17 Haziran 2021

How it started


How it startedI was tired of 2x, both times she was deceived and decided to live a life. I was not lucky to have k**s, but life is going on.Mire is a student from the province, he came to Beogrod to complete the school, he had to live somewhere, I issued it to the room, he contacted and we agreed. A very normal guy, he has respected everything we have agreed upon, when it’s late, let me know, just to not scare me when it dares to dawn. Once I accidentally entered the house, the bathroom door was open to him, my devil did not give me peace, I had to see what it was like. An average boy, not fat, not skittish, he seems to have been training, but his obligations now do not allow him. He accidentally turned to the bathtub and saw me from the mirror, and quickly hid his pride. I immediately canlı bahis closed the door and went to the kitchen, and he dressed and got out. That evening I had an agreement with d ** garic to get a little out of the game. Since I look decent, I had 2-3 adolescents of his age, 22-23, sent pizzas, tried to talk to me, but I was repulsive, “What will a k** do?”. Little by little, ice, two, three, I started to think of Mira and what I saw, I told her ** garici, we both laughed and she said, “You fooled if you did not *** the k**’s anger” I did not say anything, I did not even think about it. I came home, moody, the villages in the living room poured out a glass of wine and let the musician look, did my substanar come to my house, I did not even think “uh, I’m relieved, I’ll bahis siteleri sleep and I will not do stupidity” because I slowly started to pamper myself and think him in the bathtub. At that moment, I heard that she was unlocked, she was executed like a k**, she pulled out her hand from the pegs and somehow got caught waiting for it. He said “Good evening,” I answered the same, and he went into the room. I heard that he went to bathe, the alcohol hit me in the head and did not give peace, I had to see again, this time the door was closed, I opened it slowly and saw that his whale was up. In a second I went around and said, “Life goes on,” she got off and walked in, he saw and lost, I came to him with the sentence “Yes, if I’m older I still love”, he just said “choose”, left bahis şirketleri it is a shower to fall down his back, I stepped down and started to smoke, I was licking, I swallowed, I was diving with his whale, at one point he got out and pulled me on the spot, we both laughed and bathed. I went out of the bathroom before him, he said, “Stop, this has to go on,” we went to his room and At the entrance to the room I was turned, my back on his chest, he began to kiss me on the neck, with one hand to give me the flesh to my left breast, to another pick. Then he turned me towards me, kissed me, very, but gently pushed me to the bed and began to lick the nipple and then descended through my stomach to my wet pussy. It took about 6-7 minutes, he picked up, straightened my head up and put my swollen, youthful dick in my mouth. After a few minutes he moved me to the middle of the bed, put my legs around his neck and began to fuck me no one until then. From that very night, we do not give peace to one another.

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