbling its way down the shaft. Two thirds of the way down her mouth reached her hand.i was totally amazed how big it looked on the screen. It was as if it filled the entire room. The camera pulled back a bit. The girl’s head seemed relatively small in comparison. She slowly moved her mouth down the shaft. She had the man’s balls in her hand, working them like a pair of dice.Her tongue was sticking out under his rigid shaft, moving from side to side as she continued to move her head up and down.i was in a trance, watching as she went very far down and back out to the tip of this ‘Monster Cock.’ By this time i had a raging hard on i could feel my raging hard on pressing powerfully against my pants.i suddenly got that feeling that i was being watched. Out of the corner of my eye i thought i saw Frank looking back and forth between me and the TV.A few minutes Frank said, “Great choice, Terry. She’s amazing.” i was feeling way more relaxed. i was nearly finished with my beer and was gettin karaman escort a little buzz. i have always been really shy, ever since i can remember, and drinking and getting high always makes me loosen up in social situations. i think that’s the main reason i do it.i turned towards Frank as i drained my beer. I said, “That was awesome dude! This TV is dope.”“Yeah man.” Frank seemed to be getting a little high too. He finished his beer and asked me to him another. “Grab one for yourself if you want.”“Awesome.” I went to get the beers. i didn’t even think about having a hard on till i stood up. i didn’t feel embarrassed since we were watching porn and i knew there was no way i could do to hide it anyway.i heard Frank say, “Hey, Terry, hurry up man. Watch this.” i rushed back to the living room. i watched as the girl’s mouth, stretched wide, slid all the way up and down the shaft as she steadily jerked him off. She increased her pace and soon he was cumming. Her lips just covered the head as she continued stroking. When the spasms stopped she turned towards the camera, showed her mouth full of cum and slowly swallowed. She smiled sweetly at the camera as the scene faded. Frank stopped the movie, opened his beer and said ‘Cheers.’i said, “Dude, that guy had a huge penis.”He laughed. “Penis? Is that really escort karaman how you call it, penis?”“Yeah, why Frank? Is that weird?”“You’re the only guy I know who refers to it as a penis. I hear cock, dick, prick once in a while, but not penis, man!”i started laughing, said ‘all right,’ and we sat laughing and drinking our beers.“You know, Terry, I really am sorry about what happened. Seriously, that must have been pretty awful for you. I’m really glad you forgave me.”i was pretty chill by then and felt more relaxed talking to him about it and he was being pretty cool. i said not to worry about. i said the real reason i left so fast was because i was embarrassed.“See? That’s why i said what I did when I apologized the other day. You didn’t raise any stop signs, so what was I supposed to think? So do you think you did enjoy it a little? Remember, we agreed not to lie to each other so really think about it before you answer.”As i finished the last of my beer i started to think he might be right on some level. So i said that i didn’t know for sure; that maybe i did.“That’s okay. It’s nothing to be ashamed. And now I understand about your leaving like that. That’s what’s good about communicating feelings. It makes you think and face possibilities.”He went and got two more beers. As he passed by me i caught a peek of his hard on pushing out his pants. He returned and asked what i would do now in a similar situation. “Would you stay or run?”i told him again that i really couldn’t really know what i would do.“That’s cool. You said you wanted to understand your feelings and I promised to help you. I want you to come over and sit next to me.” i moved over next to him and he turned the TV on again.It was the same guy; this time with a different girl. After a few minutes i realized he was looking back and forth between me and the TV again. He asked if i liked the movie and i said i did.Frank took my hand and placed it on his penis as he had a couple of days ago, but this time he kept his shorts on. He asked how i was feeling. i just shrugged my shoulders. i knew i was finally admitting to myself that it felt good. i wasn’t even watching the TV any more. Then he placed his hand on the back of my neck and started massaging it again, the same way he did before. That felt good too; i was really hot.i wanted to know how far i would go. And i wanted to feel his penis again. I moved my hand up and started sliding it slowly down his pants. You know, the way you do when it’s new to you. He was rock hard and his skin was warm. i put my head on his chest and slowly stroked him. A couple of minutes passed and he stood up and took off his shorts. His cock was staring my in the face.He sat down and i slowly stroked him and said, “You really do have a big one.”“A big what, Terry?”“A big cock.”

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